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Angelica Archangelica

Archangelica, Ange.
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HPUS indication of Angelica Archangelica: Nausea

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Materia medica entries of other remedies mentioning Angelica Archangelica

Angel > general
Archangelica atropurpurea, Hoffm. Nat. order, Umbelliferae. Common name, Great angelica. Preparation, ?

Hyos > general
Nos. 1 to 49, from Hahnemann, R. A. M. L., 4. 1, Hahnemann; 1a, Fr. H-n; 1b, Flaeming; 2, Franz; 3, Langhammer; 4, Stapf; 5, Wislicenus; 6, Barrère, Obs. d'Anatomie, 1753 (not accessible, -Hughes); 7, Barton (symptoms thus noted belong to Smith); 8, Bernigau, in Hufel. Journ., V, p. 905 (from a clyster of Hyosc. in a man); 9, Blom, in Kon. Vetensk. Acad. Handl., 1774, p. 52 (from root eaten by a man); 10, Borellus, cent. IV., Obs. 45 (from root in adults); 11, Cagnion, from Desault, Journ. de Chir., I, p. 370 (from root in children); 12, Camerarius, in Acta Nat. Cur., vol. i, Obs., 12 (p. 250, as last); 13, Clauder, in Misc. Nat. Cur. Dec., V. Ann. 6, Obs. 178 (from preparing a fomentation of Hyosc.); 14, Costa, in Journ. de Méd., vol. xxx, Feb., p. 134 (from seeds in a man); 15, Van Ems, in Praelect. Boerhaavii de morb. nerv., vol. i, p. 236 (not found); 16, Faber, in Schenk, Lib. VII, Obs., 152 (p. 853, from gr. xxv of seeds in adult); 17, Gardane, Gaz. de Santé, 1773, 1774, p. 294 (in several persons, from effluvia); 18, Gesner, Samml. von Beob., I, p. 165 (after case of colic, by Hyos); 19, Gmelin, Reise durch Sibirien, Goett., 1752, vol. iii, pp. 84-85 (general statement from authors); 20, Greding, in Ludw. Advers. Med. Pr., I, pp. 86, 89 (p. 71, from extract administered in disease, cases 1 to 10 melancholico-maniacs, cases 11 to 21, maniacs, cases 22 to 35 epileptics, cases 36 to 40 epileptico-maniacs); 21, Gruenewald, in Miscell. Nat. Cur. Dec., III, ann. 9, 10, App. p. 179 (21a, from effluvia of seeds; 21b, from a clyster of Hyosc.; 21c, in girls who had applied fomentations of Hyosc.); 22, Haller, in Vicat. Mat. Med., I, p. 184 (from seeds in adult); 23, Hamberger, Diss. de Opio, § 18 (from root in boy of three years); 24, Hamilton (Edinb. Med. Essays, II, 243; from gr. xxv of white henbane-seeds in a young man); 25, Heilbronn, in Neues. 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AEzt. zu Wien, 1847, six provers took the Prussian extract, beginning with 1/4 grain, increasing the dose by 1/4 grain till 5 1/4 grains were taken at a dose; 59a, subsequent proving, six (in part same) provers took the Austrian extract, beginning with 1/4 grain and increasing to 12 3/4 grains, one prover to 18 3/4 grains, from ibid.; 60, Schroff, Lehrbuch, effects on three persons of fresh juice, alcoholic and ethereal extracts; 61, Liedbeck, effects of 2 drops of the juice of the herb when put into the eye, repeated after fifteen minutes, Hygea, 9, 444; 62, Journ. de Toul (Z. f. Ver. Hom. AEzt. OEst., 1, 376) effects of a clyster of herb Hyosc., in a woman; 63, Gaz. d. Hôp., 1854 (Z. f. V. H. A. OEst., 1, 376), effect in a woman of eating the roots cooked; 64, same, in another woman; 65, same, in a man; 66, Dr. Kahrer; a girl 8 years old, effects of eating seeds; 67, Dr. Wurtemberg, Prag. Monats., 2, 122, effects of eating leaves, in a child; 68, Springer, Archiv. f. Hom. 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Woch., 1843), a man fumigated his mouth with smoke of the burning seeds for toothache, which it instantly cured, but caused the following symptoms; 77, A. H. Z., 28, 154, a family of nine were all, except one, poisoned by a soup made from the roots; 78, Bernigau, a man took in a clyster an infusion consisting of half an ounce of the herb; 79, Frank, Casp. Woch., two girls ate the seeds; 80, Stein, A. H. Z., 15, 287, effects of eating seeds, in a girl aged four; 81, Sigmünd, a man took an overdose "for a disturbed stomach," Am. J. Med. Sc., 22, 189; 82, same, general effects; 83, Caudray, Lond. Med. Gaz., 47, p. 641, four monks ate the herb by mistake for another vegetable; 84, Lond. Med. Gaz., 45, p. 131 (Casp. Woch., 1849), effects of seeds on a girl of 6; 85, Cabot, Am. J. Med. Sc., 48, p. 369 (1851), effects of a teaspoonful of tincture, taken every hour, to promote action of castor oil which he had taken for pain in abdomen; 86, Sandahl, Br. and F. Med.-Chir. 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