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Very big hard boil type knot
I m female, 35, single. I have developed two small very hard acne type thing on my back
Meera1 2019-05-19
3   Best1 4 months ago

constipation at stop using diapers
Hello, I'm looking for a homeopathic medicine to help my girl (2.5 yrs) stop using a
lussi 2019-07-15
4   lussi 4 months ago

Aethusa 200C for a colicky 5 month old
Hello My 5 month old breastfed baby is very colicky and shows the following symptoms 1.
boholectra 2019-07-18
8   maheeru 4 months ago

Feeling lack of emotions-Kadwa
Good morning, I've been experiencing lack of / flat emotions/ numbness. It has been

Fatigued 2019-03-20
29   maheeru 4 months ago

Hi i hve pimple on cheecks.n too many scars.some pimple inside the skin and leave scars.i
Riya3 2018-10-27
1   Best1 4 months ago

I have very little spleen pulse (chinese med), very loose stools, low platelet count tend
ellie2 2019-01-06
1   Best1 4 months ago

Screen ich
Sir Jab first surya ki kiran body me padatahe to screen itech horaha fir kuchhu time
jkumarsuni 2019-01-16
1   Best1 4 months ago

Symptoms but negative for all STDs
Hello sir, I am male, 31, India. On 2015 I had a protected sexual exposure and
unknown123 2019-02-26
1   Best1 4 months ago

Body heated as and when urine pressure comes. Incontinence urine
Dear Doctors, i am suffering from extreme urine problem as and when there is
atharkhan185 2019-02-26
1   Best1 4 months ago

Emphysema, copd
Is there anything that will improve lung function for emphysema.? Thank
barb.chadha 2019-03-27
1   Best1 4 months ago

Impotency sexual weakness
Hi every one from world I am suffering in impotency with sexual weakness I did too much
Virani 2019-04-25
1   Best1 4 months ago

Hydrastis candensais
Can i take hydrastis candensis 200 or should i take it in mother tincture form for
Priya1991 2019-04-25
1   Best1 4 months ago

Mild Autism Spectrum Disorder
My son is 10 years old.He diagnosis with ASD at the age of 5 years.He has basic problem
ghosal 2019-05-04
1   Best1 4 months ago

peas4 2019-05-08
1   Best1 4 months ago

Need help with hypothyroid!
Please help me with hypothyroid. I'm 37 y.o. hypothyroid (TSH 3.8.)and its
Jlee 2019-05-11
1   Best1 4 months ago

shrink prostate
I suffer from enlarged prostate. Allopathy doctors are suggesting for operation. But I am
Niiev161 2019-05-11
1   Best1 4 months ago

shrink prostate
Can you please suggest me medication which can help shrink
Niiev161 2019-05-15
1   Best1 4 months ago

front teeth
Ever since the orthopedic removed my daughters braces her front teeth are sensitive and
penny3 2019-06-01
1   Best1 4 months ago

scars and black spots all over
Hy doctor I've been suffering from serious acne issue for past few years . After
rshrmawow 2019-06-15
1   Best1 4 months ago

Remedy for SP
Pl suggest me remedy for my complains. Male, Age-64 years. I have following problems
Satish Pasrija 2019-06-15
1   Best1 4 months ago

3 week low grade fever and fatigue
Hi all, I recently had a onset of a very mild cold. I had a sore throat day 1, then
PlantNerd 2019-06-19
1   Best1 4 months ago

I have soapy froth in urine and albumin traces to +, my blood urea elevated to 74, crit.
ripu134 2019-06-20
1   Best1 4 months ago

Dr Kadwa Please Help with Stomach Issues
Sir, I had fever on last week's Wednesday. It went on for 3 days after which I had
mayankgates 2019-06-20
1   Best1 4 months ago

Tarantula hispanica 200c enquiry
The doctor had prescribed Tarentula hispanica remedy for my mild autistic and hyperactive
sunny19 2019-07-23
2   sunny19 4 months ago

Kind Help Highly Solicited
Dear Sir I am 60, professor, fair looking, 5'6", 64 kgs, gentle, very soft
sandy3 2019-07-21
7   maheeru 4 months ago