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I don't want a prove from anybody here. I have just asked you for an assessment. There must be a reason why you have chosen Aurum for me. Have you seen similar cases helped by it or is it just a trial?
survivor2 5 months ago
On past cases by well known homeopaths:
Each person is different and their individual
Symptoms and cause will be different . The famous
Homeopath to the head of India govt has books
Of hundreds of cases for serious diseases- he
Will not prescribe online- he insists one has to
SEE the patient face to face.and take the case.

Awhile back on here, a person was citing this dr.s
Cases and giving his prescriptions of Very high potency
- they did not work and were dangerous as they last
For a long time.

1. You cannot go by a case in a book- they are not the same patient.
2. surendrakr is breaking forum rules again,
Insulting people as he has done before under previous names of jawahar and Rahul- and was removed from the forum
And I expect this to happen again.
3. LM potency is a vast subject and often given
To SENSITIVE patients- patients who easily aggravate
Or prove remedies.
4. I follow dr luc ( famous homeopath) on potency.
Even with all his decades of work, he starts with
A test dose of 30c. Evaluates after 48 hours. One can always go up
Or down or increases doses after evaluation.
Suggesting 28 doses and no instruction to stop
If aggravating or proving the remedy is not safe.

Survivor- glad you are certain about the teeth-
I wanted to rule that out. I will suggest some
Homeopaths who will do Skype or phone consults.
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simone717 5 months ago
anuj srivastava 5 months ago
anuj srivastava 5 months ago
In case you want to try these strategies :
1. Massage the opposite side of head temple area
And feel where the opposite side is even more sensitive
Than the pain you are having. This is using acupuncture
Meridians to release the pain.

2. You tube by dr Hugh spencer who got rid of his
Trigeminal neuralgia by using capsaicin mixed with alcohol.
He explains that once the nerves start firing there
Is continuous nerve pain fibers that go off. The capsaicin
Is put onto strips on a mouth guard- they inactivate
The small nerve pain fibers while leaving the rest of the trigeminal system intact. He got permanent relief after doing
This for 4 days for a short amount of time. In USA
One can order a mouth guard online that you custom fit yourself.
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simone717 5 months ago
Hi Anuj,

I am still researching homeopaths. However,
I have a suggestion. British homeopaths often
Use spigelia, kalmia, verbascum and aconite on
Trigeminal neuralgia. The materia medica of
Verbascum seems to match his symptoms.

And if you look at this as a Burn injury (laser
Use) causticum comes up a lot.

And in a controlled study where rats had sciatic
Nerve damage by surgery , it was found that hypericum30c
3 drops 3x a day for one week let them recover
Faster - regenerated the axons and the nerve sheath.
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simone717 5 months ago
Hi survivor,

You can try mikeandrewshomeopathy.co.uk

A screen shows up where you can book a free
15 minute Skype or phone call with him to see if he can help you.
He is a well known homeopath and was also a supervisor of
New homeopaths in U.K. for some time-

Looks like he is really concentrating on autism
Now- but I am sure he could direct you to other
Homeopaths if needed. I would focus on telling him
The start of this from laser use and then list
The remedies taken and effects and duration
Of good effects.
simone717 5 months ago
Hi Simone

Thank you very much for researching so much for me. I've sent Dr. Andrews an mail, he didn't respond so far. I think I will also consult my local homeopath because symptoms have a bit changed since my last visit 16 months ago. A second opinion can't harm. Ironically we have extremely many Verbascum plants around in the garden during the summer.

to anuj: Sorry the last posts from Rahul interrupted my feedback. I don't think he had bad intentions with his advice. I read about Aurum metallicum and it matches my personality very well.

With Mercurius i feel i always aggravated during intake and when I stopped I got back to "normal" pain level the days afterwards.

survivor2 5 months ago

anuj srivastava 5 months ago
Hi survivor,

A few things:

1. Dr Andrews: has a couple sites , one where you can book
The Skype or phone call right on the site. or just call the phone number.
2. You do not have much info about homeopathy
There are overall constitution remedies to make you
Stronger. There are “acute” remedies for cold,
Flu, food poisoning, travelers diarrhea etc-
and INJURY etc.

I think your homeopath gave you phosphorus
Because he was trying to treat your overall
Constitutional state and NOT looking at this
As an injury. For example if someone falls
And hits their head - the remedy should match
The INJURY symptoms- if someone cuts their foot
And has icy pain they would give ledum pal because
It is specific for that type of injury.

3. It is well known that it is a common thing in reading
Materia medica that people think they match
Tons of remedies. Homeopathy is an art and a science
Because how one takes the case is different with
Each homeopath. Some matches do not carry
Much weight- others like strange and peculiar symptoms that only match one or two remedies trump all others. Sometimes
One has to address the - never well since area
To get the right remedy.

And why match ? Because homeopathy is based
On a Fact of the body- the body Raises Life force
To clear an area IF it knows a similar substance to
What it already has! Is given. That is why remedies
Are highly diluted- it is a fake similar disease-
Triggering the body to get rid of the remedy. When
The body raises life force it then gets rid of the remedy
And specifically targets what the real issue is.

There is a pathway the body uses the life force-
Google Herings law of cure.

Andre Seine head of Canada homeopaths, gives
A good example - he has a lady taking her constitutional/ Chronic
Remedy for respiratory problems - she arrives at his office and
Slips on the icy stairs and hurts her head. Her constitutional/ remedy
Will not work here- he gives Arnica and Nat sulph to Target
The injury and raise the life force to target the

Aurum is a very potent remedy for mental problems .
If you start to have mental thoughts you never
Had it is wrong -and that is why you do a test dose.
My opinion is you need a remedy for your injury
That matches your injury symptoms. Good luck.
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simone717 5 months ago
Hi Simone

Your knowledge in homeopathy is amazing and I wish that I could understand at least half of this very complex materia. Hahnemann must have spent his whole life to research this.

I don't know what I should do at this point of view. Your theory about the INJURY is the best advice i got so far because it's simply the truth. I always thought that I have to fight against the symptoms. Which medicine would you take if you were in my situation? I will report my local homeopath about your suggestion, maybe we can find a solution together. I'll not take aurum because I'm too afraid of side effects.

Many thanks and good night
survivor2 5 months ago
Hi survivor,
My knowledge is the tip of the iceberg.
I think many view remedies as western
Medicine or herbs-if one understands the BASIC fact-
A good match for acute or chronic forces
The body to start targeting the real problem with life force.
And each persons reactions for amount of doses
And potency will be different- because everyBODY is unique.

If you have too high strength or too many doses of a
Correct remedy- it is stepping on gas pedal too hard
And flooding the engine. The life force gets
Overtaken and one will have original symptoms
Get worse and get new symptoms- eventually these things will wear off.

I think merc needs to be tried again -
Very important to give details on
Each dose , how long things got worse,
How long pain relief lasted-
old things come back-
Old things left, relief for x days? This remedy is taking the right path of
Curative response.
Perhaps the remedy needs to be taken in water
(More gentle) or potency needs to change.
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simone717 5 months ago
I continued merc. as you have advised. Yesterday I had much less pain but today all went downhill again. I recently got an amalgam filling in one tooth and as we know mercury is a component of that material. Can that interfere with the homeopathic medicine?
survivor2 4 months ago

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