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Calcarea Carbonica - single homeopathic remedy

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Calcarea Carbonica7
Calcarea Hypophosphorosa2

Calcarea Carb 200 repetition 6

Dear Homeopaths, How many times a week Calcarea carbonica 200 be safely repeated if constitution matches in case of chronic disease? Is there any side effects if I take it daily...
Started by sdhs. Last post: 2021-08-02

Substitute of calcarea carb 3

Vkg, age 54 All my main points meet with Calcarea Carb, But the nature of calcarea carb is cold and my hot So is there any other medicine whose points meet with Calcarea Carb but t...
Remedies: Calcarea Carbonica, Sulphur
Started by vkg1. Last post: 2017-12-15

Calcarea carb side effects 26

Dear Homeopaths. A baby boy who born normal. After 3 days he became quite as compared to same age children. The same goes upto 5 months. Symptoms wise on these 5 months, he was n...
Remedies: Calcarea Carbonica, Histaminum muriaticum, Natrum Muriaticum, Heracleum Sphondylium, Phosphorus, Alumina, Cannabis Sativa, Argentum Metallicum, Mancinella (Hippomanes), Medorrhinum, ACT
Started by sameena sameena. Last post: 2016-09-02

Wintoveno / vicks effect on Calcarea Carb 0

What will be effect of vicks (contains camphor) or wintogeno ( contains eucalyptus oil and menthol ) on Calcarea Carb 1 m...
Started by MKN. Last post: 2016-01-05

Calcarea carb symptoms+hypothyroidism 1

Hi, I am a 38yr old 5.6", 54kg guy. from the last year, I am suffering from anxiety, depression, panic attacks and fatigue and tired feeling all day. My homeopath prescribed me Ac...
Remedies: Caladium Seguinum
Started by Mausamnath. Last post: 2015-08-15

Calcarea Carb Constipation 1

Hi I have been suffering from constipation and indigestion pretty much all my life. 3 months ago I took Calcarea Carb 6c - 2 pills twice a day. For the first 5 days of doing th...
Started by santinosharma. Last post: 2015-07-10

Calcarea carb with silicea 3

Dear Dr... i m taking silicea 30 for hairfall but i have problem of nasal polyp also. by Remedy Finder i got Calcarea Carb for nasal ployp.. so please tell me how can i ta...
Remedies: Silicea, Calcarea Carbonica
Started by vikash29. Last post: 2015-05-11

Calcarea carb with silicea 1

Dear Dr... i m taking silicea 30 for hairfall but i have problem of nasal polyp also. by Remedy Finder i got Calcarea Carb for nasal ployp.. so please tell me how can i ta...
Started by vikash29. Last post: 2015-05-09

Pulsatilla phosphorus Calcarea Carb 3

are above mentioned remedies in 200 potency could be used after one another after a 15 days gap. are they antidote to eachother or complementary[message edited by earth on Thu, 26 ...
Remedies: Phosphorus
Started by earth. Last post: 2013-09-30

Sulphur - Calcarea Carb - Lyco 0

Hi everyone i have been taking sulphur daily dose for a fortnight but my symptoms have completely switched to lycopodium now. How long do i need to take Calcarea Carb to act as an...
Started by SorabhSharma. Last post: 2012-08-05

Calcarea Carb after Bryonia 1

Hello, As both above incompatible to each other - how long should one wait to administer Calcarea Carb 6 after using Bryonia 30; for an infant? 24hrs, 48hrs, 72hrs, - or more? ...
Remedies: Calcarea Carbonica, Bryonia
Started by GuluGulu. Last post: 2012-06-16

Calcarea Carb for Obese Child 2

I have a question for Calcarea Carb, it is for my 5 year old daughter. She is overweight and I can't control her gain weight, she is a extremely picky eater, she doesn't ...
Remedies: Calcarea Carbonica
Started by carlota01. Last post: 2011-05-26

Sweating after taking calcarea carb 200 5

my uncle is taking calcare carb to reduce his tummy.Actually a homeopathic pharmacist told him that it would reduce his tummy. He is a heart patient with sten in his heart.Though ...
Remedies: Calcarea Carbonica
Started by simkhan06. Last post: 2011-05-20

Repeating calcarea carb 4

dear friends, my wife is slightly hypothyroidic and she is two months pregnant now. twenty one days back, soon after i understood that she was pregnant, i tested her TSH level and ...
Remedies: TSH, Calcarea Hypophosphorosa, Sabina
Started by pcthahir. Last post: 2009-08-01

Calcarea carb as children's remedy 1

Constitution and Temperament of Calcarea Carbonicum Children. Generally Calc.Carb children are pot bellied, fat, obese, dwarf, slow in learning. Bones are ...
Started by mazharmhm. Last post: 2007-07-10

Calcarea carb 6

has anyone used it to lose weight?...
Started by natalya123. Last post: 2007-01-12

Eruption after Calcarea carb in Asthma 39

Dear Sir's; My son have 12 years old, when he had 4 years old he had his first bronchospasm, and Homeopath give him Sulphur 200c every sunday during 4 weeks. The three first i...
Remedies: Calcarea Hypophosphorosa, Calcarea Carbonica, Baryta Carbonica, Lachesis, Lachnanthes Tinctoria, Phosphoricum Acidum, Belladonna
Started by sergiorvil. Last post: 2007-01-01

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