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Allergy Induced Asthma

My son is 13 yrs old

Acute symptoms of egg allergy which has him wheezing and trying to clear his air passage.
His chronic issue is his allergies/asthma he has had for many many years. A more recent low iron condition which has resulted in two fainting episodes.

Brief History
born -- jaundiced, had to be induced and was colic; had eczema...breastfed. chickenpox at 4 mths old. As a baby we found he had a lot of allergies to food...stool and eczema was the way I could tell he was reacting to something.

6 yrs old -- Tested for allergies and allergic to many foods (eggs, orange juice) and was extremely allergic to dust mites, molds, tree pollen, grass etc. Milk, eggs etc. were triggers for asthma. drinking soy and rice milk. Went on a 2 yr Gluten Free diet per doctor - little difference. Taking many different asthma/allergy related medicines: Albuterol 90mcg inhaler, Advair, Veramyst, Rhinocort, Singular, Claritin. Past year he is only taking Albuterol

10/2010 began allergy shots (not for food but for other allergens - dust mites, grass, pollen etc.).

9/11- passed out while getting his shot. has low blood pressure 90 over 60. Primary Doctor test him -low in white and red iron counts. Take iron pills.

1/23/11 - passed out again...this time it took him a lot longer to come back-- vasovagil He just gets lightheaded and passes out. Doctor recommended hard boiled eggs and he had some the past two days...wakes up with an asthma response...trouble breathing, restricted passageway, more tired etc.

Homeopathy History
Remedies in order taken...
Homeopathic Doctor prescribed
8/25/08 -- 200C Iodum, 200C Rhus Tox 200C Apis Mel.
10/7/08 -- 200cBryonia and Gelseminum

In 2009 - tried desensitizing machine 4 months till 8/09

Mom prescribed.
2/16/10 -- came down with a cold -30cArsenicum Album

3/12/10 - tolerating more dairy than he has in past. Typically he would have cheese pizza and I could already hear it in his nasal the next day.

12/19/10 - game down with a headache followed by a sore throat. He seemed to have a very slight temperature. I gave him 3 doses of 30C Lachesis. He stayed home from school and rested and his throat got better after the 2nd dose.

8/22/11 -- had Carsinosin 200C diluted in water - twice -

9/15/11 Low Iron is reported. takes Iron 65 mg and a One A Day vitamin

9/30/11 - no appetite and more tired; stomach is nauseous Look for alternative.

10/4/11 - gave him Bartya Carb 200C diluted in water and Calc Phos 6X and Ferrum Phos 6x. is having a great 2 days

10/24/11 - blue under the eye again. Good news growing I gave him Baryta Carb 200C diluted in water again followed by Calc Phos 6X and Ferrum Phos 6X.

11/1/11 - I read that they should receive Calc Phos and Ferrum Phos regularly while they are growing…gave both in 6x again.

11/30/11 -- woke up with a cold…congestion all in his nose and a little sore throat. Gave him 30c of Lachesis. Was a little moody after…said it helped his throat some but not his congestion in his nose.

12/2/11 30C Arsenicum Album to help his congestion. Also gave him 6X Calc Phos and Ferrum Phos.

12/5/11 6X Calc Phos and 6X Ferrum Phos

1/3/12 -- Gave 200C (undiluted this time) Baryta Carbonica followed by 6X Calc Phos and Ferrum Phos…his energy seemed to be improved again. His appetite seems increased. He's doing well right now with this. I have followed with Calc Phos and Ferrum Phos every other day -- will do for a few weeks. 1/7 He has excelled on his recent tests (96 in Science, 100 on vocal etc.). He is able to more easily shoot his 3 pointers etc. I am thinking the Baryta has helped him

1/17/12 Also gave 30C of Ruta Grav because he was having problem again with retrocalcaneal bursitis (pain where heel of foot meets achilles tendon). He had this happen before and it is from sports (soccer and basketball) -- nothing given before and it took months to get better so wanted to try homeopathy -- it is much better now.

On 1/20/12 -- 6x Calc Phos and 6x Ferrum Phos along with 30c Kali Phos


I do want to mention that since the Baryta Carb my son has grown and his voice is deeper and he now has acne which is getting worse. He has grown 3 inches this past year and is now up to 35% in height -- was 10%.

His allergies had been doing much better than past year - except for the recent egg incident. The other exception is that he still gets colds (although less frequent) which end in respiratory issues.Passed out again during allergy shots.

I do want to mention that since the Baryta Carb my son has grown and his voice is deeper and he now has acne which is getting worse. He has grown 3 inches this past year and is now up to 35% in height -- was 10%.

His allergies had been doing much better than past year - except for the recent egg incident. Although, he still gets many colds which end in respiratory issues and it continues to run him down impacting his sports.

I would appreciate help trying to help my son. Thank you.
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  l471530 on 2012-01-26
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
CAn someone help me with this case?
l471530 last decade
Please give him a single dose of Thuja 200 and see how he responds in next 15 days.
kadwa last decade
I will need to order the Thuja. In the meantime, my son is getting worse...very congested, throat and chest hurts etc. For some reason I thought arsenic album is an acute remedy as thuja is a chronic remedy. I do have 12c and 30c of arsenic, should I give him some to help him with this acute symptoms?
l471530 last decade
I did call locally and no one carries 200C Thuja so I have ordered it. I can pick up locally 30C Thuja but I do not plan to do so unless told otherwise.

Thank you.
l471530 last decade
Since your son has a history of lung and allergy problems, it can not be considered acute case (although the symptoms are acute), and another medicine is possibly required. Let me ask some questions since you did not provide enough info.
IS/WAS your son somewhat irritable, changing his mind suddenly, seems to be always in a hurry, impatient? Does he love traveling and explore things? Are his health problems better near the sea? Does he sleep on his stomach? As a baby, did he use to sleep with his butt up in the air?
Lylla last decade
When I said another medicine, I meant, not Thuja.
Lylla last decade

There is no need to believe that there is a water tight division between acute remedies and chronic remedies. If one is given a supposedly acute remedy repeatedly that may cause remedy proving and may create other complications. No homeopathic remedy is safe and no remedy is dangerous. What makes it so are it's indications and the methods of administration.
i think that thuja or silicea may help here as the problem has started after allergy shots. In my opinion other symptoms also warrant their indications. You may start with Thuja as suggested.
kadwa last decade
In my opinion the problem started much earlier, from birth, since the child was born jaundiced. I think the more thorough analysis never hurts. Please, reply with the answers to my questions.
Lylla last decade
Yes, I agree with what you are saying. I do believe this started from birth and not from a vaccination. He was born with jaundice, colic and eczema. I do believe there is herpes in the family.

He most definitely slept on his stomach with his butt way up high...very funny at that time. My son was irritable only when he was colic or sick...I wouldn't say he was an irritable like my daughter was.
My son has become more introverted and is not an explorer or necessarily like to travel...doesn't really like change. We travel to the sea every summer and I can't really say he is better or worse but if I were to give an edge it would be towards better.

A few other things that stick out for me. He had a lot of throat and ear problems when he was young in addition to his allergies.

When he does something wrong he likes to be alone and goes to his room -- he has done this since he ws young. He use to cover his eyes as though he didn't want you to see him.

Generally speaking he is more chilly and even when swimming, he doesn't like cold water at all.

He definitely has become more an more introverted as time passes and he worries what others think of him.

When he has to go number 2 he can't eat until he goes.

He is not a big eater but likes to snack throughout the day.

Please let me know what else I must provide.

His current acute state...he wanted to stay home all day and not do any sports because he continues to cough (dry, hacking type -- nothing comes from it) and head and nose is congested. Left more than right nose. He continues to blow his nose...it is clear.

Thank you.
l471530 last decade
After giving some more thoughts to my son when he was young...I wanted to share the following.

-- He liked to be rocked to sleep. For his naps and bedtime, I always rocked him...unlike my daughter.

-- He was a good sleeper and napped well too. He would drool all over his pillow and has done so for many many years. He also would perspire on his head -- now he does tend towards sweaty feet.

He was born with a large head compared to the rest of his body. He was round and had a large tummy. Now he is thin and doesn't gain weight easily. He learned to walk and talk late -- compared to others.

-- He loves animals in general.
-- He gets car sick and can't read in the car.

Now.. he doesn't like change of much. Doesn't like to try anything new and when we are with him at an event, he doesn't want us to talk to him when he is around friends.

He is a sensitive boy and cares about others feelings. It does seem as he gets older, especially in middle school when boys can try to show their egos, he doesn't like people who are not sensitive to people's feelings. Doesn't like bullies and tends to want to be more alone.

Still till this day, Justin sleeps well and gets up early and generally in a good mood. He is not a perfectionist and isn't a neat person...

Hope this helps.
l471530 last decade
It looks like your child needs Medorrhinum, it is his constitutional medicine that should take care of many problems, if not all of them. It is a nosode, and needs to be ordered. Depending on where you live, you might need a prescription for it. Start with 30C 5 pellets once a week and it is a chance the allergies will be gone from the very first dose. Report the changes each week.
In case you need a prescription, go to a homeopath to obtain one. You do not need to treat you child with the medicines (even homeopathic ones) that help with few symptoms. Treat him as the whole person.
PS. His weak balls of the feet are not due to the sport injuries, they are prone to the injuries due to his constitution. Sleeping with the butt in the air, asthma, jaundice, enlarged head and being better on a sea shore are another strong indications of this medicine. I will not be surprised if there is a family history of heart problems.
Lylla last decade
Interesting...my daughter and myself have taken Med 1M back in 2002, prescribed by a homeopath we had to travel to see. I don't remember it doing anything very specific for either of us.
My daughter back in 2002 took Hocyamus, Med then Stramonium due to ADHD and auditory processing problems she had in 1st grade. She took Stramonimium again in 2003 and it helped a little then Arsenic seemed to help some...it went on for many years trying different remedies.

We eventually traveled far to see a homeopath who prescribed Veratum Album which helped her the most (she actually had a growth which came and went in a day which was strange) then she eventually needed Lachesis because she started to pass out and have agoraphobia and panic attacks. The last few years have been her best. But she does have some memory and concentration issues she continues to deal with (minor compared to how much they use to impact her). I share this all with you because there may be some family related issues/learnings.

In any event, I do have Med 1M but not 30C. I will try to order...if not possible, I will try to get from local homeopath.

I did want to share this article which was written by the Dr. Herscu who prescribed Veratum Album for my daughter . He does mention the relationship between Med and Thuja.


Should I dilute the 30C or give it to her with no dilution?
l471530 last decade
I have ordered 30C Med.

Please take a look at this book
Asthma: Cause, Types & Homoeopathic Treatment
In it, it states that Nat-S generally should follow Thuja or Arsenicum Album and if asthma still a problem then follow with Med after giving Nat-S.

Since Justin has previously had some good luck with Arsenicum, should we first try Nat-S prior to Med?

Thanks for looking into this.
l471530 last decade
In order for the medicine to work properly, I think you should start with 30C, then move to 200C and so on depending on the outcome, so the medicine has a chance to work with all energetic levels of the body. Let your son take the pellets under the tong to dissolve slowly. I also expect relapses as was stated in the article and changes in the symptoms, therefore, it is best to report every week.
Lylla last decade
I believe, since your son has very strong bodily indications of Med, it is best to start with this medicine on the corresponding energetic level. But giving that his spiritual personality is not pure Med, it can later be followed with Tuja or what ever unfolds.
Lylla last decade
Thanks. I'll let you know when I receive the 30C med. Should I be getting the 200C of Med so I have it for later?
l471530 last decade
My son is not better at all. He still has a deep hacking cough, congested head and continues to blow his nose (now a little light yellow as opposed to clear (but not much yellow). He is fatigued and looks just terrible.

I keep going over what I gave him and when and I have done much review of Med. and Thuja. I was completely supporting Med but then I wondered about Carcinosin. If you look at the history, he was given this in 8/2011 and he first showe low iron and passed out after that. At that time I could have gone between Carc. or Med but thought Carc. seemed to fit. I think switching to Med makes sense based on what I have read but I just want to have assurance from you why we don't think Carc. needs to given again. Is it because he passed out and had low iron (which looks like new symptoms), because the asthma symptoms, brochitis etc. can just be the peeling of old symptoms...correct?

Just want to understand how you determined Med vs. Carc again. Thanks.

I did finally receive the thuja today from the initial request...I hope to have Med in the next few days.

Is there nothing I can give my son to help him with his terrible symptoms? I don't want to make matters worse but I did want to ask.
l471530 last decade
There are many unic symptoms of Med people often overlook. It is true that it is easy to confuse it with Thuja and Carc, but if you know key symptoms, it is impossible to make a mistake, especially if they are present in a combination with each other. When I read your poster, I was alerted by the symptom of weak balls of the feet on top of the asthma, jaundice and ecsema. That is why I suspected it is not a Thuja case. To confirm, I asked you about sleeping in a knee-chest position, being better by the sea, and ruled out other medicines this way. That seems like classical Med to me. If you have read the article you shared with me (and there are many more others) than you understand that Med should be the first choice in a sequence.
I strongly feel that you should stay away of the other homeopathy before Med arrives. Please, try to use dietary supplements, like Activated Quercetin from Source Naturals 2 Tablets in the morning and 2 tablets in the evening. It will not produce a strong effect, but will make the body stronger; read about it. I also have a suspicion of mold being somwhere in your house. Is there a room where your child feels better?
Lylla last decade
Thank you for your insight. I will look into activated quercetin as he has not had this before. It terms of mold...we had mold in our unfinished basement a five years ago and they said they got rid of it...they put holes in the basement, they spent a few days with special equipment and removed. They then put some special material which was painted over all the cement. His bedroom is right over the part of the basement where the mold resided. Also, we did have mold in the attic. He is definitely allergic to mold. I am going to see if we can have another company come out and do some testing.

Any information regarding mold will be most helpful as this may be a big culprit.
l471530 last decade
I am getting a little impatient and will be picking up some 30C Med from a local homeopath I was able to get some from.

Please let me know how to proceed.
l471530 last decade
I don't think you answered my earlier question about ordering 200C Med. Since it takes some time to get, should I order and have on hand? Also, do I give him straight 30C pill or do I dilute? Because we are on different time zones, I am concerned that if he has a bad reaction to Med that I will not be able to know how to address...should I be concerned?

At this point, I am planning to give him 30C Med, in pill form, tonight. I will make sure he doesn't eat 1 hr prior or after.

Don't forget to see my earlier reply re: mold issue.
Thank you.
l471530 last decade
Besides, your child was born with enlarged head, there is no way he could not have headaches, since it is a neurological disorder. He was too young to tell you; it fits Med too. Children with enlarged head have worse memory then normal, did he have problems at school with spelling, multiplication table? Memory problems are also a sign of Med. There are plenty of bodily indications. Be strong, my dear.
Lylla last decade
This is interesting. My daughter also was born with a large head. She is about 4 1/2 years older and we had many more problems with her...very poor short term memory, learning problems that severely impacted her learning in school. If you click on my User ID from my post you will see my last post re: her and you will see her history...she struggled a lot and had a completely different personality than my son (much more difficult - pretty extreme at times). I always seemed to be spending my time on helping my daughter work through her learning issues.

In hindsight my son did struggle a little with comprehension, definitely slow in learning to read but he always did well in school. He does seem to have to work a little harder than most. Now that he's in middle school, he has been complaining that it is more difficult for him but as I noted in my notes, after he took the Baryta Carb. it seemed to help him many ways.

I can't tell you how much it helps to have you helping me through this. I know that my daughter has improved (although I know she still has a long way to go) with homeopathy and I hope my son can too. All this is just wearing him out now...

Again, do I give him 30C diluted or straight and should I order 200C Med to have on hand.

I know you are busy, but if you do get some time to look at my posts regarding my daughter that would be nice to hear your thoughts. The person on this forum has never replied to me after suggesting Nat Mur for her, which she took.

Thanks again.
l471530 last decade
I noticed I did not get notifications on some of your posts. I check my phone regulary, it is always with me, but I do not get notifications in time.
Give him 5 pellets under the tong without touching, do not dilute. It is important, since it assures the medicine stays uncompromized. If you wish, go ahead and order 200C as this is a plan.
I am confused about your comment on ordering Med 30C. Do you have it already?
Lylla last decade
I ordered but will not receive for a few more days. I have found a homeopath that I plan to pick it up from today before picking my son up from school.

I will not touch...I'm very good about that. And, I will also order 200C.

Still looks like he is only going number two every other day.

Thank you.
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l471530 last decade

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