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Sorry, I forgot...

He showed me that he has got some mild eczema on the right arm that comes and goes but he says that he has had this for some time....probably some weeks he says...

Here are some further reflections about his first years, I don´t know if it matters how he was then?:

-was a flabby, clumsy child, difficult to carry cause he didn´t help at all, just hung there loose...
-sweat a lot on head when breastfeeding
-scrofulus skin on upper arms especially
-quite large belly
-strongwilled, screamed loud and angry when hungry and wanted to eat very often...
-frequent colds and problems with bronchus (croup)
-problem with low bloodsugar, had to eat very often otherwise 'chaos' in mood
-low energy, endurance
-difficult to run somehow, got pain in chest in soccer for example...
-prefered calm girls to play with, still do ...
-couldn´t handle lot of people and needed a very calm surrounding...
-very stubborn, obstinate
-when a little older so full of ideas, creative projects but made them very quick and then just left the whole thing and started a new project, often building things...jumped from one thing to another...
- very very angry if you stopped his projects...-very intense...

the rest you know I think...

Tintintin last decade
There are some indications for Hep here but need more information to be sure:

Hmm.. tell me how impulsive is he these days ?

Any violent behavior ?

I need more information, maybe a list ?
sameervermani last decade
-Yes, some violence, today he hurt his brother, also hit me some days ago
-impulsive reduced but I guess you would still call him impulsive
-smells badly when having sore throat
-very easily irritated
-have many different pains and complaines about them...more sensitive to pain than normal
-complaines over many things, hard to please
-oversensitive to many things
-only tolerate a few friends, very critical to the other children, he won´t play with the others, strong opinions about how people are
-sore throat and colds often these days
-low endurance
-low litheness(I mean the opposite but don´t know the word, he´s rather stiff in the joints)
-doesn´t like when there are many people in a room...he cannot play soccer when the match are inside because he cannot tolerate the noise and crowd...just outside in the summer is alright
-tests in school makes him very nervous, cannot perform
-no problem speaking in front of a crowd, loves the attention
-not shy at all, cannot spell that word;) has always talked to just anyone, even when very little...loves to talk to people especially adults
-problems with understanding and estimating time...
- some problems with mathematics
-very good reader, writing,spelling, english, spanish, swedish, good at sports
-'warm-blooded type' not chilly
-low energy, likes to sit still by the computer a lot, often tired
-don´t like being touched
-loves animals, very nice to them
Tintintin last decade
Please give him ONE SINGLE dose of

Medorrhinum 30c

and report in 10 days.

The action of this is slow to develop like Silica.

sameervermani last decade
Dear Sameer,

The first 3 days he was worse, moody, unbalanced, negative thinking, angry, complaining and so on...

On the 4 day we saw positive changes for some moments...

And after that he has changed to a much more positive state day by day...

Now he is positive, happy, calm and nice and polite...He´s feeling very good...

Yesterday and this morning he had severe diarrhea several times...a good sign I guess, he´s body is removing something :)

Do you think that I should order 200c and 1M to have it further on...?

Wow!! How did you figure this out Sameer :) ? I was really worried this time when he got worse and the lachesis did not seem to take him any further...

Thankyou so much Sameer!
Tintintin last decade
Excellent !

I do not think we will need 200c this time.

Keep on waiting. The days of sycosis are limited now :)
sameervermani last decade
Dear Sameer,

Another 14 days after the 30c dose Medhorrinum.

He is still positive and happy and calm in general...

The energy around him are different now and the symptoms i see for now are:

-he has better endurance but still some moments he gets completely exhausted, pale and dark under eyes. Just want to lie down and rest, eyes feeling heavy.
-tells me that he has big problems in school when people yells loud in his ears, then he needs to yell back to them,shut up!
-he has always been fastidious with food but now it´s worse, especially fatty food he cannot stand.
-craves sweet
-also fastidious with clothes and how he looks. Wants to wear nice clothes that is unique, no one else in school should have them...

Best regards Pia
Tintintin last decade
Hmm.. please wait for 1 more week, and then update me.

In the meanwhile order Medorrhinum 200c.
sameervermani last decade
Dear Sameer,

another 10 days after the 30c dose:

-He is a bit worse in temper.
-easily irritated and then is very rude.
-Today he complained over a sore throat again and the temper was really bad
-The last week he has been hitting his brother 3 times, and he is not nice to him at all in between...
-he is still calm anyway, not like before when the energy was shivering around him...calm but if you don´t agree or do as he wants he is very rude, but doesn´t yell and shout out of frustration, calm and rude...domineering,
-tries to control the family, everyone should do as he wants and if not he is bullying...
-we try to talk to him and when he is very rude he cannot watch Tv or so but it helps only for a few hours, he cannot stop his behaviour
-still low appetite, or merely fastidious, can eat a lot when like the food but dislikes most of it (even the food he used to like isn´t ok anymore)
-he craves sweet but also talks about not wanting to eat fatty and sweet cause he doesn´t want to be fat and ugly...

I have the medhorrinum 200c or is it time for Hepar sulphur?

(Seems like good stuff, looking at my mum! :) Just kidding :))

Best regards Pia
Tintintin last decade
Hi Pia,

Please give him Medorrihinum 200c dose as below.

Dissolve 2 pellets in 250 ml water, stir and give him 1/2 teaspoon from there.

Report in 10 days

sameervermani last decade
Dear Sameer,
The effect was minimum or nothing this time. Maybe a little bit more energy but his symptoms are for now:

-overreactes with frustration and sudden anger with many things (things that doesn´t matter for anyone else)
-very quick action, impulsive and often regret afterwards
-some violence towards his brother
-kicks the door for example when angry
-often in a bad mood
-change his mind often, like he wants some food and when he gets it he wants something else...
-introvert, watch TV or computer, wants no company
-shows no affection
-told me that he often is jealous of his girlfriend

Looking forward to your guidance on what to do!

Best regards Pia
Tintintin last decade
he uses the big 'artillery' immidiately when the least stimuli
Tintintin last decade
Hi Pia,

Has he ever had Hepar Sulph in the past ?
sameervermani last decade
Yes, we used a combinationremedy some years ago with Hepar s D6 in it...no stronger than that...it helped the sore throat...
Tintintin last decade
Okay, time for

Hepar Sulph 30c,

3 doses, each dose being 1 teaspoon.

Report in 1 week.
sameervermani last decade
Dear Sameer,

I´m so sorry I´ve missed reporting to you...probably cause the effect is so good :)

The first week he was a bit more tired and calm. He had diarrhea and complained over sore anus.

The next week he stopped reacting so aggressive, he was still irritated and his comment were still mean.

But the last week he has stopped these comments also. He has been very nice now for about 5 days. Polite and nice even to his brother, still a bit jealous towards his brother but much better. Calmer and seems very happy and satisfied. Still a bit tired. He is very nice with me now and not rude at all...

The remdy seems to work very good for now...

Thankyou so much!

Tintintin last decade
Good to know, let us keep waiting till there are improvements happening.
sameervermani last decade
Dear Sameer,

As soon as I wrote the last comment he started to relapse fast...The last 4 days he has been worse steadily.

Now he is in a bad mood all day and yells at me and is very angry/outbursting for nothing...aggressive...explodes for nothing...

May I give 200c Hepar S? I have it at home...

If he responds well to 200, what will our nest step be, you think? (1M or lm1) I want to have the possible remedy at home.

1000 thanks as usual!

Tintintin last decade
Do you think he did better on the Lachesis or he did better on the Hepar ?
sameervermani last decade
Well, Hepar was very good but it lasted only 6 days then relapsed. But during those 6 days he was 100% good...not moody at all....

When the lachesis helped it was equally good but at the end it didn´t help....

So I don´t know how to answer you...
Tintintin last decade
Just to clarifye with Hepar S. The full effect was during 6 days but he improved slowly earlier...
Tintintin last decade
Hi Pia,

So, have the symptoms relapsed completely ?

Or is the relapse milder ?

Where are we compared to before we gave Hepar 30 ?
sameervermani last decade
I think it´s a bit better than from the beginning...
Tintintin last decade
hmm.. go ahead with the Hep-S 200c dose.

Also order Hep LM1 and Lach LM2 , both in 30 ml teat dropper bottles.
sameervermani last decade
Hi Sameer,

7 days after the 200c dose.

The worst top of his mood/behaviour stopped within about two days...He was very tired the first 3-4 days. I think there is an improvement still going on but I can´t say for sure yet if this is right...

He has had diarrhea 2 days ago, now he is having a sore throat...he has been complaining about different ailments, like pain in the back, the foot.It seems like he always has pain somewhere these days...He ends the day by saying. -Idon´t think I can go to school tomorrow...I feel sick...

So far so good Sameer, let´s keep waiting...I have ordered the other remedies in case things get worse...I´m so thankful that he calmed down cause things were getting really tough here in the family last week...Puh!

Tintintin last decade
Hi Pia,

Let us wait for 1 more week, and you can update next Friday.

I have a feeling we will need Lachesis for him again.
sameervermani last decade

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