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sever depression and anxiety

I am 33 years old male. I am suffering for depression from last 5 years. Lately it has effected my eyesigt too. i see images blurred. i have taken antidepressent 'mirtazapine' and it works by increasing the serotonine level in brain. i dont feel normal with medication and felt suicidal so i quit it. now i have withdrawl symptoms. my sexuality has disappeared. i have taken phosphorus 6 for last 3 days but homeopathic medicine doesnt seem to work after antidepressant. before antidepressant i took homeopathy medicine and it worked for a while then it stoped working but now homeopathic medicine has stoped working. i fear antidepressant has permanently damaged my brain. i feel severe tention headache all the time and severe tiredness. can anyone suggest me what to do?
  farrukh123 on 2014-09-25
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
my eye sight ans weakened considerably and i am very worried about that.
farrukh123 7 years ago
in 200ml of hot water add 4 tabs each of Kali Phose 3x and Silicea 12x mix them(u may keep the mixture in a bottle after it cool down) and take 1/3 of the mixture three times a day .
take one dose of ruta 30c at the morning.
let me know the improvement after three days.
gaintrox 7 years ago

See what effect you get from the salts.

These allopathic drugs often affect
eyesight and it will wear off, also the
withdrawal symptoms can take some time
and are difficult to deal with.

You might need some remedies to help clear the effects out of your system.
And then have your case taken in detail to prescribe a remedy for
the depression.

Dr. Showrav on here often gives Nux vomica at night, Sulphur in the morning
for 3 days to clear the allopathic meds, and then Avena Sativa Q if
needed to strengthen you and then on to the remedy indicated for
what is left.

Don't worry, you are experiencing the withdrawal and it can be handled.
simone717 7 years ago
the symptom are completely the side effect of mirtazapine.
but mirtazapine works on brain
so it side effect can be cancel by kali phos .
[message edited by gaintrox on Thu, 25 Sep 2014 15:43:08 BST]
gaintrox 7 years ago
Dear Gaintrox,

He was depressed before the mirtazapine and that has to be cured.

I advised him to report after the salts and hopefully they
will work and you can proceed further.

However, I have seen a lot of people coming off these drugs,
and salts don't work on everybody.
simone717 7 years ago
ok, i appreciate that
gaintrox 7 years ago
Do NOT mix our medicines in hot water.

Hot water destroys potentized medicines.

Use tepid (room temperature) water only.
Evocationer 7 years ago
i am having extremely low energy and panic attacks. i have taken phosphorus and gelsimium 30 but my panic is not stopping. please give some remedy for panic attacks so that i can atleast get out of bed.
farrukh123 7 years ago
Did you get the salts?

Describe the location and sensations of the panic attacks.

Are these panic attacks similar to any you have had before?

Do not take any more Phos or Gelsemium, bc first
one remedy needs to be taken at a time to see what it
does or does not do. Second, if these remedies are
incorrect, then they can cause these symptoms.
simone717 7 years ago
no i didnot get the salts. which salts should i use? i have taken nux vomica and sulphur in the morning. something happens inside mybody but after sometime antidepressant effect comes back and homeopathic medicine stops working. last few days, sometime antidepressant effect comes back and it completely blocks my sexuality and all homeopathic remedies stop working. when antidepressant effect is little weak, homeopathic medicine starts to work but for a day or two, after that it stops working.
farrukh123 7 years ago
Start taking Kali phos 6x ( biochemic)
tablet and Silicea 12 x Biochemic tablet,

Take 3 of each ( so 6 at a time) and do
this 3 times a day. The salts work on
your actual cells to rebalance them.
Dissolve them under your tongue.

This is a process, you will get better
but it can take some time- Report after
4 days of salts.- and do not take
any more homeopathic remedies until
simone717 7 years ago
i am still having withdrawl symtoms of antidepressants. i have severe anxiety and am worried about what is happening to my brain. does anyone know how long these withdrawl symptoms will last?
farrukh123 7 years ago
Are you noticing any effect at all, even tiny, from the cell salts?

How did you quit the antidepressant- did you gradually reduce
doses or did you just suddenly stop taking it?

The withdrawal effect time depends on a lot of things,
and it can be worked thru-.
simone717 7 years ago
i have been taking antidepressant for 7 months. i was hospitalized before i took medicine. my condition was very bad. severe panic attacks and low energy. my suffered this condition because of too much sex with my wife. after every intercourse i noted i am feeling more depressed, low energy and there was gradual pain in my eyes coming. my eye sight began weakening and it was hard for me to focus on objects. my memory became very weak. i was getting blind. i had psychos as well. that all people are after me and talking about me whereever i go. i had no choice but to use antidepressant. after 7 months i could come out of bed but i was not happy with it. i was going in dream kind of mental state. i stoped the medicine at once without consulting doctor. i did not know about withdrawl symptoms at that time. its about a month now without medicine and these symptoms are less now but still there. my biggest fear is that after taking the salts, will i go back 7 months and loose all progress which i made with antidepressant. if i relapse occur i dont have energy to deal with it now so please guide me, how will these homeopathic medicine remove the affect of antidepressants from my brain? i have more problems as well, i have bloating in abdomen and constipation, irritation for 3,4 years. i feel my abdomen is like a stone and have stone like feeling in my back as well. there is a feeling of weekness in rectum. when i breath i breath from chest. breath dont go to abdomen. if i try belly breathing i get severe tention in the brain. after taking antidepressant now i have impotency problem as well. no desire to have sex, no erection. i have been to a homeopathic doctor recently. after examining my condition she gave me phosphorous 30, one dose for everyday for a week. i took it but dont feel any difference overall. when i take medicine i feel something happening in my abdomen and back and something happening in my brain for short period of time, 10 minutes. after that medicine stop working. now she says take a stronger dose 200c and see for a week. i fear antidepressant has changed my brain chemistry completely and homeopathic remedies wont work but i am willing to try them but please tell me if i take kali phos , silicea or sulphur , do i risk going back to how i was 7 months ago?
farrukh123 7 years ago
No- because cell salts work on your
cell metabolism. They rebalance what is
too much or too little in the cell itself. And more important the
antidepressants do not cure a person- they just stop some symptoms.
AND they have side effects of vision changes which means that a person
should stop taking that medicine as it is a severe side effect.

You need to know that LOW energy can cause these things
( panic attacks etc) Low Energy can be from purely
physical issues. Have you had a physical check up? had your CBC -complete blood count done? had the blood test for the liver enzymes etc-
bc you need to do these things.

So- if you get your body back to working better, the low
energy will go and mentally you will feel normal. There
can be a period of time when mentally you are expecting
bad things to go on- but that is just habit and after
enough time has passed that memory and fear will
get less and then leave.

You are having the bad side effects bc of how you
suddenly stopped the other medication. Even if you reduce
the other medication slowly there are still side effects.

You can get better and the homeopathic medicines will
work if you get the right medicines for what you are
dealing with. Think of it as layers.
The outside layer is how you are with the med withdrawal.
That has to be healed- Once that is fixed then you work
with the layer under it ( how you were before these meds)
After that is cured there is just you in health. One medicine could
perhaps do the entire cure, or sometimes you take one and get
a partial cure and then go to the next indicated remedy.

Absolutely you can get better. Don't think of that as a
question. The answer is YES.

THE QUESTION is - Is what I am taking working correctly?

If you are going to the other homeopath- then go ahead
and do what she says-Take the Phos 200 and see what
goes on-do not take anything else. You must follow one
person at a time.

You can report back on here what happens if you want to-
and get feedback and support.
[message edited by simone717 on Fri, 17 Oct 2014 00:06:12 BST]
simone717 7 years ago
i have taken 2 doses of phosphorus 200c one in morning and one in the evening and i dont see anything happening in my body. should i wait for 1 week to pass or i can take remedy suggested here? one important thing i want to tell. my constipation started 4 years back. when it started i noticed my sex energy and rectum energies started to oppose each other. if i take some remedy to increase sex power my constipation will increase. if i take some medicine for constipation, sex energy will decrease and this happens till now. i have taken all kinds of medicine for constipation but it doesnt go away. i dont know where to start, handle depression first or constipation or low sex drive, weak eyes, low memory. please suggest.
farrukh123 7 years ago
Hi- The phosphorus is to work on everything.

A 200c can last for 2 weeks at least. You have to wait at least
one week to see if anything happens.

Do you have any back problems, spine problems , neck stiffness-
Nerves in the spine near the waist and below control
those areas mentioned. If they don't have a good flow you
will experience problems, and if there are neck issues, then
all the spine nerves will have erratic flow.

Think of it like electric wiring in your house not working
right- things will turn on, turn off, and it won't make any
sense if you try to fix a lamp or change a light bulb.
simone717 7 years ago
yes i feel my back is very weak. neck is often stiff and tense. down the spine below waist level i feel very weak. that part of body is needed to push the stool out of the body but i cannot do that. i have to push really hard and even then not all of it comes out. no feeling in the rectum. feels like its not part of my body. my posture is not straight.

i also feel electric wiring is not working right. it is blocked in spine area and abdomen and is giving me stress and depression. my energy levels cannot rise naturally or after eating and that is frustrating.
farrukh123 7 years ago
Well that is a big answer to your problems. The spine has
to work right or nothing else works right.

Have you had your spine checked, get an mri for it.

You may have herniated disc, you may have narrowing ( stenosis)
you may have neck compression, -

For these things, causes can be an accident, doing
gym workouts wrong, or if you have spent years sitting
and looking at the computer bending the neck slightly will
do it ( repetitive motions cause problems, even tiny repetitive
motions have to be stopped.)

Depending on what the mri shows or scans, you can get
physical therapy, you have to do stretching everyday, you
should walk at least a half hour everyday, you have to
get blood moving, you need to evaluate repetitive motions,
like computer height, sitting too long, looking down at the
phone, reading in bed.

Sleep on your back with good neck support, remedies can
help this a lot if you know what is the cause, but you
also have to change habits or it will keep going.
[message edited by simone717 on Sat, 18 Oct 2014 05:46:17 BST]
simone717 7 years ago
my spinal pain or feeling of hardness in spine started 4 years back after i tool some homeopathic remedy. it followed sever constipation and stressed head. i tried everything walking, medicine, yoga but nothing worked. i noticed homeopathic medicine or other energy healing methods dont affect me anymore. i feel my energy moving but after some time everything stops. i had occupunture yesterday in hope that my spine or depression gets better but same problem. i feel something but after sometime it stops working. i will investigate with doctor to know if there is a physical demage to my spine but it will take time. meantime is there any thing i can do that can lift my anxity and depression. i feel i am living in some dream. its very hard to live.
farrukh123 7 years ago

1. You took a homeopathic remedy 4 years back-
did constipation and stressed head start AFTER the remedy
or BEFORE the remedy?

2/ Do you know what you took and the strength of what you
took? Do you know how many doses you took?

3. What is going on with Phosphorus? Any effect at all?

You can start taking Nux vomica 200c after dinner for
3 nights. Mix 2 pills into two tablespoons of water, take
a tsp for a dose. Hold in your mouth for 20 seconds.
If liquid use 2 drops. Do not eat or drink a half hour
before or after taking.

Report each day what is going on after each dose.

Remember you are dealing with the side effects of
the medicines-many, many people have a very hard time
with those side effects, you are not alone in this problem.
It is going to stop and I know it is difficult to function,
but this is temporary.


simone717 7 years ago
1. constipation, stress back pain started after the remedy. i dont know the name of the remedy but the remedy was to strenghthen the body.

2. i took may be 30 c. i dont remember now but it was not a high dose. i took 3, 4 days.

3. nothing is happening with phosphorus. absolutely no difference. it feels my stomach is stressed out, stone like feeling. phosphorus didnt help to reduce it.
ok i will take nux vomica 200c and report my condition
farrukh123 7 years ago
Hi- 30c do not have that long of a life span and eventually
would wear off. So you must set up appointment to get
your spine checked out.

The nux vomica is to help with clearing the allopathic drugs.
simone717 7 years ago
1st night i took nux vomica i felt something happening in abdomen area. it lasted for half an hour. a felt a little calm in abdomen area. in the morning i am having severe headache all the time. its very hard to do anything with this headache. some activity happens in abdomen area on irregular intervals. it feels my brain is racing.
farrukh123 7 years ago
Hi- stop the nux vomica dosing. This dose is acting. You may
have different things come up and then leave like the
headache. Nux Vomica removes overdosing of things out of
your system.

Report back tomorrow what is going on.


simone717 7 years ago

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