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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
If you are going to try it, use 200c at night for 3 nights.

Nux clears over use of drugs, food, etc.

Taking 10m is not wise. Which is why I asked you to read previous posts by clicking user name.

One also has to be able to have good comprehension of English to understand what is going on and then prescribe based on vocabulary translations are right.
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simone717 3 years ago
The case can be cure by

acid phos 30

one dose daily for 10 days..

Sory am not interrupting anyone treatment here but I have successfully treated many case by lower dose..

first thing the case is due to performance anxiety and less concentration about his stamina so once he belive he can do better he will do..

I am also not side of giving higher dose like 10m or 50m because it's dynamite
sabkamalik1 3 years ago
miss Nisha & mr. Simone

Its almost 3yrs or more when i used to take drugs. Is it really possible that there effects can stay this long?

Right now, I have bought nux 200c before using the higher once. I had only one confusion, When to take at night or in the morning. Because most of the remedy related to stomach has to be taken at night.

Thanks simone for this info.

Miss Nisha,
I have one more confusion, how nux vomica will affect me, Right now i'm using triphala powder to clear my bowel so i can think clear in the morning.

Should i continue triphala?

Will using nux vomica decrease my weight? i have already lost too much weight i don't think i can afford more.

I have taken my first dose last night, and the second one today's morning. i have to say that today my head is feeling light comparision to other days. I'm not sure nux vomica is the reason or not.
from today i will take two more dose of nux 200c at night
if this lightness of my head stays for more few days without any ayurvedic stuff then i will use nux 10m.
nikhil003 3 years ago
Dear Sabkamalik.

Thanks for your adivce.

Right now i want to focus on one person. I don't think changing docter in the middle of the treatment is a good idea.

if the lower potency will not work for me then i will use acid phos, as you prescribed.

1year back or maybe more, one docter prescribed me Acid phos 6x in a tablet form for my anxiety, The sound i hear 24 hours used to turn into ghungru in too much silence .Which used to scared me alot especially at night when i stay alone. but that medicine didn't worked for me. i can still hear that sound, but now i always start listning songs or etc whenever i hear that sound.
nikhil003 3 years ago
When you have a reaction - good or bad you stop taking a remedy.

I don't know whether light in head is
A. A good thing
B. If you have ever had this in the past?

The remedy is acting now. What you do now is wait for at least one week and then see what is the status at that time.

Everyone has different sensitivity to the remedy chosen and to potency.

Please google herings law of cure.
See what homeopaths look for after a remedy to then track progress.
simone717 3 years ago
ok ,i dont know about ayur or siddha , i am a proud homeopath,
so its a nux vomica effect ,meanwhile wait for sometime before stoping siddha or ayurveda.

is triphala is medicine for constipation?
nisha301 3 years ago
Triphla is the best!

It not only detoxes the body, regularizes motions but also acts as a tonic and rejuvenate.

You can continue it for long periods .It would not interfere with any other medicine.

Amla harad bahera
Teupne 3 years ago
Miss Nishaa

i took nux 200c for three nights, i feel minor improvements in stomach and its producing less gas than before but i still feel headache and it gets increase when i eat little amount of anything spicy. i don't think it was usefull for me but while i started taking nux, i had added few things in my diet which produces heat in my body and my body cannot tolerate heat so my head and ear started burning and i became unable to sleep and after taking nux vomica, i feel i became unable to wake up easily(not sure, nux is the reason for this). and my muscles was paining after waking up, specially near my back bone.

Do you think that my diet can affect the effects of nux vomica? and should i try it again without interfering regular diet?

i took helleborus 200c in the morning for three days and after reading your messege when you mentioned about radiation, i became aware about it and studied about it online. i took few actions for this, like turning of wife and using everything wired and now i'm using my laptop on battry most of the time. Thanks for this. my irritation and tiredness while using laptop has decreased but my moodiness and lazyness hasn't gone, it is still the same as it was. now what should i do for this?

and yes triphala is for constipation, but i don't suffer from hard stool yet i feel headache due to unable to clear the bowel(i believe), so i take triphala at night.

i havn't got answers of my last que.

Its almost 3yrs or more, when i used to take drugs. Is it really possible that there effects can stay this long?

will nux vomica affect my weight?
nikhil003 3 years ago
Mr. simone

i didn't mean light in head, i meant my head wasn't feeling heavy, so i said my head is feeling light( less havier than before).

i did google herings law of cure, while reading everything was going out of my mind and i wasn't even sure, the thing i was reading is the thing you were asking me to read.

let me know the link i'm sharing is the thing you are asking me to read. if not then please share the link.


nikhil003 3 years ago
Mr. Teupne

Thanks for the info.
nikhil003 3 years ago
Ayurveda is always an option if you don't find relief.
Teupne 3 years ago
nux vomica dont affect your weight

and take hellaborus 10m single dose in a month.
nisha301 3 years ago
now take bach flower remedies walnut and star of beth for 5 days you can get in pills or liquid form.

and stop nux vomica,so you feel no changes in your body it seems.i am traveling ,i will be back on monday
nisha301 3 years ago
i have just noticed my burning ear even today, even when i have stopped eating food that was increasing heat in my body and was taking amla juice 2 times a day. it wasn't burnig yesterday. I took helleborous today and i didn't take that yesterday.

Is it possible helleborous can cause burning ear or strange headache?

i think, i should try nux vomica for 2 more days with no helleborous before coming to any conclusion because when i was taking nux vomica. there was no headache in the evening till i wasn't eating. yesterday i didn't take nux at night and today my head is feeling havier with pain( Not too much ).

and 200c is higher potency at least higher than 30c, don't you think its effect should stay atleast 3-4 days?

And one last thing, I haven't got answer of this question. can you please tell me the answer of this question also?
Its almost 3yrs or more, when i used to take drugs. Is it really possible that there effects can stay this long?
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nikhil003 3 years ago
dont take two remedies same time,take nux vomica i am sure you find relief.

drug can have its effect for along time and also it will give other trouble,you take nux vomica alone.

if you take 200c for 5 times per day it will work like 10m.
nisha301 3 years ago
but you can take bach flower remedies with homeopathy
nisha301 3 years ago
i was taking helleborous in the morning and nux vomica at night.

i took nux vomica 200c three nights(3 Times) but its effect didn't stay for more than 2 days.

just like i also took conium 200c 3 times night,morning,night but its effect didn't stay more that 3-4 days so now i have ordered 50m and waiting for it, Till then i'm taking conium once in two days.

i wonder for how long 50m will work?

i don't know,you have been focused on this question or not but asking last time, please let me know if you have answer

Its almost 3yrs or more, when i used to take drugs. Is it really possible that there effects can stay this long?
nikhil003 3 years ago
Dear nikhil

Yes your usage of weed and diluters has affected your liver and digestion.They have increased fire component in your body.

Check your prakriti online at holisticonline. Com and report.

You seem to be a Vata prakriti individual.
Teupne 3 years ago
Side effects of drugs you have taken in the past ie three years ago, can cause harm in any part. I will suggest someother remedy, one thing take only one homeo drug, not more than one remedy at a time
nisha301 3 years ago
You cannot take2 things. They combine and produce chaos.

You are not following direction and taking 50cm is simply crazy.

I suggest you ask teupne an Ayurvedic solution.
No one can help you with what you have already taken,and confused your case.

You expect relief right away from homeo meds. That is how allopathic meds work. Homeo meds work totally
Differently. They bring back old symptoms as the right homeo meds stimulate your immune system to clear out past things to get back to
A stable state. You wait and watch after a remedy if you have a reaction,
Good or bad. Remedies can act for a long period clearing out mental and physical states. You are taking things like it is aspirin to fix a headache.

I advise you to stop before things get way worse.
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simone717 3 years ago
Miss nisha.

i cannot say that nux vomica didn't affect me, before taking it, i was having pain in my head on top of the ears and sometime i used to feel like someting is pearcing in the center of my head but i'm not having headache since i started nux, but my head still feels heavy specially in the morning. i don't know exactly what to call it but it never lets me think clear and makes me feel lazy. sometime i get relief from it after clearing the bowel but only for 1-2 hours.

i have recieved conium 50m today and i had taken my dose in the morning and brushed my teeth after 1 and half hour of taking the remedy. its true that it has decreased the heavy sensation near penis which was making me to do masturbate unwillingly but it hasn't removed it clearly and also it didn't affect the duration of ejaculation. but i have stopped doing masturbation twice or thrice in a day. now will you prescribe anyother remedy for duration or should i wait for conium 50m effect?

I forgot to mention, This problem started in the middle of using drugs and my stomach problem started after 3-4 months of stopping using drugs. there is one mistake i had done in past. i don't know if it is the cause of my stomach trouble.
just after stopping using drugs, i became addict to do exercise(not gym) i used to run in the evening. after 2-3 months of regular exercise, i became over time concious and started feeling like, I'm wasting my time in clearing the bowel and i stopped doing it in the evening and added that time in exercise. at that time i was thinking that human should do it only once in a day going twice in a day is not a sign of h
ealthy man.

please don't say anything about this. I know, Its an idiotic thought. And i was an idiot.

can you please tell me what is walnut and star of beth for?
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nikhil003 3 years ago
Mr. Teupne

i tried that Diagnostic Test for Vikruti. its very confusing

but the result is..
Vata - 31
Pitta- 39
Kapha- 30

Your predominant dosha is: Pitta and Vata.


For me, It is hard to believe on this result because there questions were really confusing for me. i'm not sure i hit the right answer or not.
>> Like
Q. Shy
somtime i can talk or crack stupid joke with new people, No matter if they are girls or boys because i know whatever i said wasn't that big deal.

and sometime i feel shy even with old friends and thinks like if i will do something stupid so they think that i'm an idiot or a kid etc. So i stay silent.

And there was 8 pages. Seriously? All the time i was like, Lets close it. and i didn't even hit number 3 more than 3-4 times in the whole 8 pages.

maybe i'm just an confused and lazy personality.

i hope, i did the right test.. please let me know about this and what you think about the result.
nikhil003 3 years ago
Mr. simmone

According to articles about homeopathy which i read on other sites or form pages, there should be 30mins gape in between two remedy and in my condition there was 12 hours of gape. but if only that much gape doesn't apply on my case than i accept my fault. And yes you are right i was expecting relief right away. I forgot that its not allopathy and even allopathy sometime doesn't affect that fast so i accept this one fault also And now i'm aware about the both faults for the next time. Thanks to you.

But still i'm pretty sure nux affect me just after taking it(on the next morning). and even conium too.

and the heat. well i was eating methi(FENUGREEK) From last 2-3 days in vegitables so i did yellow wattery vomit at night which burned my throut or maybe damageed, So it became hard to swallow anything.

And about stopping taking homeopathy.
well just as i mentioned in my earlier posts i was masturbating everyday atleast twice so i even started feeling like a character less person. but conium worked, it didn't removed the habit but it reduced the sensations which helped me to control myself.

i don't think stopping it will be a good idea unless i get any side effect or will not get any effect.
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nikhil003 3 years ago
nikhil,wait for sometime let the conium will work,single dose is enough to correct your problem.

walnut,star of beth is bach flower remedies ,it will correct all the problems which occur due to drugs or other habits.
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nisha301 3 years ago
For how long should i wait for conium effect?

I have ordered these two bach flower remedies. it will take 7-10 days to recieve.

I'm not feeling tired like i used to be while sitting in front of laptop but still moody and lazy, Like i don't help in house work even if i want too. Only because of moodiness or laziness even if i'm feeling energetic, i'm having Lower back pain. I don't know if it relates to this? and i'm 24 hour sleepy but unable to sleep. i lie on bed for few min. and again i'm walking or sitting in front of laptop because its impossible for me to stay at same place. even i can't chew food properly while sitting. either i eat fast or eat while walking.

please suggest me something for my moodiness and laziness?

And sorry but there are two more things i forgot to mention. I know sharing things later after prescription is not a good thing. but my memory is not good and i don't know what to share and what will be helpful?

one of my testicle(Left one) is loose or long comparision to the other one, from a very long time. And my penis is slightly curved on the left side but not in the middle but at the bottom, It can go down on the left side and can stay straight but can't go down on the right side.
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nikhil003 3 years ago
Dear nikhil.

write about your current digestion status and your digestion history: constipation,acidity etc.

You currently have burning issues and sounds i guess.true??

Miss nisha has prescribed you something .she remains confident that a single dose is enough to heal you.Lets hope for the best.

I will be monitoring and if things dont improve then will advise but that should not happen given ms. nisha's confidence.Just ask her how long you should wait??
Teupne 3 years ago

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