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Carduus Benedictus

Card. Benedictus, Carduus, Caarduus Benedictus, Cnicus benedictus, Card-b.
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HPUS indication of Carduus Benedictus: Diarrhea

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Carduus Benedictus in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.





Makes whispering sounds

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Materia medica entries of other remedies mentioning Carduus Benedictus

Card-m > relationships
Compare: Card. Benedictus (strong action on eyes, and sensation of contraction in many parts; stomach symptoms similar); Chelidonium; Chionanthus; Merc.; Podophyl.; Bry.; Aloe.

Chion > relationships
Compare: Cinchona; Ceanoth.; Chelidonium.; Carduus; Podoph.; Lept.

Polyg-h > relationships
Compare: Carduus MAR ( ulcers); Hamam.; Senecio; Polygonum persicaria (renal colic and calculi; Gangrene); polygonum sagittatum - arrow-leaved. Tear-thumb - (2x for Pains of nephritic colic; suppurative nephritis; lancinating pains along spine; itching of hard palate; burning inner side of right foot and ankle. C.M. Boger); Polygonum aviculare - knot-grass - (in material doses of tincture, found useful in phthisis pulmonalis and intermittent fever, and especially in Arteriosclerosis. Erythema).

Ruta > relationships
Compare: Ratanhia; Carduus. Rectal (irritation); Jaborandi; Phyt.; Rhus; Sil.; Arn.

Card-m > general
He used to give Opium before, but this, he says, in some people "produces an array of symptoms similar to those seen in severe haemorrhage, and might aggravate the condition." He adds "It is probable that many small haemorrhages of the stomach escape notice because there is no vomiting, and that it is in this manner that obscure abdominal complaints are sometimes suddenly relieved or cured." The liver enlargement of Carduus m. is in the transverse direction (that of Chel. being more vertical).

Chion > relationships
Compare Bry., Chi., Carduus m., Euonymus, Chel., Merc., Pod. In bilious vomiting, Bry., Eup. perf., Iris., Nux; in green frothy stools, Elat., Grat., Kali bi., Mag. c., Iris., Merc. v; in weakness, bruised and sore feelings, Arn., Bap., Bry., Eup. perf., Gels., Nux, Rhus; in headache, Bell., Bry., Caps., Gels., Nux; sensation of something alive, Croc. s., Thuj.

Chel-g > relationships
Compare Chi., Chenop., Cina, Helon., Hydrast., and (according to Burnett), especially Carduus mar. (left lobe of liver).

Grin > abdomen
Spleen enlarged ( Ceanoth., Carduus.)