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Type-1 diabetes cure/control


I am a new member to group.
My 3 year old son is diagnosed with type-1 Diabetes six months back.

He is currently on Insulin 3 times a days. Even with three pricks a days, its difficult to keep the BG under normal limits.

Request you to please suggest any suitable medicine to help normalise BG along with Insulin.

Is there any long term Hemopathy treatment for Type-1 Diabetes.

Thanks in Advance.

  ykgupta on 2006-07-12
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Try Barayata Carbonica 30 once a day and Mercurius corr 1M once a week.
girilal last decade
Hello Yogesh,

Did you try the medicine suggested.

My child isdiagnosed for type 1 diabetes yesterday.

Kindly respongd.

rowkay last decade
To Yogesh and Rowkay

I discovered quite accidentally early last year that Arnica 30c and Cinnamon (Cinnamonium Zeylanica) powder helps in a remarkable way to control BS levels in both Diabetes Type I and Type II patients. Since that time this formula has been tried by many and it has invariably resulted in the reduction of BS levels and I am aware that many are using it successfully.

The Arnica 30c is to be used in the following manner:

You will buy the remedy in sealed plastic vials preferably Boiron, NHP, Helios or any other well known brand in your country. Insert 3 pellets of the remedy into a 500ml bottle of spring water which you can get in a supermarket. After the pellets dissolve in about 5 minutes you will shake the bottle hard to ensure bubbling of the water in the bottle. If this does not occur as it should, this is because there is no air space at the top of the water under the cap and you can pour out about an inch of water from the top.

You will give a teaspoonful of the water thrice daily about an hour before meals to your children for the first week and twice daily thereafter when the Arnica has gained control of the Diabetes which you can check with a Digital BS gauge.

1/4 teaspoonful of dry Cinnamon powder is used twice daily and can be in the form of a tea or sprinkled in food. This dosage must not be exceeded.

The combination of both remedies has brought BS levels down sometimes in a dramatic manner, and it is important that the BS levels are checked and that the Insulin dosage is reduced in the case of Type I and the dosage of the tablets like Metformin prescribed to control diabetes are reduced in the case of Type II diabetics.

Please note that these 2 remedies cannot replace the Insulin or the Metformin that the mothers will be using for their children but you will soon observe that the dosage of the drugs used can be safely reduced.

I note that Yogesh has stated that even with 3 pricks her 3 year old son's BS levels are difficult to control but she will discover that with the addition of the therapy I have indicated above, this problem will be overcome within a few hours.

Please post your children's response on this forum in 24 hours after you start this Arnica / Cinnamon therapy.

I repeat again that your children's Blood Sugar levels MUST be carefully monitored after you start on this therapy when you can reduce the units of Insulin used to maintain the BS levels around 120.

You are also advised to keep some sugar or candy available for immediate use in the case of the BS levels which should be monitored often dropping too low.

This is only necessary at the commencement of this combined therapy comptising of the Insulin, Arnica 30c and the Cinnamon powder, till the mother is able to work out the optimum dosage of Insulin.
Joe De Livera last decade
You may like to visit the following links on Diabetes to which I have contributed:

Joe De Livera last decade
my name is kathija, my son has type 1 diabetes since he was 18 months old, he is now 3years 6 months, his bg is well controlled, sometimes it goes abit up, his hba1c is 7.2%, is there any homeopathic medication that can keep it always normal, or is there a possibility of a cure?
kathija ismail last decade
hi I am dheeraj, my son is 4 and hald and was diagnozed with type 1 diabetes 3 months back, he is on insulin twice daily, i wanted to share my experiences with similar parents, please let me know if any one interested to discuss, i m based in chandigarh.
dheeraj 9779171967
Dheeraj Sinha last decade
hi, my 3 year old daughter also has been recently diagnosed with diabetes type 1.since then i have been looking for parents whose kids have same medical condition.i am sure it will be a big help to each other.please email me if you want to share the experiences..
maanya last decade
To all the parents whose kids have juvenile diabetes,

This is an auto immune disease and homeopathic remedies have much to offer. But each case has to be individualised.Where, on one hand information about the child is needed reg. his temperament,activity levels,eating habits,performance in school,his reactions to certain situations etc. and on the other lots of information which is not directly connected with the child is needed such as the enviorenment in which the child was brought up,temperament of the parents,mental state of the mother during 9 months of pregnancy,history of sicknesses in the family and any other relevant piece of information is useful for the selection of suitable homeopathic remedy in each case. I am a professional homeopath and am dealing such cases related to auto immune diseases on the Lanthenides approach of Dr.scholten in homeopathy. Desirous parents may please provide the relevant information for moving ahead in each case.
sarup last decade
Over time, diabetes can lead to blindness, kidney failure, and nerve damage. These types of damage are the result of damage to small vessels, referred to as microvascular disease. Diabetes is also an important factor in accelerating the hardening and narrowing of the arteries (atherosclerosis), leading to strokes, coronary heart disease, and other large blood vessel diseases. This is referred to as macrovascular disease. Diabetes affects approximately 17 million people (about 8% of the population) in the United States. In addition, an estimated additional 12 million people in the United States have diabetes and don't even know it.

Parents and children are not well informed or educated about these diseases. Being a parent, we should be careful for all those causes which spread diseases in the children. I explored a non profitable organization that exists for kids welfare and for educating children about diseases.
mrkellen1 last decade

what dosage of Arnica 6c should be taken?
Will cinnamon not react with homeopathic medicines?
pravric last decade
To Pravric

I presume that you have read my post on this thread dated Agust 13 2006 where I first recorded my accidental discovery that Arnica helped to control Diabetes. At that time I had used Arnica 30c but after I had treated many patients I discovered that they responded better to Arnica 6c in the Wet dose taken twice daily.

I also prescribed the dry pellets to be used but later experience showed that the Liquid Dilution in Alcohol was much more effective as only 3 drops are used in a 500ml bottle of water.

To put the record straight I shall copy below my default therapy aka 'Joepathy' which many Diabetics are using today to control their BS levels. I would like to add that I have a few Diabetics one of whom had a BS level of 350 who are now using Arnica 6c exclusively instead of the standard drugs like Metformin to control the BS level.

Type I patients have confirmed that they discovered their BS levels were reduced by about 20-30% within a day of their starting on this therapy. One has confirmed that his BS level reduced by 33% and he was able to reduce the Insulin he was using by this amount.

I would like to add that Cinnamon powder is also useful to reduce Diabetes while Okra or Bandakka which grows in the tropics also helps to reduce BS levels. Okra is used by cutting up a tender pod and inserting it into a glass of water which is left overnight and the water is drunk on an empty stomach the morning after.

The therapy I have prescribed to many patients is as follows:

Arnica 6c in the Wet dose is taken twice daily and the following protocol is used to make the Wet dose. It is essential that the patient's BS level is monitored daily for a week to observe how the addition of Arnica to the standard drugs like Metformin reduce the BS level which should be maintained at around 100. In the case of Type II Diabetics the Units of Insulin used can be reduced to keep the BS level at this optimum level of 100.

Exercise is essential and the patient is expected to avoid Sugar and reduce Starch and to avoid the consumption of Alcohol completely.

The Wet dose of any Homeopathic remedy is made as follows:

Order the remedy in the Liquid pack in Alcohol, also referred to as Liquid Dilution in a bottle preferably with a dropper arrangement.
Get a 500ml bottle of Spring Water from the nearest supermarket.
Pour out about 3cm of water from the bottle to leave some airspace.
Insert 3 drops of the remedy into the bottle and shake the bottle hard at least 6 times before you sip a capfull of the bottle or a large teaspoonful which is the dose.
Shaking the bottle hard is homeopathic succussion and this enhances the effect of the remedy on the user.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thanks for taking the trouble to explain things
I will get back to you with my progress later
pravric last decade
Do what ever the treatment you are suggested or any other method of treatment but NEVER EVER stop insulin Injections till declared cured.
Type 1, Diabetes is a very difficult disease to handle & if neglected will create lot of complications like acidosis,& even to the extent of diabetic coma.
Also make sure that only reduction is Blood sugar level is not the cure of the disease Insulin is an enzyme which does lot of other functions in the body and in case of Type 1
insulin is not produced sufficiently & therefore the replacement method by injection is a MUST.This is my very sincere advice which i insist, please do not ignore.
I further request Dr.Kampson to please comment on my suggestion.
daktersaab last decade
I hope that I have not given the impression that the Arnica 6 therapy that I have prescribed to many hundreds of cases for both Type I and Type II Diabetics can be completely replaced by the Arnica 6 in the Wet dose. I do have some patients of Type I one of whom presented a high BS level of 350 who are totally dependent on Arnica alone but in the case of Type I the best record is of a reduction of the insulin demand by 33%.

It seems to me that the Arnica has helped these patients by stimulating the Islets of Langerhann to produce Insulin on demand by the blood cells thereby registering the lower BS level.

It is of historical interest that I was the first Homeopath in the world to record my discovery on the ABC in August 2006. As you are aware Arnica has not been listed in the MM's and Repertories formulated by the old masters as being of any significance in Diabetes. It is just that I made this discovery which I considered of interest to Diabetics and the medical profession and today after 5 years, I have many Diabetic patients who are better able to control their disease without resorting to the standard drugs or Insulin alone. This discovery is of some significance as it will help to prolong the kidneys of the patients which are affected by the Metformin after many years of daily use.

I agree with the comments of Daktersaab completely.
Joe De Livera last decade
Mr Livera,

I took Arnica 6c and my FBS dropped from 262 to 195
The 500ml bottle is not light resistant as the amber coloured medicine bottle. Will this reduce the effect of the medicine?
Should I increase potency of Arnica?
I also took the okra water.
I am now going to take cinammon at night before bed
I just discovered that I have high BS.
Any further help is welcomed.
pravric last decade
Glad to note that your FBS dropped by 67ml. I presume that it did so after 2 doses on the same day. I shall be interested to learn what your time frame was from your first dose to the drop in BS level.

I have experimented on patients with Arnica 6c and 30c and even 200c but it was 6c that was most effective. You can increase the dosage to thrice daily and see if it helps. Remember to succuss the bottle by shaking it hard at least 6 times as this increases the effectiveness of the remedy.

Okra is OK although it may be somewhat difficult to drink but the effort is worth the while.

Cinnamon will also help but it is not for Hypertensive patients as it tends to increase BP.

Drink plenty of water, 3+liters, and exercise regularly for at lease 45 minutes to sweat it out.

Where do you live?
Joe De Livera last decade
I live in Trivandrum, India
I don't have a glucometer at home. I will get one soon
I did the test at a clinic nearby
I took the Arnica as mentioned for 5 days before I went to the clinic
I will have to exercise regularly.
Should I succuss the bottle each time I take a dose?
pravric last decade

[message deleted by utpala on Sat, 12 Nov 2011 17:00:13 GMT]
utpala last decade
Mr Livera

What should be the dose of arnica6c for a diabetic patient who is six &half years old?
utpala last decade
There is no difference in the dosage of Arnica 6c whether it is given to an adult or to a child as long as you give it in the Wet dose. I shall copy instructions on how to make it:

The Wet dose of any Homeopathic remedy is made as follows:

Order the remedy in the Liquid pack in Alcohol, also referred to as Liquid Dilution in a bottle preferably with a dropper arrangement.
Get a 500ml bottle of Spring Water from the nearest supermarket.
Pour out about 3cm of water from the bottle to leave some airspace.
Insert 3 drops of the remedy into the bottle and shake the bottle hard at least 6 times before you sip a capfull of the bottle or a large teaspoonful which is the dose.
Shaking the bottle hard is homeopathic succussion and this enhances the effect of the remedy on the user.

I am indeed concerned to learn that your patient child is a Juvenile Diabetic at 6.5 years old.and it would be of interest to know what his Blood Sugar levels are and what drugs were given to him.

He will take Arnica 6c in the Wet dose twice daily and you will please record his Blood Sugar level today. You will also report his BS level weekly to enable me to help him hopefully to a full recovery.
Joe De Livera last decade
Respected Sir

Thank you very much for your prompt reply.My daughter was diagnosed two months back.Since then she is on insulin thrice daily,(actrapid &insulatard).Her bs levels are within normal range (100-130)before bf & postdinner.Only in the evening(predinner)it rises upto 280 or so.Will arnica 6c be effective to reduce the insulin dose from thrice to fewer pricks?
utpala last decade
I have not treated a juvenile Type I Diabetic before and cannot therefore give you an answer to your question.

Adult Type I Diabetics have confirmed that their Insulin demand was reduced by 33% within a few hours after taking Arnica 6c.

It will be of academic interest to me and of vital interest to you to record your daughter's response to my therapy aka Joepathy and I shall be glad to help her in any way I can with her own Diabetes.

It would help me to help her better if you will please complete the Patient's Questionnaire on:

Joe De Livera last decade
respected sir,

I will fill up the questionnaire & send it immeadiatly,in the mean while I got arnica mont 6 liquid from the chemist when I asked for arnica 6c.Are they the same?
utpala last decade
[message deleted by utpala on Mon, 14 Nov 2011 17:27:38 GMT]
utpala last decade

[message deleted by utpala on Mon, 14 Nov 2011 17:28:49 GMT]
utpala last decade

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