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I was wondering if I could get any advice on schizophrenia. I would like to use homeopathy to supplement my own healing and need help finding the right remedy.

I am getting acupuncture at the moment and the doctor suggested I try homeopathy to help heal me along.

If I could get the right questionnaire I would really appreciate it.

Thank you!
  jimbates on 2019-04-01
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
15 drops in a cup containing an ounce of water, sip one third of it, 15 minutes later sip the next third of it, and 15 minutes later take the last third of it.HALF AN HR BEFORE DINNER.

Day 2 onwards

Hyoscyamus niger 200 five drops in an ounce of water ones in three days.

Kali phos 6x, five tabs three times a day in addition.

Feedback after 7 days.
anuj srivastava 8 months ago
Thank you for the quick reply! Are you sure no questionnaire is necessary?

Also, if i get pellets how many do i take? Thanks
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jimbates 8 months ago
Schizophrenia,has the same symptoms with a few variations,so did not ask for details,however you may pen down your problems in details.
anuj srivastava 8 months ago
Thank you so much for all this information! I just want to make sure that you believe these remedies are the best. In case the questionnaire is useful for this, here are the responses:

1. Age,sex,weight,country,occupation.
31, male, 150 pounds, USA, disabled

2. Main complaints and other associated troubles.
a)Where is the trouble; The exact locality of the complaint like hands,legs etc; duration of trouble.

Schizoaffective disorder for more than 15 years. I think its mainly my head that is the problem.

b)What exactly do you feel, Sensation as pain, how pain feels or burn etc.

Very out of sorts. Fluctuating mood changes. Disconnected from body and reality. Have headaches and weird voices that may be spirits since most of the beings that connect to me have died (friends and relatives).

c)What are the factors that causes this trouble according to you.

Schizoaffective disorder. I have also been diagnosed with chronic schizophrenia. Not sure which is correct.

d)Condition under which the complaint is reduced or you feel better like,cold or hot application,cold or hot weather,position as standing,walking,rest etc.

I feel better resting. Warm weather is best.

e)Condition under which the complaint is increased like,cold or hot application,cold or hot weather,position as standing,walking,rest etc.

Too cold or too hot is bad for me. I walk around a lot, sitting still is very difficult.

f)Any other complaint any where in the body.

Hands feel like they cannot be controlled, have to shake them a lot throughout the day. Head feels strange often.

g)Onset time of troubles in detail, i.e which came first, after that what problem and so on.
Troubles with identity and mental illness as a teenager. Slowly more and more voices and visual hallucinations. Right now akathisia is a problem.

h)Treatment method adopted and its result.
Many antipsychotics. Currently on Latuda. Very hard to fall asleep.

Acupuncture helps a lot, as does their medicine.

3. History of diseases in family.
Bipolar, Schizophrenia, Alcoholism, depression

4. Personal History.
a)About childhood.
Never had that many friends. Very weird child. Lots of physical abuse, mainly my parents. Lots of psychological therapy, since age 12 or so.

b)Academic performance.
Used to be very good in school. Went to UC schools then CSU. Very difficult now, however.

c)Any major incidents in life and the effect of it on life.
My first episode was very traumatizing. Walked around naked as a teenager. I had and have issues with sexuality.

d)How you are satisfied with your sex life, friends, family members, company etc.
I've never had a sex life with someone. I have very little friends, and my family is there for me. However, I am basically alone most of the time (I don't have much company). I think it is better for me for now.

5. Habits/Addiction.
a)Smoking, Alcohol,Sleeping pills, Laxative etc.
I don't really have issues with addiction. I do masturbate a lot and am hoping to get advice on how often I should or should not.

6. How is your Appetite and Thirst.
Appetite is bad and I hardly ever drink water.

7. Likes and Dislikes.
a)Alcohol Bread Butter Bitter Salt Sweet Sour Fats Milk Mud Chalk Egg Spicy food Meat Fish Fruits Fried
I used to like sour a lot, now I like spicy and salty. I don't like chalk but maybe wax. I dislike bitter and alcohol. I like fried. I don't have many favorites. I am a vegetarian and I like fish, fruits and vegetables. I drink soy milk or almond.

Warm food-drink Cold food-drink Ice Ice cream Chocolates Tea Coffee.
Thai soup and curry, I don't like hot drinks that much. I don't like cold food a lot, milk teas are good. I like chocolate, and I try to drink tea for health reasons. I avoid coffee because it has too much caffeine.

b)Anything else about like and dislike of any activity with you or surrounding.
I live in a very cluttered room.

8. Bowel movements.
a)Nature of stool, frequency, satisfactory or not.
Usually constipated, about once or twice a day, not satisfactory.
b)Any discomforts associated with stool.
Very difficult to empty completely.

9. Urine.
a)Frequency, nature, volume.
I urinate very frequently, difficult to empty out completely, varies in volume a lot.

b)Any discomfort before, during or after urination/odour
Lots of discomfort, difficult to empty.

12. Sleep.
a)The quality of sleep, the quietness or restlessness of sleep,
position of sleep, times of waking and reasons for waking,
need for cover over various parts of the body,
whether the window must be open or closed etc.
common dreams, peculiar sounds or gestures during sleep, etc.

Quality not very good, I wake up a lot in the middle of the night, mostly to go to the bathroom. Difficult to fall asleep afterwards. Usually I sleep with bathrobe or with clothes on. Window usually closed unless it is too hot. I usually sleep on one side or the other.

13. Sweat
a)How much, what parts, staining, Odour.
It's usually my armpits that sweat.

14. Weather
a)Tolerance to heat and cold, dryness, humidity, weather changes, sun,
foggy weather, wind drafts, closed rooms, etc.
Not very tolerant to any of these. Prefer warm climate, like in spring or fall. Can't shower if water is not the right temperature. I usually get a cold when the weather changes.

15. Mental Status
a)The quality of the patient's life in relationship to loved ones, family, friends and colleagues. Overall quality of energy available to function in daily life, and under various circumstances.

My quality of life regarding mental status is very bad. I don't have the energy to function that much. Fell in love with someone a long time ago but it didn't work out. I've never dated anyone and don't think I ever will.

b)Any mental/emotional shocks occurring in the patient's life-grief, major financial losses separation from loved ones, death, identity crisis and other in life.

Developed hypothyroidism about 8 years ago as a result of lithium intake. Tests come back normal now, however.
3 years ago I began hearing more and more voices. Voices are internal now, however, and hard to distinguish from actual independent thoughts.

c)Memory,ability to concentrate/comprehend.

Very bad memory and ability to concentrate.

d)Are you fearful of anything eg: Animals, people, being alone, darkness, death, disease, robbers, thunder, storm, high places.

I am fearful of the dark and sleep with a night light. I am scared of strangers as I walk by them, and I think they are talking about me sometimes. I try to remember that they are not.

e)Are you anxious about anything: if yes, give details.
I just want to get better psychologically. I believe homeopathy will help, and I am hopeful about my treatment with acupuncture.
f)Are you impatient.
g)Are you doubtful or suspicious.
I am trying not to be but have been in the recent past.

h)Are you hurt easily (emotionally)how do you react. Does it cause hatred/revenge.
Yes I am hurt easily. No it does not cause revenge, mainly just depression and difficulty talking to that person.

i)Does your pride get hurt easily.
I think so, yes.
j)Are you depressed, if so, reason/circumstances.
Yes. Schizophrenia is the main reason, also failed romantic endeavors.
k)Do you like to share your problems.
No, its very difficult for me.
l)Effect of consolation.
I get guilty, begin to feel like I am a burden.
m)Do you ever become suicidal when? How.
I think about suicide whenever I think of how alone I am. I am trying not to, however.
n)Memory- quality if poor, for what ( eg. Names, places, people, what you read).
Very bad memory. Can barely read something right now.
o)Do you weep easily, effect of weeping, ie, does it make you worse or better.
Yes very easily. It helps to cry.
p)Are you easily irritated. What makes you angry, how do you express it.
Yes. I answer sternly sometimes.
q)Are you destructive.
r)How good are you in making decisions.
Not too good. It takes me a very long time to decide something.
s)Do you like company or like to remain alone.
I like being alone.
t)How seriously are you affected by disorder and uncleanness in your surroundings.
Moderately affected. In general, he world seems too fast to me.
u)How does failure appear to you?
I feel like failure is going to happen all the time. I am trying to relax more.
v)Are there any matters that you deeply dislike?
w)What activities you deeply like? How does it affect your mood?
I like eating well seasoned food and trying new restaurants. It generally makes me happy to do things like this.
x)Are you affectionate? How does others sorrow affect you?
I am not that affectionate towards others. Other people's sorrow saddens me because I can't do much to help them.
y)Any present fears in your life or future.
That I will live the rest of my life like this. I feel like I have been a lot better in the past and would at least like the ability to work on my artwork or something basic like that.

z)Any present life or future life desires.
I'm not too sure I have many right now. I just want to get better so that I can show the people around me that I do care about them and myself.

16.Tell your date, month, year of birth with birth place and timing for Medical Astrology
august 15 1987 in california

17.Describe PRAKRITI
by doing EVALUATION on visiting
I think I am vata dosha.

NOTE-- if proper reporting will not be done by you, then i will close the case, you can take advice from others.

jimbates 8 months ago
Pls take what has been advised.
anuj srivastava 8 months ago
Hi Jim

As per me Anacardium 30 and Calcarea Silicata 30 will be of immense help based on your symptoms.
sunshine15 8 months ago
Have both remedies 10 minutes apart. Three times a day.
sunshine15 8 months ago
Thank you so much anuj. I will order today and report back once I have taken it for 7 days as instructed.
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jimbates 8 months ago

Thank you so much for the help. I have been taking the remedies as prescribed.

The voices are under control for the most part.

I still have mood swings and uncontrollable body movements. I go up and down really fast and have crying spells. I also have lots of depressive thoughts.

What would you recommend?

jimbates 7 months ago
Dear Jim,
Sunshine is not on here anymore.
Hopefully Anuj sees this and can offer advice.

You can click his name and email him if you do not get a reply.
simone717 7 months ago
anuj srivastava 7 months ago

Its been about two weeks. I have continued as instructed and still have the following symptoms:

difficulty concentrating
uncontrollable movements like blinking a lot and hand gestures

Should I modify anything?

Thank you!
jimbates 7 months ago

anuj srivastava 7 months ago
Dear Jimbates,

I am suffering from 5 years of schizophrenia and are in homeopathic treatment already for 4 years,

I made a lot of progress, but i suggest you do search a physician whos working in the traditionla calssic homeopathic way, this is very important.

I found a good practioneer near home who helped me a lot, but I can tell you, it is very important to see him personaly and go forward a remedy once a time, and not how the suggest a mix of remedys.

I can harm you instead of help you in this way. One remedy a time, and cause the strong dynamic of the illness and the allopathic medicine you take it is very important to find out the right effective way to take the homeopathic remedy together with the practitioner who supervise you.

It can be possible to cure schizophrenia, but do it in the right way. Otherwise you will abonde homeopathy and lose a good chance!!

Greetings and good luck

lucawi 7 months ago
Hi Anuj,

Sorry for the late reply, I was in the hospital for about a month. I've been taking what was instructed for more than a week.

I still have

difficulty concentrating
wringing hand movements
eyes rolling back

Though its a lot less, it still preoccupies me.I basically spend most of the day walking.

Is there anything I should change?

jimbates 5 months ago
continue same protocol for a week and give a feedback.in addition have kali phos 6x five tabs three times a day.
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anuj srivastava 5 months ago

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