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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Do not take anything until you hear from Anuj.

Homeopathy is individually based on each person’s
Reactions. One dose of 200 c can work for weeks
On some people. The remedy will often bring back
Past states as it is releasing them -

You should tell Anuj if you have ever had these
Symptoms before ???
simone717 2 years ago
Anuj Sir said to take 3 doses for 3 days.
I had said all these in this section only
pabitra 2 years ago
After having lunch I had little bit of heart palpitation then had stupefying pain inside head and then it subsided within 15 min with continuous tinnitus sound in right ear for last half an hour. All these started with the intake of medicine yesterday...before that i was disturbed by my thoughts but not with these massive physical problems...
Doctor help
pabitra 2 years ago
Have you had any of these things in the Past?
simone717 2 years ago
I had anxiety more than a year that my hand will shake in front of people while doing anything which used to give me anxiety with heart palpitation , head ache and severe hand trembling which recently changed to sexual anxiety with sexual intrusive thoughts....I was in many medicines from staph, sulph, ignatia , arsenic from beginning of 2019 and even had beta blocker to calm my anxiety
Had High Bp 140 /88 about 2 months back but came to normal after leaving smoking
pabitra 2 years ago
I also developed insomnia at sept which was cured by Mag Phos 6x and ashwagandharisth
pabitra 2 years ago
After three doses of Phos,start Ferrum Phos 6x five tabs three times a day.

Give a feedback after every 4 days.
anuj srivastava 2 years ago
After Phos my palpitations is almost nil, no panic attacks though I am at home for few weeks for my exams from 26th . But intrusive thoughts with obsession are there. Old intrusive thoughts doesn't come generally in mind until I recall them but one thought just obsessed in mind during the days I was having many intrusive thoughts throughout the day with sexual content . This thought is more disgusting than before..Once my female friend did a video chat....When I was struggling with pleasant sexual thoughts ....I just thought I may pass stool on her face....This thought just got obsessed in my mind and just get played all over the time every time I see random women on road...For last few days like 3to 4 days...Sometimes I feel I intentionally do it...But why would I do that if that thought unpleasant to me.... I saw many ocd videos and how to cope up...But that's just not helping me.But these days I was busy with studies and tuitions that I could not get hold my ferrum phos...2 days ago my father bought a nice looking mobile through online shopping but I was hesitating to buy I may get sexually attracted to it... But as the time went I get through my mind that this thought is inappropriate and automatically processed by my mind and doesn't come anymore...So I feel myself different from others and I may get mad due to all these in near future. Please help!
Shall I start Ferrum phos 6x or u will give anything else. Thank you
pabitra 2 years ago
After a week repeat Phos for three days.Start FP.fEEDBACK AFTER A WEEK.
anuj srivastava 2 years ago
Having my exams quiet well! Palpitations is not there! But intrusive thoughts are there! Keeping busy keeps the thoughts away ! But long have to go with the thoughts. Yesterday there was a thought that my tongue was touching upper part of mouth and mouth is getting salivated...the thought was nagging me till today morning when i went to give exams..sexual thoughts were not that bothering for 3 to 4 days....but today my friends met after exams cracking sexual jokes of woman's back sudden thought came like am i really attracted to a body part that passes stool!? Later on it went on playing back of the brain....masturbated twice to eroctic videos to get rid of this thoughts!? Please help!
pabitra 2 years ago
Another thing which is also important i must say i had a habit of plucking hairs of head and plucking skin of the lip and my mother was complaining against this...since this is the only noticeable thing of what's going inside
pabitra 2 years ago
Good that things are improving. Please wait again for Anuj .
I just wanted to say that the “thoughts” getting set off are a type of anxiety that actually is a part of a brain loop- like
Turning on a tape recording. Keeping busy and
Distracting yourself is a known method that works
To cut the power source off from these thoughts.
Eventually they fade away.
simone717 2 years ago
anuj srivastava 2 years ago
On first two days I was really fine..on the third day onwards all my intrusive thoughts came back! With depressive episodes! Its was yesterday i felt like i couldn’t recognise my face while i was going through my pictures...felt like it like to be a different person created much anxiety! What should i do?
pabitra 2 years ago
anuj srivastava 2 years ago
On 11th I finally completed my exam..so i couldn’t get phos 1m from local shop....so i have to go faraway to get hold of it! After exams i had a get together as they will be leaving home on 12th so we had arrangements for dinner on 11th with alcohol...though i didn’t willing to take alcohol but due to their pressure alcohol 1sip and spicy chicken and other dishes. Later on 12th i had invitation for relative's birthday so i developed loose motion on yesterday about 6 times i have to go for latrine...so i took aloe soc yesterday and today its fine with stomach but yesterday i had a sexual intrusive thought like why we sexualize women body whats beautiful in that..and then again thinking loop started. And if alone i feel depressed, broken, heads heavy and ears blocked with tinnitus sound like i have catch cold. Can i take phos 1m Tomorrow? With Kali phos
pabitra 2 years ago
phosphorous 1 m start.
anuj srivastava 2 years ago
Yes....i can feel little change in my life!
But thing is that intrusive thoughts come everyday! Though it doesnt stay not more than hours...maybe minutes...and feel less real! Last Saturday i caught cold with severe coughing when throat feels itchin.. Sometimes when sleeping coughing impulse come at night! Took arsenic alb 30 for a day but no improvement till now! Head feels heavy! But right now after having arsenic i feel anxious when intrusive thoughts with mild palpitation maybe. Though giving mind to the thoughts makes feel real. Within this sick phase i feel dead or robotic...like i can't feel that I'm working and sometimes feel surprised that I'm doing so much of work! With inappropriate emotion....and another thing my girlfriend visited last day....though we did foreplay with blowjo... Surprisingly i do got erect penis which gave me a satisfaction!! But felt orgasm! But in mean time i get out of track when those anxious and intrusive thoughts comes in mind while love making and so attention is much need of time. But thanks no disgrace that i Don't get erection! So suggestion needed if medicine to be taken for cold and phosphorus to be repeated? And kali phos 5 tablets taken Everyday as said
pabitra 2 years ago
anuj srivastava 2 years ago
Phos potency?
pabitra 2 years ago
anuj srivastava 2 years ago
For few days I really kept myself busy hanging out with friends, outing so I didn’t get time to ruminate on intrusive thoughts or have one! I really remember to have one...maybe one or two! Those were temporary just like its coming like clouds and going if given no attention. As outing and all I was actually happy after many days...but sometimes I do get thoughts like I'm different from others....but I really give no attention! I Don't know whether It's medicine or my coping skills! But it was yesterday my gf went sexual and i do get erect without hesitation... But blowjob didn’t give me ejaculation! And I'm pretty tensed about it!
What should i do? Kali phos and Phos is taken as instructed.
pabitra 2 years ago
anuj srivastava 2 years ago
This week was not that good! Intrusive thoughts was not that much but came! I was sexual with with my gf with last sunday and I had an intrusive thoughts while touching her breast and I was pretty much preoccupied about thinking what thought distracted me! On cloudy days My head was aching like before and heavy but today is sunny so today better! Last evening i was attending my classes where I learned about pica disease and while I was returning i had a thpught whether if i start eating non edible substances and that thought was getting obsessed till today. Having kali phos and phos as said! Having rough throat with heavy cough this week what should i do
pabitra 2 years ago
For cough and cold take STODAL COUGH SYRUP.

Same protocol after your cough gets better.
anuj srivastava 2 years ago
This week was a week of activities. When sitted alone with no work...inappropriate thoughts comes but they go away within few seconds.This week also had ups and downs like there was a day maybe Tuesday i couldn’t sleep after i broke friendship with a friend from then i wake up early morning at 4 from next consecutive morning. From then i Couldn't stay on fixed people or things. Sometimes i feel so tired i lose tracks in conversation or feel like brain go blank. For few days my right testis was swollen up and having severe pain and I was given Rhododendron 200 which cured my pain and the swelling.At that time I missed Kali Phos. On the next very day my sleep was broken with pulsations on left cheek and then i felt like blood was filling up my head and forehead was getting heavy with pain in two strips in the middle of the head longitudinally wuth tinnitus sounds....sore throat and sometimes cough coming in mouth... With spine ache and joint ache...what should be taken?
pabitra 2 years ago

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