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Finding a Homeopath with the Web

Our web based homeopath tool is no substitute for seeing a real live homeopath in the flesh. A homeopath may well use our web tool to analyze your case, but the advantage of seeing a homeopath is the experience they have in taking your symptoms; they will include information which you may not consider important, and which you may not even be able to judge (such as your state of mind).

We publish an online directory of Homeopaths, with details of where they are based and a short description of their practice. However, users should satisfy themselves of any listed homeopath's credentials. In our directory, they all write their own descriptions, and we make no checks on their authenticity.

Your national Homeopathic association will publish a list of members, which meet the regulations set out by that organisation. You can also ask on our forum for recommendations.

Beware of paying for an online or e-mail consultation, as this is no substitute for a face to face meeting with a qualified and experienced practitioner. If you can not physically get to a homeopath, or would rather the anonymity of an online diagnosis, we recommend our online remedy finder - but please remember that it is not a substitute for professional medical advice.

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