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Anacardium Orientale2
Arnica Montana3
Baryta Carbonica3
Nux Vomica2
Picricum Acidum2

Re: Dementia -Confusion and Major Forgetfullness 2

5/1/20 Uncle S Person is like an uncle and son is having a really challenging time with dementia. A lot of confusion and memory issues the last two weeks. Calls my husband and le...
Started by Grahani80. Last post: 2020-05-01

Treatment for Dementia 1

Hello, My uncle is suffering from dementia. Since 2-3 years he started developing mild symptomms, such as poor concentration,weak memory, recognizing people late. But now he doesn&...
Started by prachisamudre. Last post: 2017-08-01

Dementia - Treatment by Dr. Deoshlok Sharma 52

Demetia Or Alzheimer’s Disease Senile dementia/Alzheimer’s type (SDAT) Definition Alzheimer’s disease (AD), one form of dementia, is a progressive, degenerative brain disease. I...
Remedies: Phosphorus, Arnica Montana, Alumina, Anacardium Orientale, Picricum Acidum, Cicuta Virosa, Natrum Sulphuricum, Kali Phosphoricum, Histaminum muriaticum
Started by deoshlok. Last post: 2016-08-24

Dementia 1

Hi, My mother is about 80 years old. One year back she had taken heavy doses of medicines, higher side of mental shock and continuing the mental shock as my father expired. She is ...
Started by gbhol. Last post: 2016-07-02

DEmentia / Any doctors, plz help. 8

My dad has early dementia. Has paranoia. He is forgetful especially short term memory. Has paranoia. Especially about money or medicine matters: eg. you are trying to steal my mon...
Remedies: Alumina
Started by Oohia. Last post: 2016-06-30

Dementia treatment for my father(age: 64) 6

He has been suffering from diabetes for last 18 years .since 2015 , ascertain change in his behaviour has been observed. That is excessive saliva taking long time to do a simple w...
Started by subhadeep1. Last post: 2016-04-18

Dementia (male/64) for dr. joe de livera 0

He has been suffering from diabetes for last 18 years .since 2015 , ascertain change in his behaviour has been observed. That is excessive saliva taking long time to do a simple wo...
Started by subhadeep1. Last post: 2016-04-18

Elderly dog with dementia 1

I have an elderly dog who has canine cognitive dysfunction. She has all the symptoms of an elderly person - weak, tired, appetite loss, but the worst part is she is restless during...
Remedies: Heracleum Sphondylium, Nux Vomica
Started by SuperWanda. Last post: 2015-10-26

Subcortical vascular dementia 1

My mother, 78 yo developed subcortical vascular encephalopathy. Her main symptoms: high blood pressure, paraparesis of legs, ataxia, muscular weakness,sensation lost in legs, memor...
Started by larisa. Last post: 2015-07-17

Dementia 3

Need treatment for dementia.. my father 73 year old. Mri normal, vitamin b deficiency Neurpphysician prescribe donamen 5 mg. kindly suggest...
Started by drhemantmathur09. Last post: 2014-04-30

Dementia - 90 year old 2

My father aged 90 years has started suffering from bouts of memory loss (dementia?). This started a few months back but has been severe in last few weeks as he even forgets that he...
Remedies: Phosphorus
Started by PGulati. Last post: 2014-03-03

Anxiety,depression, dementia 1

Sadly I don't live in Mexico, I made the mistake to marry an American man and Have lived here for 46 miserable years I know there are very good homeopathic farmacies in Mexic...
Started by Jacinta. Last post: 2014-01-06

Anxiety, depression dementia 1

Sent my information, but I could not read all in the forum...
Started by Jacinta. Last post: 2014-01-05

Mother's Hypertension and Onset of Vascular Dementia 1

Dear Dr. Kadwa and Dr. Nawaz Khan, I had a previous post regarding my mother from a few months ago. Since then we have discovered that the cause of her most recent issues may be t...
Remedies: Baryta Carbonica, Helleborus Niger
Started by narwal46. Last post: 2013-07-01

Help for mom with dementia or alzheimers 2

mom....age 76 -dementia, takes airecept -temeperal arteritis takes -predisone for 7 yrs. -IBS -had alopecia at age 17 -has polymyalgia rheumatica -laminectomy (back surgery) ...
Remedies: Haloperidol
Started by renee62. Last post: 2013-06-28

Arnica and dementia 1

how much arnica dose should i use on old person about 80 old, with dementia out of excess stress and which kind of arnica to buy?...
Started by parispanayi. Last post: 2013-02-06

Dementia 1

my mother age 82 suffering from dementia since three years. right now she takes aricept sr 23 mg daily. her physical condition is good. she could not recognize every time but some ...
Remedies: Anacardium Orientale
Started by ronil. Last post: 2012-06-23

Dementia treatment 2

My Father, 83, has vascualr dementia and has lived in a secure home since Febuary of this year, afer undermining the door security system and leaving the respite care home. His wif...
Started by flattop. Last post: 2012-06-22

Dementia 1

My father who is 72 years of age is suffering from the following problems 1. prostrate enlargement 2. Dementia/Alzeimer's (Doctors say) 3. Blood pressure 4. Diabetes. 5. havin...
Started by ramssk68. Last post: 2012-04-11

Query on Multifarct Dementia + Paranoic Psychosis 2

A friend of mine is suffering from above condition. He is 73 yrs old, tall figure and lean. He has already having Bp for the 15 years. can you please suggest any homeo medicine? I...
Started by arumugham. Last post: 2012-03-02

Post surgery Dementia 6

My father age 74 had surgery 12 days ago ( colon resection for dysplastic large polyp) and now has dementia. No sleeping at night. Short naps in day. Oriented to family, himself...
Remedies: Arnica Montana, Phosphorus
Started by Firefamily5. Last post: 2012-02-16

Treatment for Dementia 4

my mother is admitted to the hospital since 5th of Jan,2012.she is suffering from acute urinary tract infection since last one and a half years and is throughout under medication,a...
Started by bbarna. Last post: 2012-01-21

Dementia prescription. 0

DEMENTIA Dementia is a loss of brain function that occurs with certain diseases. Dementia spoil the brain parts related to memory or brain parts related to locomotion (Parkinson&#...
Started by cvvek. Last post: 2011-12-02

Dementia prescription 0

DEMENTIA Dementia is a loss of brain function that occurs with certain diseases. Dementia spoil the brain parts related to memory or brain parts related to locomotion (Parkinson...
Started by cvvek. Last post: 2011-12-02

First stages of Dementia 0

My mom just started maybe six months ago with symptoms. We finally got her to go to the neurologist and she started to take aricept but had to cut the starting does in half due to ...
Started by postusmail. Last post: 2011-03-12

Dementia with depression 2

My mother, age 89, has been diagnosed with 'moderate dementia' by a traditional doctor. A wholistic practitioner said he would not clinically diagnose her as such, although...
Started by lazmatazz. Last post: 2010-08-02

Dementia with Depression Symptoms 7

Things which sometimes blamed to 'getting old' and medical conditions like Dementia/ Alzheimer's has a fine line. I used to think my mother was just getting forgetful,...
Remedies: Nux Vomica
Started by rsidhu. Last post: 2010-07-04

Dementia 5

in 2007 my then 84 year old grandmother had a stroke. she was recovering and put on medication that made her very ill with Diarreah and vomiting, that resulted in a sodium imbalanc...
Remedies: Calcarea Fluorata, Baryta Carbonica, Picricum Acidum
Started by disneyfan10. Last post: 2010-05-15

Senile dementia 1

My father ia 78 years old.He is facing a problem of progressive senile dementia.It started with forgetfulness, confusion.Now he has very much advanced in the desease. The symptoms ...
Started by khanf. Last post: 2010-04-05

Is Dementia treatable? 3

Hi, My grandma is in her 90s. She is strong and healthy but showing signs of dementia. Very forgetful and poor short term memory. May I know if homeopathy can help to prevent her ...
Started by homeo12242. Last post: 2010-01-23

Frontal Temporal Dementia 2

Is there any remedy that may help a 67 year old woman who is suffering from FTD and incontinent? It started around age 60 and she loss all her inhibitions and started doing inappr...
Remedies: Arnica Montana
Started by komplex. Last post: 2010-01-13

Diabetes & Dementia 2

My 83yr old mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and put on meds that only had bad side effects. When Dad decided he wanted her off these, I started looking into alternatives...
Remedies: Baryta Carbonica, Silicea, Calcarea Carbonica
Started by thndrbrd. Last post: 2009-04-20

Dementia 2

short term memory is totally gone long term memory 20% left.Blank look.reflex is very slow.too much repetion of one sentence.over eating. not active very lethargic.needs help in dr...
Remedies: Gingko Biloba
Started by akber. Last post: 2009-04-02

Parkinsonism and LB Dementia 2

Pls suggest suitable medecines for advanced Parkinsnism and Lewy Body dementia for 75 year old patient. Appreciate....
Started by Homeofreak. Last post: 2009-03-15

Dementia of my father aged 66 2

my father aged 66 has been suffering from demetia(Alzymer) since last 4 years. sympotoms: forgets name of people, locations, time, restless, does not sleep well i the night, keeps ...
Remedies: Aluminum Metallicum
Started by rupjyoti. Last post: 2008-12-06

Cure for Dementia 5

Hi My mother of age 44 is suffering from Dementia for about an year. Recently she has been diagnosed by dementia at KEM Mumbai. As there are limitation about cure of the disease....
Remedies: Phosphoricum Acidum
Started by adibhai. Last post: 2008-07-16

Elderly Lady Vertigo and Dementia 2

My grandmother 80years old has been suffering for 1 year from vertigo and spinning in her head when standing and walking only. Vertigo goes away when she sits or lays down. She als...
Remedies: Ambra Grisea
Started by mgwaus. Last post: 2008-07-09

Dementia and restlessness 6

My aunt is 83 years old. Because of age she seems to be forgetting things and cannot remember people or facts. She cannot sit in a place for a long time and gets very restless. We ...
Remedies: Aqua Marina
Started by mohini. Last post: 2007-02-16

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