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you have to buy SEPIA 200C remedy from the homeopathic stores.

please take 3 pellets of SEPIA 200C and dissolve it in 15 ml of water. sip the mix slowly in clean mouth and empty stomach. no food or water one hour before or after.

take the dose once a week for a month. we will continue if we see progress in the re-growth of your hair.
rishimba last decade
thanks so much
mbooklady last decade
hi rishimba
im trying to make my daughter a believer of Homeopathics
. she was diagnosed with lichen planopilaris. . you prescribed phosophorous 30c for 5 days. Its been 2 days since she finished that dosage. She says the hair is still falling out. However, the scalp is slightly less itchy. I asked her not to give up. I would purchase whatever homeopathics you prescribe. do you think she needs a stronger dosage , a different homepathic
she is so despondent
I want her to stick with this and trust your judgement
thanks again for all your help
mbooklady last decade
this is just the start of treatment. homeopathy is not magic !! its a slow and natural process of curing the cause of the ailment.

one should not expect overnight results in such cases.

hairfall is a very low in dynamicity and thus the cure also will be slow.

i deliberately suggested 30c to start with as i do not know the vitality of your daughter and her response to potencies.

she must continue with the treatment. we may prescribe a higher dose or a different remedy after seeing her response in another 15 days.
rishimba last decade
hi rishimba
its been a week since my daughter completed the regemine you suggested

she said the scalp is slightly less itchy and feeling like its oozing less. she said the hair loss seems to be the same. she is ready for your suggestions. she has phosphorous 30 c and took 4 pellets in water. what is next in your opinion
she is open to what you think is best next
thank you for your efforts

mbooklady last decade
please let her take PHOSPHORUS 200C once a three or four days for three weeks only.

please report after 1 month.
rishimba last decade
thank you again-
for my daughter...
3 pellets of phosphorous 200c
once a day
3-4 days a week
no coffee in am?
by the way since she finished the original recommendation of phosphorous 30c
her scalp has again to be itchy
thank you again
mbooklady last decade
i meant .. one dose in every three or four days.

sorry for the typo.
rishimba last decade
I have similar symptoms to some of the ones mentioned on this page, can someone please, please help me.

I am a 20 year old male and have been losing hair for about 8 months or so. I haven't noticed a receding hair line, but a general thining.
My head itches alot and there's usually a prickly feeling too. Also it feels sore and bruised although I haven't physically hit my head. I have also experienced some sharp pain when moving my hair.

I get headaches and have a lump on my temple but I'm not sure if these are related to my hair loss.

I lose at least 200 hairs a day, if I run my hands through my hair I get around 5 - 10 hairs every time.

help would be much appreciated,
thank you so much.
emokev last decade
please try SULPHUR 30C thre times a day for 2 days only.

note the changes in the next 10 days and report.
rishimba last decade
hi rishimba
I know you mentioned that I was now to take Sepia 200c 1x a week for a month. You wanted to know the progress after one month. I thought you should know that Mon was the first day I started the sepia 200c. Its only been 5 days, however , my scalp has been sore since this morning. Please advise
thanks again
mbooklady last decade
my scalp is back to hurting full time and I have 2 days to go before my next dose of 200c Sepia
mbooklady last decade
you can take a dose of sepia 200C when the symptoms return.

this may be once in 4 to 5 days also..

however, at one point of time you will see that the potency is not helping you any more.

when that situation comes, you need to take the next higher potency one dose.
rishimba last decade
hi rishimba
thanks for replying
question....can a higher potency be attained by adding more pellets of 200c into 15 ml of water instead of 4 pellets per 15ml water can it be 8 pellets? Im wondering what I can do with the 2 vials of 30c and 1 vial of 200c sepia
thanks again
mbooklady last decade
please take 200c now some 3 to 4 pellets dissolved in water as one dose.

adding more pellets will not increase the potency.

you may have to buy sepia 1m if this potency stops working after a few weeks.

but, after you use 200c for some weeks, the symptoms should get cured for good and you may not actually require a higher potency.
rishimba last decade
thank you
mbooklady last decade
dear Rishimba
I know my month is not up. I have taken the sepia 200c approx wvery 3 days(each time my scalp began to hurt)
However, My hair loss has become excessive again. I take the sepia and it relieves the scalp pain but the hai amt falling out is alomost as much as prior to any homepathic treatments.

My daughter is in the same situation with the phosphorous
200c for her lichen plaanopilarus. Her loss is about the same. Please advise
mbooklady last decade
please continue taking sepia once in a few days whenever you have the pain in your scalp.

we will take a fresh case after some weeks.
rishimba last decade
hi rishimba
ive taken Sepia 200c (a few tiny pellets in 15 ml of water) each time my scalp began to hurt which has been approx every 3 days. Hair continues to fall out in large quantities and no signs of regrowth .The hair on both sides of my head is most sparse. please advise. My daughter on phosphorus for lichen planopilaris still has hair loss and visible bald spots on scalp.
mbooklady last decade
is sepia effective in reducing the pain on the scalp?

please tell us if the hairloss is same, less or more than that when you started taking sepia.

in case of your daughter, please tell us if there has been any little improvemnt int he hair fall due to phosphorus or is it the same as before.
rishimba last decade
the pain subsides the day I take the sepia and up to 2 days later. The hair loss is slightly less from the time I started the sepia.
mY DAUGHTER, Amanda's hair is still coming out, its less but she also has bald spots on her scalp.
Thank you, Rishimba
mbooklady last decade
now its evident that you need to go for a higher potency of sepia.

please take one dose of SEPIA 1M on a single day morning and see if its giving you relief for a longer time.

generally, a weekly dose of 1M is acceptable in such cases.

after taking some 3 or 4 doses, if you feel that the symptoms are still returning, you may just take a single dose of 10M.

in your daughter's case, i would suggest you to give the full case again so that an alternate remedy could be suggested. i think phosphorus is not doing its job.
rishimba last decade
pardon my question if it is reptitive
is a single dose of sepia 1m or 10m still 3-4 tiny pellets in 15 ml of water?

any other questions specifically about my daughter's lichen planopilaris
mbooklady last decade
thats right.

one dose of sepia 1m or 10m would be the same.

if its a liquid remedy, it will be some 3 drops in some 15 ml of water to be sipped up slowly in empty stomach.

regarding your daughter, can you fill up the case sheet again based on present symptoms?

the questions remain the same.
rishimba last decade
this is the last chance for my daughter
she didnt want to do any more since she hasnt seen much change
I begged her to give it one more chance. So pleeeeease give the most aggressive suggestion possible. she is losing hope
she is 25 yr old female


* State of mind (including fears, anxieties, attitudes etc.)
* Colour and consistency and regularity of your stool
* What makes a particular symptom feel worse or better?
* Where exactly is each problem located?
* When did symptoms first occur, and what bought them on?
* Your sleep pattern
* What are you sensitive to (i.e. light, cold, heat, drafts, touch, criticism etc.)
* For women, where you are on your monthly cycle.

she has pain in scalp oozing
each time she runs her hand through her head 5-10 hairs some out all day every day

no problem with bowels regular stool 1-2x a day
she is anxious at times and from the time she was a young teen till about last year she has experienced panic attacks. she takes no meds she walks herself through them they dont really occur any more

her loss is throughout day and evening

this is my daughter speaking now

I can be shortempered and very moody during time of menstrual cycle
I prefer warm weather not cold
I am sensitive to light and hard for me to sleep with any light or noise in room

i dont mind thunderstorms
i do pick at my skin Ive had raised bumps on my arms since I was a child Im always at them

My fiance is wonderful Im happy were getting married next year some other members of my family really disappoint
I have a small handful of good friends

I crave salty things
thirst and hunger are normal
I think this hair loss started when I started birth control pills Ive stopped taking them 2 months ago

Im very sensitive my feelings are hurt easily Im observant

I sweat normally
underarms are most excessive of all
Ive been diagnosed with high cholesterol
not sure of number
my father's side of family has high blood pressure and colon cancer which has been cured
Im European descent Italian Irish English Dutch 5ft tall 110 lbs brown hair and eyes
facial hair that Ive had lasered off
mbooklady last decade
hi rishimba
please suggest whats next for my daughter
Ill be buying whats needed for the both of us as soon as I hear from you
thank you
mbooklady last decade

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