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Cold and cough - 7 week infant


My daughter who just turned 7 weeks has had a cough since last night, i.e 24 hours now.

She didn't have a runny nose so far, but her last sneeze an hour ago led to a watery discharge.

She has been making clear bubbly froth at her mouth.

She has no extreme irritability. She's just been slightly out of sorts today. Played for a while as usual, though was not her alert self.

Nursing is slightly affected. I am breastfeeding.

She's not running a fever.

I want to know if there's some medicine I can give her to prevent it from getting worse.

I had cold before her and she most likely contracted it from me. It has been raining heavily where we stay.

  Utomp on 2016-07-20
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
You are nursing her so she will have the required antibodies.

If you are recovered then don't worry about it. She will be fine too.
fitness 7 years ago
Ferrum phos 6x can abort colds and coughs in early stages. If you are nursing, take 4 pills twice daily for a week only.

The medicine will reach the baby through your breast milk and will benefit you both.
gavinimurthy 7 years ago
Thank you fitness and gavinimurthy!

I am taking ferrum phos and nursing her regularly.

My mother insisted on taking my daughter to an allopathic doctor nevertheless.

He said she has a viral infection and prescribed her an expectorant for the cough, another medicine for the fever (very slight - 98.2 underarm) and an oral antibiotic to be given over a course of five days.

I am averse to the idea of giving her these, especially the antibiotic since she's not even 2 months old yet and weighs only 3.7kg.

However, I don't want to risk it either.

Do you think the antibiotic is warranted. Is there something I can alternatively give her? Or just the breastmilk and Ferrum Phos would suffice?

Thank you so much.
Utomp 7 years ago
Mild fever means antibodies to the infection are being produced and it is best to leave it alone.

Don't do anything as long as the child is active. Your patient waiting will increase her immunity naturally.

Continue taking Ferrum.phos as suggested.
gavinimurthy 7 years ago
Thank you gavinimurthy! Reinforces what my gut instincts were telling me. Appreciate the response. :)
Utomp 7 years ago
Hello again gavinimurthy and fitness

Her underarm temperature spiked to 99.2F (equivalent to 100.2F actual, I beleive) today, so gave her infant paracetamol the doc prescribed. She isn't even 2 months yet, so pretty scared about the fever rising.

I don't want to suppress the fever and worsen the infection however. Being a FTM I worry a bit. She still has the cough.

Is there some remedy I can give her for the fever, should I repeat the paracetamol or wait the fever out? It seems to spike particularly at night.

Utomp 7 years ago
If you can get bico 11, mix two pellets thoroughly in 100 ml. Of water, and give one teaspoon every two hours to the child directly.

You can use paracetamol,every six hours, if you wish.

How are other symptoms? Is the child active?
gavinimurthy 7 years ago
Thank you gavinimurthy! Will get bico 11. She is feeding well and is active when the fever is down. She only coughs when awake and sleeps deeply otherwise.
Utomp 7 years ago
Ok. Bico 11 will help. All the best. I am going out. May not be available till tomorrow.
gavinimurthy 7 years ago
Okay. Hoping for the best. Thanks for all your help so far! :)
Utomp 7 years ago
Curious as to what Bico 11 is? If my children get a fever that is worrisome, I use Bellodonna 3c every 15 min for a few doses. I let my older kiddos stay the course of a fever, but if it were an infant, I would use the Bellodonna 3.
Jackie1 7 years ago
BICO is a combination of tissue salts.

BICO 11 Composition

Ferrum phos 3X
Kali mur. 3X
Kali Sulph. 3X
Natrum Mur. 3X
Natrum Sulph 3X
gavinimurthy 7 years ago
Reporting in.

Did not give her paracetamol again. Gave her bioco 11 all of yesterday. Fever is gone now.

She's doing good. The cough has gone down quite a lot - It seems to come from deeper though, but that's probably me being a worrywart. Sneezing is negligible. She is alert and active when awake, but she is sleeping a tad more.

Overall, looks like the little girl fought it back. :)

Thank you so much!
Utomp 7 years ago
Good. Continue bico11 thrice a day. It will help in controlling the remaining cough too.
gavinimurthy 7 years ago
Hello gavinimurthy,

Reporting in. She is active and alert. Coughing may be once in a couple of hours.

She's feeding well. She spits up the mucus with milk. She gets quite distressed when she can't expel the mucus.

Also, I hear a rumbling from her chest when she breathes, probably from the residual mucus.

I have been giving her bioco 11.

Utomp 7 years ago
Stop bico 11.

How frequent is the spitting of mucus with milk?

Is it happening within a short time after feeding or in between also?
gavinimurthy 7 years ago
Immediately after feeding.
Utomp 7 years ago
Ok. That is common in children to burp up some milk immediately after feeding. That is because they inhale some air while feeding, and it tries to come out.

Put your baby on the shoulders in upright position while you are standing up and pat gently a few times on the back a few times. That will release the embedded gas and the child will be comfortable.

We will wait for a day or two to see if the mucous goes away on its own.
gavinimurthy 7 years ago
Okay. I do burp her. She often spits up on my shoulder while I am trying to burp her. But, it doesn't seem to trouble her too much.

Should I give her bioco 11 or stop? Also, the mucus that I hear rumbling would clear up?
Utomp 7 years ago
Stop bico. We will wait for a day without medicine to see if the mucous clears.

Come back tomorrow.
gavinimurthy 7 years ago
Hello gavinimurthy,

I was planning to wait a full 24 hours before reporting again, but it seems like the cough is back.

Yesterday she had barely coughed, but tonight she was coughing again and this morning too. The rumbling sound in her chest is gone.But where yesterday she'd take very shallow coughs, now they are deeper.

I think she was running a fever too at night, but I am not sure.

I'll observe her for a few more hours and report back.

Thanks gavinimurthy!
Utomp 7 years ago
let things settle without meds--
retake case info
also -keep eye for any new symptoms which came up--

also if mum is breastfeeding--then need consider mum's current state of health
--as well mum's diet and such--for example if mum is using skin topicals of any sort for a skin ailment--then she must stop use--relate info to prescriber--so as case can be approached with fullest knowledge--

as for prescribers--ask questions dig deeper--ur spinning right now--
and use single meds not combos--this cas e is not for spray and pray approach--look deeper.
John Stanton 7 years ago
Hello gavinimurthy,

She still has the cough and nose congestion. No fever. She is alert and active otherwise.

I am not using any topical creams, to answer John's message. In my third trimester, however, I did have unbearable body itching at night (I couldn't sleep unless I took a cold water bath). When it would get too much, I used to apply lactocalamine lotion.
Utomp 7 years ago
Give her Hepar.sulph 200c. Mix 3 to 4 drops/pellets in 100 ml. of water, and give her one teaspoon as one dose.

Repeat three times a day. Stir the water thoroughly before giving each dose. Don't add any more drops.

Report after 24 hours.
gavinimurthy 7 years ago
If this line of prescription doesn't work, let me know and I will post my questionnaire for you to answer and hopefully have everything resolved with one dose.
fitness 7 years ago

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