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I understand the hitting but do you mean that I will give him a dose now?

Tintintin last decade
He´s probably getting better, comes slowly...calmer today than yesterday :) I´m so happy!! No more dose yet, of course, forget my last question ;)

Thankyou so much Sameer! I love lachesis ;)
Tintintin last decade
You can repeat the dose once every 3 days for 3 more doses.I reduced the dose a bit. Before each dose, you have to hit the bottom of the LM1 bottle

LMs can be repeated as long as slow improvement is happening.
sameervermani last decade
From now on, before each dose, you have to hit the bottom of the LM1 bottle on the palm of your hand 10 times. THIS IS ESSENTIAL.

e.g. In this video the person is hitting on a leather bound book, but you can use your hand instead


Pia knows this.

After hitting, Put 2 drops of Lach LM1 in 250 ml water, stir and take 1 tea-spoon from there.

Report in 48 hours after this dose.
sameervermani last decade
I am sorry, the last post was for your mom ;)
sameervermani last decade
I gave dose nr 2 48 hours ago (thursday night).

I´m worried that the improvement has stopped Sameer. These two days has not been good. He looks pale and tired and is moody, not all the time but we can see that he´s unbalanced...

What to do?

Thankyou so much for your time and help!

Tintintin last decade
I must also tell that he´s been away with friends so I might not have the full picture...Tomorrow I will study him closely to see how he feels...
Tintintin last decade
Today he woke up in a bad mood again and I don´t think that he is getting better. What to do?

Tintintin last decade
Okay, then please make a list of symptoms for him.
sameervermani last decade
Hi again,

First I must clarifye that he has certainly improved after we started with LM1.

The question I am not so sure about is whether he is still improving or if the process has stopped. As I understand this is essential for giving any more doses, right?

The first hour this morning he looked very tired and was in bad mood but after that he has been in a good mood (from 9-16 o clock)...I don´t know how the evening will be. He has been polite with us and looked happy. Some mild symptoms has shown:

-tired, moody in the morning

-some jealousy of especially his brother but also his friend yesterday

-watches his brother and gossip when he does something wrong(although he may do the same thing himself)...wants us to reprimand him

-teases his brother a bit

It is difficult to know what is right Sameer and I worry that I may misguide you...But as you can see there are not many symptoms and as far as I understand most of them covers well by lachesis...

What do you think? Should I give him a succussed dose tonight again?

Tintintin last decade
Yes, go ahead with a daily dose of Lachesis LM1 for 3 consecutive days.


After hitting, Put 2 drops of Lach LM1 in 250 ml water, stir and take 1 tea-spoon from there.
sameervermani last decade
Hi Sameer,

I have given him a daily dose on 4, 5, 6 january.

5 jan: seemed better after the dose in the evening
6 jan: improved and his good temper were quite stable all day
7 jan: today has been the best day so far, no bad mood, he´s smiling again :)

Bless you Sameer!

So far totally 5 doses. Do you recommend me to give him one dose tonight also? Or what do I do?

Tintintin last decade
Carry on the same daily dose for 5 more days.

Stop at any sign of aggravation.
sameervermani last decade
Dear Sameer,

8 jan - one dose: good mood
9 jan - one dose: good mood but a few hours before bedtime, had this fixed idea of wanting to buy a new game and kept on arguing, the discussion got more and more intense and the raised his voice and finally gor angry and rude to us.
10 jan - good mood all day except before bedtime, the same conflict again, I didn´t give him a new dose because I am afraid that this is an aggravation...?
11 jan: Today he started again with this fixed idea and behaved in a rude manner when we didn´t agree...

Hmmm How do I know if it´s an aggravation due to too much lachesis or if it´s a need for more doses Sameer? I know that the tricky part of lm doses is to find the right interval...?

I don´t know if I should give him a dose tonight or not?

Best regards Pia
Tintintin last decade
Give the dose tonight. And report tomorrow.
sameervermani last decade
Dear Sameer,
The mood seems quite good and he has been able to work in school today...

Felix has the same symptoms as the rest of the family with a coming flu, hard to breethe, sore throat, pain in chest when coughing...has been out in the cold air today...I guess I cannot give him aconitum ;)

Regards Pia
Tintintin last decade
Carry on the daily dose, for 5 more doses.
sameervermani last decade
Sorry to bump into this thread. But what a read it has been. As a lover of Homeopathy and a student I see this work and my heart melts and I pray for Sameer , for your son Tintintin and you.

What a terrific example of classical Homeopathy. I think all of us need to learn from this, specially, a lot of so called homeopaths on this forum who have no idea of the principles of Homeopathy and are jealous when the praise worthy are praised.


a thumbs up to you Sameer!
gumby last decade
Dear Sameer,

I have given him 5 days daily dose now....yesterday NO dose.

He has got the flu/cold so is still not well, some coughing and pflegm left.

There has been some symptoms in the mental the last week. I have problem to explain, just a new way to laugh, some teasing in a new way somewhat restless...

But most of the time he is very calm and the energy feels good around him. He is more quiet.

I´m not sure but I think that he is better today, can this relate to not having a dose yesterday, Sameer?

What do you recommend now Sameer?

Regards Pia
Tintintin last decade
Let us wait for 3 days without any dose, see what happens.
sameervermani last decade
Dear Sameer,

All those 'mild new' symptoms I mentioned is gone...

He´s still very calm, balanced and it´s a pleasure to be around him :)

On the 20th jan he was angry when he woke up, but was gone after 5 minutes...

21 jan he burst out once when dad told him something...

Some small moments of restless behaviour, then raise his voice and move around quickly, some teasing with the brother or the dog...

Otherwise nothing to report...:)

Should I wait or do I give him some more?

Thankyou so much for your support Sameer...It seems like he is almost there now don´t you think so also? I´m so happy that my tears are falling when writing to you!

Best regards Pia
Tintintin last decade
Keep him giving a dose every 72 hours for 5 more doses. Of course, stop at any sign of aggravation.

I do not want a relapse this time. I want to beat the hell of the miasm ;)
sameervermani last decade
Dear Sameer,

After 5 more doses every 72 hours.

-Mentally he is mostly calm and stable no severe symtoms but it is not completely good. There are still everyday moments of mild obstinate and rude manner, he is not nice to his brother not like before but yet. Likes to tease.

He is often tired, headache and yesterday another cold started with runny nose, headache some fever this night...

I cannot see that he has improved the last 2 weeks but he hasn´t relapsed either. Right now it seems like nothing is happening but it´s hard to tell for sure...

Best regards Pia
Tintintin last decade
Let us now stop the doses for 1 week, and see what happens.
sameervermani last decade
Dear Sameer,

After one week without any dose.

He is still the same as I described in the last post. No severe symptoms but still not the GOOD vibrations around him. He seems stable but isn´t especially nice to his brother or to me. Small comments that hurts...some rudeness and whenever we say to him to do something he refuses and says NO! The power behind the behaviour isn´t there anymore at all (like it used to be...).

Very stubborn, won´t take enough clothes on when going outside in the winter (snow). Freezes very much but still refuses to wear enough clothes. Just opposite to what we say to him. Another issue is the food, very fastidious with the food. There is always something to complain about. Craves sweet and snacks...

What do you think Sameer?

Best regards Pia
Tintintin last decade
Sorry, I forgot...

He showed me that he has got some mild eczema on the right arm that comes and goes but he says that he has had this for some time....probably some weeks he says...

Here are some further reflections about his first years, I don´t know if it matters how he was then?:

-was a flabby, clumsy child, difficult to carry cause he didn´t help at all, just hung there loose...
-sweat a lot on head when breastfeeding
-scrofulus skin on upper arms especially
-quite large belly
-strongwilled, screamed loud and angry when hungry and wanted to eat very often...
-frequent colds and problems with bronchus (croup)
-problem with low bloodsugar, had to eat very often otherwise 'chaos' in mood
-low energy, endurance
-difficult to run somehow, got pain in chest in soccer for example...
-prefered calm girls to play with, still do ...
-couldn´t handle lot of people and needed a very calm surrounding...
-very stubborn, obstinate
-when a little older so full of ideas, creative projects but made them very quick and then just left the whole thing and started a new project, often building things...jumped from one thing to another...
- very very angry if you stopped his projects...-very intense...

the rest you know I think...

Tintintin last decade

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