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Citricum Acidum

Acidum citricum, Citric acide, Citric Acid, Acid Cit, Cit-ac.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Citricum Acidum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Aversions, dislikes; indolence, aversion to work; aversion to usual housework

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Diarrhoea; after certain foods or drinks; lemonade

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Materia medica entries of other remedies mentioning Citricum Acidum

Cit-l > general
In the observations with this plant the expressed juice of the fruit has been used containing citric acid. Lemon-juice and citric acid are traditional remedies for and preventives of sea-scurvy. That their action is homoeopathic has been proved by the occurrence of scurvy from the excessive use of the acid when taken for other purposes. Used as a local application (in one part of citric acid to eight of water) it has relieved the pains of cancer. It has a powerful effect on the circulation and on the blood itself, producing faintness, weak pulse, haemorrhages, and dropsies. Inflammation and painful enlargement of the spleen.

Stram > general
citric acid amel.

Hyos > relationships
Antidoted by Vinegar, Citric acid, Bell., Chi., Stram. It antidotes Ether, Bell., Stram., Merc. Is followed well by Bell., Puls., Stram., Ver., Phos. Follows well Bell., Nux, Op., Rhus.

Cann-i > general
A few minutes before I had taken some lemon-juice, which they brought me instead of the Citric acid solution I had called for, and now the symptoms seemed to begin to abate.

Puls > mouth
Bitter taste, with desire for citric acid,

Verat > abdomen
Craves fruits; gherkins; citric acid; salted things; herrings; sardines.

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