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Dear nikhil.

write about your current digestion status and your digestion history: constipation,acidity etc.

You currently have burning issues and sounds i guess.true??

Miss nisha has prescribed you something .she remains confident that a single dose is enough to heal you.Lets hope for the best.

I will be monitoring and if things dont improve then will advise but that should not happen given ms. nisha's confidence.Just ask her how long you should wait??
Teupne 3 years ago
Waiting for response?
nikhil003 3 years ago
I have recieved my bach flower remedies in liquid form but can you please tell me how to take them?

can i take both of them at the same time or should make 24hour difference?
nikhil003 3 years ago
Put 2 drops of each in a glass of water. Stir a bit , and then have 4 sips a day morning ,noon, dinner and before bed. Use up the glass and make a new one next day.

Try for a week and give feedback.
Nisha was suspended from the forum, and is why I am answering.
simone717 3 years ago
What's the hurry? I suugest nikhil should answer these:If I may add: nikhil should give more details like
1. is it ejaculation or stream
2. Lasts long and still incomplete
3.Semen comes out or not
4.Smell of semen
5.Increased/ diminished desire
6. Semen discharges after orgasm.
7.Speedy ejaculation without plesure.
8.Ejaculation slow
9. Any problem in urethra, testicles etc
shyam11 3 years ago
Mr. simmone

put 2 drops of each? does this mean i can take both of them at the same time? If "yes", How many bach flower remedy i can take at the same time?
For how long should i take them?
In what time these both remedies will show there effect?

Why miss nisha has been suspended?

"Hornbeam" :- I found this one remedy on net, For my lazyness like " when i want to do something but i don't do due to think like feeling lazy, Even when i already know, I'm not tired and wants to do something so my muscles can get stretch and stop paining.
Whats your thought about it?

I have confusion about both remedies.
like walnut,
Its for any type of change in life so it could be usefull, if i were using drugs and trying to stop taking them! how it will be usefull now?

And star of bethlehem.
As i read about it on net, It is for sad or for who feels empty from inside due to someone's absence, I agree that i was that type of person in past and stayed in oneside love for almost 7 years but still she wasn't the cause of taking drugs, Right now i have enough knowledge about life so i don't get caught in that type of situations easily. I feel empty from inside sometime But i'm not like others who struggle that instead of that i Enjoy that emptyness because it makes me feel deep. Sometime it helps me to create lots of philosophies which comfort my friends who are in any kind of stress.

There is one more thing about drugs(its funny) . Whenever i plan to take any kind of drugs(weed or hemp. etc..). i always suddenly start feeling of urgent clearing the bowel.

Now as you said Miss nisha has been suspended can you please tell me. I should take them or not?

According to my study, In homeopathy treatment Patients phycology is very important. That is why i'm explaining alot. please let me know if its wrong so you can stop wasting your time in reading useless stuff.
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nikhil003 3 years ago
Mr. Shyam11

1.Its about short duration of ejaculation and feel headache after the ejaculation(When i'm having stomach trouble) but if i'm high desire to masturbate and i'm not doing it then few drops of sticky water comes outs and later my penis feels pain too.

2. not getting the mean of this one?

3.Definetly Yes!

4. i never smelled it or maybe there is no smell in it but if i'm not cleaning that then that smells like someone has done pee (Not sure). I'm not good in smelling thing. My nose mostly stays blocked, Mostly when i'm suffering from stomach trouble and it get worse after masturbation.

5..High desire, That desire doesn't come from heart but directly from the area of penis like it is dying to ejaculate.

6. unble understand this one

7. I feel Pleasure

8.Life testicle is bigger or maybe loose, I don't know what word should i use for it but its height is greater than the right one. and penis is little curved at the bottem on the lift side. it can stay straight but can't turn down on the right side.

Right now i want to cure that high desire for sex first then the duration and then that curveness(If its possible)

I have used conium 200, but its affect didn't stay for more that 3-4 days and i tried conium 50m i didn't even see any effect of it this time..
nikhil003 3 years ago
Dear nikhil

Start with triphla, aloe Vera and luv 52 syrup.

All on empty stomach in morning with 15-20 min gap.

First triphla then aloevera then liv 52

As your digestion improves(liver) all your issues will resolve.

Take savik diet. Sprouted mung cow milk ghee etc.

Report after 10 days.
Teupne 3 years ago
nikhil: So many people falling over each other only to be of help. i suggest you first decide who to follow. I can only say that such quick changes of remedies is unusual in Homeopathy. And yours is not a single-dose-cure ailment. Pls decide and then start addressing that "doctor" by name only.
shyam11 3 years ago
Nisha was rude to another member-
Against forum rules.

Bach flowers - are not a remedy.
Bach flowers are a flower essence.
They come from one area of England. They bring in another energy or emotional state. They help you break habits and calm you etc.
The effect is short - yes you can take together.

You can google the site and learn yourself. I posted as I knew you got them and N was not going to answer you.
simone717 3 years ago
Mr Teupne.

I take trihpla, Almost daily and i have taken aloe vera for long period, i used to eat aloe vera gel direct from the plant, I have tried himalaya liv 52 also.
Didn't see any effect of aloe vera but liv 52 was little useful with triphala but not alone. effect was also very short. even triphla is alone not usefull for me so i take more amla from other products so it can help triphala and reduce heat. but sometime both of them stop affecting so i take other product for few days and then come back to triphala and amla.

My diet is totally satvik, I don't even eat onion and garlic,Spicy or oily or outside food. I take only Indian cows product and milk.

I have never tried triphala, aloe vera and liv 52 in row.

i believe my unwanted thoughts are the cause of stomach trouble.
Just like White chestnut(Bach Flower) Condtion. but it just a thought, i don't even know if Medically, Too many thoughts are relates to this.

Please let me know your thoughts about it?
nikhil003 3 years ago
Mr Simone

Thanks for the info.

As you mentioned the effect is short. does this mean it doesn't cure anything? but give you very short relief?

Is there any sense of taking them?
nikhil003 3 years ago
Mr Shyam

Right now, Mr. teupne is talking about ayurveda and prescribing ayurvedic remedy for stomach trouble, which is triphala and liv 52 and aloe vera which i'm already taking in my regular life.

and Mr. simmone is not prescribing me anything. He is making me aware about wrong things and helping me to know things better.

so you are the only one who can prescribe me something..

let me know if you have any question to ask before prescribing any remedy.
nikhil003 3 years ago
And..you recently took con 50cm. Which can last for months.

You are very impatient and this does not work with homeopathy as one has to wait to see effects, especially high potency.

This is why many in India give placebo pills after a remedy, as they know people do not understand and will not wait. Nisha was giving you Bach flowers, not really a placebo, but it changes your emotions and thoughts very gently and lets you have another perspective that you would not have. To help you wait out the remedy.

For instance I gave Bach flower essence to a person who had negative thoughts. The person felt like another "kind" person was .super imposed on them.

They could feel the negative trying to show up, but it could not take control.
This gave them some mental "space". They realized that they were
Trashing themselves constantly.
Because they were able to see this and have a DIFFERENT feeling of kindness.. they understood another way to be and then could dismiss the negative by themselves.. and replace with positive. Before Bach flower they insisted! That the negative was normal and right. They needed to have a different emotional and mental experience to really get it on a deep level.
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simone717 3 years ago
Yes. I think worth taking and trying out. See what happens.
simone717 3 years ago
Dear nikhil

Start with gokhru churna. It will help a lot.

Also write whether you suffer from acidity/constipation/anger/fear/anxiety? ?

Have you tried ashwagandha churna? ?

You wrote about methi being hot and troubling you? ?

Are you better with hot or cold weather and food? ?

Which oil do you use in cooking? ?
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Teupne 3 years ago
Mr Simmone

I took conium 50m on 16th november and its almost 9 days but havn't seen any effect of it.. Its 50m so i don't know for how long should i wait?

I know nothing about placebo but will read about it.

now i'm giving these two remediess a chance and besides that I read on some article that we can take 7 bach remedies at the same time if its true then. there are few more remedies i read about, Which i think is suitable for me but before trying them i just wanted to make sure. Will it be a good idea?

chestnut bud - Weak memory

Impatien - For always in hurry.

hornbeam - for Moodiness

Climatis - Daydreamer

White chestnet bud - For So many sense less thoughts

Larch - To regain confidence( After trying so many medicines i have become hopeless that it can be cure but still trying to cure it because it affects daily life.

Crab apple.- For unable to accept things about own self. Like Addiction of sex which makes me think about it more.


taking bach flower with homeopathy is a ok or should be prohibed? not at the same time but at the same day?

right now I'm taking bach flower remedy(WAlnut & Star of bethlehem) 2 times a day unable to take 4 times due to daily routine and homeopathy rules. No food and other drink before and after remedy, It almost covers 2 hours of my day for the single dose.
[message edited by nikhil003 on Thu, 24 Nov 2016 17:55:58 UTC]
nikhil003 3 years ago
Mr Teupne

Yes i have tried ashwangandha but it makes worse my stomach so triphala and amla stop affecting me.

i do not know what to call it but i can't say its constipation, because in constipation stool must be tight or hard to pass but there is nothing like that maybe due to laxative product or i don't know but still my stomach and brain feels havy, even after clearing the bowel(when i do not use any laxative products.) and sometime triphala and amla both stop working. so i take break from them for temporary period.

i do suffer from anger & fear but only when i'm having any problem related to stomach. when laxatives stops working, my nose gets block and my lips get cracked and i always start feeling irritated, always ready to be angery.

but when laxatives are working fine, i stay very calm, even if someone shouting at me, i stay calm and handle the situation while lauging.

And the main thing is I'm very confused person so sometime while describing the problem what to say and what is the right thing
nikhil003 3 years ago
Try 2 at a time to see what it does if you want.

As I said read on it.

I cannot speak to 50cm as it works on very high levels of your spirit and filters down ..I do not know anyone who has taken 50 cm and I advised you not to take it.

Good luck to you, I do not have any more advice..only posted bc you were not going to know why N was not replying.
simone717 3 years ago
nikhil: i could help too.
shyam11 3 years ago
Thanks Simone for all the info you have provided yet..
nikhil003 3 years ago
Mr. Shyam

You can help. Thats why i provided you my health conditions. Now can you please tell what should i do to cure it?
nikhil003 3 years ago
NIKHIL: Okay, I'll try my best.
I read some of your problem.Pls state entire problem in brief along with medicines taken.Make it simple to start with. we'll come to more complicated things if need be later.
shyam11 3 years ago
Problem is high desire for sex or masturbate and early ejaculation.

early ejaculation started in the middle of using drugs. i used to masturbate alot after getting high. because it used to increase the duration. first, i was addict to diluters after that weed helped me stop taking diluter but then i became addict to weed but i was never able to smoke a cigrate, whenever i had tried, i became like i'm going to fall. Too much dizziness in just a sec of smoking cigrate for atleast 10-20 sec. i also never able to smoke weed perfectly because it was really hard for me to inhale smoke so comparison to others, I used to inhale less smoke than others. i always had a cough problem, sometime breating becomes hard for me. Anyways i used to masturbate after smoking weed, i knew that duration of masturbation has been decreased than before but after masturbating using weed, Duration of sex decreased very fast so that even if i'm high, i can't maintain it for more than 30 sec.. i'm not sure that drugs are the reason of early ejaculation but the problem started while using drugs.

i have stopped taking drugs it is almost 2-3 years old story. but facing early ejaculation even now.

high desire :-
before few months i do not know what occured but even if i'm tired, i'm doing masturbation due to high desire even if the penis is hurting before that i was masturbating once in 3-4 days not by own wish but due to high desire but at that time i could regain the lost strength but now desire comes back in just 4-5 hours or sometime just after the masturbation.

i tried conium 200c( Suggested by Miss Nisha). I'm not sure but it affects me so that i was able to stop my self for few days 4-5. then i tried conium 50m, now its almost 20 days but no effect.

helleborous & nux vomica. 200c

i had tried alfa alfa mother tinctre but there was sudden increase in sex desire so i stopped taking it.
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nikhil003 3 years ago
NIKHIL: Pls take CANTHARIS 6 twice daily for 7 days and then give feedback how you feel.
shyam11 3 years ago
can i take higher potency like 200c for single dose, it is hard to take homeopathy medicine daily because you can't eat or drink anything atleast for 30min before and after taking it. ?

Can you please tell me what you think about the problem, What is the cause of all of this?

what this medicine exactly for?
i read about it, which says it is mainly for bladder. Do you think i have some infection there

I had done urine test few months back, if you think it will be usefull, i can provide you that..
[message edited by nikhil003 on Sat, 26 Nov 2016 15:14:32 UTC]
nikhil003 3 years ago

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