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Back; cannot bear a draft of air; on nape of neck; 2hep., 2merc., 2sil.

Back; cannot bear a draft of air; on spine; 2sumb.

Back; sensation as if shoulder blade were asleep; anac.

Back; feeling as though a bar in the back; ars., lach.

Back; spina bifida; arn., ars., asaf., bar-c., calc-p., 2calc-s., 2calc., carb-v., dulc., graph., hep., lach., lyc., merc., mez., nit-ac., phos., 2psor., ruta., 1sil., staph., sulph.

Back; Bubbling sensation

Back; Coldness

Back; concussion of spine; 1hyper.

Back; concussion of spine; neck; mez.

Back; congestion, neck; bell., carb-h., 1gels., glon., 2kali-c.

Back; Constriction

Back; Cracking

Back; cramp; bell., calc-p., iod., kali-bi., lyc., naja., nux-v., plb.

Back; cramp; intermittent pulling; Neck (head bent back)

Back; cramp; intermittent pulling; sensation between shoulders, while walking; calad.

Back; cramp; intermittent pulling; sensation between shoulders, while walking; morning; apis., cham., meny., staph.

Back; Curvature of spine (scoliosis)

Back; sensation of dislocation in spine, just above pelvis; sanic.

Back; Thin, wasted muscles

Back; epileptic aura creeping down spine; 2lach.

Back; bony growth on base of spine; rhus-t.

Back; fistulae; 2calc-p., 2hep., 2ph-ac., 1phos., 1sil., 1sulph.

Back; fluttering; between shoulders; 2cupr.

Back; fluttering; commencing in base of spine and gradually rising to back of head; ol-j.

Back; fluttering; lumbar; berb., chim.

Back; Heat

Back; Heaviness, weight

Back; Inflammation

Back; Injuries of the spine

Back; jerking in neck muscles; aeth., coloc., sep.

Back; sensation of lump in back; arn.

Back; sensation of lump in back; on shoulder blades; am-m.

Back; lumps between shoulder blades; calc., mag-s.

Back; as if a mouse were running up the back; 2sulph.

Back; Numbness

Back; swelling of blood in nape of neck, extending over top of head to forehead, afternoon during movement; mang.

Back; Pain

Back; paralysis; of muscles of back; 2cupr., 2gels., 2led.

Back; paralysis; sensation of, base of spine; 2phos.

Back; paralysis; spine; 1aesc.

Back; Perspiration

Back; Prickling

Back; Pulsating

Back; quivering in neck; 2ang.

Back; restlessness, lumbar; 2bar-c., 2calc-f., cedr., chin-s.

Back; restlessness, lumbar; better passing flatulence; 2bar-c.

Back; Skin

Back; Shivering

Back; Shocks, electric like

Back; softening of spinal cord; crot-h., 1kali-p., merc., 2phos., 2sulph.

Back; Spasms

Back; Stiffness

Back; strained easily; bor., 1calc., 1graph., 1lyc., 2nux-v., ph-ac., 1rhus-t., sang., 2sep.

Back; swelling; nape of neck; apis., 2bar-c., der., puls., sep., sumb.

Back; swelling; nape of neck; glands of nape; 1bar-c., 2bell., 2calc., 2carb-v., 2hell., iod., kali-p., mur-ac., nat-p., 2petr., phos., 2sil., staph., sulph.

Back; swelling; dorsal; am-m., 1calc., 2carb-an., 2kali-c., lyc., sil., spig., spong.

Back; Tension

Back; Trembling

Back; Twitching

Back; wave like sensation going up back; laur.

Back; Weakness (tired feeling, in spine)