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Pain in my bones with blood thinner
I receive lovenox injections for 2 weeks out of each month while trying to conceive. I am
Pier 2022-04-10
1   anuj srivastava last month

what medicine i can take to clean slate my body
so i can start over clean i have asthma since i was 12 what is the best medicine to start
fozia60dd 2022-03-10
11   Kaps last month

Anaphylactic reactions
Hello I suffer from anaphylaxis where I get red wheals all over my body.I used to treat
Jacknjill 2022-04-02
4   Jacknjill last month

trigeminal neuralgia
I have pain in my left cheek that spreads our the rest of my face. Sensitive to cold air
pollen 2022-04-09
3   Kaps last month

How can I help a street stray cat with norological fib
Hi. My friend feeds a stray cat at their street she put a shelter in front of her
Ozey 2022-03-25
5   Ozey last month

Aethusa Antidote
Which remedy to take and in what potency to antidote
tralala 2017-03-15
2   Wiezoox last month

Mono mania
My seven year old has an excessive interest for a remote control toy.every new day, he
Laiba2 2022-04-01
4   Laiba2 last month

6 year old boys snores at night and breathes with mouth
Hello I was wondering if anyone knows about remedy for snoring at night and breathing
Barby 2022-04-05
5   anuj srivastava last month

Hair fall after Nitricum Acidum?
I had pretty bad health anxiety for 1.5 years. It started after I had eczema outbreak and
atari2008 2022-04-06
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Sleep disorder, sexual desires and fantasies.
Hello, I am a final year student studying computer science. Below are some of my
umair1997 2022-03-21
7   Kaps last month

How is a tinctoria different from
Pho 2022-04-05
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Seborrheic blepharitis help needed
I'm new to homeopathy. I've developed this condition of having scaly, dandruffy

vxnina 2022-03-02
29   Kaps last month

Bleeding from Nose
POST ALERGIC COLD AND CONSISTING SNEEZING i had to take 'Allegra' for 2 days.
Smav1949 2022-04-04
1   Kaps last month

Female frequent urination with bacteria in urine
Hello is there a remedy that can help for Frequent urination with bacteria in urine,
homeopathyLover1 2022-03-04
20   homeopathyLover1 last month

Canker diseases of cockatiel
I have some cockatiel. After hatching 2-3 days or 5days age the baby died. I see the
Arifhossain1 2022-03-31
3   Arifhossain1 last month

Headache with vomiting
Headache with vomiting . long term ME.Dystonia.TMJ. Inflammation.chronic pain.Trigeminal
shorney 2022-04-04
1   anuj srivastava last month

Remedy for symptom relief with constitutional remedy?
Is it ever OK to take a lower potency remedy that is not inimical or an antidote with a
Bamp 2022-04-04
2   Bamp last month

Mouth Irritation
Hi all! I have a question. My husband has been complaining of irritation in his mouth for
LKS 2022-03-30
9   anuj srivastava last month

About Combination Medicines
I am an Student - Need to know how the Combination Medicines works! In the beginning of
makrani1 2022-04-03
2   makrani1 last month

Severe neck pain at base of skull
Hello, I've tried using the Remedy Finder app and each time I add or adjust a
smad01 2022-04-03
3   Kaps last month

Trouble conceiving
Hi. I am a 36 year old female. I've been trying to conceive for 7 years with no

Shell2 2022-01-09
54   Kaps last month

Pain cheek
I have pain in left cheek for a week now. Dull throbbing pain that starts in my cheek in
pollen 2022-04-03
2   pollen last month

(Dr.Anuj) Remedy for painful boil and ulcer on tongue for child
Seeking remedy for a 9.5yo girl child for an ulcer formed after an accidental molar bite
falcon74 2022-03-30
3   anuj srivastava last month

Stuffy & semi-runny nose, some sneezing, throat irritation (Anuj sir)
Anuj sir, Requesting your prescription and guidance. Noticed throat irritation and
falcon74 2022-03-25
8   anuj srivastava last month

Does our constitution change or does it remain the same throughout life?after treatment
Does our constitution change or does it remain the same throughout life? After taking
Wiezoox 2022-04-03
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