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cvvek last decade
Dear Brisbanehomeopath

I do not understand why you are not replying to my posts.

I asked you earlier that have you signed off this case, you said NO.

It is not fair on any bodies part to leave the case in between without advising.

If you are away, least expected is that you would advise your program to your patients.

Now I have given two drops of Tarantulla 200C on his tongue on 8th Jan. I will observe for three days and then report progress.

Please advise your email id so that I can communicate with you directly.

Thanks and awaiting your reply.
satyanjana last decade
i am also not satisfied with remedy selection and way of using.

cvvek last decade
I am sorry after I gave the instructions I didn't realise there would be more questions.

You will only ever use the dosing bottle - that is why it is called the dosing bottle. The bottle you bought from the pharmacy is only used to make a replacement dosing bottle.

I had no idea that this was not clear when I said to give a drop on the tongue instead of into the water, since the drop would normally have come from the dosing bottle.

My email address is not a reliable form of contact. I only check that once a week or so.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Dear Brisbanehomeopath

You would probably understand that I am a layman and not a homeopath or a Doctor, therefore will need clear instructions/guidelines of medication so that any confusion is avoided and correct medication takes place.

You have not been responding promptly to the posts and therefore medication has proceeded in a haphazard manner.

In absence of clear and timely instructions I have given medicine as I could understand.

Now also in your last post (of 12-01-1012) you have not advised what should be done next. I am again in a confused state as to what do now.

If you are unable to devote time on this case, you should not have taken it up. If feel lost on this case and want to sign off please say clearly so that I request help from someone else.

Mr Vikas Grower has recommended you as the only competent person to take up this case, but I feeling disappointed. I am sorry to say all this and you will appreciate my frustration if you had been in my position.

So I will request you to please advise as to whether I can expect treatment of my grandson from you in a professional manner.

Let me tell you that after giving a drop of Tarantulla 200C on his tongue still there is no visisble change either '+' or '-'

Thanks and awaiting prompt reply.
satyanjana last decade
My intention here has not been to be obstructive. You must understand the limitations of using a website like this.

I normally see clients every 2-4 weeks. The amount of time each person gets here from me is far greater than any clinical situation I have ever seen. It is better always to wait than to act for chronic cases, so if it takes time to get a reply there is no problem with that as long as the patient is not in a life-threatening situation. Waiting is one of the tools of homoeopathic prescribing, as it always allows a more complete picture appear.

The reality is that this is a public website that I cannot be on all the time due to my own clinical responsibilities. While I try to use what spare time I have to address all the concerns of people here, there will always be times when I must juggle that time and the various needs of people here. Each case can take several hours of my day. I do this work for free - but I must always be mindful of the clients who do not get such treatment for free if I am to be able to continue to pay my own bills and to be fair to them.

The instructions I have given are the same I give to everyone here, so any difficulties we are having with them being clear are new to me. I am not trying to be obstructive I just didn't expect that.

I have continued to work on this case in my spare time as I can. In fact I have done no less than 4 different analyses using both my paper repertory and my computer repertory, which has brought up more options for treatment.

However, as I said earlier, because even in that work, Tarentula continues to feature very prominently, the best thing for us to do is to first eliminate any possibility that Tartentual is the right remedy.

We do that by first repeating the dose, then we adjust the dosage (by place the drop on the tongue instead of water), then we increase the potency to 1M.

At this stage, you should have completed the second step - where the drop has been put directly on the tongue. If at least 5 days have passed and there has been no change, then our next step is to use 1M. In some cases I have seen a patient be unresponsive to a lower dose but cure on a higher dose.

Once we have allowed another 5-7 days to pass after using 1M, I will weigh up the 4 new remedies that have appeared in the work I have done, and decide which one would have the best chance of working.

Homoepathy is slow and methodical. We must be sure at each step that we have not accidentally missed using the remedy in the correct way, since for furture treatment people can avoid that remedy due to the idea that it did not help.
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brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Dear Brisbanehomeopath

Thanks for your reply.

I am sorry for the confusion which took place all because of my impatience.

I had given the last dose i.e. 2 drops of Tarantula 200C on his tongue on 8th Jan. I can not judge if there is any improvement in his behavioral pattern.

The biggest problem is that he can not sit quite and still for even few minutes while eating, studying at home or when asked to do so. He will not obey instructions in one go, and sometimes do an act for which he is advised not to do.

However he will sit quietly and watch TV. He will obey if there is something at stake etc.

So I do not know if there is any visible change.

Now if I have to give him 1M dose kindly tell me how to make the dose and how it is to be given. Should it be same way as split dose for 200C or as 2 drops on tongue from dosing bottle or direct.

Please advise early.

Thanks for your help.
satyanjana last decade
Alright that is the first step done. We know that 200c will not help him.

Give one dose of 1M, doing it in the same way you did that last dose of 200c. So make a dosing bottle, hit it twice, place 1 drop on to his tongue.

We need to give it at least 5 days then to assess. I have several other ideas if nothing happens.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
cvvek last decade
dear satyanjana

How is that child? please update info.

cvvek last decade
Dear brisbanehomoeopath.

This is the best example to prove that your theory is a bad one. (Spider children, as there are for Cat children or Dog children or Bird children).

The only theory governing homeo is 'likes is cured with likes'

cvvek last decade
That is a ridiculous statement to make. Patients on this forum drop out of sight all the time.

I used the MATERIA MEDICA and REPERTORY to make this prescription. I used RUBRICS to come to this remedy.

They are aspects of TRADITIONAL homoeopathy. Symptoms -> Repertory -> Rubrics -> Prescription. This method I find limited at times but it is how I was trained and I have no trouble using it when it appears suitable.

Many prescriptions do not work. I have made ONE prescription here, and as per STANDARD practice before moving on from the remedy to a new one I have tried a higher potency. This is because REPERTORY ANALYSIS of the case continues to show Tarentula as a strong contender based on the SYMPTOMS.

Having a swipe at me because a patient isn't answering your queries, is very mean-spirited.

Clearly you have no understanding of the Sensation method, a method I didn't even really use here. I find many homoeopaths and others who have no understanding of how the method works love to criticize it, and yet they are acting out of ignorance since they understand nothing of the process.

The Law of Similars is only used in this method, no other law. The use of kingdoms and groups to classify remedies and create order in our materia medica is quite an old thing in homoeopathy. Even Hahnemann himself said in the future it would be done (and he was right!).

I will quote from an article written by David Little, a world famous classical homoeopath. The whole article can be found here


There is much discussion about the three kingdoms of nature in contemporary Homoeopathy. Who was the first homoeopath to speak in terms of the mineral, plant and animal worlds? The answer is Samuel Hahnemann in The Chronic Diseases.

As a rule it was developed from their pure symptoms, that most of the earths, alkalis and acids, as well as the neutral salts composed of them, together with several of the metals, cannot be dispensed with in curing the almost innumerable symptoms of Psora. The similarity in nature of the leading antipsoric, sulphur, to phosphorus and other combustible substances from the vegetable and mineral kingdoms led to the use of the latter, and some animal substances naturally followed them by analogy, in agreement with experience.

The Chronic Diseases Their Peculiar Nature and Their Homœopathic Cure; S. Hahnemann (Theoretical Part), The Medicines, page 244.

In the above quote Hahnemann discusses the elements of the periodic table and explains how it is possible to use “analogy in agreement with experience” to uncover related properties in the plant and animal remedies. This established a system in which the symptoms of the remedies of the three kingdoms and their families can be compared. This method was taken up by Professor E. A. Farrington M.D. in his lectures at Hahnemann Medical College, which was founded by Hering.

“We are now ready to begin our study of the various drugs composing the Homoeopathic Materia Medica. For this purpose I have arranged the remedies in three grand divisions, according to the kingdom of nature from which they are derived.”

A Clinical Materia Medica, E. A. Farrington, Lecture I. page 14.

Hering so was impressed with Farrington’s knowledge of remedies that he said, “When I am gone Farrington must finish my materia medica”. It has been noted from an early period that each of the three kingdoms has its characteristic symptoms. In his lectures Dr. Farrington offers insights into the remedies of the animal world including the theme of “violence and intensity”. The great teacher wrote:

You will find, too, that these animal poisons are apt to affect the mind, especially the emotions. They arouse the lowest qualities in human nature, and produce a condition which is truly shocking. Some of them arouse the filthiest lust, the most intense anger, and passions of a kindred nature.
A Clinical Materia Medica, E. A. Farrington, Lecture I1, Animal Kingdom, page 25.

The use of the synthetic prescription is not new to Homoeopathy. For example, Dr. Clarke said, “Bar-i. has been used empirically, especially in cases of glandular enlargement and new growths, on indications suggested by its two elements”. Clarke was showing that if one has a decent understanding of Baryta and Iodium it may be possible to prescribe the remedy, Baryta Iodata. Hering offered a similar opinion about the use of remedies like Calcarea Arsenicosa. Other hints are found scattered throughout out homoeopathic literature. Nevertheless, some have questioned the very origins of this method. Where did the idea of synthetic prescribing originate?

The earliest recorded experiment of a synthetic prescription was in 1843 when Samuel Hahnemann gave Robert Everest (Casebook DF-14, page 13) Cinnabaris (Red Sulfide of Mercury) based on the combined symptoms of Mercury and Sulphur found in two rubrics in Boenninghausen’s repertory. This is a clear example of keeping one’s eyes open for the possible combination of elements while analyzing the symptoms of the patient in our reference works. This means that the synthetic method has been with Homœopathy since the beginning!

The methods of Scholten and Sankaran are considered by many to be the cutting edge of contemporary Homoeopathy. Nevertheless, is the new “systems approach” being used by some in such a one sided manner that it is overturning the cardinal principles of our healing art? Are unproven remedies being used in a way that lacks the consistency of the classical standard? Has the inductive reasoning of the Organon been replaced by methods that are based mostly on speculation? Hahnemann felt that the study of the natural kingdoms could provide hints about the potential use of homoeopathic remedies but he opined that provings and symptoms brought out on patients under treatment were essential to the method. In Essays on a New Principle Hahnemann wrote.

I am far from denying, however, the many important hints the natural system may afford to the philosophical student of the materia medica and to him who feels it his duty to discover new medicinal agents; but these hints can only help to confirm and serve as a commentary to facts already known, or in the case of untried plants they may give rise to hypothetical conjectures, which are, however, far from approaching even to probability.

The Lesser Writings of Samuel Hahnemann; S. Hahnemann (Dudgeon Edition), Essay on a New Principle for ascertaining the Curative Powers of Drugs, page 257.

Drs. Scholten and Sankaran are very experienced classical homoeopaths but their experimental methods are being taken up by students and practitioners new to the art. This method is being used by persons that have not yet mastered the traditional methods in a reasonable manner. They do not understand how to use the repertory or materia medica properly. They depend mostly on flow charts of essences rather than rubrics of our reference works. Others think they have found a short cut to the “highest method” and don’t really need to use the repertory. Some of these persons cannot even recognize a simple Calcarea or Arsenicum case standing right in front of them yet they are trying to use unproven and lesser known remedies by a simple two dimensional grid on paper.

Many practitioners do not have the background to understand when these experimental methods are leading in the wrong direction. In some cases the use of these new methods has become a fad or fashion, which is the antithesis of the term “classical”. When the use of the systems approach is supported by the classic methods of the repertory and materia medica the outcome may add very valuable insights. When these new methods replace the traditional techniques they lack the stability and consistency of the classical practice. The truth is that a well constructed systems approach is based on the generalizations of the symptoms approach and is not a separate system. The symptom and system approach should be used together in a balanced and practical fashion.
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brisbanehomoeopath last decade
People are posting their health problems to get health, Not to act as guinea pigs to prove or disprove theory’s or SYSTEMS
Don’t do research, when patient is suffering and asking cure.
Organon aphorism §1
The physician's high and ONLY mission is to restore the sick to health, to cure, as it is termed.

cvvek last decade
People are posting their health problems to get health, Not to act as guinea pigs to prove or disprove theory’s or SYSTEMS

Don’t do research, when patient is suffering and asking cure.

Organon aphorism §1
The physician's high and ONLY mission is to restore the sick to health, to cure, as it is termed.

cvvek last decade
Dear satyanjana

Some fault is there on our side also.

You are telling to brisbanehomoeopath that I am a layman in homeo. Than who are u to decide the potency?

Why u did not ready to give 10 M potency to your child.
Why u r suddenly disappeared after brisbanehomoeopath asked to give 1 M ?

I think there is some
confusion is going in the use of high potencies to children and old people.

To clarify that…

Among fist and second childhoods ..We can use high potencies at fist childhood but not in second childhood.

cvvek last decade
Who are you to decide how I should cure my patients. I am not here to prove anything. I use both new and old methods to cure my patients, and since incorporating the new ways of classifying remedies, and of taking cases, my cure rate has increased substantially. This has been the experience of my colleagues, and of many homoeopaths from around the world I have had the pleasure of exchanging ideas with.

Therefore, I have absolutely fulfilled Aph 1. My only aim has ever been to cure more patients, more than I currently cure. This can only happen when you continually improve on your skills, upgrade them, increase your knowledge both of materia medica and of methods of diagnosis.

What really gets my goat about your attitude though, is the complete denial of a simple truth. Whenever you prescribe a medicine, it is an EXPERIMENT. It may or may not work, you don't know for sure, and if it does not cure the patient, have you then broken Aph 1? Are you a reckless rebel whose inability to give the exact right remedy to every patient 100% of the time shows you to be a mad scientist treating patients like guinea pigs?

So you give a remedy, it is according to a theory, and it does not work. Is this not an experiment, one that did not work? Are you a bad person for trying? No, because EVERY HOMOEOPATH does this, over and over.

Perhaps you want to stand there pretending that somehow you don't do this, that you know exactly which remedy is always going to cure every single person you prescribe for. You can apply the exact method and remedies that Hahnemann used, and still fail to cure the patient. Hahnemann's original method is very limited, there are many failures. He never had enough medicines, he didn't know all those medicines as well as we know them, he had no access to the vast materia medica and clinical experiences we have now. He was limited, he failed to cure patients, and yet he continued to try and improve his methods and techniques. Right up to his death he was changing homoeopathic practice, applying different theories.

There appear to be a lot of 'armchair homoeopaths' around who are not trained, who have never seen one single live patient, and yet love to set themselves up as experts over those of us who are trained and experienced. Even worse they will criticize homoeopaths with many decades of experience, and they have never once bothered to read any of the literature they are so keen to mock. Is this the hallmark of a true intellectual? No, it is not.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Dear brisbanehomoeopath

I have used some harsh sentences against you., I am sorry, please accept my apologies.

cvvek last decade
Dear Brisbane & cwek

I request both of you not to indulge in unnecessary arguments and attack on each other, trying to pull down other.

This forum is used by really needy persons searching for a professional, honest and effective remedies to their ailments.

Please do not use this forum for one-man-up-ship. One may not agree with the prescription of other, he can always give his opinion and suggestions, but should not use abusive or derogatory language. This only does harm to the patients seeking remedies as it lowers their conviction in the capabilities and professionalism of advisers on the forum.

Hope both pf you agree with me.

As far medication of my grandchild, I have given two doses of few drops of 1M preparation on his tongue spaced by a week.

I am unable to see if there is a visible improvement. I intend to repeat the dose after a week

Please advise what next?
satyanjana last decade
This forum is a place for discussion between people interested in homoeopathy. In fact in earlier years it was a very lively place for debates between different kinds of practitioners. People would come here to argue points, challenge long-held ideas, and especially to discuss the finer points of the philosophy.

It was not intended to be a clinic - this has happened as incidentally (and not necessarily to the benefit of homoeopathy quite frankly). People may very well come here for that, but it is not the forum's purpose.

Here is your original list of symptoms. Next to each one write Better, Worse, Same or Gone. If it is better or worse also write percentage to represent how much.

I have simply cut and pasted this list. Some of them do not require this rating.

2. Hyperactive- cannot sit still for even five minutes, must do some physical activity. If forced to sit still, either he is tapping his feet, and/or doing some thing with hands, shifting his body postures.
3. Even inside the house, never does walking, but always keeps running, jumping, bouncing and rolling his body. While doing so he does not care that he may hurt himself in the process.
4. Moves around constantly, often runs or climbs inappropriately.
5. While playing with toys like cars, he will hit one against other as if causing accident, throwing and tossing toys like flying cars. His toys hardly last for few days. Appears to have destructive tendencies.
6. Craving for company of friends. He has no brother or sister to give him company at home or any friend in the neighborhood.
7. On slightest opportunity or pretext pushes other children.
8. At school he has been labeled as troublemaker. Picks up fight on slightest reason. He will take fight with anyone who teases his good friend.
9. Copies or animates cartoon characters from TV shows. Likes to animate characters like Spiderman, and lead characters of hindi movies like Bodyguard, Dabbang, Singham etc, taking upon the role of a Saviour.
10. Very fond of racing with others.
11. Want to always win the race or any competition, happy to get excellent grades or standing first in the class.
12. When hungry or tired, he lies down with left thumb sucking holding corner of a sheet.
13. He appears not to listen when spoken to, his attention seems somewhere else. His focus is required to brought back to the task at hand.
14. If he is going to do some thing which otherwise he should not do and if advised “No, don’t do that”, he immediately does it before you can prevent him.
15. He forgets instructions about “Do” and “Not to Do” things and appears to be not obeying instructions.
16. He has difficulty in following instructions in first instance. He forgets instructions given earlier about ways to do things.
17. Instructions like “Be patient” and “Just wait a little while” are twice as hard to follow.
18. He will interrupt conversations and invade other people’s space.
19. He can’t wait for his turn in line or in games and tries to jumps the queue.
20. When asked why he does all those mischief, He blames someone inside him who forces him to do all those things.
21. He is afraid of going into a dark room alone.
22. He is afraid of crackers.
23. He likes and enjoys playing with water.
24. He does not feel much cold and throws away quilt/sheet while sleeping on winter night.
25. He can pay attention to his studies; can remember lessons, spellings, maths tables etc.
26. When he was a small kid in the cradle, he was throwing his legs and hands continuously. We thought it normal for kids and a good sign of active child.
27. When he started walking, he was whole day moving around. We thought he just learnt walking and is enjoying this new thing.
28. When he was few days old his sugar level had gone down dangerously low and he had gone in brief coma. After urgent medication he could become normal in few days.
29. His fontanel closed early at an age of about 3 months.
30. Barring few sweet things that too occasionally, he likes to eat salty things.
31. He is a loving and affectionate child. He has simplicity and innocence and is not cunning
32. He frequently gets cold and cough.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Hello Doc....
How are you?
HoneyKhanna last decade

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