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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Yes,and also some doses lm2. I was a bit unsure about the reactions afterwards.

Tomorrow we will go for holiday in 2 weeks without Felix. He will stay at home. So I have to decide what my mother should be giving him. Hmmm...I have medhorrinum lm potency at home but I don´t want to try it now when we are leaving...

Could I try sulphur lm5 again cause he did have good effect last time but then this flu started and then he was in a bad mood, perhaps it was only the flu that caused the bad mood and later on also the nux vomica made him irritable...? After sulphur he becomes more tired in the evening and goes to bed early, eats better and is more motivated in school. But this is not the case right now.

Best wishes Pia
Tintintin last decade
Please go ahead with Sulphur LM5.
sameervermani last decade
Dear Sameer,

I´m giving sulphur 2 drops 10 succusions every third day and he is a bit more stable now mentally. Anger and irritation is reduced but still he is closebitten and not motivated at all in school.
Yesterday he came home in a very bad mood and this morning he woke up with a severe sore throat. He refuse to answer any questions about how the pain feels and is extremely irritated, 'Leave me alone' he just says...

I would like to give him a wet dose of hepar sulphur 12c unless this doesn´t harm the effect of sulphur?

What do you think Sameer?

Best wishes Pia
Tintintin last decade
Go ahead. Hepar will not anti-dote Sulph.
sameervermani last decade
Hi Sameer,

I think that sulphur does a good job. He is better mentally and the moments of good behaviour are more frequent. He is still from time to time irritated and the slightest cause can make him very angry suddenly, but it doesn´t last long.

He still has the stubborn cold and for now he has headache, pain in sinus and some sore throat. I think that hepar sulphur helps a bit...Yesterday I gave 30c...and it helped him...

I hope that the cold will disappear soon now and will continue with sulphur every third day...3 drops and 10 succusions...

Thankyou for your patience Sameer!

Best wishes Pia
Tintintin last decade
That is very good to know Pia. Please continue.
sameervermani last decade
Hi Sameer,

It´s very difficult to understand what is going on here with my son.

Sometimes I think that he is better mentally but he is unstable. He is in a good mood from time to time and also quite nice. But some moments he is almost in ecstasy. Very loud and crazy, very animated. Then many afternoons and days he just sleeps, hour after hour. He is pale and many problem with eating and food. Prefers junkfood and sweets, refuse real food. Not always but often. and some days he just don´t eat at all, looks pale and just sleeps all day.

He tries to do schoolwork but his endurance and ability to concentrate is really bad.

Should I continue with sulphur or is it another remedy? What about tuberculinum again? Hmm I don´t know...What do you think Sameer?

Best wishes Pia
Tintintin last decade
I believe we can go to Lachesis 10M, single dose. ( I am assuming he has never taken it before)

I think his pathology does need such a high potency.
sameervermani last decade
There are certainly symptoms that correlate to tuberculinum also. For example: he need constant stimulation or change, he gets 'bored' easily, he is also irritable.

Has emaciated and is very tall and skinny. full of acne.
Tintintin last decade
I do not think the dominant miasm is tuberculosis. This desire for change and stimulation coupled with the ecstatic state alternating with indolence, and his egoistic behavior is more pointing to sycosis.
sameervermani last decade
okay, is it sulphur then? I cannot say for sure that it doesn´t help, because I don´t know how he would be without it now. And he is better than before but I think that it is strange that he sleeps all day and his state is very unpredictable. One day like that and one day like that...

He stays mostly in his room with locked door. Cannot stand any talking with us at all. Only when it is something that he wants to buy.
Tintintin last decade
Hi Pia,

Please see my post above.

I have advised Lachesis 10M.
sameervermani last decade
Okay, I didn´t see it ;)

I have earlier ordered lachesis 10M. But it is in liquidform, 10ml bottle. Is this the right one?

Is it 3 drops in 250 ml water and one teaspoon from it?

Best wishes Pia
Tintintin last decade
Yes, assuming we have never given him the 10M.

2 drops in 250 ml, and 1 spoon from there.
sameervermani last decade
I promise your son will be out of Autism spectrum in 4 months. Seems RIDICULOUS?
I promise you because I am an experienced 'sufferer', not another homeopathy doctor like all others here.
I can lead you through the path that I have gone throgh. These people has not gone through that path.

I found a cause, besides any other causes for All Psychiatric disorders, including disorders falling into autism spectrum and/or in

to the mania spectrum - as -
* Pathetically impaired balance of bondings among family members.

A person among the family with the weekest vitality gets mentally affected first(atleast outwardly, others still may be inwardly


Psychiatric disease is a family disorder, rather than a mere personal disorder.
Thus it becomes complex to treat one.

As affected patients, We are not here to prove whether classical homeopathy, or joepathy, or someother system is right or wrong.
Our mission here is to cure our affected one in an appropriate fast pace.

Your case needs Tub, Carcinosin, Lachesis then may be Syphillinum, chamomilla, that's all at the core.
Now even your title of the post does not hold good, is your son still 12 years old forever?
whether they accept it or not, these prescribers/viewers of the post are gaining/testing their knowledge of all different kinds on

your son through you.

First accept the fact that at birth his age is 0 years, 0 months, 0 days only, like all others here just at their births.
So it is us, the parents, siblings, the society, the government that morphed an innocent new born to a pathetic ADHD child in 12

pristine nascent years, period.

Democratic govts to make people like dumb panic-struck sheep, so that they can weild their power through/elected-by/for those sheep, are

pumping dubious, permanently residing and personality-dis-figuring substances in to our children via vaccines, anti titanus

injections etc etc.Memorize the picture of dumb panic-struck sheep following very obediently it's culler.It has to select one culler or the other culler in democracy.

Society - the corporate world, feeds lust, desires, competition, these all increase your gap between what you have already to what

you have to have.

So the siblings and parents too are part of society as well, so with the 'fear' being left behind in the society, thus they eventually

'fail', they become very agressive with themselves with all near and dear and they even become cruel to all others/out-siders.
Vaccination gives foolishness and fear-psychosis. Foolishness alone is danger, but now add this with fear-psychosis and agressiveness given by the

vaccines,corporate-compititve society.You are in a very grave precarious situation.I clearly see this corporate world of greedy, agressiveness,

manner-less mannerism of Allopathic drug and medical insurance-financial world tried to decimate the homeopathy practise.

So do not repertorize the case for yourself. The adeptness of Dr.Sameer's prescription among classical homeopathy lines
shows itself in the time taken along your case, and to me, it is toooooo much waste of our lives, some years together in distinct

numbered years of our lives. Just too much.

Take one dose of Chamomilla 1M in pills form, if the pills are 40 size then four pills, if they are 30 size six pills - ALL family members.

After 4 days, give 1 dose of carcinosin 1M to the patient.
10 days after giving the dose of carcinosinum, give the patient a dose of Syphillinum 1M.

One week after Syphillinum, ALL family members,
Take 1 dose of Thuja 200 each day in early morning, for 3 consequtive days.
Then give a gap of 14 days.
On the fifteenth day from the last dose of Thuja 200, ALL members - take 2 doses of Thuja 1M -
as given - Fist dose early in the morning, 2nd dose in the evening.

10 days after Thuja 1M, ALL members in the family, take one dose per day, Argentum Nitricum 200 for 4 consequitive days,
then next 10 days no medicine, again 4 consequitive days Argentum nitricum 200 one dose per day.
Then after 4 days, Report the remaining symptoms.

Then we can decide to whether to go for TUB or Carcin - on of them only remain. meanwhile acquire Ignatia 200 and Ignatia 1M.

Here is the list of medicines your family needs:
Thuja 200, Thuja 1M
Carcinosinum 1M
Chamomilla 1M
Syphillinum 1M
Tuberculinum 1M, Tuberculinum 10M

Even if you have used these remedies do not bother, procure them and use them as mention.

Do not use other homeopathy remedies during the course for any ailments, that may arise, please consult me.

Please pardon my English and reticent foolishness of me trying to emit my feelings here, so that somebody may take my path to get out of autism in my pace.

Prasada Reddy.
[message edited by PrasadReddy on Wed, 06 Apr 2011 09:58:54 BST]
PrasadReddy last decade
No Sameer we have never given him 10M before, just talked about it ;)

I will give him tonight!

Thankyou for your help!
Best wishes Pia
Tintintin last decade
Lachesis LMs are over, coming back to Lachesis 10M !.
I do not know whether it is homeopathy to have so many Lachesis Mutas to visit us now and then.

I experienced Homeopathy as plain simple charming.

Seems here more like snake-charming.

Happy journey to your beloved son's health.

Best wishes,
Prasada Reddy.
PrasadReddy last decade
Hi Sameer,

Good result with the 10M dose. It´s now 18 days since the dose and he has improved. He is very happy all day long and has much more energy. He is never at home now, with his friends all day. No depression anymore...
He is more polite and nice to us...

He has some symptoms that is very impulsive, act before thinking. Spending all his money on junk...A bit too excited from time to time...

Can be angry but it´s not so often...

But he is definite much better than before...

How long do you think that this dose will act Sameer? What could possibly be next to give him? I just want to be prepared and order it before if possible....

Best wishes and 1000 thankyou Sameer!

Tintintin last decade
Hi Pia,

Good stuff.

Only time will tell how long the effect will last.

The next step should be a 50M, please have it at hand.
[message edited by sameervermani on Sun, 24 Apr 2011 20:32:47 BST]
sameervermani last decade
Hi Sameer,

The last week he has been more tired and has come home from school and just slept all afternoon some of the days. He has also been in a worse mood, with anger and conflict seeking manner....

Could it be time for 50M?

Best wishes Pia
Tintintin last decade
Go to 50M please.
sameervermani last decade
Hi Sameer,

It´s about 2 weeks since the 50M dose. It is helping a lot. His anger is reduced and he gets angry seldom now. He is not irritated and quarrelsome but instead in a good mood most of the time and positive. He has much more energy and 'plays' with his friends. He is calmer, not so much of that restless energy...

He has still big problems to do his schoolwork but it is a little better. He is still very lazy and procrastinate everything until last minute...

He still defies every rule both in school and at home...

Spends all money as soon as he gets some...

Eats almost only junkfood and sweats...

A very strong and powerful personality, and good self-confidence...He has kind of delusion of grandeur. Wants nice and expensive clothes like noone else, dreams of living in some other luxurious country where he can surf and skate and be a famous person, he really thinks that he is better than everyone else...

Is it possible to foresee what next step could be Sameer? I just want to have the possible remedies at home...

Thankyou for all your help! I don´t know what I would do without you!

Best wishes Pia
Tintintin last decade
We did try Platinum Metallicum on him, didn't we ?

If yes, please order Syphilinum 200c, and 1M

sameervermani last decade
Yes, we have tried platinum. I will order syphillinum...

Tintintin last decade
Hi Sameer,

My son´s condition isn´t good now. He is rather uncontrollable and does many stupid and destructive things. He is still full of energy and happy but often too escited and gets angry easy if contradicted. Refuse to follow any rules and makes dangerous things, like jumping in the water at dangerous places and many more things. He does the things that his friends hesitates to do...

Has problems with eating properly ...

Should I give him syphillinum 200c as sson as I get it? I´m still waiting for it to arrive...

Best wishes Pia
Tintintin last decade
Yes, please give Syph 200c as soon as it arrives, and report after 10 days.
sameervermani last decade

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