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How is he doing now ?
sameervermani last decade
Hi Sameer,

The situation became really severe for him so I had to start giving him allopathic medicine, concerta. I´m very sad about it but I felt like it was necessary. The medicine has calmed his symptoms down and he feels reliefed. Tomorrow the summer holiday starts and I am not sure what to do. I want to stop the medicine and go on with flouric acid lm2 as you prescribed but I am worried that he will go 'crazy' again...The doctor says that we can give him medicine when he needs, and we can stop it over the holidays.

How many days do you think that we need to wait after stopping giving him the medicine before I can give him homeopathic remedies?

Thankyou for asking Sameer!

Best wishes Pia
Tintintin last decade
I understand.

The allopathic medicine will hide the symptoms, but we can give Fl-ac LM2 along with the allopathic medication too. It will do some good (if it is the correct remedy) even when given with allopathy.
sameervermani last decade
oooh I didn´t know that! I will give him tomorrow...I can still see the symptoms, it´s just that he is calmer and does not act them out so much...

Thankyou Sameer!
Tintintin last decade
Hi Sameer,
So much has happened here...

Just after the last comment I found out that my son has been using marijuana for several months...and some other drugs. That of course explains a lot of his changed personality...At the time when I gave him medhorrinum in mars he was also using drugs. I don´t think that medhorrinum worked because of the drugs.

Now he has been free from ritalina and also drugs for about 2 months.

I would like to continue with the homeopathy now but I am unsure whether to try medhorrinum or fluor acid. When I read about medhorrinum it´s very similar to his current symptoms. Maybe it´s worth another try before going to fluor acid?

Another thing is that he is so obstinate now that he refuses to take any homeopathy. But he is not in such condition that he can make a good decision at all. Could I give a few drops in a glass of juice or something so he won´t notice it? He really needs help...

What do you think Sameer? Should I try again with medhorrinum?

Best wishes Pia
Tintintin last decade
Can you please list the current symptoms (without keeping a bias towards Med please) ?
sameervermani last decade
Okay, I have tried to describe his symptoms without thinking about any remedy...

-He is nice and polite most of the time, and other adults often says that they like him and that he is so nice and he is very social. Has no problem to converse with other adults or friends...he has a lot of friends...
-occasionally becomes very restless, cannot sit still, excited. But in between he is calm.
-As long as we just let him do whatever he wants he is nice to us. We have to really think what we say and how we behave towards him to make our relationship friendly with him. He tries to behave well to us but the least we try to control, contradict or criticize him he gets very upset, angry and aggressive. Then he cannot control himself. He says the meanest things and also has thrown things and some violence (not dangerous yet towards us).
-he can be superior and mean to his brother. An attitude that he is much better than his brother and tries to put him down in every way. He knows how to hurt him with words. Very mean. But he can also show him affection when he is in that mood and be nice to him when it suits him.
-He tries whatever drug he can get it seems like, alcohol, marijuana, hasch, cigarettes, tobacco...
-stays up at nights and sleeps in the day
-When he has money he buys junkfood and eats, but if no money he doesn´t come home and eat and just goes without any food. It takes too much time and effort to go home and eat he says, he doesn´t care..he is also extremely picky, selective with food. Almost nothing that I cook is okay with him.
-he has stolen money and other stuff from us, we need to hide every valueable things...he needs money constantly...he has also sold everything that is possible to get money..
-Says he doesn´t care about almost everything.
-Extremely lazy, ”making a sandwich is too much work for him”
-Totally egocentric
-Spends all money immidiately
-does dangerous and stupid things, for example stole our car last night and went out driving around with friends without having driving license...he bought knifes and smuggled home on our holidayjourney and the custom caught him on the way home...so there will be a process now....
-Obsessed with how many girls he can get, changes girlfriends all the time, they are only for a night, has a list of all girls he can get...this seems just to be a game for him...and he likes to brag about it.
-Has an attitude that he only wants to have fun for now, doesn´t care about tomorrow or anyone else...have no respect of the police...says he is smarter than they are and that they cannot catch him...
-he talks about that people stare at him when in the city...he often hides within a cap and sunglasses...
-hotblooded, sleeps with the window open nomatter how cold outside
-when low bloodsugar he gets very angry and irritated
-gets vertigo when rising from bed

Thankyou Sameer!

Tintintin last decade
-he is straight forward, meaning that he always says what he thinks, never holding anything back....strong opinions
Tintintin last decade
Medorrhinum, Sulphur, Fl-ac and Lachesis. These three remedies come up very strongly.

But just the fact that we have not tried Fl-ac out of these, I am more inclined to try that.

Please give him a daily dose of LM2 for 4-5 days, and see how he responds.

4 drops in 250 ml,1 spoon.

8 hits to LM2 bottle second dose onwards.
sameervermani last decade
Is there some way I can give him without tell him because he refuse to take it?

Is it possible to put 4 drops in a glass of juice or something?
Tintintin last decade
Juice is fine. Just keep his glass separate :) .. as I don't want the entire family taking Fl-ac :P
sameervermani last decade
Hi Sameer,

I have given him 4 doses on 13, 16, 18, 21 august. I have put 4 drops (8 hits) of fluor acid lm2 in a glass of juice and given him. I have given him when it has been natural to serve a glass of juice, so he won´t suspect anything.

The first 2 days he was totally exhausted, said he felt sick...some cold symptoms...

After that he has improved and it seems to be a positive change. Better mood, polite and nice to us...seems satisfied with everything, no anger....

So far so good :)

How often do you think I will continue to give him? And is the way that I do it okay?

Thankyou so much Sameer!

Tintintin last decade
Awesome :)

Continue dosing the same way.

Change potency after 2-3 more doses.
sameervermani last decade
I´m still giving him every 2 or 3 day...lm3.

He is calm and polite and nice. But yesterday I found out that hehas started to use some drugs again and now I don´t know if the change is due to the drugs or homeopathy...it´s like he act in one way at home to make us believe that everything is alright. We have also found out that he is doing criminal things like stealing bikes and so on...

I don´t know what to belive, but I continue sith the fluor acid and hope that it will do some good...

Tintintin last decade
You might at some point consider a single dose of Fl-ac 1M as well.
sameervermani last decade
Hi Sameer,

I keep giving fluor acid lm 3 now. It seems to help him, he is definitely calmer and happier.

He still gets angry if I try to limit him in any way...

He also gets restless at about 2 or 3 times a day...but it lasts about half an hour or so...

Best wishes Pia
Tintintin last decade
Hi Pia,

Up the potency after 3 weeks on LM3 please.

sameervermani last decade
Hi Sameer,
I stopped giving him fluor acid a month ago. It seemed to aggravate him instead. He became more and more angry.

Now he is on allopathic medicin again because he cannot manage school otherwise.

He is very sulphur-like I think and I wonder if I could try a lm12 dose and see if it helps.

His symptoms are:
-very very lazy, he hardly chews his own food
-stay up late and it´s impossible to get up in the mornings
-low appetite, only for junk food
-gets angry easy
-superior and arrogant
-looks sloverny, slatternly
-smells ugly

Thankyou Pia
Tintintin last decade
Hi again,
Tintintin last decade
Yes, this looks like Sulphur. I agree. Please give a high potency dose. If he has not taken a 1M, that would be good.

Even a 10M is a possibility.
sameervermani last decade
for updates
vikas_grower last decade

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