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Kind attention please Dr.Anuj_____Help requested for cysticercosis and Taeniasis
Moving sensation in stomach, pricking sensation in intestines, rectum, head and nose.
HomeoLover2015 2019-05-06
6   HomeoLover2015 8 months ago

Apcod obis
I am using Apcod Obi's sachet since 70 days after using this sachet I am gaining
himabindu1 2019-06-16
1   simone717 8 months ago

Pain full Suppressed eruptions on scalp neck
Sir this is Pradeep Fro Bangalore Age 30 Problem is dry itch generates at scalp
chpradeep 2018-02-22
8   chpradeep 8 months ago

Sulpher symptoms aggravated with calc carb
6 months back skin eruptions with neuralgic pains cured with sulph.after 6months iIhave
chpradeep 2018-02-24
2   chpradeep 8 months ago

Suppressed eruptions from touch like collar,hair
I am Pradeep Age 32 diabetic Suffering with suppressed eruptions from touch or from
chpradeep 2019-06-16
1   chpradeep 8 months ago

I’ve been having dizziness for two months now. Dizzy even when I’m lying
Am123 2019-06-05
4   simone717 8 months ago

Requesting help from doctors!! Very bad anxiety and depression
I am a 32 yr old female, married, have a very supportive and loving husband. 10 yrs ago I
Sas 2019-06-15
2   simone717 8 months ago

Dr Anuj Srivastav please advise.
Please help me Dr Anuj, I am a 43 years old woman. I have a problem of anxiety and
depression1 2019-05-25
3   anuj srivastava 8 months ago

Need advice from doctors
My age is 44, had angioplasty 14 years ago.on allopathic medicines ( tenormin, zestril,
sheeraz 2019-06-11
2   simone717 8 months ago

Help ! Chronic brain injury/memory loss worse or menopause ?
1. Age - 51 2. Sex - female 3. country- Canada 4. climate - spring - massive

wendypape 2019-05-20
14   JS123 8 months ago

Remedy dose
Hello, After researching online, i decided to try Podophyllum Pelpatum, 30c, 4 /5
robertarl 2019-06-09
10   robertarl 8 months ago

Oversensitive to remedy
Dear Friends, I suffer from schizophrenia for about 5 years, in the course of the years
lucawi 2019-06-11
8   simone717 8 months ago

Mercurius and silica r inimical.can I take calc sil After merc Sol?
Last week I had merc Sol 200 for tooth pain. It's gone now. I need calcarea
monny82 2019-06-12
1   maheeru 8 months ago

What is are some of your favorite weight loss tips?
My weight is 190 pounds and my current goal is to lose 3 pounds per week. Suggest me some
georgewhittington 2019-04-12
2   andrewwalker 8 months ago

Premature ejaculation
Hi, i m 40 years old but still single.. My problem is a premature ejaculation. I read too
Olliazeast 2018-10-02
5   abhishek89 8 months ago

Need a relieving remedy for cold, cough, nasal discharge etc
Dear friends, I have been suffering from cold for the last few days. Severe coughing
tantrik1 2019-06-10
4   simone717 8 months ago

premature ejeculation and erectile dysfunction
dear dr, my age is 30 weight 72 kg height 5feet 7" , and having this problem since a long
Dsr 2017-08-19
4   leathergaze 8 months ago

High White Blood Cells
Hi, An acquaintance of mine has high WBC(leukocytes) which is why he sometime gets
divergence 2019-05-28
4   leathergaze 8 months ago

Can't sex as per wife requirements.
Hello my age is 27 and i have masturbation for many years and now i got married so while
zenevatech 2019-06-08
1   Urepierk 8 months ago

Urine, sexual problems & mental disorders
I have been suffering from above problems since four years because I had five years of
Rampitkal1 2019-06-06
2   Rampitkal1 8 months ago

Head injury and adhd
Can natrum sulphur 200 be given at a stretch of seven dose daily ? Can

sunny19 2019-05-23
21   maheeru 8 months ago

Nitesh kumar 29 yr 1 week 4 time nightfall and swelling and pain in penis after
ravi1231 2019-06-10
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premature ejaculations
Name -ravi Age-29 Unmarried Every time all day without sex a liquit release in my
ravi1231 2019-05-27
11   ravi1231 8 months ago

ED and Premature Ejaculation
Dear I am 35 yr Male facing problem of ED and Premature Ejaculation. since i have used
morever4u 2018-07-11
5   skumar5 8 months ago

Tooth abcess
My daughter has a tooth abcess. It is making the tooth very lose. Also the Richter lower
Drouqu 2019-06-02
2   mahadev1 8 months ago