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26-year old female with chronic acne, pls help!

I am a 26 year old East Asian female. I have had acnes since I was around 14 and they never went away for me. When I was younger I use to have very irregular periods and constipation as well. In the past 2-3 years my periods have become very regular and I have healthy bowl movement as well due to a high fiber diet.

However my acnes never went away. I have them mainly on my face (with a few instances on my upper back, only recently). My acnes are mostly red medium swells that are painful to touch. These red ones are concentrated on my right side of the face, between cheek and chin. On my forhead and chin area I have smaller ones that are not painful to touch, some of them are whiteheads.

My acnes usually look big and red in the morning right after I take a shower, so I have to use an all natural foundation to cover them up before I go out - I hate to do that and am so jealous of people with normal and smooth skin! Later on during the day they don't look as scary.

About 2 years ago I saw a dermatologist for my condition and was given antibiotics and topical medicines; they helped to reduce the real bad inflammation but I didn't get refills because I don't like antibiotics. Currently I am taking OPC (an extract from grape seed), the Perfect Oil (a misture of fish oil and flaxseed oil), and Milk Thistle, but it's not really helping - I have 3 major swells on my face and numerous smaller zits right now. The worst thing is when the red swells dry up, they leave dark red scars on my face.

I am doing graduate study and in general have a very positive outlook about my life. Acne is the one thing that makes me feel lack of confidence and low in self-esteem. I get stressed out easily (meeting deadlines etc.) and have noticed that stress aggrevates my breakout. Tried meditation but was not patient and persistent enough to carry on :)

I am overall healthy and fit and don't have major desease. (I was diagnosed with breast fibroadenoma early this year but the doctor thinks they are benign and not urgent to be treated.) I exercise regularly and sleep very well (about 8 hours a day).

I have never taken homeopathic medicine before but would really like to try out. My dog had a knee surgery 10 days ago and I gave her Arnica under a friend's suggestion - it worked very well on her in reducin swell. Please provide me with your suggestions in treating my condition and I really appreciate your help!
  sam0121 on 2006-06-06
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.

two doses a day in empty stomach.

if you take it for a long time, 15 to 20 days, you will get rid of all acne and also the lump in the breast.

best wishes.
rishimba last decade
Thank you very much rishimba!

I will try it out and let you know the results...
sam0121 last decade
I have been out of town for the last week and thought I would start my homeotherapy as suggested by rishimba after the trip. So I ordered the CARBO ANIMALIS 30C online and it should arrive in a week.

Once I start taking the meditation, I will post diaries on the effects and progress.

Thank you for reading my post. All comments and/or suggestions are welcome!
sam0121 last decade

Thanks for the inquiry. I have become very careful with skin care products in recent years - I only use all natural and mostly organic products targeted for oily / combination skin. I purchase most of my skin or hair care products from stores like WildOats and Whole Food Market. Currently I use a Tea Tree Oil Cleanser made by Dessert Essence.

I have tried different brands and varieties of cleansers and lotions for my face without noticable results. A few years ago I used a whole set of dermotologist prescribed products - they helped a little with the really bad ones but did not work well overall; plus they really dry out my face.

But I don't know why the flare ups are worse after my shower. Before shower they look like hidden and dull in color, while afterwards they become red and very visible. Could it be water temperature as well? I usually don't take hot water shower, mostly prefer water temp to be a little above body temp.

If you have any suggestions or recommendations on skin care products I will be happy to listen...

Thank you!
sam0121 last decade
Hi Adyia,

I am really glad that you pointed out the possibility of sulfure allergy - I was never aware of that before.

Thank you for sharing your own skin care regime with me; it is good to know that your acne problem is cured - makes me believe that there is some cure for mine as well out there :)

I will go home and check out the ingredients of my skin and hair products; and get rid of sulphur whenever possible. What about bath gels and body lotions? Are they ok since they don't actually get to the face?

I checked out your post on the shampoos. I think I will try out the Aubrey Organics products you recommended. I also have fine hair and am still in the quest for good hair products. Tried Aveda, very expensive and not really satisfying except for the nice smell.

Regarding water, I am not sure how water is treated here. We use filters for drinking water. Also, I think most likely it's not because of water because I have lived in different places, in China and US, and my break outs do not seem to be correlated with the place I live. But I really like your way of thinking as a biologist - find out all possible causes, no matter how small, and rule them out one by one :)

I have never tried the asprin mask before. I used Burt's Bees Blemish Control stick, which has parsley and other natural herbs in it - it didnot work very well on me. I would certainly love to find out more about the asprin mask...

About the frustration caused by acne, you are absolutely right. My boy friend keeps telling me to just drop the whole thing, accept that I will have them for life, and learn to live with it. He told me this with good intention because he didn't want to see me bothered day and night about my breakouts! But I just can't let go... Believe there must be something that works on me, and seeing positive messages like yours absolutely helps!
sam0121 last decade
Hi Adyia and Everyone,

I forgot to earlier: is there a test to see whether I am allergic to sulphur? If there is a simple blood test or similar I would be curious to find out.

I did an inventory check today for all my skin and hair care products. The only thing that has sodium lauryl sulfate is an aromatherapy bath gel from Bath and Body Works. I have used the same type of bath gel very often before, so there is a possibility that I have been having allergic reaction to sulphur all this while. I will stop using that right away :)

I do have another question: when I went through my lotions and creams etc, I noticed some chemical compounds like:

Sodium hydroxide,
Sodium hyaluronate,
Sodium chloride.

Can they be problematic for my breakouts? Excuse me for my ignorance on this matter, but I seem to be prejudiced towards sodium. I have heard that a sodium rich diet could be problematic for skin.

Also, my homeo medicine is supposed to arrive soon. I can't wait to start and see how it works for me.

Thanks everyone for reading the threads! I will keep posting my progress...

sam0121 last decade
Thanks, Adyia. It is definately helpful to hear a biologist explain all the chemical compounds!
sam0121 last decade
I have had acne problems since I was a teen and took meds that I didn't realize were bad for me. I am 33 now and am off my meds for the first time. I use a whole food suppliment daily. I use Berry Green by New Chapter but any would work. These are an all organic whole fruits and vegetables. we are so lacking in nutrition and this proved it to me. The more you can eat of eral organic fruits and veggies the better too-but this is concentrated. Also Kevin Trudeau believes that acne can be caused by yeast overgrowth and parasites and he recommends a yeast cleanse as well as a parasite cleanse and colon cleanse. I am breast feeding now but will do the cleanses when I am done breastfeeding. The Berry Green has done an amazing job but not complete. Go to dr nutura-he has a web site and they offer a product for parasite and colon cleanse in one. Let me know if you try it and the results. People I have heard that take it feel better than they have their whole life.
allisona last decade
I have had acne problems since I was a teen and took meds that I didn't realize were bad for me. I am 33 now and am off my meds for the first time. I use a whole food suppliment daily. I use Berry Green by New Chapter but any would work. These are an all organic whole fruits and vegetables. we are so lacking in nutrition and this proved it to me. The more you can eat of eral organic fruits and veggies the better too-but this is concentrated. Also Kevin Trudeau believes that acne can be caused by yeast overgrowth and parasites and he recommends a yeast cleanse as well as a parasite cleanse and colon cleanse. I am breast feeding now but will do the cleanses when I am done breastfeeding. The Berry Green has done an amazing job but not complete. dr nutura-he has a web site and they offer a product for parasite and colon cleanse in one. Let me know if you try it and the results. People I have heard that take it feel better than they have their whole life.
allisona last decade
Thanks, Allison, for your suggestion! I agree with you on the importance of things we eat. I am also a supporter of organic food and products (but can not afford to go all-organic now because I'm still in school :). I believe in the health benefits of organic food as well as the long run value they generate for the environment and ecology system.

Is Berry Green a multi vitamin supplement, or is it an antioxidant supplement? I am currently taking multi vitamins and an antioxidant product called OPC-Xtra which is derived mainly from grape seeds. Given your recommendation, I would certainly be interested in trying Berry Green after I finish what I have now.

I will check out Dr. Nutura's website as well. Right now it is still hard to say the exact cause of my acne problems - there may be more than one. Since my homeomedicine (Carbo Animalis) is arriving soon, I plan to try it out first, without other medications in order to test the pure effect of homeo itself, hopefully it will work for me :)

Thanks again for your kind suggestions. Please keep posting more...

sam0121 last decade
The Berry Green is freeze dried fruits and veggies so it is a powder that you mix in juice. It is better than vitamins because it takes the vitamins from the whole food instead of manufacturing the vitamin and putting it in pill form separately. When I first took it I felt a rush of energy and a happy feeling like some mild depression lifted that I didn't know I had. we use a juicer for fresh juice usually apples and carrots since all juices in the stores have sugars in it that is not good for you and mix the powder in. I would be excited for you to try it when your vitamins run out. It is $40 a bottle at vitacost and one will last a single person at least two months. The price is about to go up but so far that was the cheapest place I found it. I will check out your carbo A too and see if it is something I might want to try. Good luck and happy studying-I went through grad school too :)
allisona last decade
Hi Allison,

The B.G. sounds good... It is almost like a magic potion! :) Actually I have thought about looking for something like that - Since the first best diet would be getting all nutrients from food naturally, what B.G. does seems to be second best :)

Thanks again and I will let you know what happens with the Carbo Animalis.
sam0121 last decade
My homeo medicine (Carbo Animalis 30C) arrived on Friday and I started taking it Saturday (yestoday) morning. I took two doses a day, each dose 4 pellets.

So far I have not felt much yet. Although yestoday evening I suddenly developed a small red swell below my left eye brow - almost never had them before at the eye lid. It went away later on at night. I don't know whether it's the work of the homeo medicine or not.

Other than that, everything else remains the same...
sam0121 last decade
Thanks for keeping us updated
allisona last decade
Today is the 4th day since I started taking Carbo A. It seems that right now my breakouts are under control. For two days I have not had major new breakouts; the old ones are not going away yet, but neither are they getting worse.

Over the weekend I actually felt very energetic - I went for long outdoor exercise and felt great afterwards. However Monday (yestoday) afternoon I was feeling very tired and sleepy and very unproductive.

There is another interesting side effect - since I have to follow the 'no food 30 mins before or after' rule, I had to skip breakfast everyday. This may not be a good thing overall but in the short run it lead to some weight loss and is great for summer :-)

Also, according to Adyia's suggestion, I ordered Aubery Organics hair and bath products; they are supposed to arrive today. Can't wait to try them out...

I do have a question, hopefully someone can address this: I have been using Aveda's SPF12 foundation for more than 6 months in the past and I don't think it suits my skin very well. Now I am looking for an all natural face powder, hopefully with some SPF. I went to Wild Oats recently and checked out their Ecco Bella product - the face power seems to be made of all natural ingredients, but it does not have SPF. Has anyone tried this product before? Or if anyone has a good suggestion for me I will be very happy to hear. I know perhaps the best thing to do is not to apply powder, but I really can't go out with my face full of breakouts! So an all natural product probably will not do me much harm.
sam0121 last decade
I use Zia foundation with an SPF 8 from the Mustard Seed and under that a moisturizer by Collective wellbeing-weightless daycream. They are all natural. The foundation is made of minerals. The daycream actually has ingredients in it that reduce inflammation, inhibit bacteria and regulate oil. Once you put it on you will feel great!! It has also helped my skin. It is the best make up I have ever used. Was hard to pick a color in the store lighting. Ask to get a 'squirt' of a couple you think may be your color from their sample and take them home to try. So you don't have to waste money. Make up-$15 and the daycream was about $15 too. Also for sunscreen all over try rice bran oil-it is cheap, you can eat it so you know it is safe to put on your skin and I heard it helps balance skin. I am waiting on mine to come in the mail I ordered off of ebay.
allisona last decade
Thank you Allison and Adyia :)

The rice bran oil sounds interesting too. I also want to know about how it works as sun screen.

Adyia, I want to ask you about the almond oil you mentioned before. Do you mean the pure Almond oil? And you spread a couple drops all over the face (instead of some spots on the face)?

Right now I am not using any sunscreen, hardly even any moisturizer on my face, but then my cheeks get really dry and uncomfortable. Thank you both for the suggestions.

I saw Zia's in Wild Oats as well. When I tried out Zia's and Ecco Bella, it seems EB's shade fits me better so I bought it. The ingredients look very similar for these two brands.

For two days I have been feeling very tired in the afternoon, can hardly get any work done. Not sure whether it's a side effect of the homeo medicine.
sam0121 last decade
I found my Loriva Rice Bran oil on Ebay. I have not received it yet. I'm very excited about using it myself.

I also just recently learned about medically accepted 30 SPF clothing.

You can order a catalog by calling 1-800-882-7860 or check out their website at. I just ordered the catalog and don't know much about the clothing. I found the small print at their website to small to read so I ordered their catalog.

Pat2006 last decade
If you don't mind putting chemicals on your face that some believe may cause cancer try Fallene Total block clear or Tinted Cover-Up. With the tinted cover-up, you make your own color to suit the color of your skin. In the winter, you can lighten it and in the summer you can darken it.
Works really good on very sensitive skin as well as on all kind of skin types.

Here's one place where it is available:

Pat2006 last decade
I bought mine from pete0984 on ebay-they have their own mill where they make their products. I think I read where it deflects the rays of sun. If you go to this guys store it tells you the many uses for the rice bran oil. Take care
allisona last decade

I should have bought mine from pete0984 as well as the ad says it is cold pressed.

Someone there was selling Loriva and that is what I bought. Not sure Loriva is cold pressed though.

Thanks for posting.
Pat2006 last decade
Thanks everyone for your postings!

Today is the 5th I'm taking the CARBO ANIMALIS, and my breakouts are realy under control. All the old ones are drying up, and there is hardly any new breakouts!

The only thing I feel is, as I mentioned before, tiredness and sleepiness in the afternoon. I have to take a one-hour nap in the office before I can start working. Is this a side effect of the homeo medicine (since it works with energy)? Or maybe it's just the hot weather :)

Right now the dried up acnes left dark red scars on my face. I think Adyia mentioned before about asprin mask for the scars. Are they just called 'Asprin Mask' and available in health stores?

Also, Adyia, I am using the Aubrey Organics products now and they are amazing! They are different from anything else I tried before and I am really glad you recommended them to me. Thanx!

Thanks everyone for following up...
sam0121 last decade

It is very possible that the carbo animalis is making you feel tired. It might be working on some other things also and not just your skin.

Which Aubrey organic products are you using?
Pat2006 last decade
I've been wondering about the Aubrey organic make up whether it needs to be refrigerated?
Pat2006 last decade
Hi Pat,

I thought so too about the C.A. As long as it's working on my acnes, I can handle the drowsiness :)

I'm using the Blue Carmomile shampoo and the GPB protein conditioner. I also use the daily herbal body wash. All of them are great and smells nice too.

I haven't tried their makeup yet, but probably will next time. You can probably email customer service at A.O to ask them the question.

Also, there is a sale going on for their product on www.ecoviva.com
Some of the products are 40% off, including the blue carmomile shampoo!

sam0121 last decade

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