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Chronic IBS Ear Problem
Hi Am 35y Old Male From India.My problem is Chronic With Ear Fluid Problem From Last July
ratneshg.1985 2018-08-30
1   anuj srivastava last month

anal stenosis,diarrhea,hyper acidity,stomach discomfort
hello i am 27.one year ago because of anal stenosis,i went to a homeopath,she gave me natr
rez12 2018-08-29
3   anuj srivastava last month

No menses! Plz help
Last month in April I took allopathic medicine to stop my menses bcuz I was going for pilg

Meera1 2018-05-20
66   Meera1 last month

Epsom Salt as Antidote to Baryta Carb??
Hi, For large over doses of baryta carb, epsom salt is mentioned as antidote. How to ta

ganapathi1 2017-09-09
96   Pradeepkumar1 last month

bay not wish to eat
my sister has a 5 yr old daughter ..she heavy gastric problem ,,in detestation..burning se
sanghamitra nayak 2018-08-30
1   anuj srivastava last month

Acne on chin n chest
Im female 35 single. I've been having acne on chin, jawline and chest. The acne are p
Meera1 2018-08-22
11   Meera1 last month

Acid marks on face
I used low 30% acid on face to remove scars but I m left with dark spots. It's been
Meera1 2018-08-29
2   Meera1 last month

Heal pain problem
Sir, I am 58 yrs old since last about 40 days I am having pain in my left heal. While sitt
sudeep1 2018-08-30
1   anuj srivastava last month

Dr. Kadwa Help A Lady
Dear Sir My sister in law, 49 has been suffering from tremendous knee pain for about 2 ye
sandy3 2018-08-07
6   sandy3 last month

irregular bowel movements hard and sticky stools
please send me some remedies for my daughter . she is 2yr 10 months everything is fine wi

ridhimaawasthi 2018-07-20
60   ridhimaawasthi last month

pain in lower abdomin of rightside
Dear Sir,i m 55 yrs now having pain in rightside lower abdomin constantly since childhood

v.kapoor 2011-06-22
322   kadwa last month

Jet Lag Fatigue
Hello, I am 44 years old and live in Canada. I visited my family in Pakistan for 6 weeks.
pollen 2018-08-28
1   kadwa last month

Dr.Kadwa pl help my wife
Hi Doctors Please help me my wife 62years wight 58kg height 5'.She is not sleeping in

prasantadalal 2018-04-23
24   kadwa last month

Urgent-Ten Broken Back bones and stroke-DOCTOR PLEASE
In a public group, a man was begging for help. HIs name is Jeeva. He is 29 years old. He f
iloveyou 2018-08-25
3   kadwa last month

Chronic Left Mastoiditis Case
Enlarged left mastoid for last 14 months. Recently tried the Sil, Hep, Bell combo advise

mwyatt81 2018-03-30
27   Dr R Basu last month

Chronic Pancreatitis
Dear Sir, I am a 23 year old suffering due to chronic pancreatits from last 5 ye
amitEnu 2010-10-22
5   ajaypanchwal last month

phos p-250
Our homeopat recommended phosphorus p250 5gr globules. Searching the recommended dose, I
paddington 2018-08-29
1   simone717 last month

Could someone very experienced take my case please?
Hi, I have a condition that has been going on for over a year now that I have not been ab

aprilm 2018-07-22
60   aprilm last month

For Homeopathic Doctors
Sir I am aged 39...Have moderate to severe tinnitus in left ear ...Can it be cured permane
sakshirohra 2018-08-29
1   anuj srivastava last month

Shoulder joint AC grade 3 injury
Hi, I fell hard on my right shoulder as the result of this fall the ligaments keeping my
NitinSharma1 2018-08-27
7   anuj srivastava last month

throwing up cat:(
Hello, I have a beautiful long haired 11 year old male cat with blue eyes. It been really
penny3 2018-08-28
2   penny3 last month

i have cartilage issue in my knee , i have pain in both knees my age is 28 doctor said th
suyash1 2018-08-29
1   anuj srivastava last month

Jet Lag Fatigue
Hello, I am 44 years old and live in Canada. I visited my family in Pakistan for 6 weeks.
pollen 2018-08-29
3   anuj srivastava last month

severe throat infection
i am suffering from severe throat infection (chronic) due to which i have pain and scratch

ridhimaawasthi 2018-07-31
22   anuj srivastava last month

Kali Mur Aggravation
I was prescribed kali mur 6x by a local homeopath for Post nasal discharge , as all my sym
Oujejoo 2018-08-26
3   Mister4 last month

Sides of musturbation
I am 25 years
ramal 2018-08-28
5   Mister4 last month

problem itching, swelling, redness
i have problem since last 3 year, 1)every summer 2) when heat little bit increase in my
typeo1978 2018-08-05
11   anuj srivastava last month

Tooth Decay
Hello, I was wondering if you could please help me with a tooth question. I was supposed t
stargirl1 2018-08-28
2   simone717 last month

Erb palsy
Ny daughter got affected her left arm in delivery... Erb palsy...she is now 2 1/2month old
Jayesh1 2018-08-27
1   Tui last month

GENDER:female Age:23 Complexion: normal Weight: 75 Height: 157 OCCUPATION: studi
anupama1 2018-08-27
1   anuj srivastava last month

Severe Armpit Odor after sweating
Hello expert honorable doctors. This thing started 6-8 months ago even n winter , Every

calmlife 2018-07-12
23   anuj srivastava last month

Peeling LIPS past 10 yrs
i struggling with this problem past 10 yrs , turned every stone but all in vain. there is
nitin2774 2018-08-26
2   nitin2774 last month

Doctors on the forum, pls help
Doctors on the forum, pls help Kindly suggest some good treatment for me..... 1. Costoc
SM24 2018-08-21
4   SM24 last month

cough that stops during sleep
Hi, My 2 children have lingering cough after fever. They have it on and off during day and
Jane77 2018-08-26
2   Jane77 last month

Bad anxiety and low blood oxygen
I am hoping someone knowledgeable will answer me. I posted about 2 months ago asking for h

Juniorcat 2018-04-09
68   Juniorcat last month

Nervous system/neurological issues affecting digestion and skin
Nervis system/neurological issues affecting digestion and skin Hello I have found severa
OmieBonVivant 2018-08-27
no replies yet

34weeks pregnant Insomnia and persistent heartburn
Hi, I was wondering if there is anybody more classically-minded in the ways of homeopathy

rom109 2018-01-10
194   rom109 last month

Arnica cream
Hello I was wondering will arnica in a lotion antidote a remedy you are taking ? I am taki
Brittany 2018-08-24
2   Brittany last month

Urgent- Not Walked in Eight Years- DR. Please
I have posted this last night. I do not know where it went. I am tryng to help a stranger
iloveyou 2018-08-26
no replies yet

Homeopathy for internet or screen addiction
Greetings: I'm wondering if there is any homeopathic medicine to get rid of internet
peaks 2018-08-24
1   Tui last month

regarding nightfall and premature ejaculation
sir my friend named dibya a strong stout and healthy man having good phisique and height a

vedvyas 2018-05-08
17   vedvyas last month

7 year old with urticarea since last 10 days
My daughter suddenly errupted with hives on 14th August. We live in Bangalore and the weat
tanushree 2018-08-25
1   homeo_helper last month

Right Kidney Stone
I am 55 years of age, male. I had my first kidney stone almost 20 years ago. I went to t
youandme 2018-08-25
3   anuj srivastava last month

best way to take medicine
Can anyone suggest me the best way to take homeopathy pillls. it should be on the tongue o
gaurav111 2018-08-24
1   Urepierk last month

Masturbation effects on homeopathy
Do masturbation affects the effect of medicines in case of ptosis.
gaurav111 2018-08-24
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Myofascial Pain
Hello i had so much stress after 1 incident then started lower back then i went for so ma
zenevatech 2018-08-24
8   Mister4 last month

Penis enlarg
Lycopodium slavatum 200 can i use for penis enlarge and how i take drops
Sheikh3 2018-08-23
no replies yet

Hi, I feel anxious all the time. While I m busy, I feel ok. If I m not busy. I have always

harish.b 2012-03-05
31   kamrul last month

Dr.Kadwa/ Dr.Reva seek ur help..bed wetting and behavioral problems in 6 year old
Patient: Girl aged 6 years Problems and Personality: Bedwetting with emotional / psychol
serenity2906 2018-08-20
2   serenity2906 last month

Baby teething refusing to breastfeed
My 8 month old is so irritable now a days,. He donot want to feed. He is teething I think,
Swiss horse 2018-08-23
1   anuj srivastava last month

Suffering from Sexual Disorder
Dear Doctors, I've been masturbating since age 14,now i m 29. I am feeling the follo
razah 2010-01-24
9   lesathomas last month

Hernia problem . Atention : dr. Anuj srivastava
I am 47 years old man . i have right sided hernia . I feel hernia problem in right side
mminte 2018-08-03
5   mminte last month

Thuja Occ for cavity in wisdom tooth
I see that one of the indications for thuja is a cavity that develops at the gumline on th
mleibac 2018-08-12
5   kadwa last month

looking for a remedy for Toxocariasis
tom2 2018-08-18
3   kadwa last month

Brain stroke
Hallo Doctor, My Aunt,71y,is suffering from extreme forgetful ness.She can't recall d

Toal 2018-04-29
17   kadwa last month

Frequent Diverticulitis / Small Bowel Blockage Episodes
Hi Can somebody help on the subject matter. I have other health issues too & need som

RajanTX1 2018-08-11
27   Tui last month

Low milk supply urgent help neeeded
My supply is too low. I have 7 month old. On the advice of doctor I took pulstallia 9c, R

Swiss horse 2018-08-06
26   Mister4 last month

Stress , anxiety , indigestion, low libido , fatigue
I am male 34 years old lean built I have been in from long time , its like i cant cope u
amandeepsingh 2018-08-13
12   kamrul last month

unbearable sexual desire

SUBHAJIT 2018-04-23
21   SUBHAJIT last month

Super emotional and weep too easily and frequently
I am 33 years old female, mother of 2 children. I cry/weep too easily if i listen to any s
Ganga1 2018-08-22
5   Ganga1 last month

Bulky ovaries and no periods
Hello Doctor, MY age is 25 years unmarried girl. I have been facing issue of irregular pe

renukar06 2018-03-04
32   Dr R Basu last month

My mother aged 53 years and having menopause is diagnosed with osteoporosis as per the rec
renukar06 2018-08-21
2   renukar06 last month

Hi All, I've been getting a few inquiries for Rubmet 30. I can find no references
moderator 2018-08-21
8   anuj srivastava 2 months ago

Cold and cough
My dog Suffers from frequent cold and cough. Right now there is congestion in chest. Plz h
moly 2018-08-21
1   anuj srivastava 2 months ago

CKD with creatinine 7.9
Hi, My father, aged 67 years is diabetic since 10 years and is sufferring from CKD since t
karthik_eb 2016-12-29
4   moly 2 months ago

Any doctors on the forum, pls help
Kindly suggest some good treatment..... 1. Costochondritis - Pain on the left side in the
SM24 2018-08-20
9   anuj srivastava 2 months ago

Brain Tumor
Dear, I'm Tusar from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I had a Brain Tumor which is removed by surge

tusar1 2018-03-11
18   kamrul 2 months ago

Stress , anxiety , indigestion, low libido , fatigue | Please help !!! Dr. Reva , Dr.Kadwa, DR.anuj
I am male 34 years old lean built I have been in from long time , its like i cant cope u
amandeepsingh 2018-08-21
no replies yet

breast enlarge ment

megha1 2018-07-03
48   anuj srivastava 2 months ago

Sugar causing excessive sexual desire
any amount of white sugar causes me too much sexual desire but raisens and dates doesn

nikhil003 2018-07-09
30   anuj srivastava 2 months ago

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