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12 year boy with ADHD

Hallo, Can someone please help me with my boy that suffer from ADHD. I have tried to fill in the form. First I want to inform you that I have given him Ignatia CM twice. once about two weeks ago and once about one year ago. He responded very well on these remedies. His respond was that he calmed down a lot. Before he was very unbalanced and his mood shifted very rapidly and he almost seemed a little bit crazy. This 'crazyness' disappeared thanks god but there are a lot of other sufferings left.

I will also tell you that here in Sweden we have different potencies than you have. We only use d6, d12, d30, 200c, CM. so it is not possible for me to get any other potencies.

He is a 12 year old Swedish boy. Weight 40 kg and height 150 cm. Climate: Cold winters(long periods with rain and windy, sometimes snow), summer warm.
15. Teething time/ Learning time/Any thing Late /like talking: a little bit clumsy when younger but nothing abnormal…
16. List of your complain first 1. 2.. 3 (as much as elaborated) ……
1. Main problems are general defiance, both in school and at home.
2. His mental mode swings rapidly. From joy to anger and depression.
3. He is very sensitive to situations and there is often things that worries him. And when something goes wrong he gets very angry afterwards and he doesn´t tell me what has happened until I almost force him to tell me. After talking about it he gets very reliefed and happy again. But he reacts with very much anger and frustration over many things. Small things that other children would not pay so much attention to.. but a lot of things seems to bother him.
17. Since how long your child is suffering for each complain
As long as I can remember.
18. non Diabetic
19. He desires sweets. Does not want vegetables only unhealthy food.
20. Normal thirst
22. What exactly is happening ? When he doesn´t get what he wants he gets very angry. He is very strongwilling. Talk a lot all the time. Can never be quiet. Restless.
23. How do you your child feel ? He feels angry often.
24. How does this affect your child ?
25. How does your child feel like ?
26. What comes in your child's mind ?
27. One situation that had a big effect on your children ? One year ago he was in a fight with another boy and was hurt really bad. He is very sad about this and he is still very afraid of this boy.
28. What sensation do you experience in that situation ? I feel a lot of anxiety and worry a lot. I am qiuet the nervous kind of mother and I get very upset when things happen to my boy especially. Actually I seem to overreact to many things and this is not good for my son.
29. What are you showing by that gesture of your hand.(habits or Action) ?
current medicine you are taking . I am taking Sepia and this seems to help me, it seem like this is my constitution remedy.
30. family back ground. My mother is also the nervous, anxious and always expecting the worse in every situation. We both have gluten intolerance.
33. Mental Symptoms: Quarrelsome, Hasty,
Anxious, Delirious, Restless, sometimes very tired and depressed, Anger,
Depression and gloom Despair and faithlessness , Domination of others, Guilty Hard master onto oneself,
failure to learn from , mistakes impatience, lack of motivation in schoolwork especially, low self-confidence, Mental Fatigue, Overenthusiasm, Self
centered talkativeness, jealousy of his brother,
34. Do he has any difficulty in following the instruction? No

35. Do he has any difficulty in keeping attention in work, play
activities at school and home ? When he likes the activity no problem but as soon he thinks it is boring he can´t concentrate at all.
> 36. Do he use to lose the things needed for activities at school & home? Yes
> 37. Does he show himself appeared not to listen? No
> 38. Does he seem disorganized? I am not sure
> 39. Does he face trouble with task, which requires planning ahead? Yes
> 40. Do he forget things? Yes
> 41. Do he distracts easily? Yes
> 42. Is ha fridgety? Yes
> 43. Do he runs or climbs inappropriately? Not so muxh now but when he was a litlle boy he did
> 44. Can he play quietly? Yes
> 45. Do he blurts out answers? Yes
> 46. Does he interrupts people ? Yes
> 47. Can he stay in his seat? Yes
> 48. Do he talks too much? Yes
> 49. Is he always on the go?/N o
> 50. Do he has trouble in waiting for his turn to come? Yes
> 51. Aggravation (increases-time, season,). When he is tired or when he is ill and he has a lot of throat problems& Amelioration (Decreases)
> 52. If possible attached here your child natural working photographs or video. He is lightheaded, brown eyes.

thakyou very much for your time and effort!

  Tintintin on 2008-04-01
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
please give a dose of NAT MUR 200C and if he gets some benifit, you can give him one CM dose after a few weeks if required.
rishimba last decade
Thankyou so much for your response. I must tell you that I have been taking Nat mur the above potencies for a period last year and this was very good for me. Now I am trying Sepia because I think this is my remedy right now. Is it common that the child and the mother benefit from same remedy? I think many of his problems is due to my problems. I feel that we both have a complex relation.
Tintintin last decade
nat mur is covering many symptoms of ADHD and especially its good after IGNATIA to complete its action.

its not necesarry that a nat mur mother will have a nat mur child.

but in your case, its working out to be like that for this period.

tell me, how was your pregnancy. did you go through some mental trauma while carrying your child?
rishimba last decade
Yes, I guess you can say that. I think my problems started or at least accelerated when I was pregnant. I felt very fatigue and after birth it was very difficult. Fatigue, a kind of overwhelming feeling, felt alone and the motherhood felt to much to handle, very irritaded with my husband and thought that he was not taking full responsibility for the family. I was overreacting emotionally and still are doing this. The childbirth itself I experienced very traumatic. It was a shock for me mentally. I have two boys and the birth of the younger one (he is 8 years old)was no problem at all. And also the pregnacy was easy and no problem.

The hole familysituation feels overwhelming and I am very irritating with my familymembers. I am still fatigue and can´t handle stress at all.
Tintintin last decade
ok.. you son needs NAT MUR to get cured and you probably need SEPIA for your problems.
rishimba last decade
I am sorry to bother you again but I forgot to mention that my boy is eating penicillin now due to a tonsillit. It´s about 5 days left of that medicine. Should I wait a few days after the penicillin is finished to give him nat mur?
Tintintin last decade

you should wait at least a week after stopping penecillin and then give a dose of NAT MUR 200.
rishimba last decade
I have given him a dose of NAT MUR 200 two days ago and I am now waiting for any response. I have not seen any difference in mood or behaviour yet. But I can tell yopu that the Ignatia that I gave him about a month ago seems to have helped him a lot. He is much calmer than before. He does not become so angry anymore. The problems ar now mostly that he still is irritated against us (the parents). He has problem when we tell him to do things, like bring his schoolbooks at home to do his homeworks etc. He hates when we tell him to do things, he will not do them just because we have told him. It´s the same thing in school, he hates when the teacher tell him to do things. He wants to decide everything by himself. This is a big problem for us, because he needs help with many things. Like taking the right clothes on in the morning. We have a very changeable weather here in Sweden and some days he needs warmer clothes and he just can´t handle that we tell him what to wear. This is just an example, it is the same thing with food and everything. As long as he can decide things everything is okey. He has so mch problem when he needs to surrender to someone... He has been like this from he was a baby...

I wanted to clarify this issue because I didn´t emphazize it enough from the beginning.

Do you think that this is typical for NAT MUR? This extremely anger and irritation if someone tells him to do something?

Sincerely Pia
Tintintin last decade

How is your child in mental work ? Is he average/ below avg. or is he very intelligent ? How fast does he do his school work ? I want to know if he is a slow plodder or a very fast sharp child...

How is his confidence level ?

Which weather does he prefer ?

Does he sweat a lot ? If yes, where ?

Is he lazy at times ?

Is he generally generous or is he selfish ?

sameervermani last decade
Thankyou for your interest. He is very intelligent and very verbal and communicative. He is a fast thinker and has a quick mind. I definitely would say he is a fast sharp child. Everyone who meets him would agree with that. When he does his schoolwork, he is very fast. His problems are more related to the lack of motivation.

He is very stron mentally but emotionally week. Actually he says this by himself, very insightful. I think he has low confidencelevel but he hides it behind a hard surface. He puts on a stoneface. He tries to scare people with his dominant behaviour. But as soon as you crack this surface a little bit he is very soft and sensible. I don´t know if he sweat a lot, but he hates to be warm. Wants to wear thin clothes even if it´s cold outside, but then he freezes. When he was an infant he sweat a lot on his head when he ate.
I guess you would say that he is generally generous, accept when he is irritated and that happens often.
Mammiz last decade
Sorry, I forgot one question. He is very lazy actually more than normal. He tries to get everyone to do things for him.
Mammiz last decade

Please give him 3 doses of Lycopodium 30C for one day only. No more doses after these 3.

Then report status a week after these doses.

sameervermani last decade
Forgot to mention, space the doses by 2-3 hours.

And, no eating/drinking/brushing of teeth for 1 hour on either side of each dose.
sameervermani last decade
Hallo again and thankyou for your time. I am a little bit confused because you have different suggestions. It has now been three days since I gave him NAT MUR 200 and I can´t se any reaction yet. I would really like to try Lycopodium but I don´t know if you mean that I shall wait some more days or if I shall give him that tomorrow? Do you think that NAT MUR is the wrong remedy?

Thankyou again Pia
Tintintin last decade
Wait for 3-4 more days, and if there is no change,then go to Lycopodium.

This kind of domineering behaviour is rarely found in Nat-m.
sameervermani last decade
Dear Sameer,

I will give him Lycopodium on saturday as you prescribed and then report back to you what happens. He is indeed much calmer but I think that is due to the Ignatia I gave him. There is no reaction after the NAT MUR.
Best wishes Pia
Tintintin last decade
Okay, sounds good.
sameervermani last decade
Dear Sameer,

I gave him the Lycopodium you prescribed on saturday. Here is the reactions:

On saturday he was extremely tired and was just sitting in the sofa watching TV, complained over stiffness in the neck. He also got some kind of rash in the skin especially on the legs...itching

On sunday he was more upset than normal. He was crying load and very sad because he wanted to go fishing and we didn´t have time. This is unusual for him, to cry I mean. He usually only gets angry.

monday-tuesday: Very angry and frustrated. Very dominating, looking for things to argue about, quarrelsome. Seemed totally unbalanced...

Wednesday: There may be a little reduction in the aggravations but still very irritated. He just can´t stand being told anything, he wants to decide everything and for everyone. Like a little dictator in the family...and in school too...

I hope that the above reactions are evidence of a curative aggravation and they sure are severe. I hope that he will become better soon because this is very troublesome for us all.

Thankyou for your efforts!

Best wishes Pia
Tintintin last decade
Let us wait and watch for 1 more week.

sameervermani last decade
Dear Sameer,

Another week has passed and here is the report. The aggravation seems to have reduced. He is less angry and aggressive but still quite intense. There is not a big change from the origin behaviour but it may be that he is changing to the better from day to day. I cant´tell for sure. What do you think? Will we wait one week more or what?
I must also tell you that there has been a big change in his schoolsituation to the better and he is happy about this. Therefore it is hard for me to know how much is dependable from the Lycopodium and how much is dependable from the better situation in school.

Best regards Pia
Tintintin last decade
Hmm... just to be sure, we will give this 1 more week.

If he does not improve by then, we will try the next remedy.

sameervermani last decade
Dear Sameer,

I am trying to observe my son with an objective mind but it is hard of course when being his mother. His mental mood has changed as I said earlier not so angry, aggressive and bossy. Now I see a kind of new behaviour. I have trouble finding the right words but will do as good as I can.

He is very happy and excited. New things has happpened in his schoolsituation and now he seems happy over that. He has probably been worried about this change before...

But there is more than happiness. This is what he says:
-I am very popular among friends. Everyone likes me. I know many friends. They all love me. I can get to know anyone. I just start to talk to anyone and then they like me.
-I am looking good and girls like me.
He is the opposite to a humble attitude if you see what I mean. Very self-centred,filled with the attitude that he wants to be big, beautiful, popular....And he talks about it all the time...to everyone.
A kind of delusion of grandeur.

It is a little bit embarrassing for us parents if you understand me...He is like this to both other children and adults...

I hope that this is due to the Lycopodium and that this will subside soon..

What are your suggestions?

Best regards Tintin
Tintintin last decade
Just ONE dose of Sulphur D200, no eating/drinking/brushing allowed for 1 hour on either side of the dose and then report status in 1 week.

sameervermani last decade
If you can get 200C of Sulphur, it would be even better. Just one dose.
sameervermani last decade
Dear Sameer,

After phonecalling and sending a lot of email I have found Sulphur 200C. I will give him when it arrives tomorrow or the next day. I forgot to tell you that he has been complaining of headache 3-4 times after Lyco and this morning he had sore throat again....but better later this day...

Regards Tintin
Tintintin last decade

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