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Hi Sameer,

He is still in a good mood and happy. But he gets more and more excited, laughs, loud voice and almost ecstasy...

If something goes against him he flares up and gets angry but it´s not the same intensity as before, just some irritation and dark eyes...

Should I give him 1M tonight?

Best wishes Pia
Tintintin last decade
Please go ahead with the 1M dose.
sameervermani last decade
Hej Johanna,
Jag kan kontakta dig via din hemsida...så kan du få mer information.

Hälsn Pia
Tintintin last decade
Hi Sameer,

12 days after the 1M dose. I´m not sure what is going on here...The improvements are small Sameer...

-most of the time inactive and tired but comes into a restless excited state when there are people around or when he is in school or so
-stays mostly in his room by Tv or computer, quiet, doesn´t talk with us only when it is about something he wants us to buy or get him
-very difficult to concentrate, everything around him is disturbing him
-closed, doesn´t tell how he feels or so
-polite and nice with people outside the family
-irritated with family
-sometimes awful language with a lot of cursing and bad attitude
-commands and press for what he wants in a very rude way and gets very angry when he doesn´t get what he want
-Isn´t happy when he gets new stuff and doesn´t use them
-always has something he nags about and wants
-is very angry with me, says I´m stupid and bad, doesn´t give him enough new stuff etc
-provokes and wants to quarrel
-very argumentative, seems like he likes it and really wants to cause conflicts
-bossy and bullying
-must do the opposite like stay up late and only eat junkfood and sweets

Best wishes Pia
Tintintin last decade
Looking at your last repertorization I would say that some of the symptoms are better: loud speech, cruelty, mania alt with depression, cursing.

He also had some rather bizarre expressions earlier and those are not there anymore either...
Tintintin last decade
-is still extremely envious (jealous), a friend of him got a new motorcycle and he just couldn´t handle it, this was too much for him...
Tintintin last decade
What do you think about sulphur Sameer? When I read about the remedy I think it matches him well. It has helped him before....Have I mentioned that he is full of acne which worries him deeply.

Best wishes Pia
Tintintin last decade
Hi Pia,

What was the last potency of Lachesis we gave ?
sameervermani last decade
It was lm8. He does not have the same intensity and loquacity that he had earlier when he needed lachesis.

He is more lazy, messy and egoistical now...It´s totally impossible to get him to do his schooolwork, just doesn´t care! He has got some things on his mind, skateboard and motorcycles...nothing else matters...

So strong-willed, cynical and condescending attitude. An unshakeable self-confidence.

He has been fighting with a boy in school and he is fully convinced that he did the right thing. He needed to do this to 'teach' the other boy.

Almost eat nothing, no food is good enough for him.

Best wishes Pia
Tintintin last decade
Bumping up!!

Just helping to see the report.
Mammiz last decade
Okay then Sulphur it is.

Please go to Sulphur LM2, one dose a day for 3 days.

3 drops in 250 ml, and 1 spoon from there. 8 hits starting second dose.
sameervermani last decade
4 days after the third dose. He is much better Sameer! in a good mood and even gave me a hug yesterday, yiiipppiiee!

He tries to behave good now...

If something goes against him he can still be very angry but less than before...the question is when he will need next dose..?

Best wishes Pia
Tintintin last decade
You can give him next dose now.

Give 2-3 more doses, one every 4th day.
sameervermani last decade
Hi Sameer,

I gave one does the 3 oct but it had no effect. And he got more and more angry and irritated the following days. Yesterday I raised potency to lm3 and gave him a dose but he is even more angry now. He feels terrible. This must be an aggravation, should I try to antidote with pulsatilla? or what? He can hardly control his anger....says he wants allopathic ADHD medicin cause he can´t stand it anymore...

I think that his symptoms have changed after the sulphur:

-very irritated and angry
-critical and argumentative
-low appetite
-dull and stupid, seems to have difficult to think
-low selfconfidence
-bullying and domineering, arrogant

Best wishes Pia
Tintintin last decade
Okay, now he is better...maybe it was too many drops (3)....let´s wait and see what happens and if better give him only one drop next time..
Tintintin last decade
Hi Pia,

Do not dose for next 5-6 days, and report back.
sameervermani last decade
Hi Sameer,
He has been quite stable mentally these days. Last week he had fever for 2 days and some nosebleeding at night.

He is calm and quiet and wants to be left alone most of the time. He isn´t happy but not angry either. Closed.

For a few days last week he had good appetite but now he eats almost nothing again.

I would like to try one drop sulphur with 8 succussions and see if it benefits him. What do you think Sameer?

Thankyou Sameer!

Tintintin last decade
Please try a dose with 1 drop, 8 sucussions.
sameervermani last decade
this dose aggravated him for about 2-3 days so I guess no more sulphur is needed.

I think that sulphur made a big difference and took the edge out of his personality...Now he shows other symptoms:

-very tired and seems generally weak
-seems depressed and low
-passive, stays at home watching TV, quiet and closed
-a leave me alone attitude
-only wants to be with a few friends (one)
-fear of failure in school
-Lack of self confidence
-talks about how stupid and dull other people are
-peculiar with appetite, alternation of hunger and satiety. Sits down at the table and is hungry but after just a little he can´t eat anymore...
-oversensitive to noise, taste and smell
-easily angry
-Complexion: Pale, dirty, unhealthy
-stupid and dull, slow when thinking
-memory fails
-awake out of sleep irritated
-easily irritated

Could this be lycopodium Sameer? Or what?

Best wishes Pia
Tintintin last decade
bumping up...

Tintintin last decade
-sensitive to slightest criticism
-blush easily
-is a loner, like to interact on a one-to-one basis, dislike groups
-shows up a closed and unemotional state but you can see that he feels deeply and intense emotions
-grudges against us (parents)
-consolation is not accepted at all

I am also thinking about natrium mur...

Best wishes Pia
Tintintin last decade
bumping up

Tintintin last decade

Tintintin last decade
Nat-m 200c, single dose.
sameervermani last decade
10 days after the nat-m dose. He has changed from that depressed and fatigue state he had before. Now he has more energy and has been more with his friends again. The first days he also cleaned his room up and helped us a bit at the household. Very unusual but he soon changed into a very irritated, critical, bullying and domineering state towards us. He acts almost like he is the parent instead of us. He wants the power somehow. Goes on about things he wants and gets angry when he cannot have it...very egoistical and doesn´t care about anyone else but himself. Is also rude to us.

I would like to try lycopodium? 200c

Best wishes Pia
Tintintin last decade
Sulphur was tried little while back, so not a good idea to go to Lycopodium right now. (Cannot be given after Sulph).

Describe the symptoms in more detail please.
sameervermani last decade

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