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I would like your husband to take Nat Phos 6x dose 2 tablets after meals for as long as he feel that it will help him.

You are invited to visit the page below for more information on Nat Phos and how it helps in stabilizing the digestive system.


Arnica is not contraindicated when feeding a baby but in your case unless you feel that it can do some good to you, I would prefer that you take it after you stop feeding.

Please keep me informed of your husband's response to the Nat Phos / Arnica therapy from time to time.
Joe De Livera last decade
To Kathy

I hope you are feeling better with the Nat Phos / Arnica therapy.

Yes you may refrigerate the bottle.

Please visit:


This thread will give you more information on Nat Phos and how it works.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thanks Joe,
Will do-and we just bought the arnica tonight. Anxious to see the results.
allisona last decade
One more question Joe,
I was looking at Nat Phos prices and they are very affordable but I see that the wet dose is even cheaper. Which one is the most effective? I am amazed after reading all the benefits!!
allisona last decade
Make your solution of Nat Phos the way Girilal has promoted. This will be as effective as the tablets and all you have to take is one teaspoonful for a dose.

As for costs it will not be accountable as all you use is just 4-5 drops of the solution in 500 ml spring water.

You can imagine the great benefit that this remedy can gift to the world as apart from the fact that it stabilizes and in most cases cures GERD, I have discovered that it is the Ultimate Cure for Obesity. With 65% of your population in the US officially accepted as being Obese this simple cheap remedy can make a big difference in the weight of those who are unfortunate to be obese and it is my hope that the WHO will open its eyes to this fact and promote it worldwide.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe,
My husband has started treatment and the Arnica does not bubble much at all. Does it produce only slight bubbling? Wondering if we need to mix it again. And can the Nat Phos be in spring water as well or is mineral water of importance? Thanks
allisona last decade
Succussion in homeopathy calls for bubbling of the water. If the water in your bottle of spring water ? does not bubble this is because it is too full in the bottle. All you do is to pour out about an inch of water and try again and you will see that the water bubbles nicely when you shake the bottle.

Can you detail out for me the method you used to make the Nat Phos and how many drops you used of the original solution in the bottle that we are discussing ?
Joe De Livera last decade
Thanks-this is in reference to the Arnica. I put three pellets of arnica 30c in 500ml spring water and it filled it to the top. I just poured some out and it does bubble more but not like soda pop which I guess I was expecting.
allisona last decade
I have another question-there is no safe sodium phosphate liquid that I have found on the market. All of them contain harmful inactive ingredients. Is there a stronger nat phos pellet that you can add to mineral water to make 6X? Appreciate your advice and guidance
allisona last decade
P.S. I just found nat phos 30X on line that I can order-could I dilute in water to make 6X from this?
allisona last decade
You will see from Girilal's post on Natrum Phosphoricum that he has made the remedy from Phos Soda by using 1-2 drops in a 500ml bottle of spring water.

I have not been able to get Phos Soda in Sri Lanka and have only used the Nat Phos 6x (not 30x) for GERD which works very well as many chronic patients who were suffering from this serious ailment have been helped and in some instances cured.

I would prefer that you get the Nat Phos 6x tablets and have your husband take 2-3 tablets after meals as this will help to overcome his GERD while the Arnica 30c will help the delicate lining in his Esophagus which is obviously in a sad state today after years of suffering frem GERD, to rebuild. He should also not eat large meals and should not sleep for 3 hours after dinner to prevent Hiatus Hernia.

Please note that I have no experience in diluting Nat Phos in water as my experience is that you can only do so with the C remedies and not the X.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thank you for your help. In that case we will have to wait on purchasing the nat phos 6X due to cost as my husband is unemployed but he will continue to take the arnica daily so at least he can do something in the meantime. Note: All the phos sodas have harmful inactive ingredients so you do not want them for patients. They have artificial sweetners and in the cases of non-flavored sodas they contain sodium benzine which is a toxic substance.
allisona last decade
Hello Joe,
Well, I went to see a homeopathic practitioner last week. Long interview, total of 4 1/2 hrs, not all at one time.

Anyway, I said I would keep you posted. Remember, I am the one who has had GERD for approx 45 yrs., along with a lot of other things which I have never mentioned to you. I have been using the Nat Phos 6X and the Arnica that you recommended. It has helped some.

The practitioner works more along the lines of single remedy and recommends based on chronic conditions of which my GERD is one.

Her recomended remedy is muriaticum acidum 200c 1/2 capful of pellets taken once and then 6 hrs later another 1/2 capful. Period, that's it and then I go back to see her in Aug.

I ordered the remedy and should receive it this week. I will let you know how it goes. She was very thorough and I am hoping she has matched me well to the remedy.

She also told me that when I do the split dose I am to stop everything else. I am willing to give it a try.

That's my update for now and of course I am staying with the Nat Phos and Arnica until her remedy arrives.

Hope things are well for you.
goingdownhill last decade
It should be interesting to see how your respond to the Mur Ac 200c which you have been instructed to take in 1/2 capfuls.

Do let me know how you respond to her 'constitutional remedy'.

You have not indicated how you are responding to the Nat Phos / Arnica therapy. You have also mentioned the split dose and presume you referred to the Arnica which you are taking.
Joe De Livera last decade
I will definitely let you know how I respond to the Mur Ac. I find it interesting that is the constitutional remedy she selected as I can find nothing that indicates the use of Mur Ac 200c for GERD, however, I have to remind myself that she is going for constitutional remedy and not just alleviating one symptom.

The split dose I was referring to was practitioner's instructions for taking the Mur Ac 200c and I only take it twice. Then I am to wait and see.

I am still taking the Nat Phos/Arnica until the Mur Ac arrives, after that I was told to stop them both when I do my two doses of Mur Ac.

The Nat Phos/Arnica still help with my GERD but do not eliminate it completely. I seem to do well for about 1 1/2 wks and then I have a flare up of heartburn. I am somewhat nervous about not using them at all during my constitutional remedy but I will follow the homeopath's recomendation. Of course, she is available for me to speak with in case it goes awry.

Somehow taking muriatic acid just seems scary when one of my major problems is the GERD and Barrett's. But I figure how can two 1/2 capfuls hurt, right?

Should receive my Mur Ac tomorrow and I will let you know how I respond without using the NatPhos/Arnica.

Have a good day, Joe.
goingdownhill last decade
Hi Joe,
I'm following this thread of conversation obviously since I am a severe GERD sufferer as well. Three months ago I had GERD symptoms, was given Prilosec for a month, but it didn't do much. Nexium was prescribed, and I had problems with taking the medication since it was making me feel cold (all the time) with the shakes, headaches and overall a unwell feeling. An endoscopy procedure two months ago showed that although my oesophagus and stomach looked healthy, I had laryngeal ulcer attributed to GERD. The GI prescribed Protonix twice a day at the maximum dosage, and rather than helping with the problem, it has made me feel like there is a lump in my throat all the time, makes my cough worse, cold feeling with shaking, inability to sleep, and I wake up each day feeling like there is something very wrong with my body in addition to the acidity. I've decided to follow your advice of Nat Phos 6x and Arnica 30c in wet dose, and just stop taking the PPI. I am currently taking Levoxyl (supplement) for my thyroid (I had a thyroidectomy 10 years ago, and my left thyroid module had to be removed, but the right one is functioning well and healthy as per the scan done yesterday); would the Nat Phos and arnica be okay to take with the thyroid medication which I usually take early in the morning on empty stomach. Would appreciate your help; thank you in advance for your help.
chamomile last decade
To Chamomile

I am glad that you have recorded your response to the drugs prescribed for your GERD, Prilosec, Nexium and Protonix all of which have not helped you and also created other side effects.

I shall now await your response to Nat Phos 6x and Arnica 30 in due course.

Your throid medication may complicate matters but I hope that the GERD therapy will still work with the Levoxyl you use.

I would suggest that you use 3 tablets of Nat Phos 6x after breakfast, lunch and dinner and 3 teaspoonfuls of Arnica 30 in the wet dose which I presume you know how to make. The last dose to be taken just before sleep at night.

I would like to caution you that this therapy will take a few weeks to ease your chronic ailment and I am happy that the endoscopic procedure showed that your esophagus and stomach appeared healthy. It is the Lower Esophagal Sphincter that is the problem as it may be leaking, thereby permitting the gastric juice to flow up into the espohagus, which hopefully the Nat Phos will help to prevent.

Please record your response in a few days on this therapy.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe,

Thanks so much for your prompt response; I truly appreciate it. Thank You. I am going to start the Nat Phos/Arnica therapy as of today July 7th, 2006, and will report progress as I go along. I am determined to overcome this both via the therapy as well as positive attitude. I am also very lucky to have the support of my very loving family as well as the support of the forum. I'd like to thank you so much for your kindness, the time, and the effort that you've put into helping all the sufferers. Thank you Joe.
chamomile last decade

A couple more questions:
1. After I take the Nat Phos (the ones I got are chewable), can I drink water or should I wait for sometime before I drink any water?
2. Same question for Arnica.
3. I like to drink coconut water directly from young coconuts early in the morning or during the day. Is this okay?
4. For how long should I take the Nat Phos/Arnica therapy?
Thanks Joe.
chamomile last decade
1 Yes you may drink a sip of water. Remember however that water after a meal will invariably dilute the gastric juice and make it easier for it to leak upwards into the Esophagus. It is best not to drink water except for a sip or two for about 2 hours after a meal.

2 Arnica is in teaspoonfuls and does not come under this restriction.

3 The juice in a coconut is a good source of potassium and other minerals. However if the nut is fully matured the water is milky and can be the cause of making the stomach to react. I would suggest that you stay away from the coconut water for a few weeks and see if this too has contributed to your GERD problems.

4 The length of treatment will depend on your response to it. As soon as you discover that your GERD symptoms are on the wane, you may reduce the Nat Phos. However in the case of the Arnica you are best advised to take at least a teaspoonful daily preferably at night as I have done for the last 11 years.

In your case you have already experienced the ill effects of the various drugs that you were given for your GERD. You have the choice of curing yourself of this serious disease or in the alternative of depending on them for life if you choose to abandon the Homeopathic cure.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe,

Thanks for the response; having started on the Nat Phos/Arnica therapy as of yesterday, it helped quite a bit during the day, but as of 3:00PM (which is usually the case) onwards, the acidity kept building up and by the evening it was making me feel miserable. I could not sleep (except for an hour or so), and I noted pain on my right ear (constant ear ache) and headache as the acidity got worse. I sleep with my pillows propped up at least 6-7 inches. Is it possible to take more than 3 tabs of Nat Phos during the night, or 4 times/day to combat the strong acidity that starts during the 3:00PM and above time-frame? Also is there something that i can take to relax myself for the night so that I can sleep better?
chamomile last decade
Glad to note that the Nat Phos has helped you after your first dose of 3 tablets. You can safely take 4 tablets 3 times daily but in your case since you get your heartburn at 3.00PM you can perhaps use the following regimen:

2 tablets after breakfast
4 tablets after lunch
4 tablets after dinner.

Arnica to be taken twice daily with the last dose just before sleep. Do not sleep for at least 2 hours after a meal.

No coconut water and no liquids immediately after a meal.

You have already experienced the relief that Nat Phos gave you and I hope you will remember that it will take some time before it stabilizes your GERD with the Arnica.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thanks Joe. Will follow the regimen. It will probably help me through the evenings better. I'm pretty positive with the results so far.

Two questions on the arnica (30c) wet dose:
1. Is arnica the same as arnica Montana? I bought the Bioron brand Arnica Montana (30c) since I assumed it was the same as arnica.

2. I've been taking the wet dose (3 pellets in 500ml spring water thoroughly shaken) three times daily; should I reduce it to two times daily? Since the wet dose will last for a while, can I refrigerate it or can I make fresh doses every week or so?

Thanks again.
chamomile last decade
1 Arnica Montana is the remedy and is usually referred to as Arnica.

2 Your method is OK. You can take it thrice daily for the first 2 weeks and reduce it to twice thereafter for life. I have used it since 1996 nightly.
Yes you can refrigerate it as 500ml will last for about 4 months. It is important that you put a large label to indicate that it is a remedy and not for general consumption.

In which part of the world do you live ?
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe,

Thanks for the response.
Today is the 4th day since I've started taking the Nat-Phos/Arnica treatment. I still feel the heartburn and acidity (like today, I felt it quite a bit in the morning as well and after lunch too, and have been burping more than usual), so I took 3 tabs. of the Nat-Phos after breakfast, and 4 tabs after lunch. I am keeping my patience though since I know you mentioned early on that it will take a few weeks to ease my ailment. A couple of questions that I have:
1. Are there any side effects of using the Nat-phos long term?
2. I am close to being under weight; will the Nat Phos rob me of my weight (I hope not since I can't afford losing any at this point)
3. Although not diagnosed with Glaucoma, I am categorized as 'Glaucoma Suspect' and I go for my regular half-yearly and annual pressure and visual field checks. So far, so good. Do I have to worry that the Nat Phos or Arnica will in any way affect or contribute to further deterioration of my optic nerve?
I live in the US; the coconut water I drink (after an ayurved told me that coconut water from young green coconut is the best antacid) are fresh from young green coconut imported from Thailand. I have stopped taking the water as per your advice although I felt it did help cool my stomach quite a bit.

Thanks Joe.
chamomile last decade
You did not confirm that you took 4 tabs after dinner.

I have not received any reports of any negative response to NP. On the contrary I have only received accolades from those who are using it and this includes Medical Specialists who normally prescribe the standard drugs like Nexium for GERD who are now wondering if they should prescribe Nat Phos as a more suitable and effective remedy to help patients.

If you are already low in weight, you will not reduce any more. You can weigh yourself daily to check. Drink plenty of water but not after meals for 2 hours. No cokes please.

What is your eye pressure ? Keep up your regular tests. Up to 14 is OK without the usual Beta blockers they prescribe but we do have a Homeopathic remedy which helps instead. The Arnica that you use will also help in this regard.

I would like you to get another stock of Nat Phos from another source to check if what you are now using is the genuine product.
Joe De Livera last decade

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