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Aconitum Napellus2
Apis Mellifica3
Arnica Montana3
Arsenicum Album2
Carbo Vegetabilis2
Ferrum Metallicum2
Gelsemium Sempervirens2
Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum2
Hypericum Perforatum2
Kali Bichromicum2
Lycopodium Clavatum2
Nux Vomica2
Pulsatilla Nigricans2
Rhus Tox3
Spongia Tosta2

Want to make my own Home Kit 17

I’ve never had any official learning of homeopathy. Everything I know is from readings and what my homeopath shares with me. Ive been using homeopathy for 6 years now. If I b...
Remedies: Bioplasma, Calcarea Fluorata, Aconitum Napellus, Antimonium Arsenicicum, Apis Mellifica, Arnica Montana, Arsenicum Album, Belladonna, Bryonia, Calcarea Carbonica, Calendula Officinalis, Cantharis, Carbo Vegetabilis, Chelidonium Majus, Cinchona ( China ) Officinalis, Cocculus Indicus, Drosera Rotundifolia, Ferrum Metallicum, Gelsemium Sempervirens, Influenzinum, Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum, Hypericum Perforatum, Ipecacuanha, Kali Bichromicum, Ledum Palustre, Magnesia Phosphorica, Mercurius Solubilis, Nux Vomica, Phosphorus, Pulsatilla Nigricans, Rhus Tox, Ruta Graveolens, Silicea, Spongia Tosta, Sulphur, Chamomilla, Hamamelis Virginica, Saccharum Officinale, Natrum Muriaticum, Calcarea Phosphorica
Started by namn. Last post: 2018-03-08

Homeopathy kits 4

Do you know when the 100 piece kit will be available?...
Started by penny3. Last post: 2018-02-05

Using homeopathy kits 30c, 200c, 12c and 6c 3

Dear Doctors, If I am treating kids or adults at home from colds, flu, headache, stomach ache ..etc., what is the recommended dose for such pellets and how frequent? Thanks!...
Started by Wizzo. Last post: 2015-05-11

Emergency Medicine Kit 2

Is it possible to make First Adid Box of Homeopathic Medicine for Kids used in Emergency like mid night for general ailment e.g 1 Stomack Pain 2 Cold & Fever 3 Ear Pain 4 Toot...
Started by HARI_DELHI. Last post: 2015-02-03

30x kit uses 2

A few months back, I bought the Hyland's 30x remedy kit, thinking this would be something we would use often. Now I am learning that 30c is better to use (causes less aggrava...
Started by Sarah3NN. Last post: 2012-02-01

Chlamydia test kit 0

I'm worried about catching an antibiotic resistant form of chlamydia or gonorrhea. I'm thinking about trying to make any girls I see use a home chlamydia test first. Do...
Started by jerrymichael. Last post: 2011-07-03

Homeopathy remedy kit for infants 2

Can you plese tell me what all meicines should i keep at hand for treating general ailments of infants an toddlers. please also mention the potency and dosage can i give my 5.5 mon...
Started by simkhan06. Last post: 2010-11-30

Kits? 0

http://www.abchomeopathy.com/kits.php I am thinking of getting a kit instead of ordering one or two medicines at a time. Which one is comprehensive to get?...
Started by new2town. Last post: 2009-09-02

Home Remedy Kit 0

When I was in college and I didn't feel well, I would just go to the local health food store, find a combination remedy that matched my situation and take it. This usually wor...
Started by FredJones. Last post: 2008-11-30

Best 50 remedy kit (advice) 1

I am looking at getting a 50 remedy kit and would like suggestions of the best ones out there for everyday use. I have 3 little children, we do not have pets or travel very much ou...
Remedies: Arnica Montana, Belladonna, Bryonia, Ferrum Metallicum, Apis Mellifica, Melissa, Rhus Tox, Nux Vomica, Sulphur, Lycopodium Clavatum, Phosphorus
Started by mommyto3cuties. Last post: 2008-08-09

Purchasing homeopathic kits 2

I am looking to purchase a large family kit of homeopathic remedies, but not sure exactly which brand is best. I have a small Hylands kit with 30x potencies, and have been please...
Started by tbarbie. Last post: 2006-05-08

Have homeopathic kit to give away 8

hi.. i do not think i have what it takes to be a good homeopath..It takes many years experience and practice.i do not have that many opportunities to practice.i have a red 'do...
Started by alicemagooey. Last post: 2006-03-16

Basic first aid kit 3

I will be travelling with my sons (both of whom, along with myself, have received and responded well to homeopathic remedies in the past) to visit my family for a few weeks later t...
Remedies: Aconitum Napellus, Apis Mellifica, Arnica Montana, Arsenicum Album, Belladonna, Carbo Vegetabilis, Chamomilla, Dulcamara, Gelsemium Sempervirens, Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum, Hypericum Perforatum, Kali Bichromicum, Lycopodium Clavatum, Phytolacca Decandra, Pulsatilla Nigricans, Rhus Tox, Spongia Tosta
Started by cassysmith. Last post: 2004-01-02

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