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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Saying this is a deformity of mind is ignorance and is why
people are persecuted and jailed and put to death. In the usa
they just Outlawed a huge group of people around the country
who were trying to 'cure' the gay people using many different

It is illegal in the usa to try to do that now. It harms people and
creates a lot of suicide. I know many very happy successful gay
people- and they do not have a 'deformity' of mind or physical
simone717 9 years ago
I'm with Simone.

In the West, homosexuality is generally considered normal, but that does nothing to offset your misery, trying to fit in, in a different culture.

There's no deformity of mind, and no physical deficiency. Homosexuality is seen widely in intelligent mammals, but the difference with humans is that other intelligent mammals are rarely bigoted.

Just my two penneth.
moderator 9 years ago
Yes it is the misery that needs to be treated, not the sexual preference. As homoeopaths we are obliged to look beyond those cultural, religious and social prejudices to see the true disease in the patient, rather than seeing THROUGH our own bias.

Hahnemann was clear - we must be UNPREJUDICED observers. It is work we must do on ourselves, to reach this enlightened state.

Homoeopathy is not a tool for enforcing control, punishment, hatred, and further misery on those people who come to us for help. Those who use it thusly should be ashamed, for there is no true healing is such an approach.
Evocationer 9 years ago
It is obvious that Simone717 is determined to somehow prove my ignorance time and again. This particular thread was posted on 25 Dec 2013 and is being updated frequently. BUT the day I commented on the same, it was under Simone717 brand scanner. Who I think is just a prototype of google map. Simone717, I am new to this forum but that does not make me new to Homeopathy. Please stop scanning my comments and focus on ur ability of really treating a case, other than showing rout maps of various homeopaths and medicine shops.

I stick to my comment that Homosexuality is a deformity of mind with physical deficiencies.

Being addicted to Alcohol or Smoking are not diseases. But can be stopped with Homeopathy. I dont know what background of Homeopathy u people are from who says it's not a disease ?? Stupidity is not a disease, either, so you're stuck.

When I am saying its a disease, does it make Evocationer understand that I am being prejudicing ? Do we prejudice to people with diseases ? I am not forcing any treatment to any homosexual person, not asking them to get treatment too. But if someone is trying to change himself, wants to come out of this (which is very much possible), then why these unwanted lectures ?

It is not normal behavior of human beings. The main purpose of Sex in any living being is reproduction, carrying on species. Dont just put aside the fact that these people are them who are incapable of the main purpose and thus shout to be 'Proud of being Myself'. It should not be encouraged by the so-called intellectuals like Simone717. Every attempt should be made to stop encouraging someones gay behavior. That does not include prisons or pushing them to commit suicide. I can not even think like that way being a medical practitioner.

It is a very vast subject to discus on a forum. But to direct u to the right path ......just research on androstendione and testosterone. Ur HumanRights-article-fed-idea of homosexuality will tend to change.

Read Bible, see what it says about Homosexuality. Read any of the Holy books of any religion. See what they say.

Sexuality is flexible and adjustable, but the person has to have a strong desire to change in order for it to work. It is a lie, that a person cannot develop a new sexuality given enough desire and effort.

At last, my suggestions for above commentator's is, ......... Please don't go by what the mass are saying, use ur brains, God has given u one too. Remember, Stupidity is also not a disease.
anindya384 9 years ago

I told u earlier also. Be assured ....It is curable. U can contact me anytime u want.
anindya384 9 years ago

1. What you don't understand about this forum is that it was not set
up or intended to be a clinic. It was set up for discussion about homeopathy
and any other methods or information that people think would be helpful

That is why there is no forum basic forms for intake for patients, etc. The only
reason people get treated on here is bc of people asking for help and
others kindly volunteering their time to help. A lot of people asking
for treatment cannot afford a homeopath or don't have one near them.

This is an INTERNATIONAL forum and many people who do inquire about
homeopathic treatment are new to homeopathy. Many of these people do
have the money to go see a homeopath in person and since the forum
began 10 years ago, there are now many homeopaths who treat people
via skype or phone, so a person is now, not limited by their location to
find a good doctor.

It says on top of the forum- This is the internet- posts are not from medical
professionals. The moderator/owner cannot verify a persons identity on here,
so people need to look at a poster profile and see the track record of people
they want to work with and what they say about themselves and decide if
they want to work with a person and that is fine. But many would prefer
a homeopath near them or one who has years of experience, a website,
an option of skype or phone, and many people don't know where to get

2. I am not 'scanning' your posts. I read most of the forum posts everyday and
members are allowed to comment on any thread they want to.

3. If you want to say that , Canada, Usa, Europe, Australia, Mexico etc are
all 'stupid' bc they do not consider being gay a disease- well I guess you
know more than they do.
simone717 9 years ago
I understand what this forum is.

All the nations and continents u mentioned above follow Bible and I think u too follow Bible ......

Please read Bible verse Leviticus 18:22
anindya384 9 years ago
There are plenty of verses in the 'old Testament' That say things such
as if your son is lazy and drinks, take him out of the house and have
everyone stone him to death. If you are going to use the Old Testament,
you can't pick and choose- there are also references to war, where you
can capture women and bring them back to your house and force them
to marry you- Etc.-You can believe something is wrong
according to your particular religion but that is not the same
thing as classifying something as a disease.
[message edited by simone717 on Tue, 06 May 2014 17:53:19 BST]
simone717 9 years ago
I told u earlier....stupidity is also not a disease. U people should who think it is not a disease should stop calling yourselves medical practitioners. God has not given u power to think in a scientific way.

Forget Old Testament
New Testament ....Mark 7:20-23
anindya384 9 years ago
That text has nothing to do with being gay, just covers a multitude of
things that people can have in their hearts, including pride and foolishness,

You are mixing religious ideas with a science. Science in Western
countries has decided that homosexuality is not a Disease. Bottom line,
you are saying Western countries are stupid for this conclusion.
simone717 9 years ago
homosexuality is a psychological disorder which has roots somewhere deep in the past upbringing of an individual as well as some medical deficiencies & hormonal imbalances... Unfortunately, people advising others to remain unbiased & free of religious prejudices are actually themselves mentally charged with mind blowing ideas of Pope Francis & tend to see the world from a tunnel.

And same as most of the other psychological disorders, it needs medication as well as strict laws. For example, Klyptomania is a psychic disorder, which needs treatment of OCD but this treatment alone can't prevent the whole society from the culprits, so, laws are also required to treat klyptomanic
[message edited by AsadGhumman on Tue, 06 May 2014 19:43:00 BST]
AsadGhumman 9 years ago
What does that mean? Pope Francis said, 'who am I to judge'
about this subject.

Don't understand what you mean here.

Asad, even tho you say it is a psych disorder, etc still Western
countries say it is not-so therefore this is not covered under
medical insurance, etc as a Disease. People can get counseling
for problems adjusting to this. Being lonely,having to hide who you are,
prejudice in work, rejection by others and family, etc-

All I am talking about is Western countries do not see this as
a disease and it is illegal to treat it as a disease.
[message edited by simone717 on Tue, 06 May 2014 19:47:37 BST]
simone717 9 years ago
please read my editted post.
AsadGhumman 9 years ago
Well, the facts are , in Western countries this is not considered
a psych disorder and a Dr. would be sued if he said it
was a psych disorder.
simone717 9 years ago
BTW Klyptomania is also pretty natural phenomenon as animals also steal food etc but they are not 'begotted' & we biased & prejudiced human beings punish th thieves, so unfortunate... am I right??
AsadGhumman 9 years ago
I can see that there's a cultural difference of opinion here, and however entertaining and wide ranging the discussion, both sides can be certain that they will persuade nobody to change their mind.

There are though, certain rules for debate on this forum. Anindya, I thank you for you contributions to date, but there is a danger that what you think you're writing in good humour could be perceived as sarcastic and offensive. Nobody would want to post in a hostile forum, so please try to reign it in a little or prepare to be removed from the forum.
moderator 9 years ago

[message deleted by simone717 on Tue, 06 May 2014 20:14:59 BST]
simone717 9 years ago
Asad, I'm reluctant to wade into the debate, but as you're referring to my post, I'll answer it.

Theft is a hard concept to apply to animals, as animals don't own anything.

There is though a phenomena known as reciprocal altruism, where an animal gives what clearly does belong to it (i.e. its stomach contents) with the expectation of payback later:


Anyway my point is that an animal will only object to another's behavior if it affects it personally, otherwise it would not be worth the effort, whereas humans make proclamations way beyond their personal environment.

Having said all that, I completely understand that it must be misery if one is not able to be as one's family and society expect one to be
[message edited by moderator on Tue, 06 May 2014 20:10:48 BST]
moderator 9 years ago
So why not we go back to stone age then?? Afterall there is no difference in human beings & wild animals.
Anyway, I don't think this is the right place for a philosophical discussion.
AsadGhumman 9 years ago
moderator: Thanks for your views. My last post was in response to simone's post. I would go through the link once I log on from my laptop as currently I m online frim my cell phone.
AsadGhumman 9 years ago
Yes, I agree with you on that Asad-I thought you were talking about moderator's post also-
Nice to see you back on.
[message edited by simone717 on Tue, 06 May 2014 20:23:28 BST]
simone717 9 years ago
Thanks Simone. I will try to remain active as long as circumstances permit
AsadGhumman 9 years ago
Mr. Moderator,

I can understand u r worried about the health of the forum. Quiet natural. I also love this forum and do not want it to be hostile and insulting as well. I'll keep this debated matter out of this forum in future. But u could have said that to simone717 as well to keep the forum clear of any debate on this sensitive issue and not to judge and pass his judgement through his comment on this forum of someone being ignorant.

This is the forum where only homeopathy should be discussed and I am up for it. If any of my comment hurt anyone, I am sorry for that.
anindya384 9 years ago

After the second dose of Platina 1m, I do not find any improvement than to the before.

Please advise further!

Thanking you!
Anonymous_gentlema 9 years ago
Please take a single dose of Sepia 200 and report back in a week.

mani_jee 9 years ago
Thank you Doctor,

One more request!
I am unable to sleep untill atleast 1am, and gets from bed very late (after 10am) every day! I understand my depression symptoms holds the cause. But, my working life made me addicted to this.

Please can you give me some remedy to make return to normal day cycle.

Anonymous_gentlema 9 years ago

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