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describe ''wet cupping ' u mentioned --details as apply to what was done
John Stanton 5 years ago
You can read about it here http://drmeelainling.com/cupping/

It is a method to remove "bad blood" from your body, all toxins, etc. I had it done on my neck, 2 cups, because my problem were colds in had. After that I had like a fever for one day followed by swetting, and now my problem with headaches is 70% better. However, I'm stuck with this eyelid swelling and burning.
newone 5 years ago
aggreavtion from wind still occurring
please explain

have u used camphor yet?
John Stanton 5 years ago
Yes, I still feel pain in my face (maxillary sinus area) when it's windy or if air conditioner (or any kind of air force) is directed to my face, especially in airplanes. But it stops now the moment I leave that environment, and it's not followed up by 4am headache anymore, so I can say it is better. I don't have any discharge from my nose or anything similar (I never did).

I used camphor by smell. And I have just had rosemary tea (I read somewhere it contains camphor as constituent).
newone 5 years ago
ok --no more camphor rrosemary..

single test dose arsenicum

1 pellet in 4oz water in drinking glass--stir heavy---1 tablespoon of this solution in another 4 oz of water in separate drinking glass--stir heavy --take 1 tablespoon dose form thi s second solution...no repeat dose at all..

no other meds..no coffee .teas.colas..no alcohol at all
John Stanton 5 years ago
John Stanton 5 years ago
Is it to antodote some of remedies, or a test for further treatment?
newone 5 years ago
for lower eyelid swelling/redness
John Stanton 5 years ago
I haven't taken arsenicum yet, I'm giving it few days to see if any change will happen. The eyelid swelling is still there, but I noticed a change in other symptoms that I want to ask you about: so far the pain in my face that was really bad was happening always on my right side of face, for months. Now, the right side is 99% symptom free, but the left side started being painful in the same points as it used to be on the right side. Does this have any meaning from homeopathy perspective?
newone 5 years ago
how gradual or fast--was thi stransfer to left side?

describe the pain type
John Stanton 5 years ago
The pain is like there is nail stuck in several points in my face and the feeling is like it will burst into thousands of pieces (the feeling of pressure), but triggered by wind or AC. and if it is too bad headache follows. That's what I was feeling in the right side of my face in past few months. Now that kind of pain in my face (but without headache or with very light headache) got transfered to my left side of face. Also, it needs some kind of wind to be triggered.
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newone 5 years ago
I mean I can live with it, but was wondering if the pain transfer has anything to do with homeopathy treatment I went through.
newone 5 years ago
how much does temperature of wind matter? cold?warm?hot?
John Stanton 5 years ago
Causticum 200, one dose and Mag Phos 6x, 5 tablets three times a day and a feed back after 3 days.
anuj srivastava 5 years ago
Cold air makes things worse. However, I noticed that any wind temperature makes these symptoms. The only thing that matters is air pressure on face (how strong the air pressure is).
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newone 5 years ago
take the medicines and let me know.
anuj srivastava 5 years ago
yes ==pain transfer is key symptom to homoeopathic medicine...

..depending whether just in pasing--or remains a stable characteristic

other meds u used --one or more were of some homoeopathicity to characteristics...and response --new symptomology --fills out the unseen characteristics --as such used for deciding next medicine
John Stanton 5 years ago
I'm back after a long time with same symtoms that never went away (not even a little). I did so many test, my hormones are fine, my eyes are completely healthy, blood test doesn't show any condition that is not ok, I don't have any Combi-43">allergies, I have no problems with sinuses, I'm never sick either. But symptoms (eyelid swelling and itching) are still there, and it gets worse from being in warm places. Inhaling a steam makes my nose and eyes swell (inhaling is very oainful for me). All of this I got from reaction to wrong homeopatic remedies given in March, and reactions are still making my life miserable. Is it possible that homeopathy can make such an effect that remains? Is there hope from me that I will get my normal life back after some time? Has anyone ever seen bad reaction on homeopathy remedies with other people?

It seems that homeopathy made a damage that now can't be repaired.

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newone 5 years ago
Hope is always there.
What remedies have you tried until now
mnaari 5 years ago

Why not try another approach.

Start to work with a specifically trained acupressure or shiatsu person. They work the immune system thru the spine and organ meridians . You wear clothes.

You have to find people who have the training in these disciplines. A lot of massage sites say they do this, but
That means they took a 2day seminar.

The real people have had a year or more learning this. if your immune system was in good shape you could not have these problems.

Regardless of whether remedies caused this- getting this body work
Boosts your immune system into balance and clears out blocks , and remedy effects,and toxins.

You will be able to tell after one or two appts, that you are feeling better
And then know you can be rid of this.
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simone717 5 years ago
Res Simone,
Patient should avoid all meds for atleast one month.
akshaymohl 5 years ago
Yes, dr Mohla.

I agree. I thought they were not taking any medicines since June 2016.

But actually am not sure.
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simone717 5 years ago
I had this eye swelling once after 13 hours long flight 2 (almost 3 years ago)...and also one after a short flight 3 years ago...but my eyes got back to normal by themselves after a day or two....when I took these remedies (Ignatia, Pulsatilla, Hep Sulphut, Mezereum, some remedies for teeth and Euphrasia) my eyes just got swollen and itchy...I stopped taking remedies but nothing changed...I feel like the condition I had years ago for few days just came out again, but it's too strong for my body to fight against. I did so many things to detox my body...I'm using many spices as well, but nothing changes...I think my immune system is good, because for the past two months almost everyone I know had flu, even people living with me, but I did not. I spent a month at the beach this summer, so it probably worked good for me...but eyes remain the same...I think these remedies I tool played a bit with my hormones because I was given all of them in 1.5 month with doses stronger than I could handle. My period started being late after I took those remedies...but period came back to normal after 3 months...they say Pulsatilla if given too much can make a mess with hormones...

I'm literally out of options to try :)

I started doing yoga as well....

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newone 5 years ago
Have you taken any remedies since June 2016?

If so, what were they, potency and amount of doses?
simone717 5 years ago
No, I haven't taken any remedies since then.
newone 5 years ago
Dr mohla-- she has had no meds for
4 months./////////////////
Write down first time it happened.
What symptoms showed, how long lasted etc

Do it simple like 1. 2. Etc

Then write what symptoms are now?
What makes it better - worse ?

Dr Mohla has expertise in eyes.

Lets see what he says.
simone717 5 years ago

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