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Homosexual Mind.
my name is Sri. my thoughts are about homosexual. But I don't want to Be a gay.can

ramsri800 2012-02-14
16   HoneyKhanna 4 months ago

how to remove the remedy grid from the posts(moderator)
I am not able to delete the remedy grid wrongly uploaded in a particular grid today
anuj srivastava 2019-09-27
4   anuj srivastava 4 months ago

loss of taste
Hi. I am 58 years old male. About 2 months back water started tasting funny. Gradually it 2019-09-29
3   freehomeoforall 4 months ago

Pinched median nerve
i am 35 male, married, bodybuilder, about 7 month ago i was suffered from Neurotic pain

sanamramay 2019-08-08
24   sanamramay 4 months ago

cracking in right joint
I have developed cracking sounds in my right joint. I do fair leg raises and no problems
Iardui 2019-09-17
11   freehomeoforall 4 months ago

Breast enlargement
Hi, I’m 21years old and my height is 5”2 and weight is 60kgs I gained weight
Sreeth 2019-09-27
5   freehomeoforall 4 months ago

Hypersensitive after to much High Potencies
Dear Friends, I red a few posts of persons who becamo hypersensitive to homeopathic
lucawi 2019-09-25
7   lucawi 4 months ago

Is this Sycotic Miasm?
One of the Female Patient aged 30 , the following symptoms have been told by her mother
Soumick Basak 2019-09-27
2   anuj srivastava 4 months ago

Needle like poking sensation throughout the body and then Gas coming from mouth
Hi Dr, Is there any cure for needle like Sharp pain throughout the body anywhere for a
modepallim 2019-09-14
9   anuj srivastava 4 months ago

Suffering from ring worm and itching in private area
Dear homeopaths Sex:male Age:24 years I am suffering from ring worm and itching in
rafetuba 2019-09-07
4   HealthyWorld 4 months ago

Fistula- Dr Anuj Please
Fistula-Anuj Please Help Fistula is about 3mm outside the anus. It is controlled well.
enmonju 2019-09-10
11   anuj srivastava 4 months ago

Is Anal fissure curable by homeopathy?
I have been taking homeopathic treatment for chronic anal fissure for almost a year, in

mohin1 2014-07-31
13   Aura 5 months ago

Is there a 200x potency. If so is it classed as tissue salt. And how strong is it
Ideal56 2019-09-26
3   maheeru 5 months ago

Concerned about my kids height
Hi.. My son is 6.5 years old. His height is short as compared to the kids of his age. He
Sanam16261 2019-09-20
8   HealthyWorld 5 months ago

arsenicum album dosage in ongoing asthma remedy
I am 26 and have had asthma since i was 10. ..its mostly exercise induced but over the
kimbercin 2019-09-25
5   kimbercin 5 months ago

momentiraly dizziness/trembling/loss of balance
Age 33: Whitish skin tone Weight:95 height:5'10" no smoking/drinking I am
naru86 2019-09-06
10   freehomeoforall 5 months ago

Questions regarding homeopathy
I m a staunch believer of classical homeopathy. I have couple of questions to ask : Q1:
mominisb 2019-09-20
6   mominisb 5 months ago

IBS With Headache And Vertigo
I Am 36 Years Old Male From India India.My problem is Chronic Ibs with headache and
Ratnesh77 2019-09-25
3   Tui 5 months ago

Kidney problem
History Age 56 CABG(bypass surgery)2007 Kidney stone problem every year 7/8 times passes
milind98077 2019-09-24
4   Gentle1 5 months ago

Seborrheic dermatitis
Hello. Male Age - 37y Weight - 80kg Height - 173cm Country - South Asia I have

Poush 2018-11-05
27   Poush 5 months ago

Hello m 25 n i often see white spots on my tongue. I suffr from tonsil stones and .
Ozu 2019-09-25
3   freehomeoforall 5 months ago

Dr.(Mrs) R.Basu is available again
After a long gap I got some time to stay here.For next 6 months I shall be available
Dr R Basu 2019-09-24
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website issue
I am not able to get through on the website and the following message appears: ANY
Shelly1 2019-09-24
1   moderator 5 months ago

Quit smoking
I want help to quit my mother smoking habit. She is diabetic patient and high
Deepak86 2019-09-21
3   Gentle1 5 months ago

Darkness around mouth and on forehead
Hello, I am suffering from darkness around mouth and on forehead. No matter what remedy
as7276 2019-09-23
9   HealthyWorld 5 months ago