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May I know which of my sufferings can have betterment with this remedy.

Anonymous_gentlema 9 years ago
This is your constitutional remedy. So you would feel betterment in all aspects, mentally and physically.

mani_jee 9 years ago

I am being destroyed with fantacies on my old roommate. Uncontrollable masturbation. In holidays, unable to concentrate on anything. Only my roommate is in my imaginations. Uncontrollable!!. Please help. No more same sex attracion, please!! I beg. All my energy expelling. I am losing time. Losing my character. I feel shame to my-self. I beg you with my knees down. I beg you joining my hands. I have less time to shape my future. Every minute is precious. I am unable to concentrate. Holidays are curse to me. I am wasting and moving in negative path instead of making time productive. I beg you with tears. Please get me rid of this masturbation and same sex attraction. Please
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Anonymous_gentlema 9 years ago
Please take bar c 200 as advised earlier. I am monitoring your case very carefully, so you need not to worry to much. You will be a healthy man very soon.

mani_jee 9 years ago


I had used Baryata C from last Sturday untill this Thursday. I feel betterment w.r.t. the urge to masturbate. Ofcourse, I had masturbated...but, the urge came down a bit. But, not pacified. Parallelly, the sexual desires/temptations also coming down. I am not sure about the reason. Generally, I am physically week and this week I had very little food intake and little sleep, the whole week.
Even while masturbating, erection takes long time and no sperm generating in the body to ejaculate (I feel this as one of the symptoms of poor strength).
Anyhow, I am a bit happy this week as I didn't had such a horrible masturbation as before.

I am not sure whther this is result of medicine or not, I want to share one more thing. I find a little betterment in my face appearance. The deep dark pits below my eye ball are getting better.

But Doctor, my old roommate is forever in my fantacies. In addition to him, my office colleagues (any man appearing manly, confident, tall, slim,athletic, tough, energetic, moustache, rough, daresome, brave minded) draws my attention. I am tempted. In little words, the list of people in my fantacies is adding one by one.

My earlier symptoms like inability to handle pressure, short time memory loss(things I did in immediate and past 2,5,10 minutes or so), fearful, again feeling sensitive, more attached at males I am tempted, hesitation, don't want to take bath(I bath weekly once), feel dejected, disappointed, lethargic, don't want to get up from bed, don't want to do anything, even small things I feel as huge workload, sensitive, excited mind, slow, dull, unable to imagine, unable to think better, unable to think about a matter completely (my mind hangs up), unable to concntrate, always something runs in my mind(no betterment so far), poor concentration.

Thank you for prescribing a medicine that controlled my horrible urge to masturbate.

Overall, from all medicines I medicated so far, I felt betterment in depression(during the time I am taking respective medicine), I am physically feel better (than I was by Dec,25th 2013), When I was using Damiana + Carc I start feeling hunger, sleep at proper timings(later I was unable to entertain timely food & sleep due to heavy work load.and later I didnot felt hunger and sleep at proper timings), I am taking comparitively more food, and my belly is bloated, did not felt betterment at my acidity, While using Damiana hair on my scalp grew faster, thicker, stronger and darker( now hair becomes thinner), little betterment in hair loss( trimming my hairs to avoid hair loss), no improvement in dandruff(oily scalp and itchy), sweating in arm pits is controlled, little betterment in urge to masturbate...Homosexual desires: while I was using Damiana, Staph I felt a little bit bisexual tendencies...BUT NEVER FELT I AM A HETEROSEXUAL.

Doctor, thanking you very much...Please suggest my next remedy..Can we try parallel remedies targetting interdependent problems..

Thanking you,
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Anonymous_gentlema 9 years ago
Please stop bar c for 1 week and give me feed back how you are doing w/o remedy.

After 1 week I will suggest you how to proceed.

mani_jee 9 years ago

It has been a week now without using any remedy.
Masturbation: This week had 2 times. First time (wednesday pre-lunch), to feel the relaxation. So far, this is the only matter gives me relaxation. I can not enjoy anything else. Ofcourse, worklessness and pressure less moments make me just feel comfortable. Masturbation gives me relaxation. I had masturbated second time(tea time on Friday) because, I am jealous about my colleagues having happy sexual life at home and outside. I can realize that I am not a heterosexual. But, I am unable to digest that I am uncommon. Unable to digest the proudness, greatness, toughness of being manly...This jealousness is the root cause for me to start masturbation...made me to fantacize my old roommate...masturbate frequently..and spoiled my health + time. Whenever I identify/realize a perfect heterosexual had participated/enjoyed/curious/eager/proposing some lady in sexual matters...he appears like a divine person to me...as, manliness is a divine gift....this feeling pushes me to helplessness and depression....as I realize myself as a homo/bi-sexual.
I am tempted to men who looks manly. My mind follows them...somehow to feel the manly touch....heat of their bodies...this inturn cause me to masturbate irrespective whther a day/afternoon/eveing/night.

Depression symptoms:
Obsessive thoughts. Absolutely passive mind. My eyes see something but, my mind can not visualize/realize the reason/cause/effect/impact of what my eyes see/what my ears listen. In simple words, a big dumb unresponsive mind with very poor imagination capacity. If somebody talking to me, I can not imagine what they mean to convey/what does that discussion means to me/ What is the impact/How to respond to such matters etc. My mind thinks for long time even to do small calculations, even sub-conscious mind also responds late...If you can ask questions specifically, I can reply to each point in this matter.

I am physically and mentally weary, unable to cope up any thing physically and mentally. Delaying things intentionally. Lazy to get up from bed. Lazy to work. Even I postpone regular exercises such as brushing teeth, toilet etc. I feel even these things as huge, painful tasks. Postponement. Excited mind. Sentimental. Sensitive physically, mentally. Unable to encounter challenges. Unable to handle pressure. Fearful attitude. Don't want to bath. Pessimistic approach. Inferior feeling. Does not feel self-worthy. Does not want to dress properly. Untidy appearance. I do not want to bath (once in a week/10 days). Negative thinking. INTENTIONALLY doing mischief, talking wrong matters eventhough I am aware of unwanted consequences. My mind forces me to do such foolish deeds. Talking to people innocently. Innocent thinking.

Severe hairfall. Acidity, gastic symptoms yet to see improvement.

Very very Poor concentration. My mind always keeps on thinking some rubbish matters. Fantacizing past/future matters. Never lives in the present. Short memory loss..Forgets what I did just 5 seconds back...a few minutes back...always forgets to swithoff lights, lock the doors, inform something....simply, the alarm system of my mind does not work at all. This is making me hear lot of unanticipated feedback at office.

Overall, this is my current state of my mind and body. If any specific detail is missing, please pose specific question on each matter.

I am in a busy daily schedule and unable to take nutritious food. Unable to find time to cook proper food. If suggested remedies require any specific nutrtion intake, please suggest the diet schedule also.

Many thanks and regards,
Anonymous_gentlema 9 years ago
Please repeat bar-C 200 one dose only and feed back in 3 days.

The update should be like e.g:

Energy level: 30% better
Depression: 20% better
Anxiety: 40% better

and so on for all major symptoms.

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mani_jee 9 years ago
Before narrating the current state of symptoms, I would like to bring your notice that I had to accept unsufficient diet and sleeping patterns from long time and my diet intake was just to overcome the weariness. Does the remedies require proper nutrition to be followed during the course for expected results?

Masturbation: 20 - 30% better (comparing to my situation by Dec 25, horrible tendency to masturbate). I am masturbating daily even this week. I took medicine on Tuesday. On Tuesday, I was tempted a lot to my colleague. Went to washroom but, couldn't masturbate. Found hard to ejaculate. From Wednesday I am daily masturbating eventhough I am highly occupied with work during office hours. Eventhough semen not being produced, I am trying tiresome untill atleast a very little drop is ejaculated. Due to masturbation my penis looks weaker, thinner than it was. Eventhough I identify myself energyless, unable to work/walk/stand; I am trying to masturbate. Sometimes I take more food for better ejaculation experience. I am sorry to say this. But, it is happening as such.

Depression symptoms: I identify betterment in symptoms the most when I was using Carc + Damiana. After Carc discontinued, depression betterment is gradully came down. After Damiana discontinued, evergy levels gradually came down.
Below metrics compares my current symptoms with symptoms as of Dec 25th.

Sweat in arm pits: 70% better.

Sweat smell: 50% better

Obsessive thoughts: 5% better

Negative thinking: 5% better

Intentionally doing unanticipated deeds: 0% (Such as losing words/Character assassination)

Forcing myself to practise the wrong way: 0% (This might be one of the reasons forcing me to masturbate sometimes eventhough I am not so tempted)

Procrastination: 5% better

Fantacies: 0% (earlier found 5% betterment)

Dreams in the nights: 5% - 10% better

Quality sleep: - 30%-35% better. But, donot get sleep soon after going to bed. Obsessive thoughts. Can not get sleep at proper time (always after crossing midnight).

Concentration: 20% better

Short term memory loss: 20% better (Improvement identified in January upto 30%but, symptoms again identified)

Passive mind: 5% better (earlier I felt improvement upto 10 - 15%)

Ability to visualize/foresee/understand/analyse a matter: 0% (earlier felt 0% -2% betterment). I am very very very poor in this matter. Exceptionally poor.

Ability to recollect memory: 0%

Work productivity: 0% better (as of now. Earlier felt 5% - 10% betterment)I work too slow. Not at all accepted from my manager. Lot of mistakes, forget lot many things in my work.

Grasping power: 0% betterment.

Response from mind: 0% better (as of now. Earlier felt 5% betterment)

Laziness, Postponement: 0% better (felt 10% - 15% betterment earlier)

Inertia on start working: 0% betterment

Intention towards work: 5% - 10% better

Sitting alone, idle,dull,do not go anywhere, no entertainment: 0% betterment. Easily mingle with very few people whom I feel closer and attached(mostly men).

Ability to handle pressure: 5% better (Earlier felt 20% betterment)

Feeling excited: 20% - 25% better (felt 35% betterment earlier)

Innocental mentality: 5% better

Interest to encounter challenge: 5% - 10% betterment

Over-judgemental: 0% betterment (felt 5% bettermet earlier)

Attachment towards relationship: 10% betterment (felt 50% betterment earlier. At this time my homosexual tendencies found lesser a bit)

Fearful attitude: 0% betterment (earlier felt 30% betterment)

Pessimistic approach: 0% betterment

Apathetic attitude towards self/progress: no betterment (I might have seen 0% - 5% betterment - Unsure)

Inferior feeling: 0 - 5% betterment (felt 5 - 10% betterment earlier, for a few days)

Physical grooming/Appearance: 5% better (felt 10% betterment earlier). Do not want to shave,comb my hair, wash my face, prefers incomplete dressing.

Conjuce (spending money): yes. Even food items, I do lot of judgement to spend 1 or 2 bucks

Innocent thinking: 0% - 5% betterment

Interest to take bath - not interested. Do not want to get up from bed, brush my teeth. Feel weary, tired. Forcefully, I will take bath once in a week or 10 days.

I expect lot of perfectionism towards mt activities. And due to my laziness/postponement attitude 100% I fail to do that way. This is followed by excessive introspection which is followed by EXCESSIVE GUILTY feeling, which is one of the reasons I feel unworthy, inferior, unconfident myself

Constipation: as usual. not severe.

Hairfall: No betterment felt so far

Interest to take tasty food: Yes (earlier not at all intersted owards food intake irrespective of taste)

Acidity: No betterment felt so far

Gastic symptoms: No betterment felt so far

Tonsils: not sure

Dark pits, circles beneath eye ball: yes. Dull, lifeless skin, colour, shineless, thinner nails.

Due to poor work productivity I sense some threat to my job. Without job I can not feed my family. I need to prove to my officer soon that I can work and worthful to my position.

Physically body is very sensitive. No physical exercise since childhood.
Attracted to same gender: 0% ( felt very little bisexual tendencies for 3 -4 days). Attracted to men appear confident, good hight, rough, energetic, confident, physically potential, energetic, tough, brave, more romantic etc.I seek relationship with them. Fantacize romance with them. And fantacize their romance with women.

May I request some nutritional remedies as supplementary if advisable.

Many thanks and regards,
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Anonymous_gentlema 9 years ago
In my experience, the majority of patients I treat who are conflicted over their feelings of attraction to the same sex, usually settle into being comfortable with that attraction once the correct remedy has done its work. You are unlikely to be 'cured' of your feelings as they are almost certainly natural ones. What should cure however are all the negative feelings and destructive behaviours that accompany those feelings.

The simillimum makes no judgement, it merely creates health. Many people who are in ill health find their sexuality also becomes unhealthy. A healthy human being may be homosexual or heterosexual, as this is part of their basic nature and is not changed by homoeopathy. What does happen, is that the conflict surrounding this basic aspect of themselves reduces so that they can be at peace with themselves.

I pray this peace will soon be yours.
Evocationer 9 years ago

Coming to above post on homosexuality, I belong to such a religion/society where homosexual behavior is not at all treated fair/acceptable. I want to try as much as I can to fight same sex attraction (do not want to lose interest towards s_x as result of medication). Atleast, I should be fit enough to marry a woman and lead family life. And she should not identify me as a homosexual. This is a curse, utter shameful to me.

Just want to add to this, in childhood (age: 8yrs - 10 yrs) one of my classmates forced me to have sexual interaction. After that(after age of 11/12 yrs), I still identify myself somewhat attracted to girls and much towards men.
From 13 yrs onwards I am completely looking for males and not towards females. I believe I have some bisexual tendencies in me and seeking remedies which can strengthen heterosexual feelings and minimize same sex attraction.

I owe a lot of thanks to this forum and doctors helping me overcome my depression and same sex attraction.

Many thanks and regards,
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Anonymous_gentlema 9 years ago
Well that is just my experience in practice over the years.

I can only hope that the suffering your feeings are causing you will diminish with good homoeopathic treatment.
Evocationer 9 years ago

Please repeat 1 dose of bar c (only 1 dose).

From next day continue with damiana q (10 drops in luke warm water 3 times a day). Continue it for 1 week.

mani_jee 9 years ago

I am following your advice. So far no masturbation this week.

But, the reason behind replying prior to the advised period is...I am greatly and deeply hurt today because of my different sexual identity. Extremely hurt!
I am 28 years old and never had jealous feeling so far with anybody in any matter. But, unability to mate with opposite gender, a problem which I can not resolve myself, which is out of my control, which is not my mistake, which is being entertained by maximum no.of males - Caused me hurt today. Extremely! deep hurt! Inexpressible! Unbearable to my calliber! Unfortunate!

At the moment & so far in my life, you are the only person I had expressed my suffering. Many times I had bowed infront of the almighty to help me get rid of this sin! I am joining my hands infront of you through this forum, with deep desparation and concern. I am a handicap in this matter. I realize but dont want to remain as a g_y. This is a sin! I owe my life to homeopathy if I am completely cured off with my homosexuality & depression. I don't want to be attracted to same sex. No more! At all! I just want to be attracted to opposite gender. Something which is out of my control. My mental senses work instead. This not physical, psychological, inherent, might be natural. But I WANT TO CHALLENGE THIS SAME SEX ATTRACTION AND BE NORMAL MAN.

Sorry for this reply, but you are the only one I can share my pain. The whole day I am suffering but, I understand that time is precious for everybody and I shouldn't waste yours. Kindly help me!

Kind regards & thanks,
Anonymous_gentlema 9 years ago

I can understand your feelings. I dont have words to express. If you look a few weeks back, you would see alot of improvement you have in this time.

Please get hold of bar c 10m potency which would your next dose, it might be used in single dose after completion of 1 week of current dose. Damiana q to be continued as before.

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mani_jee 9 years ago

I masturbated on Thursday and Friday. Thursday - To control my homosexual inability (Fantasizing my colleague with his spouse), Friday-(reading some stories in the web and fantasizing the same).

I want to bring to your notice that my old room mate is in my imaginations...and also I am more tempted towards my colleague who appears as a complete family man and also appears like satisfied sexual intercourse everyday.

I am jealous on each and every MAN in this matter. Even jealous towards heterosexual animals. Unfortunate! Broken heart, exploding but cannot express to anybody, Wounded! Painful! Pathetic! unbearable! handicap!

Please tell me...being a heterosexual will be a dream forever to me?(w/o same sex attraction)

And also please give some remedy for....very very poor mental caliber. short term memory loss, no coordination from brain to what I see, listen, feel...passive mind. Very very poor grasping capacity, unable to understand easily, takes more time to understand little matter. No IQ. Even sub conscious responses are also very slow than they are!
Doctor,this is job threat. My managers already warned me about my poor calliber. Trying to replace my position. I have very little time to prove my abilities and value add to my job role. This has become survival problem to me.

Desparately requesting your attention on above matters.
Anonymous_gentlema 9 years ago
Ok.... stop bar c (which is your constitutional remedy).

Get hold of acid phos 200 and china 200.

Take 1 dose of acid phos 1st night.... 2nd night china 1 dose...3rd night acid phos.... 4th night china... then stop. It would help you to build caliber.

Report back after 7 days.

mani_jee 9 years ago
Thank you Doctor,

As of now I am using Damiana 2 times a day (instead of 3 times)..

Can I use Damiana as usual in addition to Acid phos & China...What is the dosage count for Acid phos and China.

Anonymous_gentlema 9 years ago
Yes.... continue damina as before.

Dosage is 4 pellets for 1 dose.

Night 1... acid phos
Night 2... china
Night 3 ... acid phos
Night 4.... china

Then stop.

Also get hold of bar c 10m but dont use it for the time being.

mani_jee 9 years ago

Out of curiosity, I would like to know, Acid phos, China relieves which symptoms individually....both remedies are in high potensy..

And how many pellets for each dose? or if mother tincture..howmany drops to be mixed in howmuch water quantity.

Thanking you,
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Anonymous_gentlema 9 years ago

I would like to bring your observation that I am very poor at handling pressure.
My belly appears enlarged. I have constipation also. Not free and incomplete activity even after long time. I take more than 3 litres/day. And my buttocks are more fatty

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Anonymous_gentlema 9 years ago
Dosage is 4 pellets for 1 dose.

Night 1... acid phos 200
Night 2... china 200
Night 3 ... acid phos 200
Night 4.... china 200

Then stop.

Also get hold of bar c 10m but dont use it for the time being.
mani_jee 9 years ago

The last dose of suggested remedy was taken on 12th Mar.
And the symptoms (just before these 4 remedies & after) betterment is as follows:

Inability to get up from bed in the morning: 80% better

Masturbation: 30% better. During the 4 days of medicine I felt self-controlled. But, immediately the next day I had masturbated. 2 times on the next day. And daily once afterwards. But, still I feel some betterment.

Sleeping habit: I feel something negative in this matter. Not at all getting sleep till1am in the night. And getting up from bed at 9am. Sleeping atmosphere remains the same. Moreover, no worrk pressure this week whcih can me sleep easier. But, I am struggling to sleep.

Food habit: Doctor, I am seriously out of control in this matter I don't have interest at taking food. No hunger.
I feel heavy within 5 -10 minutes during my meals. Thus, I leave incomplete. Moreover, these days I am not finding time & food items to cook. If I rely on food cooked in stalls, I have to repent seriously. sour, burning sensation, indigestion, feel heavy, belly becomes tight..about to explode. Suffering from acidity from 12 years. Even little tamrind, masala, spice are untolerable.
Not at all nutritious body.

All deppression symptoms: 0% betterment.
Energyless, dull, dejected mood, hopeless, negative thinking, lazy, postponement, OBSESSIVE THOUGHTS, less productive, memory loss, feelin self UNWORTHY, inconfident, sensitive, sentimental, absolutely unable to handle pressure.........some Depression symptoms I found some betterment while using Carc. But, as of now these symptoms are almost as bas they were before starting treatment.

Homosexual tendencies: 0% betterment

But, during and after using the medicine(for a week) I caught cold, minute heat in body and somewhat irritating throat. It is adjusted now.

Doctor, my observation during this 3 months of medication - My body feels the goodness of remedy during and 1 or 2 days after the dosage. Later the betterments vanish. This happened for all medicines I had so far. My body is unable to retain the goodness of medicines.
Can this be the problem making me reply back with less results inspite of the expected results of medicine?

And Docotor, if my body needs proper nutrition, I need to have proper food intake. My lever is severly gastic & acetic. Can this be taken care parallelly with depression symptoms?

Requesting your advise!

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Anonymous_gentlema 9 years ago
Please take the following salts.

Natrium phosphoricum 6x
Natrium sulphuricum 6x

Alternate it every 4 hours I.e.

Nat phos 6x 8 oclock 4 tablets
Nat sulp 6x 12 oclock 4 tablets
Nat phos 6x 4 oclock 4 tablets
Nat sulp 6x 8 oclock 4 tablets

Continue it for 7 days.

Do you have coldness in legs?

[message edited by mani_jee on Sat, 22 Mar 2014 19:03:15 GMT]
mani_jee 9 years ago

I do not have coldness in legs. And the the little heat in body was about 2 or 3 days after 4th dose. And throat irritation and cold was till one week after 4th dose. I find a little mucous in my nose till now. Is this information helpful in identifying drugs?

And please can you help me understand the goodness of above remedies.
Anonymous_gentlema 9 years ago
The above salts will work with the acidity and liver issues.

mani_jee 9 years ago

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