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Homeopathy Side Effects in my case

Hello everyone,

I've been taking Ignatia for like 10 days together with some mixture of teeth related homeopathy remedies. After few days of taking these remedies my lower eyelids started swelling. Then I stopped with Ignatia and continued with Hep Sulphur for about 6 days. After that I stopped taking those, and started with Pulsatila for like 2 weeks, it was supposed to help my swollen eyes. However, I got like allergic reaction. My eyelids got red and itchy which caused swelling even more. For that reason I was then given Mezereum and used it for a week. I saw no difference. Then I decided to go with honey treatment, I put for 4 nights raw honey into my eyes, and itching and red eyelids were gone, but swelling is still there. Seeing that Mezereum is not helping, I stopped taking it. I have never had eyelid swelling in my entire life, and I'm 100% sure it is side effect of these homeopathy remedies I took. Once I stopped taking them it seems like my eyelids are less swollen, but they're still not in that good shape they used to be before I tried homeopathy.

Can homeopathy side effect stay permanent? How long does the body need to clear from the effect of homeopathy remedies? I haven't been taking remedies for 6 days now.

I would like to mention that I haven't been taking these remedies on my own, they were prescribed by homeopathy doctor I was seeing. I was treated for a big cold in my head. I have to admit homeopathy didn't help, I just got the eyelid swelling problem in addition.
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  newone on 2016-05-13
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Maybe its time you consult a real homeopath. Seemingly the one you have been consulting is anything but a homeopath.

Read this: http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/506104/
fitness 6 years ago
Thank you for your reply. Yes, I wish I was more informed about homeopathy before I tried it. I've read that pulsatilla may cause allergic reaction like itching.

I will take a break from homeopathy for a while, the biggest concern I have now is whether homeopathy side effect (or my reaction to a certain remedy) can stay permanent? ....as the eyelid swelling is not pleasant at all.
newone 6 years ago
Drink water one glass per hour .Pl donor take any meds for one month.
akshaymohl 6 years ago
No, the aggravation can't stay permanent. It will be fine within 2 weeks.
fitness 6 years ago
Thank you all for your help, I've started the water therapy as advised.
newone 6 years ago
Hello again,

I haven't been taking any meds for a month now and itching and burning sensation in my eyelids is gone, however they still swell like crazy. For example in the morning when opening my eyes I feel how swollen they are. I have to say I'm really worried and I've started avoiding going to public because it really looks bad. Does this reaction to homeopathy remedies sound "normal" or something you've seen earlier? I've read on some forums that some people have reaction that lasts for months, is it possible? Should I look for medical help?
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newone 6 years ago
yes, symptoms can remain--but only that which is in the patients sphere of illness---remedies last taken --encouraged a change in symptomology....retake case --using current symptoms as guideline--and seek single most homoeopathic to symptomology as is current...

p.s. concerning remedy and dose metholgy-----properly--- single remedy most homoepathic to case...and if dose is to be repeated --every subsequent dose must be modified
John Stanton 6 years ago
I didn't understand very well. Do you say that symptoms (aggravation) won't go away unless I take another remedy? I'm looking for ways to undo the remedies I took.
newone 6 years ago
Match your current symptoms with a remedy which matches you best take it. It will undo
mnaari 6 years ago
aggravtion--is in reference to symptoms preexisting taking a remedy (existing before treatment)-----

if new (never occurred before in health history) symptom occurs AFTER taking remedy -- it will either passs away--this telling that an overaction occurred and body is 'proving ' the remedy administered....and has no depth to case besides that aspect which has shown itself----or will linger (as in ur case) --this shows that 1st remedy taken was only partial in homeopathicity---and body completed the symptoms --showing symptoms which will guide to next choice.....--

retake case and access from that point
John Stanton 6 years ago
aggravation of symptoms that preexisted treatment after taking remedy--
John Stanton 6 years ago
I have taken Euphrasia 6C, once per day. For the first 5 days I had symptoms of every possible small problem I had in past 2 years (a symptom per day). 6th day I started crying for no reason and cried whole day. But it was not simple crying, it was crying from chest, with your whole body strength. I'm working on my presentation for work and crying, I'm eating and crying, doing regular daily tasks and crying. Tomorrow when I woke up, my life was normal again. I guess it has something to do with this remedy and my swollen eyes, and I hope they will get better soon.
newone 6 years ago
you have camphor tincture or oil available to u? or in potency (preferred 3x,6x or if have 6c)?
John Stanton 6 years ago
if haven't stopped already -then stop now..no more euhrasia..

if things have settled --then overaction Is past....keep note of occurring symptomology -from this point...

what is exact occurring symptoms which are troublesome currently?
John Stanton 6 years ago
I can find camfor oil. What should I use it for?

The current symptoms: when i wake up in the morning my lower eyelids are so swollen. It started happening when i started using homeopathy treatment. There is no any kind of discharge, no tearing, nothing. Apart from being swollen, there is burning sensation in whole eyelid area until cheeks, but burning seems to be less and less. It all gets better outside, but everything starts again the next morning.
newone 6 years ago
Also, I did an alergy test few days ago, and it was negative.
newone 6 years ago
camphor for antidote--either by smell of oil--

or orally
thru potency -- camphora 6x

prepare 3 pellet sin 100ml amber glass medicinal bottle--add 75 ml distilled water---success (thump /shake) against cover of thick book 10 times...

1 teaspoon of this solution in another 4 oz water in drinking glass--stir heavy--1 tablespoon dose--throw away rest of drinking glass solution--label and store 100ml solution...

repeat dose from 100 ml solution as described above--be sure to success 10 times before every use from 100ml..
repeat dose every 4 hours (up to 3 doses) ---no repeat dose if any change occurs at all...

post back
John Stanton 6 years ago
You are over sensitive to homeopathic remedies. After trying camphor etc.
Take zincum met 30 once daily for a week and keep reporting.
mnaari 6 years ago
This is not a side effect. It is simply the WRONG REMEDY.

If you are not a trained homeopath people, you shouldn't respond to a post with wrong, but well meaning advice.

What has happened is that you took a remedy that was not the best indicated remedy. It has MADE STRONGER the symptoms you ALREADY had, and given you NEW ONES to indicate a better remedy.

You may try Pulsatilla 30C instead.

If you don't get any better, you should call Manfred Mueller, MA, DHM, RSHom(NA), CCH. He works over the phone and is one of the only other homeopaths I know who can figure this out.

Good luck.
ChristinaMu 6 years ago
Also consider that you have an obstacle to cure!

Have you used any eye drops or eye makeup remover, or new eye make up? It could be that the treatment has also made your body respond to the irritant that it wasn't responding to before. I have seen this alot in clinic.

{your words: "The current symptoms: when i wake up in the morning my lower eyelids are so swollen. It started happening when i started using homeopathy treatment. There is no any kind of discharge, no tearing, nothing. Apart from being swollen, there is burning sensation in whole eyelid area until cheeks, but burning seems to be less and less. It all gets better outside, but everything starts again the next morning."}

If this is true, then you will need to take an antidote of the offending substance. AGain, Mr. Mueller would have that in his pharmacy...
Homeopathic Associates is the name of his clinic.
ChristinaMu 6 years ago
when new symptoms occur in strong sense..they are to be tamed by appropriate medicine best fitted in that sphere of action only (antidotal)...allow to settle --then reaccess case

--if not overpowering then --most homoeopathic medicine to symptoms at hand (totality) is prescribed

the key is in the intensity of symptomology occurring
John Stanton 6 years ago
Dear Newone why did you take ignatia and other remedies?
In which potency?
What was the suffering?
mnaari 6 years ago
I was treated for big cold in my head caused by air conditioners during last summer. Now I can't stand wind, my face starts being in pain and tension headaches wake me up at 4am if the pain during night is too bad. I did sinus xray, but they were ok. Doctors say that nerve endings were affected by that too cold air, and that is what causes pain. So that's why I visited homeopath, for the first time in my life. This doctor said that she thinks my personylity should respond to Ignatia, she also gave me some "teeth cocktail" remedy. Then, she told me to stop with those and gave me hep sulphur for 4 days. Then I stopped homeopathy for a week. Then she gave me Pulsatila which made my eyelid swelling even worse. It started being painful and red. Then she gave me Mezereum, and that's when I realized she doesn't know what she was doing, at least in my case, and I stopped taking it all. I took a break from homeopathy for one month. During that month I did wet cupping treatment that helped my headaches a lot. I usually don't drink coffee (never), but during that month I took a lot of black tea (they say it should antidote homeopatic remedies), I usually don't drink black tea either.

As for the eye swelling I had it once (for 7 days), 1.5 year ago, but it was not a big problem. It happened because I was in Asia in humid and warm weather, and it was winter with snow at home. So I had it when I came back home, and disappeared by itself. I have green eyes and white skin, so they're usually sensitive. However, I don't have any alergy. I don't put a lot of make up, last few months I didn't use make up at all.
newone 6 years ago
I forgot to write, all remedies I took were 30C potency.
newone 6 years ago
describe ''wet cupping ' u mentioned --details as apply to what was done
John Stanton 6 years ago

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