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Social anxiety

I need some help regarding the social anxiety of my 14 yrs old daughter.
When she was a toddler, she had extreme fear of water, night terrors and fits of rage at times when she would occasionally do headbanging.
Now she still doesn't like water much but not phobic. She gets nightmares, social anxiety, tries to hide her shortcomings by makeup eg.
Is very thin, doesn't eat much due to body image issues. Wants company but too shy or nervous and Low Selfesteem to make friends.
My question, if stramonium was her remedy in past, can it be given or it's new remedy now.
Plz help in this matter
  afridig on 2020-02-15
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
If you can explain more about her social anxiety ( what is it exactly? Try to explain it by giving some examples) and about herself in general, it would be easy for me to find out whether she still need stramonium or she needs another remedy.
Tui 2 years ago
Thank you so much for responding.
social anxiety, I mean she is very nervous in others people presence, eg can't eat in public places. She thinks everyone is looking at her flaws. She can't do group activities or presentations at school. She has very very low self esteem. Believes nobody likes her. She tries to work extra hard on her looks so people will like and make friends with her. Also tries to hide her a negligible bump on her nose by glasses, makeup, false lashes fake nails etc. She is just 14.
Also is very introvert, doesn't share much.
Likes to go outside, gets depressed when alone but doesn't have many friends. Can't make friends easily.
Has suicidal thoughts for which she was given autumn met.
She is very sensitive to whatever anybody would say.
Has very poor sleep and appetite.
Like salty food more than sweet.
Still gets nightmares of ghosts etc
afridig 2 years ago
I don't see Stramonium in the case but Argentum nitricum might be a good remedy for her.
She can start with 200c, one dose a day for 3 days as a test dose and report back in a week.
We will decide what to do next according to how she would react to the remedy. Other possible remedy is Kali bromatum but first try Argentum nit.

1 dose is 2 pills.
Tui 2 years ago
Ok thank you so much. I will do that and update about her response.
I really appreciate ur help.
Thanks again
afridig 2 years ago
This is just an update and request for further help.
gave Argentum Nit 200 as per instructions to my daughter but unfortunately no improvement.
Has severe bouts of depression, anxiety and irritability,
body image issues, poor sleep with nightmares,
no appetite, nail bitting,
lack of confidence and worries a lot about others opinion.
very shy and introvert.
Has anticipatory anxiety and social anxiety.

1) prefers alone
2) better at night, worse in morning
3) likes cold
4) likes spicy food

family history of Hypertension , diabetes, TB , kidney CA
kindly review and advise.

afridig 2 years ago
besides homoepathic remedy mentioned..wht meds/herbs/treaments daughetr using?reason using?
wht is natural skin condition?pleas e detail
wht treaments she for her skin?
when (if applies) her 1st menses occur?characteristics?
how consistent is this image that u hav eexplaned?how changable emotins/mood?
wht things she porefer ?things she enjoy?
wht her mental keeness like?school subjestc she best at ?worse at?
wht is an example of nightmares mentioned?how often occur?when last?

when last time she had minor illness?wht were symnptoms how treated?
how much antibiotic use in helath history?
John Stanton 2 years ago
please describe details of ''severe bouts of depression, anxiety and irritability..." wht is the exact behavior in each /all these mentioned?wht seems trigger?wht seems worsen?wht seems ease?
John Stanton 2 years ago
Thank you so much for responding
1) she is on antidepressants for past 7 months, sertraline 125 mg some relief but not much, the dose just keeps on increasing ,
2) got her periods at age of 12, regular with no issues
3) has no skin problems. very mild acne , just using face wash
4) mood can change very abruptly, sometimes without any reason , she cries and says doesnt know the reason or sometimes at minor things
5) she used to be enrgetic and liked going out but now just lies down all day in bed , cell phone addicted and she says she has no enrgery ( could be due to antidepressants?)

6) night mares, she doesnt tell the detail except that they are scary and feel very real
7) in depression , she is very sad, cries, lies alone , and self harm
8) in anxiety , nail bitting, turns pale , lightheaded.
9) irrtiabilty , gets angry at minor things but is not voilent or abusive though
[Edited by afridig on 2020-05-10 22:55:00]
afridig 2 years ago
doesnt like to talk about her depression, and never tells reason and says sometimes without any reason.
afridig 2 years ago
yes seratine wmay intefere with any homoeopathic med competing in same spere of action...med may give some response then cease affect ...as such will need be weaned/thriu coinciding consultaion with seratine prescriber...at same time prescribing homoeoathically as symptomsz occur
in meantime case history wil be needed...

5) she used to be enrgetic and liked going out but now just lies down all day in bed , cell phone addicted and she says she has no enrgery ( could be due to antidepressants?)

concerning the above statement

when exactly was this energetic time?date?when strat antidepressants?date?

wht occured just prior to antidepressant use?
John Stanton 2 years ago
She was energetic since childhood, always wanted to play and go out but not hyperactive though. Now feels lack of energy for 1 month.

She is on antidepressants for 7 months, started with 50 mg dose, gradually increasing to 125 mg. now advised 150 mg 2 days ago.

Nothing specific happened before her depression. Our environment has always been unpleasant due to anger issues of her father. But she has been a favourite child of everyone. Her depression and anxiety slowly developed after her menarche.
afridig 2 years ago
clarify please

when exactlky mense/menacrche started ?

u will need consider how u want to approach this....u can take the casual prescriptions tha may come from other members...an dsee wht comes...perhaps will suit ur needs..prehaps not..u wil need decide.....my words are...the antidepressant wil interfere and wil see set backs after seeming some improvement unti wht seemed once give good response wil cease to hav eaffect..at this point so many meds and jumping around typical occurs...not right path..the weaning(as mentione d)of seritine will need be made..with the monitioring of prescribe r of seritine in conjunction with homoeopathic treament...another point is home life...if is having affect wil see the same set back..as this will be a maintaining factor..showing her sensitivity to such envirement......hope this infoi gives some light
John Stanton 2 years ago
Her menarche started at age of 12, now she is 14 yrs 5 months.

No ofcourse I dont to deal it casually.
I really dont know what to do. I've consulted so many homeopathic doctors for myself but unfortunately no relief yet.
I can start tapering off her antidepressants, is there any other recommendation?
Thanks again
afridig 2 years ago
.my recomendation is full cas einformation/analysis to be had..which in part is being done current..an dwil continue to illicit information seeking key to case..no med suggestion form em at this time..if tapering off antidepressant do with the prescribing doctors conciding consulations..will need be periodically ..so as keep in loop .

wht exact affect in all detail has ben noticed (besides energy loss) since seritine use?wht new symptoms tht not exist prior use (besides energy loss)?

others may prescribe here..feel free to follow their prescription or not...i am more interested in getting to root of matter..in my thinkings than in hurry to prescribe...so i wil continue with seeking data....if at any time u are inhurry/disturbed by this approach ..just tellme i wil cease froim seeking data...
John Stanton 2 years ago
I cant thank you enough for reviewing this case, I understand how homeopathy works and how important is history of symptoms.

Since she is on antidepressants, the lack of energy is the only change which started a month ago. And her self harming behaviour has decreased a lot.
afridig 2 years ago
Give Calcarea Carb 200c, twice a day for 3 days. Report back in 10 days to see if she needs to repeat the remedy again.

1 dose is 2 pills.
Tui 2 years ago
please explain the self harming behavior in detail please ..when exactly this start?when last occurance?what seems trigger?
how much in all honesty do u see home enviremnt affecting?
John Stanton 2 years ago
Thank you so much for your kind review and input
afridig 2 years ago
By self harming behaviour, I mean she used to cut her hands and arms with any sharp object when sad. It started 1 year ago and were atleast weekly. It last happened 4 months ago.
Now the home environment is better as my husband is working in another city. Since past 6 months and we are trying to change the home environment.
afridig 2 years ago
ok this wil be getting deep here..and case requires my fuller attention .and filing/organizing of info...i see ur following tui guidance..keep in mind possible blockages .. i dont want interrupy his track he may be on...more info has been illicited so may help him...email me if need help if things get stalled...
John Stanton 2 years ago
I am grateful to you for reviewing in such detail.
I will be more than happy to give further history if required.
afridig 2 years ago

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