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erectile dysfunction
Sir , here I am providing details of my case. age 32 , sex - male , build - average
sameer1999 2017-05-13
8   hvl last month

help for non productive cough
i developed a heavy cold a week ago, lots of runny nose, blocked sinus, pain in leg
paula1 2022-10-09
7   mrmhm last month

Constipation in 3 yr old boy
Constipation in 3.3yr old boy: My son (3.3yr old) son is having Constipation. He is
nagadeepthi1 2021-02-15
10   Kaps last month

Recurring allergic cold
Recurring allergic cold Hi Anuj How are you My mother who is 80 years old , living
Ritusharma 2022-10-13
2   Ritusharma last month

Low fever with very bad weakness
Gender : Female Age : 32 Body built : Average Season : Rainy Season with high 30C and low
sonu_cemk 2022-09-29
9   mrmhm last month

Baby cold
What would you advise for baby cold? He has mucous which blocks his nose, he can't
Sputnik 2022-10-11
1   anuj srivastava last month

Severe Arthritis
Hello, I'm asking for a friend of mine, She is 85 y/o lady, with severe arthritis.
adamues 2022-08-24
7   anuj srivastava last month

low abdominal pain
47 yr old male low abdominal pain history of diverticulitis my husband is in a lot pain

WHIPAT 2022-09-28
33   mrmhm last month

WHO alleges India made cough syrup kills 66 kids in Gambia
Company is Maiden Pharmaceuticals. 4 Cough syrups, some for babies. Syrup is
simone717 2022-10-06
1   paula1 last month

Sex Addiction
Sex Addiction I have been married to a narcissist men over 20 years. He has lack of
momis 2022-01-26
18   mrmhm last month

Kind Attn: Kaps (Swollen Ball of Thumb, both, arthritis)
Age 65, Male Desire to crack thumbs (by stretching out or moving around) over 40-50
dhundhun 2022-07-26
21   Kaps last month

badagupta 2022-08-29
11   badagupta last month

eczema and systemic candida
I was diagnosed by a dermatologist with eczema. It is not all over the body, but after
sonja1 2022-10-07
1   anuj srivastava last month

Lichen Planus skin condition
Hello, I have someone who developed these itchy plaques on their legs a few years ago
Blossom3 2022-10-05
2   Blossom3 last month

Old gout case Dr anuj can you help?
I am a male 57 yr currently undergoing a gout attack on right fever etc other than
andy_65_in 2022-08-09
16   anuj srivastava last month

Husband PTSD
My husband’s PTSD has been affecting our son tremendously, so finally I realized
Seva 2022-10-05
5   Seva last month

Gave up Cannabis - Irritable, Restless, Struggle to sleep
Good Morning, Thanks in advance for any help on this. I’ve recently stopped
Ifeckoaz 2022-09-02
12   mrmhm last month

Suffering from religious thoughts issue.
Hello, I am male 25 yrs old. Last 3 years ago I was diagnosed with trigeminal
shbspecial 2017-12-24
5   mrmhm last month

6 month old with reflux, recurrent wheezing, rattling respiration after reflux, allergies
Hello, I have a 6 month old with reflux, recurrent wheezing, rattling respiration.

Anneyia 2022-04-22
43   Anneyia last month

Motion sickness ,gas trouble,tinnitus and vertigo
I am 34 years type1 diabetic recently i have issue with stomach upset with diarrhea after
EngineerFez 2022-04-02
16   anuj srivastava last month

Problems arise due to inimical medicine
I have been given lycopodium 1M single dose sexual problems and after a weeek for i
tushar ranjan raaz 2022-10-03
2   tushar ranjan raaz last month

Chronic prostate /IBS, Anxiety and Depression
I am a 36-year-old single man who has been dealing with sexual and digestive issues for
mumairba1 2022-10-03
1   mrmhm last month

Dr Kadwa please help me on my Xanthalesma
I Am (25,F) (Weight=53)Height(5.4) has Xanthelasma (or xanthelasma palpebrarum)having
Ishmeet 2014-04-25
4   mrmhm last month

91 yr. old mom may be having side effects from Fluconazole
Dear Sir, I was cured of chronic fatigue syndrome years ago, by a homeopath, so I'm
polastraus 2022-10-02
2   polastraus last month

Mother 69 years old Nail became spoon shaped 6 months ago and lesions arrived at the
Paulalala 2022-09-30
3   anuj srivastava last month