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Sambucus Canadensis

American Elder, Sambucus Can. Samc.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Sambucus Canadensis in traditional homeopathic usage, not reviewed by the FDA.



Sambucus Nigra Sambucus canadensis, L.

Natural order, Caprifoliaceae.

Common name, Elder.

Preparation, Tincture of the flowers.

Authority. (Dr. A. Uebelacker, Morristown, New Jersey, MS. to editor). 1, Took tincture, 20 drops, first day; 50 drops, second and third days; 1a, same, a week later, took tincture (of buds, flowers, tender shoots, and leaves), 20 drops, first, and 30 drops, third day.

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(Sweat), The symptoms.

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With the drawing in the head an unusual depression of spirits was felt; an indefinable fear as if the horse (a very gentle animal) might run away, or the wagon break at any moment; a dread of some undefined danger (after one hour),

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Severe drawing in the head, with fulness; on motion it felt as if water were undulating in it, with unusual depression of spirits (after one hour),


The same drawing and fulness in the head, followed by sharp, darting pains through the head (after half an hour, second day),

Head felt heavy, confused, with drawing and darting pains (after one hour),

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Face flushed (after one hour),

The face was so flushed, that a friend meeting me on the road, said "Doctor, you'd better go home, you are sick; your face is all broken out in blotches, and you look bad" (after one hour, second day),

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Mouth dry; felt so parched as to stop at a farmhouse and ask for a drink (after one hour),

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Throat and mucous lining of larynx and trachea felt dry and swollen, impeding free respiration (second day),

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Feeling of soreness in chest region of heart (third day),


Unaccountable heaviness and constriction in the chest, as if a heavy load were pressing on it; the heart began to labor heavily; palpitation set in; the sense of oppression made me gasp for breath at times; breathing labored, similar to asthma (after two hours, first day, and after one hour, second day),

Aroused from sleep by a terrible constriction of chest and heart; had to jump up in bed to get my breath; could not lie down for fear of choking (after one hour and a half, third day),

Breathing labored, similar to asthma (after two hours, first day, and after one hour, second day),

Respiration wheezing (second day),

Had to sit up in bed to get breath (second day),

Heart and pulse

Sharp pain in the heart (in the region of the valves), with palpitation, the heart at times working so hard as to be observed by the movement of the vest (after one hour),

Heart began to labor heavily; palpitation set in (after two hours, first day, and after one hour, second day),

Pulse rose to 100, but became normal at end of perspiration (after three hours),

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Back felt sprained (after two hours),

Pain in back (after one hour, second day),

Pressing pain in lumbar region (after two hours,)

Pressure in lumbar region (after one hour and a half, third day),

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Pressure in renal region, followed by frequent and profuse flow of urine, looking clear (after two hours),

Frequent urination (after one hour, second day, and after one hour and a half, third day),

The urine contained albumen (Nitric Acid nitric acid test),

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Extremities, limbs


Sharp darting pains in hands and feet resemble rheumatic pains (after one hour, second day),

Darting pains in hands and feet (after one hour and a half, third day),

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Perspiration, soon becoming profuse, which gradually relieved all the other symptoms (after three hours),

Profuse sweat, with relief of all symptoms, except a feeling of exhaustion (second day),

Profuse perspiration relieving all symptoms; I noticed that the head perspired less than the rest of the body (third day),

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Feeling of exhaustion, which remained during the rest of the day (second day),

During all the provings a feeling of uneasiness, of unrest, was a very marked symptom,

All the other symptoms recurred again, first and second days,

Symptoms relieved by sweat (second day),

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