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early ejaculation

name - Nikhil
age - 21
weight - 47
height - 5.4 inch

i have a problem of early ejaculation, i'm having this problem from last 3 years, i can't maintain it more then 1 min but there is one more thing if i'm not with any girl or i'm not imagining any sex related thing then it become almost imposible to ejaculate, my hands even get tired, i'm doing masturbation since when i was 13-14 year old. last year i almost stopped doing it for 2-3 months then i started it again, it wasn't in my control.
personally i don't have any interest in sex but i have a high desire of doing it, maybe due to my high nutrition diet, i had sex with girl only once in my life after that i made rule that until i'm not serious for someone i'm not going to do it but even then when i feel too much desire for it, i used to start chatting or talking on phone with girls, i had convinced them many times for sex but before that day when i was about to meet with them, i did masturbation and after that i always came to realiezed my rule that i'm not going to hurt anyone for my own desire. sometime i'm also not sure what is the real reason of this(not having sex with someone) but after masturbation my thoughts feel free but also it makes me feel weak so i eat high nutrition foods or nuts etc but then again i feel high desire, sometime i feel too much stress due to my big dreams and i masturbate so i can stop caring about them. but most of the time i don't feel stress i just want to do it for no reason i feel too much sensation near my penis.

what should i do?
  nikhil003 on 2016-10-27
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
take conium 50m only one single dose.
nisha301 6 years ago
50m is too high, don't you think i should start from 30c or 200c?

but if you think 50m is fine then please let me know.
nikhil003 6 years ago
these days bachelors common problem is those mentioned problems,so its good to take only one single dose.

single dose is 2 pills only.
nisha301 6 years ago
Hi Nisha

Will you fly down to his country of residence, and help him if he gets aggravated terribly, and need immediate attention?

gavinimurthy 6 years ago
after taking single dose, how long should i wait for result,

and one more thing i forgot to mention, i hear sound like whistle in my ears 24hrs. and the volume of that sound is based on my masturbation, more i do more i hear, less i do less i hear.
nikhil003 6 years ago
ok, dont take conium,you have said some other symptom,tell all your complaints first.
nisha301 6 years ago

This is why it is not safe to take high potency on a forum.

Patients need to give a lot of info for an accurate prescription. Patients often forget to tell things about past health, past medicines and more.

Often they add in very important things AFTER a prescription was taken. This info changes the prescription.

If you are taking lower potencies they will wear off. Higher potencies can last many months.

Besides this you have to be able to communicate in English well. Nisha
Only writes short things ?? Does not take a case.

Click user names- see their cases.
Repost asking for who you would like to help.
simone717 6 years ago
there is nothing more but 3 years back i used to be weed addict, i used to take diluters also. but somehow i was able to control myself. i don't think anything is left.
nikhil003 6 years ago
waiting for your response
nikhil003 6 years ago
take petroleum 1m daily single dose for three days and then report back
nisha301 6 years ago
i have tried in many shops but no one had that potency, i tried for conium 50m but they didn't even had 1m so i bought 200c.
i'm not sure but it might work, daily i was masturbating 2-3 tyms a day but after the day i took this i was able to control my self atleast 3-4 days, i took 3 doses morning, evening and next morning.

i will search for petroleum 1m .maybe i can find this one here.

and if you don't mind i need one more help, i sit many hours in front of my laptop even if have nothing to do in it, i always find somthing to do mostly games or movies or any videos(not porn). and just because of that i feel headache on both side of my head, it also disturb my sleep & daily routine. and when i try to stop my self in wasting time like this, i feel blank like i have nothing else to do evem if i have a lot of things to do, maybe because of lazyness or any other stress.

do you know any medicine which can be usefull in this situation.
nikhil003 6 years ago
monthly once take hellaborus 10m single dose ,its for sitting in front of laptop/computer,so you can escape from radiation,due to radiation you become lazy,tired etc...

if you cant find petroleum 1m in local store ,purchase via online ie., schwabeindia

in schwabeindia ,you can get all higher potency and also you can relief from bad habits of mastrubation by taking conium 10 or 50m but kept in mind ,you have take higher potency only one single dose.
nisha301 6 years ago

It takes 3 weeks to change a habit.

You already know sitting at the computer is wasting your life away.
Besides that it starts to affect your neck and spine from repetitive motion
And affects your circulation and all of your organs, making you tired.

Even when people have to work all day with computer, they are told to stand up and move for 5 minutes every hour or use a stand up desk.

Make a plan. First rule is turn OFF
Device when going to sleep or put it in another room. Electronic things
Affect your sleep.
Next, make a plan for each day. Include a long walk, where you just observe things as this helps reset the brain and eyes and puts you back here on earth.
Decide on time limits for computer.
Give yourself some reward when time limit is up. Do not worry if you backslide as if you have the plan and intent after 3 weeks you will be in more control of your body and life goals.

You do not need a remedy to do this,
And especially not a high potency.
simone717 6 years ago
Miss. Nisha
Thank you for your suggestion

i have a que.. if conium is for masturbation than what is petroleum 1m for?
nikhil003 6 years ago
Mr simone

thank you for your advice.

i had written very long messege but right now making it short.

i have tried all these tricks many times, but i believe that i'm not physically lazy but mentally or else i love to work hard and force my self for anything till my body starts paining. but it become hard to force your self when your lazyness belong to your brain, i'm just tired of keep trying so i decided to take help of some medicines.
[message edited by nikhil003 on Sun, 06 Nov 2016 11:38:12 UTC]
nikhil003 6 years ago
you said about ear sound during mastubation,for that complaint take petroleum

conium is for bachelor bad habits
nisha301 6 years ago
Dear nikhil,

In that case, you then want to have your case taken to prescribe for you as a whole.

You don't take medicine for wrong cause. Like helleborus for computer

And online advice for high potency is dangerous as it lasts for months and then with other meds advised results
Will be chaos.

I suggest to do this correctly that you look thru and click user names.
Read!! The cases. Then do a new thread and ask for a person in your headline that you want to work with.
[message edited by simone717 on Sun, 06 Nov 2016 14:26:11 UTC]
simone717 6 years ago
Miss nisha..

I didn't meab during masturbation, let me tell you history about it. maybe it will help you to understand better.

when i used to be addict of diluter, i used to hear that sound in the starting of getting high, after that same thing with weed & hemp but diluter could make loud sound. i started hearing that sound during addiction but it stayed even after the addiction. and now it has become more louder and when i masturbate it becomes unbearable not only this i suffer from stomach trouble also and due to that i get headache and its become unbearable after masturbation.

my stomach problem is 2 years old i have done ultra sound two times first last year january. second last year november, both reports showed everything normal but slighlty liver enlarged. due to that its hard to think about anything in deep. and when it becomes more upset then that sound become very irritating and when its normal even thn i can hear that sound but it doesn't affect me.
nikhil003 6 years ago
Dear simone,

i appreciate your advice.
and i can make sure i'm not gonna take higher potency without using lower potency.

besides that i hate depending my life on medicine but right now i have tried alot, and also i have lost lots of time, right now i just want to study and gain knowledge. and now i'm just giving a chance to homeopathy, miss nisha suggested " conium ". which really worked for me and before taking its higher potency i have already tried lower once, it didn't remove the problem 100% but it removed the sensation i was feeling near my penis, which was forcing me to do masturbation, now there is only desire & some thoughts left, which i belive if i put my own effort i will be able to control them so i'm not asking for any suggestion or medicine for them.

if i'm wrong anywhere please let me know. i'm not an specialist.
nikhil003 6 years ago
it took me almost 1 and half hour to type these two messeges even after having good typing speed. :(
nikhil003 6 years ago
Good luck.
simone717 6 years ago
hi nikhil,

ok noted all your points ,i feel that drug is doing its activities still in your body and mind ,

now dont take petroleum remedy

instead of i recommend nux vomica 10m only one single dose will cure all physical problem and mental issues too.

i think you are from rich family it seems ...
nisha301 6 years ago
i don't know how much money makes you rich so i can't say!!

before buying nux vomica, i want to clear, i never ate alot and i always skip my dinner because it increases my headache, i don't eat oily or market food, i prefer cow's ghee which is easy to digest. i'm pure veg & i don't even eat onion and garlic. i read about nux vomica that its stomach remedy, and here docters asked these things, so i thought i should tell you too.

now the que is.. is nux vomica perfect for me?
nikhil003 6 years ago
yes thats the remedy for you ie., nux vom
nisha301 6 years ago
If you are going to try it, use 200c at night for 3 nights.

Nux clears over use of drugs, food, etc.

Taking 10m is not wise. Which is why I asked you to read previous posts by clicking user name.

One also has to be able to have good comprehension of English to understand what is going on and then prescribe based on vocabulary translations are right.
[message edited by simone717 on Mon, 07 Nov 2016 18:12:09 UTC]
simone717 6 years ago

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