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Nux Juglans

, Nux-j.

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Jug-r > general
Nux juglans. Walnut. Juglandaceae. Tincture of leaves and of rind of green fruit.

Jug-c > general
The Butternut and the Black Walnut (Juglans nigra) are the American representatives of the Walnut family. J. ciner. and Juglans regia, or Nux juglans, have both been proved and studied. With both the digestion is first disordered, and with this other symptoms, as headache, occur. These run an acute course and then skin affections manifest themselves, and these run a chronic course (Clotar Willer, quoted by Hale). Before the homoeopathic provings were made Jug. c. had a reputation as a mild cathartic and was successfully used in camp diarrhoea and dysentery in the early American wars. Applied to the skin, the juice causes reddening and blistering. "The green rind rubbed on tetters and ringworms dispels them." The provings brought out the characteristics in much detail, and clinical use has still further developed them. Jug. r. has been used with much success in scrofulous and scorbutic conditions.

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