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Blood in Cat poop
Hello Everyone! I am new to this website. I am apologizing in advance for this long
Paws 2021-06-16
6   simone717 2 weeks ago

ring finger stiffness
my right hand ring finger pains when I fold my fingers to form a fist. the pain area is
dpnctl 2019-08-21
5   Kaps 2 weeks ago

Wife has Neck, shoulder and arm pain. Feels stiff. Physio helped but pain is back
My wife has suddenly neck and shoulder pain. Physiotherapy eases pain but issue is coming
ariesboy 2021-02-22
13   ariesboy 2 weeks ago

Chronic Epididymitis with Frequent Urge Urinary incontinence
Hi, I am a 26 year old male from Canada. As of April start, I have had a swollen tube
Drowrfu 2020-06-05
17   rajkumar18 2 weeks ago

Picky eater
I have a 3 year old who is an extremely picky eater. She eats yogurt, cottage cheese, and
bce873 2021-07-04
3   anuj srivastava 2 weeks ago

9yo girl - frequent mouth ulcers, tummy pain, and coughing sensation
Wondering if some practicing pediatric homeopath has some suggestion. A 9yo girl, who is
falcon74 2021-06-19
10   anuj srivastava 2 weeks ago

Dear sir, I am getting intermittent itching in pharynx with non productive cough. Please
pravric 2021-05-13
3   anuj srivastava 2 weeks ago

Throat and chest infection
I am taking homeopathy medicine from last 3 years Main medicine are- aconite, droserra,
sehrawatsabh 2021-07-03
2   Kaps 2 weeks ago

Ejaculattes too quickly
Doctor, I masturbate once‚Äč in a day but from last two months my lower part of penis got

Ianpaza 2017-08-01
42   rksharma1 3 weeks ago

A lump on hand
There is a lump on back of hand and 1 inch away from wrist. I took 4 pills of CALC FLOUR
Jamir 2021-07-02
1   Kaps 3 weeks ago

list of Homeopathy medicine with their working time?
Can you please give me a list of medicine with their working time? You can see the
sdipankar 2021-07-03
1   Kaps 3 weeks ago

Dog had ligament surgery of the knee
My 3 year old mix dog just had crusiate repair surgery on Wednesday. We did not get her
Brittany 2021-07-03
1   Kaps 3 weeks ago

Wheezing at Night
Hello, I am 41yr old Male. I have a wheezing problem, Stuffiness in throat, Nose
swapniljs 2021-07-02
1   anuj srivastava 3 weeks ago

pilar cyst on scalp
Hi. I would like to know if there is any type of homeopathic remedy that can help with
mdrdlc 2021-06-30
4   mdrdlc 3 weeks ago

Tibia Tendonitis
I have tibia tendonitis; my shin hurts (similar to plantar fasciitis); pain came after
1   Kaps 3 weeks ago

Anxiety in 18 years old girl
Hi, My daughter is 18 years old and just diagnosed with anxiety. The need to take her to
libra18 2021-07-01
1   RegB 3 weeks ago

Headache with neck tightness after Nux Vomica 200
26 years, male For Acidity problem I was prescribed Nux Vomica 200 (4 pills twice daily)
Joy511 2021-07-01
1   telescope 3 weeks ago

Pain Achilles tendon, right foot
Sex: F Age: 43 years Nature of work: Housewife/parttime desk work Habits: I have a
umi1023 2021-05-22
12   umi1023 3 weeks ago

Sleep apnea
Hi , My my age is 40 years. I am facing sleep apnea issue. When I sleep on my back I
raj_pj 2021-06-30
1   anuj srivastava 3 weeks ago

3-year toddler with excessive clear mucus
Hello, My daughter has just turned 3, she is still breastfeeding (and while she
Onea 2021-06-28
8   telescope 3 weeks ago

At a Loss
I have someone who has high blood pressure congestive heart failure...has bigeminy, 3
givethanks 2021-06-24
5   givethanks 3 weeks ago

Itchy Skin - cant figure out the issue.
Hi Everyone, I have been dealing with itchy skin for the past few months. It happens
Chipaloshus 2021-06-21
10   mrmhm 3 weeks ago

Semen discharge issue
Hello Dear doctors I’m in my mid 30s and married with 3 children. Issue is I get
asian_knight 2021-02-24
2   asian_knight 3 weeks ago

Alcohol Deaddiction Treatment
Alcohol addiction can show itself in a variety of ways. The severity of the disease, how
smartclinic 2021-06-28
1   Kaps 3 weeks ago

Gastroparesis and SIBO Symptoms Nausea,burping,gas and lot more
Recently diagnosed with Gastroparesis! Did anyone else is suffering from the same disease
Sahar Haider 2021-06-18
9   Dr R Basu 3 weeks ago