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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
It means the liver is under stress.

You need to know what is that stress?

It can be fixed.

So? Were you having alcohol or still are?? That is one cause and has to be stopped.

Hepatitis is also a cause- get checked for it.

This can be cured-liver function but
It is like having a car that keeps blocking the gas line.
simone717 3 years ago
Start taking liv 52 syrup for a month at least.

Also gokhru churna.

Then get tested again for sgot and sgpt.

In the beginning I told you you have excess pitta (fire).It affects liver.

Your weed and dilutes use affected your liver. But don't worry it will get well.
Teupne 3 years ago
Google sgpt meaning.
simone717 3 years ago

What are dilutes?i have not heard that term.
simone717 3 years ago
Diluters are chemicals used in like nail polish and all I think.

Also known as thinners. Toxic chemicals .
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Teupne 3 years ago
Mr. Simmone And mr Teupne.

I have taken alcohol 7-8 times in life not more than that. Almost 2-3 years back. i have stopped smoking and inaling diluters 3-4 years back. I have already told you right now i do not do any thing stupid. I don't even drink tea or coffee. No spicy or oily food. i eat out side food once in a month or maybe once in a 2 months.

I have read about sgpt. It helps to cure liver or muscles cells. When it gets increased. Its mean something is wrong in the body.

Mr. Teupne

I have already drunk liv 52 alot. Do you think it will affect me now?

never heared about gokhru. will buy tomorrow, please suggest me the brand also. normally i preferred patanjali or unjha product.
nikhil003 3 years ago
How much liv 52 have you taken?

Liv 52 usually restores liver and gets enzymes in normal range. For long standing problems 1-3 months use should be good enough.

Gokhru is a very good herb for all your conditions. Ask for Vyas (m.p).

I would advise getting the liver tested again. No harm in doing it.
Teupne 3 years ago
Get tested for hepatitis.
simone717 3 years ago
Mr. teupne

Regularly i had taken 2-3 bottles but didn't get any results
in last few years i had taken maybe more than 7-8.

when i were using laxatives product like triphala. Liv 52 used to do good work with it because sometime triphala used to stop working so i used to change or add another laxative product for week atleast. liv 52 was one of them but alone it never showed any effect
nikhil003 3 years ago
It 'snot going to show any effect if the CAUSE is something else.

Get tested again on liver.see status right now!
Worse same or better.

Get the hep tests as that is often hidden until full blown.

Don't be stubborn or ppl cannot work with you.
simone717 3 years ago
What effects were you expecting from liv 52.

7-8 bottles should have shown visible benefits.

Liv 52 does not help constipation.Usually it restores liver thus restoring your hunger if one has low appetite.

Whatever hepatitis or any other liver issues it is pretty good.

However you should get tested to be sure. Both before and after.
Teupne 3 years ago
Describe your tongue.

Any cracks/layer /colour/teeth marks etc.??
Teupne 3 years ago
Mr. Simone

I think, I should try Some Homeopathic or ayurvedic medicines first if they will not work then i will visit a familiy doctor and will talk about hepatitis. If i will go for test for hepatitis. I will do nothing but make everyone scared.

I do not have multi sex partners or last time And last time Doctors used injection on me maybe almost 7-8 years back or maybe more Due to biting by dog. only Weed, hemp and diluters can be the reason if they cause it.

Mr. Simone

Diluter used to come with whitener, we use it for correcting our mistake written by pen. there was another bottle with whitener. It used to look like water. Teenegers used to inhale it by nose( I Was one of them ). just because of that it got banned by goverment. i heard rumor about it that it used to contain 98% of alcohol.

I used to inhale 10 bottles a day. after leaving this i used to smoke a weed atleast once in hour.
nikhil003 3 years ago
Mr. Teupne

No cracks or layer on tounge. Colour is normal but in the deep, it was slightly green( I mention i did not cleared my tounge today.)

No marks on teeth. Little yellow even when i'm brushing daily. I have changed my 3 teeths because they were at the fourth stage (mentioned by Dentist) and one was filled by teething material, I know nothing about teeth so i used some different word to explain. let me know if you have any question about it.

All the time i was just expacting from liv 52 that it will cure my stomach and i will not need laxatives any more.
nikhil003 3 years ago

Get your liver enzyme s tested again to compare. It is common sense.

In USA gov't is running ads on tv telling everyone over 50 to get tested for one version of hep. That you can get from just sharing a soda drinkwith someone who has it. Apparently that is rare as you have to have some small cut in your soft tissue for it to enter your blood stream.

You do not have your facts right.

Anyway good luck.
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simone717 3 years ago
Mr. Simone

" Don't be stubborn "

I'm sorry but i'm unable to understand why you said that. I'm behaving and asking questions like i always do maybe that is why i'm finding my self right.
Please make me know and tell me the reason so i can be aware about that mistake in the future.

( Please do not misunderstand because people usually do )
nikhil003 3 years ago
Not marks on teeth.

I was asking about teeth marks on tongue. Google it you will know.It means malabsorption.

Check your tongue in morning and report.I wish I was there to take your pulse.Check if it is frog jumping(pitta), snake moving (vayu)or a swan in the lake. (Kapha)
Teupne 3 years ago
Mr. Simone

i do not drink soda or any cold drinks.

i'm just trying to save my self from not getting any test because i do not want my family members know about it. I mean thay already know i have some problems related to stomach but if they will know that i'm trying to cure it by taking online advice. they will start keep asking me about this like i'm doing some crimes. and also when someone takes blood out from your body is a big deal or scary for me. these are the only reason i was trying to save my self from testing again i had done these test so many times so if i will keep doing it. i will start feel like i have a cance*r* type problem.

I'm mention.
If test is really neccessory. let me know please. i will do it as soon as it will be possible. and please tell me the thing i have to say to the person who will test me. there are lots of type test. its so confusing
nikhil003 3 years ago
First I am a mom.

You are very good at looking up things when you want to. Then at times you try to have others do that work-and then argue about it, which leads to others doing more work.

Obviously you are not reading about liver function, or all the different hep virus.

It is ridiculous to just try things with no facts-because you or family does not want to get upset.

I do not have time to persuade you.
simone717 3 years ago
Best option go to fam dr and be pro active in asking for tests. You need to know and not waste more time hoping this goes away.
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simone717 3 years ago
Mr. Teupne

I was always wonder how ayurvedic doctors read pulse, Now finally someone has gave me idea about it. I will study about it as much as i can and will report you as soon as possible.

will buy liv 52 & gokhru tomorrow but please suggest me any brand name also which you preferd your patients?
nikhil003 3 years ago
Mr. Simone

Thanks for telling me the things, I understand your point and its true, I do argue and call it a discusion and i always feels scared while asking things because i do not want others to irritate so i try to limit my questions but always end-up by irritating them. This is the side-effect of half knowledge about anything.

I'm really sorry for wasting your time. and really Thankfull for all the info you have provided me. I will be more thankfull if you will keep providing it, whenever you get time for it. and i will work on my own self.

understanding others and can describe them in short lines with fine words is a sign of a good philosopher. just like you did. (Y)
nikhil003 3 years ago
seriously, i never thought hepatitis can be spread by just shareing foods. will never do that again.

As i said before, If you think tests are really neccessory then please tell me, If i will go for test what should i say to that person?
I mean test name, So i can write it on paper and will show it to them?

beside that i have found more earlier report which show sgot and sgpt both,

after 3-4 months of the last prescription. and one bad thing is, Its last year report. 2015. i miss read the year.
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nikhil003 3 years ago
BioChemistry Test

(This post contains an image. To view the image, please log on.)

nikhil003 3 years ago
Is this the latest/last report?

Here things are normal.

Gokhru will help your early ejaculation. .You can take it safely.
Teupne 3 years ago
It is the latest report but from the last year in june. and the report i showed you back was checked in jan 2015.

Gokhru will be really usefull if it can cure early ejaculation but the most stressfull thing is this habit or addiction

Please suggest me the brand name i'm unable to find it in patanjali. there was simliar name. Gokshuru guggle.

i found somthing similer. gokshuru(himalaya) but i have already tried this. it was hard to digest(I feel).

i Will start both of the medicine together again( liv 52 and Gokhru ). But unable to find gokhru or not sure about the brand please suggest it.
nikhil003 3 years ago

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