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question for joe re: gerd remedy Page 2 of 7

This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Thank you Joe for your time and advice, also, for telling your experiences using the remedies you recommend. Always encouraging.

Nat Phos 6X still working. Arnica should arrive today. Can't wait to start adding that in. So thrilled with the results thus far.

I am guessing that because of the severity of my acid reflux with the barretts complication that it will take some time to effect the 'cure'.

How many weeks do you think I should be on both remedies before I start to cut back and test whether or not cure has ocurred.

I see you mention in other posts that you regularily take Arnica each night, will, I be doing the same and only using Nat Phos if I have a recurrence of symptom of heartburn?
Thanks again. Trying to change my profile name but having some computer issues of late so I may still appear as goingdownhill until I can work through the techie stuff.
goingdownhill last decade
Hi Joe,
One more note that I forgot to mention.

I am not what is considered overweight by any means only 134 lbs and 5'5'. Weight loss as you know was not my goal, curing acid reflux is. However, since I started taking Nat Phos 6X I have lost 1 lb per day. Total of 4 day = 4 lbs.

So, my question is am I going to lose too much weight. I don't mind dropping 5 to 7 lbs but after that I start looking really skinny. Will the weight loss cease at a safe level?

Can't do without Nat Phos for acid yet, don't even want to mess with my current dosage which is working.

What do you think? Will I lose too much weight? Hmmm.

Let me know what you think. BTW Arnica arrived late today and I will start my first wet dose before bedtime tonight since dinner is my next meal.
Thanks as always for your time!
goingdownhill last decade

I am glad to note that the Nat Phos is helping your GERD but I was concerned to read your report of losing 4 pounds in 4 days. This is the greatest loss of weight that has been reported to me as it is usual to lose about 1-2 pounds in a WEEK. You will have to keep close track of your weight loss and also report if you note any sense of tiredness which can indicate that you are losing to much weight. You may have to reduce the dosage which I believe is now 3 tablets to keep your problem stabilized in a manner to keep the GERD at bay. Do you have lose stools ? This has been reported by some who use NP when the answer is to reduce the dosage or to stop the remedy completely.

You can eat snacks with carbohydrates like biscuits, rice, bread often to compensate your loss of weight and also drink plenty of water.

Please report daily.
Joe De Livera last decade
Yes, I agree, I thought that weight loss was a bit too much as well. I will keep track as I weigh myself daily. No unusual sense of tiredness. No loose stools, I would say they are normal yet not as frequent.

I do like carbs and usually limit them so I like the idea of having a piece of whole grain toast for a snack. Thanks I do drink plenty of water.

Yes, I am taking 3 tablets of Nat Phos 3 times a day after each meal. Should I maybe drop that to 2 tablets 3 times a day if the weight loss exceeds 7 lbs? That would be my cut off for weight loss.

I will continue to report daily. Most people envy my ability to drop weight easily but it is something I always have to watch. This time was surprising since I wasn't trying to lose.
goingdownhill last decade
I would suggest that you cut down to just 2 tablets after 2 meals and see how your GERD responds. If you do not get any symptoms you can continue with the 2 tabs twice daily as there is plenty of time to lose those additional pounds slowly if possible.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe,
I stll notice after having my breakfast, lunch and dinner that I need the Nat Phos, so, that could affect my heartburn if I am not able to take after each meal.

I saw in another post that you mentioned not drinking coffee because that would affect the weight loss part of Nat Phos. I have cut my coffee down to 1/2 cup a day maybe I could increase that just a bit to slow down the weight loss as well. Just a thought. Thanks!
goingdownhill last decade
Please remember that coffee is an antidote to all homeopathic remedies. I should have warned you off it but I would prefer if you do not take even that half cup you now use.

It is just that I had some patients who were not responding to weight loss who started to respond as soon as they stopped their coffee.

You can use 2 tablets after 3 meals if you feel that you need them and we can watch your weight to see if we can arrest that dramatic drop.

The Arnica will help your esophagus to replace the damaged inner lining in about a month. You can take a tsp 3 times daily.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thanks Joe,
I will cut Nat Phos to 2 tablets after each meal and will let you know if that slows down the weightloss and still keeps the GERD away.

Will start the Arnica tonight and will keep you posted on all.

So far I am delighted with results and not panicked about the weightloss yet, just watching it.

It must be very late in Sri Lanka so I will say goodnight to you. It is only afternoon here.

You've been great and patient reading and suggesting. Thanks again.
goingdownhill last decade
You will be happpy to know that my weightloss has stopped.

Per your instructions I cut my Nat Phos down to 2 tablets after each meal and started to include a few more carbs for in between snacks.

I am still having good results with the Nat Phos 6X for my GERD (little heartburn relieved by papaya enzymes) and started the wet dose of Anica last night. I did not sleep well (kept waking up throughout the night) but don't feel tired today. Sometimes I don't sleep well so I am not attributing that to the Arnica.

Can I drink tea? I know you don't want me to even have my 1/2 cup of coffee in the morning, so, I am trying to find an alternative. I should tell you that I was a big coffee lover and felt good that I had at least gotten it down to 1/2 cup a day. So, is tea ok?

Let me know and that's all I have to report today.

Oh, I can't change my title. When I try to change profile it doesn't give me an option of changing user name only password. And when I try to 'register' as another name it tells me the email address is already used by another user, that's me. So, I will have to stay goingdownhill.

Thanks for your help.
goingdownhill last decade
hi joe,
I started the Nat Phos for about a week now. I feel good when I eat bland food but still cannot eat regular food. Is this normal? I did start the Arnica about 3 days ago. could you let me know if I am on the right track.

thanks so much
bellz last decade
Hi Lynn,

I believe that it is too early to start on regular food which usually is oily. You can soon do so but for the moment you should be thankful to God that you are slowly on the mend. The Arnica will help to cure the mess that is inside your esophagus and the Nat Phos will help with sending the food down without regurgitating it to your throat.

Drink plenty of water as this will help to clear the gut. Do not however drink for an hour after a meal. Drink all you want half hour before but not after.
Joe De Livera last decade
Just read your previous post.

Yes Tea is perfectly OK. It is the coffee that is the problem as it creates some mess inside. Try to keep away from it.

Also no alcohol please.
Joe De Livera last decade
hi joe,
thank you for your immediate response. I will follow your direction and stay with the restrictive diet for now.

you are a very special person for helping all of us, thank you
bellz last decade
Just for my knowledge can anybody explain to me what does GERD stands for? Thanks
Reiki last decade
GERD = Gastro Esophagal Reflux Disease
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe,
I am doing very well with the Nat Phos and Arnica. thank you so much.
My friend is pregnant and also suffers with acid reflux, can she do the same dosage as me or is it different. I don't want to tell her to do any thing that could harm the baby. Please advise.
thanks lynn
bellz last decade

It is generally understood that Homeopathic remedies are very safe to be used even when pregnant as the actual presence of the original substance is in the region of:

6x = 1Million
6c = 1Million Millionth
30c = 1 drop in the water of all the oceans of the world.

At this infinitesmal dilution I do not think that any remedy above 6x can possibly harm the baby but I cannot be categorical about this matter.

In any case your friend will derive considerable relief from the Nat Phos and she can use it safely. I believe that the hyperacidity and GERD can do more damage to the fetus than the remedies.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe, (Long Post - Catching Up)
I have continued with my Nat Phos 6X although I was not able to reduce the dosage to 2 tablets from 3 tablets after each meal. Heartburn began to start up again and I had to go back to 3 tablets to control.

Weightloss has stabilized, I began adding a little extra brown rice and a slice of whole bran toast. I was so low in carbohydrate consumption that I believe the weight loss was excessive because of that.

Anyway, I'm doing okay but the Nat Phos 6X doesn't seem to be helping as much as it was right at first. I have now been on it for 2 wks. I continue to take the Arnica 30c wet dose 3 times per day. Since that is addressing an inner healing of damaged tissues I can't tell if that is ocurring.

I wanted to bring you up to date with everything, you have been most helpful and I believe you are definitely on the right track.

However, since I have to deal with the Barretts and hiatal hernia and that can be tricky with heartburn I have made an appt with a homeopathic practitioner near where I live. She practices 'classical' homeopathy and will be doing a complete interview (about 2 hrs). My guess is she will try to figure my 'constitutional type' and line that up with remedy. I am continuing with your remedy reccomendations until I see her next week.

I do hope this does not offend you in any way. You have been great and I would never have tried homeopathic remedy without your success with others and your encouragement.

Since I deal with what is a pre cancerous condition I thought maybe I should get a more complete look.

I would be happy to update you as I go forward if you like.

One other side note that I did notice with the Arnica. While for most it causes a better, deeper sleep, for me if I take before bedtime I am awake every hr all night. I experimented after this began to happen and found that if I take the last arnica dose a few hrs before bedtime that worked better for me. That way I sleep through the night. I thought you might want to know that.

Thank you so so much for all of your advice, you have definitely made a difference. While I am not 'cured of my acid reflux' yet I do know that this is the closest I have ever come to no heartburn.
goingdownhill last decade

Glad I know your name now as it was upsetting me to call you by your nom d'plume which was so incongrous.

I am glad that you will be visiting a Homeopath and hope that he/she will be able to take over and help you. I am surprised that you did not do so all these years without staying with drugs which as you have seen have done a lot of damage to your esophagus. I would like you to visit:


This thread is all about Nat Phos which my colleague Kuldeep has discovered a better method of making it. It occurs to me that you too can try doing so as it may perhaps be more effective.

Curing your Barrett's condition will not be a instant fix and you may have to be patient for some time. Remember that the Arnica will be the best remedy to help your Esophagus to recover back to normal. I estimate about 6 months for recovery.

Please keep me informed of your progress and I wish you well.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe,
I know my profile name is now not accurate. Just can't change it now that my email address is linked to it. Too bad, :(

I did go to the forum you suggested and posted the following:
'How very interesting. I will be going down to my local Walmart today and get the Fleet Phosph-soda.

Question about mixing and how much to take.

Per Joe DeLivera I have been taking Nat Phos 6X. Can you tell me precisly how many drops to use and how much water to put it in to come close to my 6X.

Also, can you tell me how much do I take at a time. Currently I have been taking Nat Phos 6X 3 tablets after each meal for acid reflux.

Give me specifics since I am totally new to homeopathic and don't know the basics when it comes to taking remedies.

Thank you so much. This will be much more cost effective for sure.

Hopefully will get a reply soon since I am almost out of my Nat Phos 6X and my reorder is not due to arrive for a couple of days.

As for not seeing a homeopath sooner, well, USA primarily uses western type medicine which is mostly prescriptions. I never even heard of homeopathy until I started looking for natural alternatives for my digestive problems.

As soon as I know how to mix and take the homemade version I will start on that, maybe it will be more effective. Wouldn't that be great! I will continue to correspond with you and I am so glad you approve of my visiting a homeopath.
goingdownhill last decade

I have not used Girilal's technique to make Nat Phos.

i would suggest that you use just 4 drops in 500ml water and see how it can help you with your GERD problem. Take a tablespoonful after each meal and report progress.

Remember to succuss the bottle before each dose.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi joe,
Just read your posts. My husband had GERD and has Barretts. He is cured from orange peel extract. Can he now follow up with Arnica to help heal his esophagus. How long should we treat him and should we do the 30c?
allisona last decade
Hello Joe,
Thanks, I will mix that up today. Should I refrigerate the mixture same as I do the Arnica?
goingdownhill last decade
To Alllison

I was very glad to learn that your husband was cured of GERD by using Orange Peel extract.

Can you please give us more details of this treatment and how long it took to cure him.

He can certainly use Arnica 30c in the wet dose to heal the inner lining of his Esophagus and you too will benefit from using it daily. In his case he can use it twice daily while in your case just once will do just before sleep at night.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe,
Thank you for responding. My husband took 10 orange peel soft gels one every other day for 20 days. Any recurring symptoms if they arise should be eliminated with an additional capsule. It has been about six months now with no symptoms. The orange peel needs to have 98.5% d-limonene in it. He took the heartburn free from Enzymatic therapy. There is at least one study about it and they are doing studies for it possibly curing cancer. I am breastfeeding so would Arnica be safe for my baby? Should my husband make this a part of his daily routinue for the rest of his life? It will be interesting to see when he is scoped the next time. His doctor is monitoring the Barretts every two years that we were told was incurable. We will get some Arnica right away. We cannot thank you enough!!!!
allisona last decade
I would like your husband to take Nat Phos 6x dose 2 tablets after meals for as long as he feel that it will help him.

You are invited to visit the page below for more information on Nat Phos and how it helps in stabilizing the digestive system.


Arnica is not contraindicated when feeding a baby but in your case unless you feel that it can do some good to you, I would prefer that you take it after you stop feeding.

Please keep me informed of your husband's response to the Nat Phos / Arnica therapy from time to time.
Joe De Livera last decade

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