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Wait and see if general state improves. If you want to repeat bryonia do not repeat in dry doses. May be you're sensitive to this med. --so you may try it out in wet dose with due succussions.
maheeru 9 years ago

I didn't take any medicine on 29/7/11, 30/7/11,31//11 & 1/8/11. On 1/8/11 I had the worst possible aggravation (day & night) so much so that I took maximum doses of pain killers but without any effect. Even Tramazac injection did nothing.

Today (2/8/11) I have taken one dose of Kali Carb 30C at 7.45 AM. It was earlier suggested by one doctor but I had not taken then.
Let me see the effect, then I will report

With regds.

P. Prakash 9 years ago

Kali Carb also gave some relief the first day only. Thereafter agg was of the highest order (day & night). I took only two doses of kali carb 30C. Thereafter I took Camph 30C as it is an antidote of Kali Carb plus it had always gave me relief in past. Its first dose helped me magically, but later there was only aggravation till today (it is 6.15 pm now) of the highest order. I have to take pain killers even then life is unbearable.

Now I want to try out some suitable medicine out of the parallel medicines of Camphor because drug symptoms of Camphor match mine almost completely. Can you please give me a list of these parallel medicines? Or, pl tell how I can get it from the net or otherwise.

Or, kindly tell me what I should do.

With due regards,

P. Prakash 9 years ago

The link i gave for z.val. also contains collaterals for camphor.

The list is: acon, amm. mur., ars.,bell., camph-ac., carb. veg.,canth., con., cupr., dulc., Eup.per., Graph., Hell., Hydr-ac., Luff-a.,Lyco.,Nit-s-d, Opium, Pyrog.,secale, Stram.,sulph., Tereb.,verat.,verat-v..
maheeru 9 years ago

Thank you so much,but you never gave me the link for Z Val. Will you pl give it to me now for later use , if required? I have decided upon Verat 30C and have already started it. I will report the progress to you as and when required.

With due rgds.

P. Prakash 9 years ago

On 22nd July I posted a link for Encyl. of relationships by A.Rahman particularly for Zinc valerian. The post is in the previous page.
maheeru 9 years ago

I was not so non-observant earlier. I suppose the types of aggravations I have been in, day and night, have made me worse than ever before. Yes! The link is very much there. I am sorry for my comment.

The second thing is a BIG THING. It has always been in the back of my mind that during the last 5-6 years there were distinctly two times/days when my condition had become real good (free of symptoms) and that I have mentioned so in my records also. I went through my records and found that both these days were during the period when I was taking Phosphorus. Then I changed Phosphorus to Mag-C was an unfortunate thing.

In total I took 17 doses of phos 200 during the period 31/7/09, 1/8/09 & 7/8/09 to 24/8/09. THE FIRST REAL GOOD PERIOD was after the 11th dose taken at 2.30PM on 17/8/09 [ from 12 day on 17/8/09 to 3.40AM on 18/8/09]. At 11.00PM on 17/8/09, I have written – “I don’t know how to react. I have never witnessed this condition (symptom-free) earlier. What am I supposed to do! This condition started EVEN BEFORE I took the 11th dose of phos200+ at 2.30PM on 17/8/09.. What is the cause of this condition? What triggered it?” I had taken the 10th dose at 6.15AM on 15/8/09 and I had taken Pain killer (Mazetol 200) – 1 tablet at 5AM, 1 tab at 3.40AM &1 tab at 5AM on 16/8/09.

THE SECOND REAL GOOD PERIOD was after I took the 17th (i.e. the last) dose of Phos200+ at 7AM on 24/8/09 and had to take 2 tabs of Mazetol at 10PM on24/8/09 and 2.45AM on 25/8/09 thereafter. This 2nd real good period was from 10.45PM on 24/8/09 to 3PM on 26/8/09 (i.e. about 40 hours). During this period also I did not have disease symptoms.

To my most unfortunateness, I stopped taking Phos just after that, in stead of taking its next dose. The comment which I have written in my records reades as –

4PM 25/8/09 “Spl Note:

(!)I have witnessed ‘almost nil symptoms’ condition on 17/8/09 (from 12.00day on 17/8/09 to 3.30AM on 18/8/09) i.e. for 15.1/2 hrs. – after I took Mazetol 200 at 3.40Am & 5AM
Today (i.e. from 3.15AM, 24/8/09 to 4PM, 25/8/09) i.e. for > 12 hrs.

(II)It must have been due to Mazetol 200 in both cases, because in both cases I had been taking Phos200+ with dissatisfactory results before taking Mazetol 200 tablets; and even afterwards in 17/8/09 case.


(III)Hence, I think I should change over to Mag-C-200 now.

I wrote out another comment on 28/8/09 which analyzed the above situation again in detail and came to the conclusion that the above good effects must have been due to Phos 200+, but, to my bad luck, I did not continue with Phos200 again.


And, now, you have suggested Bryonia/Phosphorus; and again as the biggest fool, I tried to keep aside Phosphorus by telling you that I have already tried it out.

I beg your pardon in all my earnestness for my behavior. I feel Phosphorus is my medicine, but I have not restarted it yet, because, now, I want to take it under your guidance.

Now I am free from the effects of Verat (which were too bad to experience) by taking 4 doses of Camphor 200 (as antidote and also because Camphor suits me well) and some pain killers.

Now I request you to kindly accept me as your patient. Kindly tell me the potency, dose and frequency of Phosphorus which I should take. Also, what exactly will be the wet dose.

To my understanding, wet dose or split dose is as follows. Take a disposable paper container/glass of about 300 ml capacity. Stand near a water tap. Put a drop of Phosphorus in it. Fill it up with tap-water. Then throw this water out. Refill the paper container again with tap-water. Throw out the water again. Refill, throw out ,… repeat this process 10/20/30/40/…..number of times. Then take a mouth full of sip from the water of the last refill. This is your dose. Don’t use the same water container again. Use a fresh one each time.

If this is what you want me to do, please tell me – how many times I should refill the paper container before taking the sip as my dose. Also, any other instructions.

In 2009, I was making my doses by the method of dilutions in double distilled water. Preparing double distilled water was a very cumbersome process. My last i.e. 17th dose of Phosphorus 200+ taken on 24/8/09 had contained 1 / 4,25,00,000 of a drop of medicine only. I am very susceptible to homeopathic medicines.

Pl tell me if you need any further information.

Awaiting you earliest response and with due regards, I am,


P. Prakash
P. Prakash 9 years ago

I am waiting for your reply, Sir!

P. Prakash 9 years ago
Dear Prakash

You forgot another time i suggested phos. along with mez. on 1st october 2010 :)

You have taken quite a lot of remedies and unfolding your case might take a lot of time and patience. You also need to cooperate by not taking remedies or anti dotes on your own.

Would you mind answering the questionnaire below?

Name: Sex: Age: Marital status: Children: Occupation: Habits(like
smoking/ alcohol/ tobacco, partying etc):

1) Family Medical History:


Grandparents(Maternal and paternal):

Brothers and sisters:

Spouse and children:

2) Patient's Medical History: (Include vaccination history and the
reactions to them if any)

Major illnesses(Chronologically):

Operations(if any chronologically):

Present medication:

Previous medication:

3) a) Present your Complaints in order of priority:(Give as much information as you can in your own words without much reference to medical and technical terms.)

b) Can you connect these complaints to any other events? What was going on in your life personally, physically, emotionally, socially, environmentally when the complaints came on?

c) What are the things, which aggravate your suffering and which are those, which make you feel better? Example- time, temperature, pressure, rubbing, washing, eating, tight clothing, movement, climate, music, consolation, thunderstorm, exam or other important events, smell, noise,light etc. Are you worse on any particular side of the body ?

4) Physical Profile:(You can add your picture--optional-- and give details for the following topics)

Colour of hair: Colour of eyes: Skin: Complexion: Build: Posture:
Height: Weight: Nails: Other

5) Mental Profile:

a) Describe yourself in your own words:

b) Any grief, broken relationship, any anger/resentment against anybody, any fears, any phobias?

c) Do you have any strange, peculiar or unusual symptom or feelings? How are you different from others?

6) a) If Female:(Describe in detail where ever necessary)

Age of Puberty: Cycle of periods:

Please describe the irregularities in periods, like pains, moods, flow
type, clots, sensations etc if there are any?

Pregnancy problems—before/during/after delivery: Number of pregnancies:

If Menopause—headaches/flushes/sweats/dryness/mood swings/memory?

Any problem with intercourse?

b) If Male:

Any problem with intercourse or sexual organs?

7) Do you think you are able to satisfy your sexual desires in general?

8) What do you crave for in food items and in general and what are your aversions in food items and in general?

9) Describe your thirst and hunger? (Examples: Average or Excessive or
thirstless or loss of appetite or any other associated details)?

10) Describe your sleep? Do you have a particular posture of sleeping?
Are there any Recurring or significant dreams?

11) Describe about discharges (colour/odour/consistency)? [ Nasal, from ear or sweat (where do you sweat more? head/trunk/limbs etc), stool and urine.]

12) what is your preference—in climate, weather? (Examples: sun/shade/cold
dry/cold damp/hot humid/not extreme/well ventilated)

13) Other details you want to say or if there are any peculiar things going on in your physical or emotional plane.

Though phos. is there on mind, i'd like to see if there's a better fit or we can go ahead with phos.
maheeru 9 years ago

Thanks a lot for your this post which I had been awaiting and awaiting, and also for your concern regarding administering the best possible medicine to me this time. However, my inputs are as follows:

1.During the course of the last about 5 years, and after trying out about 25 medicines, only two medicines have helped me miraculously well viz. Camphor and Phosphorus. Lately, the effects of Camphor have started including some drug symptoms also like loosening and paining of some teeth, though it always helps me still otherwise. So I use it sparingly. However, Phosphorus which is a much deeper acting medicine has not been tried out fully. I discontinued its use on wrong grounds. I didn’t recognize its initial aggravation, and took 2 tabs of pain killer to end this aggravation. Thereafter started its amelioration effect (most marvelous, as if I didn’t have any disease) which I understood as the effect of the 2 tabs of pain killer. It happened two times. And both times I made the same mistake in making my decision. Thus, obviously, I must try out Phosphorus fully first before trying to find out some other probable better fit. And, this is, in a nut shell, the result of the happenings of the last five years. It will not be a wise decision on my part now not to make its use first, that is, before starting doing anything afresh now.

2.During the course of the last one year or so, you have also suggested me, twice, to try out Phosphorus. This strengthens my above decision.

So I urge you to try Phosphorus fully now, before doing anything else. If Phosphorus does not work, you may look for other options.

As wanted by you, I will follow your instructions to the best of my ability/capability.

Pl reply early.

With due regards,

P. Prakash 9 years ago

In that case, try to procure Phosphorus LM1....will let you know the dosing instructions once you have the remedy.
maheeru 9 years ago

OK,Sir! Delay may be because I cant talk.Talking agg a lot. And I can find it through phone only by talking. But I will do my best.


P. Prakash 9 years ago

Do you know any store in or around Delhi which deals in LM potencies? I am trying to find it out myself also.

P. Prakash 9 years ago
Nice and very informative topic for discussion.Thanks for sharing this great topic.Really this topic is very informative to us.
devidsmith 9 years ago

Thanks, but may I know which topic you are referring to?

P. Prakash 9 years ago

I have now got the source for LM potencies. It is: Hari Om Homeopathic Pharmacy, Shop No. 26, Sector 1 Market, RKPuram, New Delhi. (Ph.; 011-266150) for your records.

Further, latest development regarding my health is: I wrote out to you on 25/8/11 that now, I will follow your instructions to the best of my ability/capability and requested you to reply early – because I was suffering a lot. However, as I could not receive your reply too fast, I thought of continuing my medication in my own way till I receive your instructions for the ensuing phase of my treatment.

On 27/8/11 at 9.50 AM I took Phos 200 – one mouthful sip from the 20th glass, the way I have explained to you in my post dtd 22/8/11 (split dose). To my utter joy (and disbelief), all my agg vanished. I enjoyed a symptom-free time from 10 AM (27/8/11) upto 4 AM (28/8/11). Then started returning of symptoms and they became intolerable at 7.20 AM (28/8/11).

To make this amelioration (symptom-free) period a little longer (i.e. for about 24 hours), I took 2nd dose of Phos 200 - one mouthful sip from the 18th (instead of 20th) glass. I thought this would be just marginally more in the drug content. But this was not so. It proved to be much more. All the day and night (from 7.30 AM: 28/8/11 to 2.20 AM: 29/8/11) aggravation broke out in full might. It was hell. All the time I was rubbing (very hard) my left face from right hand at temple/cheek-bone/Joint of Jaws/cheek/lip. The pain was burning/boring/cutting/throbbing/lightening type, differently at different places, continually. Hard-rubbing also gave temporary relief for about 1 minute each time.

Then it became too much for me to continue. At 2.20 AM, without having had a trace of rest the whole and night, I badly felt the need for some sleep, may be for a few hours, may be while sitting in the chair. So I took one tablet of Mazetol 200 (pain-killer especially for Trigeminal Nreuralgia). Its effect started in about 2 hours. Then I slept in chair for an hour or so, then in the bed nicely. I got up at 9.30 AM. Ever since then I am absolutely fine, symptom-free except for some swelling in the left lower lip.

I am absolutely sure that this symptom-free period is due to the dose of Phos 200 and not because of the tab of Mazetol because the effect of Mazetol is always partial and lasts only 4-5 hours. This time I certainly don’t want to repeat my own earlier mistake in making a wrong inference which I had done two years ago.

Now I am not going to have any further medication of my own. I will be getting the Phos LM1 tomorrow. If I receive your further instructions by then, it would be great – because then I can take my first dose of Phos LM1 in the coming morning.

I have given all these details to you to enable you to fine-tune your dosing instructions. I seem to be very highly susceptible to Phos.

Awaiting your reply most anxiously and with due regards,

P. Prakash 9 years ago

I already have stated what is required of you. If you want to be on your own, please be frank upfront.

Now leave 3 days without medicine and on 4th day, take a dose of Phos. LM1 in the manner described below:

Prepare the medicine solution as follows:

Take a 150 ml water bottle, pour inside 120ml of mineral water/packaged drinking water. Tip a granule of Phosphorus LM1 (one pill only) into the water bottle and let it dissolve(don't touch the pill with hands, use the cap of the vial to tip in). Shake the water bottle, up and down vigorously for 5 times and from this water bottle you will take one drop (use a dropler or a filler- disposable) to a disposable cup (approx. equal to 400 ml having fresh water slightly below the brim), stir the cup for a couple of times gently, and from this cup take half a teaspoon as a dose. You would keep the water bottle safe but would empty the contents of the cup after the dose.

For the next dose, you will fill the cup with fresh water anew, and would transfer one drop from the water bottle after due shaking i.e shake the water bottle 5 times up and down just before every dose.

Every time you will only change the contents of the cup afresh and not the water bottle. Keep the water bottle in a cool dry place without exposure to sunlight or strong odours. To identify the bottle and not to make any mistake, you may label it with appropriate name.

Take a single dose and report after a week.


1) Do not take anything solid or liquid for half an hour before and after the dose.

2) Try to avoid taking coffee, tea, alcohol on the day of medicine and a week following the medicine.

3) Try to avoid the exposure to mint based substances, camphor based substances and also strong smelling substances including incense and strong perfumes.

4) Do not take any other homeopathic medicine during this duration until further updates and avoid all OTC medicines and supplementation except the medicines prescribed by your physician and emergency medicines. In your case, medicines prescribed by your physician for Trigeminal Neuralgia may be continued.

5) Do not apply any external medicinal application if there's some skin issue either in present state or after taking homeopathic medicine.

BTW your description of split dose on 22nd August is erroneous.
[message edited by maheeru on Tue, 30 Aug 2011 20:39:13 BST]
maheeru 9 years ago

Obviously I have offended you. Perhaps because I thought I could use my way of treating myself myself till I get your instructions to follow, because I thought I could have followed your instructions only after getting them. My mistake. I beg your pardon. I am an honest (i.e. frank) person. At least so I try to be. Pl be sure I will follow your instructions seriously.

I will write again after a little later. Right now, I have two points to make clear:

1.I have got Phos LM1 in liquid form. How to proceed? Can I use one drop in stead of one granule to start with?

2.Can I use RO water in place of mineral water? Whichever is better, life-wise,I will use that.

Many many thanks for giving detailed clear cut instructions. Health-wise, I have been feeling much better during the last 2-3 days,almost symptom-free all the time.

With due regds,

P. Prakash 9 years ago

On getting clarification on the two points, I will start with the first dose of Phos LM1 now. So I am waiting for your reply.

Today morning I started having some fine stitches at the left temple while washing my face, taking bath or walking in open air.


P. Prakash 9 years ago

1) In LMs granules are preferable. This time you may use one drop from what you have bought already. But in future remember to get granules.

2) RO water is ok. You can use either one of them.

Leave 2 or 3 days more without any homeopathic medicine before taking this LM dose. Be patient do not try to rush things. Even if there's a delay in my replies for 3 to 4 days, be patient, do not act impulsively.

Sometimes we may have to wait for days to ascertain remedy's action and we'll have to give time for the medicine to act.
maheeru 9 years ago
As per your instructions, here is the report 7 days after taking the 1st dose of Phos.0/1.

1ST SPLIT DOSE OF PHOS-0/1 was taken at 9.00AM on 4/9/11. What followed is as follows.

(1).FROM 9.00AM ON 4/9/11 TO 2.35AM ON 8/9/11
Initial aggravation of symptoms. …Intensity increased gradually from tolerable to unbearable levels…. Had to take an allopathic pain killer ( Mazetol 200) – 1 tablet at 2.35 AM on 8/9/11….Morale (mental condition as of depression or elation) had been +5 (in the scale of -10 to +10) for many months. It suddenly raised to +6 from 6.00 PM on 6/9/11 till 9PM on 6/9/11 (i.e. for 3 hours). Then it became & remained +5.

(2).FROM 7.30 AM ON 8/9/11 TO 3.30 AM ON 9/9/11
Nil aggravation. Nil symptoms. Calm period.

Morbid symptoms started rebuilding….gradually increasing in intensity till it became unbearable at 5.00AM on 10/9/11 and again at 10.30AM on 10/9/11 when I had to take pain killer (Mazetol 200) – 1 tablet….Disturbed sleep & very disturbed sleep during the nights ending in the mornings of 9/9/11 & 10/9/11 respectively, when morale was -1 & -2 ( in the scale of -10 to +10) i.e. depression and heart sinking feeling which remained so for a few hours on both days.

Obviously the effect/action of the dose started at 9.00AM on 4/9/11 and ended at 3.40AM on 9/9/11 i.e. the dose had its effect on the economy for slightly less than 5 days only.


As I promised you I want to follow your instructions seriously i.e. intelligently, with full conviction. Also, I had written that I am an honest (i.e. frank) person. I joined this forum for the sole purpose of treating myself as per the authorities of Homeopathy with the help of this forum. As you will appreciate this forum is “you” for me. I know my knowledge is limited and experience of my own only. Your knowledge and experience are far more. You have always been very kind to me to remove my doubts or clear my concepts in past. I seek the same patronage from you now and in future too. My present doubt is about the time when the next dose should be administered.


1.“Hahnemann’s usual teaching, the outcome of his long and rich experience, was to give a single dose and await its full action” – Stuart Close.

2.”The only rule which can be laid down with safety is to repeat the dose only when improvement ceases.” – Stuart Close.

3.”Repetition of the First prescription is indicated when the symptoms that had disappeared have reappeared thus indicating a set-back.” - M.L. Dhawale

4.”Thus, a mere condition of calmness after a series of changes is not all you want for repeating the dose. For giving a second dose, the return of the symptoms on which you made your first prescription is necessary, and when these have returned, the second dose should be given WITHOUT ANY FURTHER WAITING.” - ‘Chronic Disease: Its cause and cure’ by Dr. N. Ghatak

Kent and others also say the same thing. Thus, according to the leading authorities, I should have taken the second dose in the morning of 9/9/11. The unbearable pangs of pain, disturbed sleep and depression which I had to undergo after the morning of 9/9/11, to the tune that I had to take pain killer, were not required. Perhaps they should have been avoided for the cure to be “rapid, gentle and permanent”.

I feel the present dose was larger than infinitesimal. It may be decreased further so that the initial aggravation is not so much as to generate the need for taking allopathic pain killers. Naturally, in that case, its total action time will also become still lesser than 5 days, perhaps 4 days.

I hope you will not take me amiss because of the reasons I have already stated. I have yet not taken the second dose. I will take it on getting your reply and further instructions.

Hence, I feel I should need your reply as early as possible to you. Thus, awaiting your reply anxiously and with due regards,

2.30AM : Sept. 11, 2011.
P. Prakash 9 years ago

I am waiting for reply most anxiously. The morbid symptoms have returned so much so that eating, drinking, talking, sleeping etc. have become difficult. I will take the second dose after your reply and further instruction reach me. Meanwhile, just for the sake of curiosity, I feel like asking a few questions.

1.This website origins from which country. It could not be India because I had sent my last post at 2.30AM: Sept.11. 2011 but, in the ribbon, it is shown as having been sent on Sept. 10, 2011.

2.Which country you belong to, which part of it? Actually whenever I write a post to you and want some information e.g. the source for LM potencies etc., I wonder as to whether you will really be able to help me. What types of question I should ask and what not. Also, you have helped me so much that at least I should know that much about you. Also, any other information about you which is allowable.

3.Please tell me also if I can add a few drops of Rectified Spirit in the medicinal solution to enhance its life. I am a pure non-drinker of alcohols.

Kindly do reply earliest. Thanking you,

11.45PM: Sept. 11.2011
P. Prakash 9 years ago

Incorporate the following change in the dosing for your next dose. You can go ahead with the second dose today or tomorrow.

You shake the medicinal bottle up and down 5 times, and from this bottle you transfer one drop to a dilution cup with 400ml water and stir the solution a couple of times. And from this cup(dilution cup number one) you transfer one drop of water to another dilution cup(Dilution cup number two similar to the first one with approx. 400 ml water) and give a couple of stirs to the solution in the cup 2. From the dilution cup 2, you will take one drop as a dose.

With every dose, you need to change the contents of both the dilution cups afresh. Medicinal bottle remains the same.

Observe changes over a week and report thereafter. While you report please report the changes in Emotional state, sleep, mood, energy levels, and then physical symptoms and how you're doing overall. Please avoid technicalities.
maheeru 9 years ago

1) This website is based in United Kingdom. It follows UTC(coordinated universal time) time zone. Between March and October United Kingdom follows British summer time BST.... one hour ahead of UTC.

2) Personal questions are better addressed to the private email :) However whatever country we belong to, by the virtue of internet we are kind of global citizens. Just like artists and writers, homeopaths transcend boundaries.

I would love to answer most of the questions but these days i'm hard pressed for time to answer many questions in detail.

3) You may add a few drops of rectified spirit or medicinal grade alcohol or even apple cider vinegar to the medicinal solution to keep it safe from contamination and for longevity. But this is not essential.
[message edited by maheeru on Mon, 12 Sep 2011 19:38:47 BST]
maheeru 9 years ago

As per your instructions, I took the second dose of Phos. 0/1 in the morning of 12/9/2011.

Thanks for your last two posts. But my one concept still remains needing-clarification. WHAT IS THE CRITERIA FOR ASCERTAINING THE TIME WHEN THE NEXT DOSE SHOULD BE ADMINISTERED? Please clear this concept to me.

Awaiting your reply anxiously,

3.00AM: Sept. 13, 2011
P. Prakash 9 years ago

I am awaiting your reply please.


11.30AM: Sept. 16, 2011
P. Prakash 9 years ago

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