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Ear fluid, laryngitis, teething etc.

She's 1 year and a half and a few weeks ago was diagnosed with double ear infection. Funny enough, i went to the doc because she had a very hard cough- barking really loud. I didn't realize her ears were infected. He said, her chest is clear but ears are not. So he prescribed antibiotics, and in haste i gave it to her. She did not improve much. Her cough lingered for 2 more weeks. Last week i took her for a followup, he said there is fluid in her ears, and her chest is still clear. Last friday she had a case of laryngitis.
Voice came back by sunday. I gave her kali mur 6x which helped her nose to leak out.
Her cough only comes at night, when she's about to fall asleep, it wakes her up. She wakes up every night at 2 am with cough.
Her left nostril has more mucus running down.
I'm not sure with what i did was right or wrong, i have given her one dose of allium cepa 30c earlier today.
She loves outdoors, and is healthier outside, sleeps better in the car.
Will take her to the doc tomorrow for him to assess her ears as well.
She is generally prone to catching ear infections, this is her 3rd one. She sleeps without covering. I forgot to mention, I was actually using the online Remedy Finder for yellow teeth- she has yellow teeth suddenly and is still teething. Allium cepa came up as looking 'dirty'. So i decided to try it. Please guide!! Thanks you much.
Thanks so much.
  karinamom on 2010-11-23
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Karina I am not in clinic today until much later and I have not brought my security key with me for my computer repertory, so it might be much later before I can look over the case. Can I get you to expand on the questsions anyway though (Sameer or someone else might be able to make a suggestion as well).

Sounds like the antibiotics suppressed his condition - I have sometimes seen repeated antibiotic use create glue ear in some children.

What is the cough like? What does it sound like? Does the cough start on getting into bed, or literally as she is falling asleep? How does being covered affect the cough?

Does she need any specific conditions to be present in the room to sleep? Do any conditions prevent sleep? Do any affect the cough in anyway?

How has her behavior changed since becoming sick?

Is she sweating unusually, and if so is there an odour to the sweat or is she sweating in particular locations?

Any other differences in how she is compared to her healthy state?
brisbanehomoeopath 9 years ago
The cough sounds harsh, first it started like that deep barking sound. She cries when we go to bed cuz she doesn't want to sleep, no matter how tired she is. And when she cries lying down- that starts the cough. And if she's fallen asleep, she'll cough- and it'll wake her up.
She doesn't like being covered when sleeping, but I THINK, she doesn't like to be cold either. I THINK she likes a warmer room, but i'm assuming here. I try to make the room warmer when she starts to cough.
Being covered disturbs her sleep cuz she tosses about alot, and eventually ends up on her tummy, bum sticking up in the air, and will sleep a while like that.
'Peculiar' symptom: She's done this for a long while now, as she's sleeping, she'll keep edging closer to the headboard, bumping into it, and sleeping against it. But the headboard is cold. So I'm confused.

Odour- mouth has had that phlegmy smell. I can't tell about sweat, she doesn't really sweat.

Behaviour: during the day, she's fine, seems NOT sick. And then night and early morning comes, she looks sick... puffy eyes, coughing, cranky, clingy. Wakes up unrefreshed, asks to eat, then says no... ALTHO- after eating breakfast, she's fine. Running around, playing etc.

Honestly, she's always been on and off sick. Especially when teething. I've noticed a tooth is cutting, a cough comes, or an ear infection. Now she's cutting incisors. ALWAYS. ALways a restless sleeper, loves outside, to run around. Clings to mom when we're at home, but when we go outside, runs away from me.

I've given her antibiotics just this one time. I've been able to tackle the problem homeopathically before, but i think not deep enough to cure completely.

Thanks again. You've been so helpful.
karinamom 9 years ago
Can you describe the type of clinging?
brisbanehomoeopath 9 years ago
Forgot to mention,
Her toenails are strange for a little one. Cracks on them, crooked, and the pinkytoe is yellowish and bumpy.
karinamom 9 years ago
Clingy- she'll want me only to carry her and walk around. Won't be satisfied with just sitting next to me.. and upset if i get up to do stuff. Cranky- not wailing, soft cries on and off... won't want to go to dad, etc. (but oddly enough, this behaviour is only in the morning before breakfast, sick or not sick).
But doesn't willingly eat breakfast, needs to be coaxed, it's the meal of the day that she doesn't really look forward to but needs in order to get happy.
karinamom 9 years ago
Without checking my repertory, alot of that sounds like Pulsatilla - the clinging, the waking from cough, the soft crying, the crankiness (it is related to Staphysagria a very irritable remedy), the sleep position on the knees with the bum in the air, the aversion to covers, better for open air.

I am working off memory though, not sure if anything else might come up. Do you have the remedy?
brisbanehomoeopath 9 years ago
Yes- i have used pulsatilla before for ear infections. It has worked, this time it didn't. I gave her a few doses, it didn't even palliate the ear infection- that's when i resorted to the antibiotics.
I think I have staph, never used it tho.
karinamom 9 years ago
What potency did you use? It might be a potency issue.

I promise I will look up the symptoms the moment I am able.
brisbanehomoeopath 9 years ago
Okay thanks a lot. It was puls 200c.
karinamom 9 years ago
I think in a situation where a remedy seems indicated, and stops working at a particular potency, it is appropriate to move up to the next potency - so 1M.

Of course it could be that it's ability to palliate stopped because it is only partially correct.
brisbanehomoeopath 9 years ago
Actually how were you giving her the dose?
brisbanehomoeopath 9 years ago
liquid, one drop- 1 tblspn of water.
karinamom 9 years ago
Even tho puls helped her ear infections, it never helped her sleep tho- that has always been restless.
karinamom 9 years ago
If I am trying to sqeeze more out of a remedy or a potency, there are a couple of things that can be done to increase the strength of it.

1. Increase the number of hits on the bottle - increase it by two until a dose works. If this is the issue, I usually don't need to increase them by that many. I do 2 hits as standard, then go to 4, 6, 8. After that, if nothing has happened then the number of hits is probably not the problem.

2. Increase the number of drops - from 1 to 2 to 3. After that, once more, if nothing is happening it probably is not the problem.

3. Decrease the amount of water used. It might even be necessary to give a drop directly from the bottle on to the tongue.

Generally speaking, the hitting of the bottle is vital for long term management of a disease, as you must continually increase the potency/strength of a medicine with each dose, to overcome a disease fully. Once you find the right number of hits, you can remain at that number for as long as it works.
brisbanehomoeopath 9 years ago
Yeah I hear you - it probably isn't 'her' remedy, so I will look a bit deeper for you.
brisbanehomoeopath 9 years ago
TEETH - DENTITION - difficult
GENERALS - UNCOVERING - desire for etc... (&Elimination)
EXTREMITIES - NAILS; complaints of - distorted nails
SLEEP - POSITION - genupectoral
GENERALS - AIR - open air - amel. (&Elimination)
EXTREMITIES - NAILS; complaints of - split nails
COUGH - SLEEP - wakens from (&Elimination)
MIND - CARRIED - desire to be carried
Teeth discoloration - yellow

The symptoms are very much sycotic, going by the genupectoral sleep position coupled with the early morning aggravation, yellow discoloration of teeth. These combined with a very catarrhal state are a hallmark of the sycotic trait.

The remedy right now seems to be Nitric Acid, although some strong indications of Sulph and Med are also there. The amelioration from riding in a car pretty much seals this one for me.

So, karinamom, have you ever given Nit-ac ?
sameervermani 9 years ago
generals - riding - car, in a - amel. is also a rubric.
sameervermani 9 years ago
i was actually debating between nit-ac and allium cepa yesterday, and i chose allium cepa over nit-ac in haste mainly because nit-ac has a clean tongue am i right? and she doesn't... her's is always either white coated, or a little yellow when she's sick. Here's why i chose allium cepa:
-very sensitive to light, cries when the sun hits her eyes in the car
-if her nose is leaking, she rubs it, and cries, and keeps rubbing it...till it's really red i thought maybe it burned?
-the 'worse in warm room' not sure..
-cries a lot when she coughs at night- not sure if it hurt her, or if she was annoyed cuz it troubled her sleep.
I gave her just 1 dose allium cepa 30c, and then when she woke around 2 (her usualy wakeup time) i tried a pellet of a 200. Not sure if i did the right thing. Please advise. I also chose it because i myself am a hayfever sufferer (but have never cured it), i thought maybe she has the same const?
If you feel nit-ac better fits her, can i give it after i have given the all-c? And in what potency do you suggest?
Thanks so much,
karinamom 9 years ago
Hi karinamom,

Wait for a day or so without any more dosing.

Then you can give her a single dose of Nit-ac 30c in water. JUST ONE TIME.

I am going for her constitutional remedy, rather than acute because these infections are very much recurrent for her.

Please update in 5 days after the dose.
sameervermani 9 years ago
Okay. I went to the doc. She is still the same with some amount of fluid in her ear. He could not tell me if it's more or less than last week when he saw her.
She fell and got a bump on her head, can i go ahead and proceed with arnica for her at this time?
karinamom 9 years ago
Nit-ac has to be in liquid form right?
I dont' have that medicine, will get it today hopefully. But I can only get the boiron liquid here, where it dispenses as a pump (10 drops)... will that do?
karinamom 9 years ago
Only use Arnica if the injury is serious enough to warrent a remedy. Otherwise go ahead with the acute prescription.
brisbanehomoeopath 9 years ago
Agree with bris on the Arnica.

David, I am going for the constitutional here as these infections are recurring again and again.

kmom, That's weird that it does not have a dropper. Try to get out as few drops as possible.

Just 1 dose is enough.

Put the drops in 500 ml water, and then please give her a teaspoon.

Report in 4-5 days.
sameervermani 9 years ago
Okay thanks. Will have to source out that remedy tomorrow. Pellets won't do?
karinamom 9 years ago
Pellets are ok.

Use 1 or 2 pellets dissolved in 500 ml spring water, and give a teaspoon from there ONCE.
sameervermani 9 years ago

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