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Thoracic compression fracture 6+ wks ago
Hi. As noted in title. - Moderate to severe pain in middle of back began after rising
QueenNeon 2019-11-11
10   QueenNeon 3 weeks ago

Recurrent cough cold fever
Hello dr, One of my twins boy 3.5 yr old has recurrent fever, cough cold since past two

ahila 2019-10-26
57   freehomeoforall 3 weeks ago

Bartholin cyst / abscess
Hi there. I'm currently 34 years old and have suffered for several years with
BCanon 2019-11-11
11   Tui 3 weeks ago

Nasal turbinate reduction?
HI, I have enlarged turbinates and the ENT recommends surgery. I'm wondering if
Oriole 2019-11-15
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Premature Ejaculation problem less timeing and jeryan drops problem
Premature Ejaculation problem less timeing and jeryan drops problem my penis becomes
Abdul071 2019-05-31
5   REPL dr advice 3 weeks ago

Spinal Stenosis
Hello, my son was diagnosed with Spinal Stenosis. He is only 23 and the suspicion is that

Merisel81 2019-08-13
22   HealthyWorld 3 weeks ago

ACL reconstruction surgery
Hi I have tourn my ACL and will have surgery next week for reconstruction. I am 35 years
Ma202yy 2019-11-15
1   anuj srivastava 4 weeks ago

Skin Complexion after prolonged illness
I have acquired very unclear facial skin with uneven pigmentation after 3-4 years of
PatientPiriformis 2019-11-06
10   PatientPiriformis 4 weeks ago

Ear Infection, hearing loss.
I am suffering from congenital ear infection. My left ear was operated twice, does not

Iardui 2019-09-10
22   Iardui 4 weeks ago

Skin - very dry hands and acne on face
Hi - if anyone could please help me My sister who is 31 years old moved to Canada and
SorabhSharma 2019-11-13
6   Tui 4 weeks ago

Post-surgical bruise
I had a right thyroid lobectomy 5 days ago. When I woke up, I was starving. I ate a pint
jkblmt 2019-11-14
2   jkblmt 4 weeks ago

#Severe Sulphur poisoning please HELP!!!
Hi Everyone, I took liquid Sulphur 200 everyday once in night 3 drops for more than 55
SaberDragon 2019-11-05
9   jkblmt 4 weeks ago

Weak bones
Hi .. My mother is 70+. With the blessing of God she had no sugar, BP or other health
Sanam16261 2019-11-02
8   Sanam16261 4 weeks ago

Recurrent cough cold fever, continuous cough since 2 months
Dear Homeopaths plz help me. I am a mother of twin kids. My twin 1 is continuously sick

ahila 2019-11-01
81   ahila 4 weeks ago

Sir my name is waqas from pakistan.i m married.i sand you my medical monocytes
waqaskhan123 2019-11-12
1   Tui 4 weeks ago

Speech Delay with hearing issue
Hello to all the homeopaths in the forum. I am writing after quite sometime.My son is 2.5

EngineerFez 2019-10-05
26   maheeru 4 weeks ago

Ear pain/Abscess
I am suffering from severe ear pain the last 2 or 3 days. I have not been able to look

mmene 2019-11-09
21   Tui last month

high uric acid level 8
my wife 62. High BP on medication . Stent inserted 2016 Presently also on medication for
KSR 2019-11-10
10   KSR last month

Runaway high blood pressure
Have high BP, hypothyroidism....what should I take for

gupta6 2019-10-16
15   freehomeoforall last month

Pain in Neck -Left side
Dr.Anuj Srivastava My wife is suffering from Neck pain since 1 month. From left side of
2   simone717 last month

Sperm Count
I have attached my Sperm Count report, check it and make me
ratan.agarwal30 2019-11-06
2   simone717 last month

pain in right knee
I have osteoarthritis/chondromalatia on the back of my right knee cap. When I
gupta6 2019-11-03
2   simone717 last month

Dr. Kadwa (psoriasis)
Dear Dr. Kadwa, I am a patient of psoriasis for about 23 years and I have been using
rmasood 2019-01-05
9   simone717 last month

Arnica antidote
Fell down stairs on Friday so took three doses arnica 6c for pain. Wet dose a d
Ideal56 2019-11-11
5   Ideal56 last month

Plz refer good and experience homeopathy dr for regular online consultation in india
Hello All, Plz refer me any good and experience homeopathy dr who can take my kids case
ahila 2019-11-07
3   HealthyWorld last month