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Classic Hahnemann Approach?
Is there anyone on here who can take a classic homeopathic approach and who would be
rom109 2016-08-04
7   gavinimurthy 3 years ago

Lyco - Sulphur - Calc carb
Dear Sir, I have completed one cycle of lyco- sulph- calc carb. In second cycle I used
MKN 2016-08-07
4   Raja Arrive 3 years ago

Itchy Scalp and Skin - Lupus?
I have been diagnosed with Discoid Lupus since 3 months. I have terribly itchy skin -
prasadfind 2016-08-08
2   Raja Arrive 3 years ago

Lycopodium / Sulphur / Cal Carb (Telescope)
Telescope Sir, I am lycopdium constitution. I have used Lycopodium. I am not sure of my

MKN 2015-12-15
67   Raja Arrive 3 years ago

I've had acne for 6 months everyday is a struggle and everyday becomes so more

Lovebug93 2016-08-03
27   Raja Arrive 3 years ago

Tightness below left lung due to gas problem.used nux vomica30 fora week.no relief.kindly
suba ram 2016-08-08
2   Raja Arrive 3 years ago

excruciating pain while passing stool
Please help me find a solution to my problem I have been suffering since the past 8
Delhi96 2016-08-08
2   Raja Arrive 3 years ago

Dry Eye - Tears evaporates very quickly and causing dry eye
Hi, I have a dry eye problem for the last 10 months. Doctor diagnosed that my
udayabaski 2016-08-05
5   Raja Arrive 3 years ago

I Have benn suffering from SKIN Fungal Infection(Jock itch) for 8YEARS since 2008
I have been suffering from skin fungal infection for almost 8 years ,and after searching
Chiru1 2016-08-06
5   Raja Arrive 3 years ago

emergency help
Retina is not getting clear. Unwilling to get operate on it. Right eye retinal
homeopathictreatment 2016-08-07
3   Raja Arrive 3 years ago

Regarding pneumonia
My 6 month old son always suffering from pneumonia also known as PASLI CHALNA. everytime
nkdavid 2016-08-06
2   Raja Arrive 3 years ago

Chiru1 2016-08-07
3   Raja Arrive 3 years ago

Tinnitus - Arsenicum Album Question
Hello - I have had intermittent tinnitus in both ears for a long time and have tried
digitalwizard1 2016-08-07
2   Raja Arrive 3 years ago

Breast tumer
After Mammogram. Dr has recommended Biopsy and after that Chemothrapy or Breat remival.
thezahoor 2016-06-25
4   Raja Arrive 3 years ago

I m sufering from hairfall wih dandruff.I ve itching scalp though not severe.Dandruff on

piu80 2014-07-01
47   Raja Arrive 3 years ago

Tissue Destruction & Bleeding PLEASE HELP
Female, age 37, Please help my nightmare situation: Tissue Destruction from possible
Scarlito 2016-08-05
11   Raja Arrive 3 years ago

plz dr Fitness help regarding PVL
Hello dr Fitness I earlier posted my problem under the topic '' please help

fatehveer 2016-04-16
25   Kamal1 3 years ago

Cat - Kidney Disease
My kitty has acid reflux from kidney disease, and started eating less since being on
MimiMama 2016-08-07
1   kadwa 3 years ago

Suffering from Masturbation , Dr. 0antivirus0, Dr. Mohla, Dr Kadwa plz help
I am suffering the effects of masturbation. i am doing masturbation since 6 and half

Pran7 2016-01-29
17   Ayaan khan 3 years ago

Birds Problem (Budgigar)
After 1.5 months age, Its feather was start Curving. Now this is his present situation.
ghazi251 2016-08-06
1   kadwa 3 years ago

Starting over--what's my next step?
Quick overview---So a few weeks ago I took Sepia because I was experiencing pelvic
rom109 2016-08-07
2   rom109 3 years ago

Dr deshlok, dr kadwa please suggest medicine for vitreous haemorrhage...
my father has been suffering from retinal haemorrhage in his right eye. twice PRP laser
homeopathictreatment 2016-07-23
6   kadwa 3 years ago

chronic uti
Sir,I am 34 yrs Old,5ft 7inch,wt.70kg.having daughter 13yrs and Son 5yrs. I am suffering

bithi 2016-07-08
16   anuj srivastava 3 years ago

Brown/Black itchy spots on palm
Hello, I have brown spots on my palm, fingers and sole. The problem started one year
kmmr18 2016-08-06
6   anuj srivastava 3 years ago