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Manganum Aceticum

Mang. C, Mangan, Mang-a.

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HPUS indication of Manganum Aceticum: Weak ankles

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Manganum Aceticum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Manganese. Hahnemann.


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Desires and aversions

Aversion to food from a feeling of satiety.


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Constant whining, moaning, or groaning.

Silent, reserved, peevish.

Ill-humored, vexed over trifles.


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All the senses less acute.

Head feels heavy, it seems larger.

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Pressing, boring headache in the temples, extending towards eyes and forehead, going off on bending forward, returning on sitting up, or on bending head backward.

Drawing, stinging or tensive headache in open air, better in-doors.

Headaches arising in room, better in open air, or vice versa.

Outer head

Cold feeling at a small spot on the vertex.

Inner head

Congestion of blood to the head, with throbbing in head; better in the open air.

Stitches (like needles) and darts in left side of forehead.

Jarring of the brain, from motion of the head.

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Pupils much dilated or contracted.

Burning in eyes and dimsightedness during the day.

Pressure in the eyes when reading by candle-light.

Burning heat and dryness of the eyes.

Eyelids swollen and painful to touch.

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Whizzing and rushing in the ears.

Croaking sound in the right ear when walking.

Dull hearing relieved by blowing the nose; worse during cold and rainy weather.

Fulness of the ears, with difficult hearing and cracking when blowing the nose or swallowing.

Sudden stitching pain in the deaf ear.

Drawing cramp in the muscles in the region of the left mastoid process, so that he had to incline his head to the right side.

Swelling of left parotid, with a reddish hue. θ Typhus.

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Twitching stitches from the lower jaw to the temples, when laughing.

Lower face

Face pale, sunken.

Eruptions and ulcers at the corners of the mouth.

Dry, parched lips, with shriveled skin without thirst.

Clear vesicles on the upper lip.

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Nose sore to the touch, worse in the evening.


Coryza dry, with complete obstruction of nostrils; crampy pain at the root of nose; worse in wet, cold weather.

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Gums and teeth

Smarting toothache, made insupportable when anything cold touches the tooth.

Violent toothache suddenly going from one place to another up in ears.


Burning vesicles on the left side of the tongue.

Nodosities on the tongue; warts.


Smell from the mouth as of clay or earth (early in the morning after rising).

Oily taste in the mouth.

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Sore as if excoriated, with cutting pains, independent of swallowing; palate and lips dry, worse in the open air; when swallowing, stitches into both ears; worse when coughing, with husky voice; feet and ankles swollen.

Throat dry, scratching, feeling as if the trachea was closed with a leaf.


Hoarseness with coryza; with tickling cough; rough speech in early morning or in open evening air.

Voice not clear, as from phlegm, worse mornings.

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Stitches in chest and sternum, running up and down.

Warm contraction extending from middle of abdomen to chest, with nausea.

Bruised pain in upper chest when stooping, better by raising head.


Beating in the chest.


Breath hot and burning, with disagreeable heat in chest.

Pain in second left rib, from talking.

Pains in head, ears, arms, stomach, worse from breathing, talking, or laughing.

Heart and pulse

Palpitation of the heart, strong, irregular, trembling, without abnormal sounds.

Sudden shocks at the heart and in left side of chest from above downward.

Pulse very uneven and irregular, sometimes rapid, sometimes slow, but constantly soft and weak.

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Causes darting in parietal bones; dry, incessant from irritation of mid-sternum; better lying down.

Dry cough from loud reading, with painful dryness, roughness and constriction of larynx.

Sputum of greenish or yellow lumps, easily raised in morning; or difficult, of tough mucus.

Reddish phlegm.

Bloody expectoration.

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Rhagades in bends of joints, with soreness.

Itching in hollow of knee and on shin, worse sweating.

Itching on palms, with red spots; lips sore.

Burning in small, red spots, on chest, arms, hands and feet, accompanying rheumatism.

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Back and neck

Tearing in whole spinal column, from above downward.

Pain in small of back on bending backward.


Red, swollen streak on left side of neck.

Stiffness of the nape of the neck.

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Cutting in region of navel when taking a long inspiration.

When walking, sensation as if bowels were loose and shaking about.

Abdomen distended bloated.


Warm contraction extending from middle of abdomen to chest, with nausea.


Pressure in the hypochondria.


Burning in stomach, extending to chest; sometimes with great restlessness.

Pressing soreness in the epigastrium.

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Passes much flatus.

Stools yellow, granular, with tenesmus and constriction of anus.

Costive, stool seldom, dry, knotty, difficult.

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Desire to urinate frequently; cutting in middle of urethra between micturition.

Urine profuse.

Sediment violent, earthy.


Sensation of weakness in genitals, with burning and drawing in spermatic cords, extending to glans.

Itching in interior of scrotum, which cannot be relieved by pinching and rubbing.


Menses too early and too scanty; bearing-down pains, great weakness, but tardy or flow absent.

Discharge of blood between periods, and pressing in genitals.

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Extremities, limbs

Rheumatism shifts from joint to joint, generally crosswise; red, shining swellings; worse from touch or motion, or at night; drawing as from shortening of tendons.

Upper extremities

Pains as from a sprain in shoulder-joint.

Rheumatic pains extending from shoulder to fingers.

Gnawing and boring in humerus, as if in the marrow.

Tension in the elbow-joint, as if too short.

Tensive pain in the joints of the arms and wrists.

Rhagades in the bends of the fingers.

Hands when closed or stretched feel swollen.

Chronic swelling and suppuration of the little finger.

Lower extremities

Tension, drawing stitches in the thigh.

Twitching of muscles in legs from least exertion.

Trembling and unsteadiness of the knees.

Tearing in the knees.

Tension and stiffness in the legs.

Inflammation and swelling of the ankle, with stitches extending to the lower legs.

Burning of the soles of the feet.

Rawness between the toes.

Excruciating pains in left big toe, worse at night and from touch, must change his position.

Rheumatism in feet; cannot bear weight on heel.

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Much yawning.

Feels sleepy early in the evening.

Many vivid dreams, which are well remembered.

Nausea and vomiting

Rising from stomach, like heartburn.

Eating and drinking

While eating pressing in stomach and abdomen, more from cold food, especially in weakly females.

After eating cramp pain in jaws; pain in rectum (after dinner).


Inflammation of bones, with nightly, insupportable, digging pains.

All the bones, particularly in lower limbs, sensitive to touch. θ Typhus.

Inflammation of joints, with digging pains at night.

Inflammatory swellings and suppuration.

Contact, Injuries, etc.

Every part of the body feels extremely sore when touched.

Touch 5, 7, 33, 34, 45. Rubbing and pinching 22.


Burning over whole body; in evening when rising from bed.

Unbearable pains in bones and periosteum, like digging, worse at night; also digging in joints.


Weakness and trembling, especially of the joints.

Temperature and weather

Worse in hot, foggy weather.

Open air 3, 13, 25. In-doors 3. Cold, rainy weather 6, 7. Cold things 10.

Chill, Fever and Sweat.

Chill generally in the evening, shooting headache, icy-cold hands and feet.

Shaking chill, with heat of the head, stinging in forehead, continuing after chill.

Sudden flushes of heat in face, on chest and over back.

Heat and sweat, with moderate thirst.

Sweat profuse, with short, anxious breathing.

Night-sweats; itching, often only on the neck and lower legs.


Right 6. Left 3, 11, 26, 29, 31, 33. Above downward 29, 31, 32.

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Position etc

Motion 34; of head 3. Walking 6, 19. Exertion 33. Must change position 33. Sitting up 30. Rising from bed 43. Raising the head 28. Stooping 28. Bending forward 3. Bending backward 31. Bending head back 3. Lying 27.

Worse at night; pains in joints, bones, etc.

Morning 12, 25, 27. Evening 7, 24, 37, 40, 43. Night 33, 34, 40, 43, 44. Day 5.