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Helleborus Orientalis


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Hel-b-p > general
Helleborus orientalis, Lam.

Hel-b-p > general
Helleborus orientalis, Lam. N. O. Ranunculaceae. Tincture of root.

Hell-f > general
The effects of Hel. f. have been observed on several persons. It is a violent narcotico-acrid poison, and in fatal poisoning cases death has taken place in convulsions. The vision is disordered; choleraic symptoms occur; skin, hair, and nails exfoliate. The anxiety is amel. after vomiting.

Merl > appendix
Nos. 1 to 18, Dr. Hesse, "provings on fifteen persons" (eighteen separate initials are found, possibly the result of typographical errors), including four women and seven girls, with doses of 5 to 40 grains of the extract, N. Archiv. f. Hom., 1, 2, 141; 1, symptoms without authority in original, to be referred to Hesse; 2, "A.;" 3, "F.;" 4, "G.;" 5, "H.;" 6, "Hel.;" 7, "Ho.;" 8, "J.;" 9, "K.;" 10, "Kl.;" 11, "M.;" 12, "Min.;" 13, "R.;" 14, "S.;" 15, "St.;" 16, "T.;" 17, "Z.;" 18, "Fi.;" 19, poisoning of three women by a quantity cooked and eaten as salad, Bost. M. and S. J., 3, 358.

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