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okay ,i will keep my eyes open and feel the changes through the days and keep u informed after the time passes
tasosgast 9 years ago
today its the 6th day after the third dose,will we go to the next phase analyse the symptoms?
tasosgast 9 years ago
Look thru all the problems you listed.

Give a percentage of better, worse or list
same as before.

Your prescriber is often not on the forum on
the weekends.
simone717 9 years ago
thanks simone ,i will give the percentage of the symptoms today?or for the whole week?
tasosgast 9 years ago
You can give symptoms percentages as of today if you want.
simone717 9 years ago
Well, give them as they are today, but if there was marked differences in how things improved or then worsened again, let me know that as well.
Evocationer 9 years ago

1)the continuous stress:better 70%(i feel a lot more relaxed when i am in my house,before the medicine i was in stress all the time,especially at nights,now i feel a lot better)

2)the palpitations:better 70%

3)the negative thoughts:better 80%

4)the fear of getting crazy:better 60%

5)the panic attacks:worse 60% (when i get out of my house i suddenly feel awful,i get dizzy and the negative thoughts get in my head and i had a panic attack in the supermarket yesteday)

6)the fear of open spaces:worse 60% (when i get out of the house as i said before i feel bad and i'm too afraid im gonna have panic attack)

7)zest for life and doing things: same( i dont have much zest)

and finally i have more thirt ,i drink a lot water now,my hunger is the same,i go less times in the toilet for bowel movement.my sexual desire and libido are a lot higher now,and i think i dont want to eat as many sweets and desserts as before.
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tasosgast 9 years ago
Interesting - some extremely significant improvements but some significant aggravations as well. It is a good result, but now we need to sort out what exactly is happening.

Can I ask when the panic attacks and fear of open spaces became worse? After which dose?
Evocationer 9 years ago
well when i was taking the dose i didnt have much effect i think,as the days passed i had more significant results,and the panic attacks and fear were worse the last days
tasosgast 9 years ago
Then it is continuing aggravation, and it is possible that you had too many doses. The second week is usually when you see the aggravation die down, so at this stage you need to wait.
Evocationer 9 years ago
i had 3 doses because i didn't felt any aggravation the first 2days.
so i will wait one more week.And i wanted to ask if it is ok to take a lexotanil if i want to go somewhere and i cant deal with it because of the fear and panic attacks?or it will be an obstacle in the therapy and i should not do it?
tasosgast 9 years ago
If you can avoid taking medication to suppress then yes avoid it. Don't put yourself at risk by not taking prescribed medication, but if you can avoid having to put yourself in those situations for the time being that would be preferable.
Evocationer 9 years ago
of course,i avoid put me in such situations,waiting for this week to pass and see the last results :)
tasosgast 9 years ago
hello again,now the second week is over.the agravation stopped.now i feel better and i dont have easily panic attacks like the previous week.but i still can get nervous when i'm outside in the city during the night or in a public place.and another thing i noticed its that im moody,i mean that i change mood easily,i can be happy and then a little sad.its not something new,i have this for years but i noticed it now.
tasosgast 9 years ago
Alright show me the %percentage of change for each symptom.
Evocationer 9 years ago
the percentage of change from the start of the second week until now or before starting the medication until now ?
tasosgast 9 years ago
The percentage improvement overall, compared to how it was before the remedy.
Evocationer 9 years ago
ok then
1)the continuous stress:better 90% ,i'm finally calm

2)the palpitations:better 100%
i havent face any palpitations lately

3)the negative thoughts:better 99%

4)the fear of getting crazy:better 90%

5)the panic attacks:better 70% i didnt have a panic attack this week but i didnt put myself in positions that i could have one,but i went to the market and went out with my friends and i was calm ,while the last week i had panic attack when i went to the supermarket.

6)the fear of open spaces and night:better 40% i still have this fear especially going out during the night for example walk in the streets of the city with my friends or go for a drink.i still want to stay at home during the nights ,i cant make this fear go away but at least its a little better than before
[message edited by tasosgast on Mon, 26 May 2014 02:33:59 BST]
tasosgast 9 years ago
Excellent. This is a really good result from the first round of treatment. It goes to show that patience is always important in allowing healing to occur.

We need to continue to watch and wait for the time being. If we need to repeat the remedy we will only use one dose and then assess, but I don't want you to do that as yet. I would like to see if the healing process continues on its own (which would be the hoped for result).
Evocationer 9 years ago
i totally agree with you.as the healing process continues i feel better and better ,so i believe that the patience and time are the key words ;)
another thing i would like to note is that this week was really exciting because i met someone really special,i think its love at first sight and we spend wonderful time together.Could this incident have helped my situation along with the healing process ?
tasosgast 9 years ago
I think it is more likely the healing process has opened you up to the possibility of love. It has been my experience over the years that patients who receive the simillimum will report that good things begin happen in their life.
Evocationer 9 years ago
hmmm it could,because it had been 3years since the last time i was in love,the break up had an impact on me until recently and i couldnt feel any feelings for anyone,i tried 2relationships but i couldnt feel something deeper.but now its like i reborn.i feel like the first time and i let myself fall in love. i couldnt think that the homeopathy could bring such a change in that because my priority was to reduce the anxiety,panic attacks e.tc. so now i am even more excited that it helped me in other issues as well
tasosgast 9 years ago
last night i was going out with my boyfriend for a drink and while we were walking down the streets i got stressed,he asked me what is going on if i am ok,then i felt worse because i was afraid that a panic attack would come after because it was night dark and in the middle of the city,and i tryly got a panic attack.he thought i was going to fade out and he was scared.we returned home and he said that he cant live with me like that.because he is responsible for me and if something bad happen to me my parents would blame him,and he said i have serious psychological issues and we broke up . i feel terrible :(
tasosgast 9 years ago
That is a shame, but you really do need someone who is a bit more compassionate around your problems. Until you are fully cured, whoever you are with will need to be more understanding, so although it is hard when someone rejects you (it is for all of us) it is better that you know now that he cannot be relied upon.

You can be cured, and when that happens I believe you will meet someone who is better for you. Right now, while you are still struggling to become well, it might be that romantic relationships will be a bit difficult to manage.
Evocationer 9 years ago
i really apreciate your responce,it helped me a lot to feel better.But finally my boyfriend didnt mean to hurt me.he said that things because he wanted to make me feel that i dont have to treat myself like someone ill.He wanted to show me that its not ok to treat someone like he is mad,he made me fell crazy because he says i treat also myself like crazy and he said that he wanted to shock me and try to change my point of view.he wants to help me and make me feel better again :)
tasosgast 9 years ago
Just want to say, people do Not have any idea of what you are going thru,
unless they take a walk in your shoes. Of course, you would not wish
that on anyone, but they just do not understand because they have not
experienced it.

They mix up thinking panic attacks are similar to anxiety etc and they
want you 'snap out of it' or judge in other ways.

Not a good idea to listen to the 'advice or judgement ' of someone who
does not understand this. They need to read up on how this is an automatic
body response that takes over at times till you are well. Most people when
they feel they are going to have a panic attack, just want the other person to
be calm,give them a hug or rub their back, tell them it is going to be ok,
and help them sit down or get into a quiet area where you can calm down better.
You can communicate to the person what you need before hand and then
expect them to do that. If they don't want to do any of that, it is going to put
more stress on you, make things worse bc you will be trying to hide what
is going on.

If you are with someone who has had a panic attack they know what you need.
If you are with someone who understands what is going on and is calm
and soothing, things will go back to normal very quickly after an incident.
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simone717 9 years ago

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