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Cure for Melasma

I'm beginning to think that there is NO cure for Melasma. Maybe I should just learn to live with it. I give up.
  Faithfully10 on 2003-04-29
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Hi, there!
I, too, suffer from this dreadful disease! [on my upper lip!!!]. if anyone can help, please let me know!
tamara de la torre
tamara_delatorre last decade
I have tried many things and I still have melasma. I have just recently decided to live with it. I gave up staring in the mirror. I have also become a hermit. I stay indoors during the day and go out at night. If anyone has found the cure please let me know.
SWhair last decade
Hi Everyone. As a hispanic woman who has been on the pill for over 10 years, the melasma on my forehead and cheeks has become unbearable and I am desperate to find something to make these ugly spots fade. I have tried micro, bleaching and everything else in between. My cousin started taking Trilexan a few months ago. I ended up buying this product because I have seen results amazing results with my cousin. She is in month two and I have definitely noticed a difference in her appearance. I am hoping to see the same results and will keep you all posted on my progress.

Good luck!

puravida_6 last decade
take the strontii hydralinium remedy during 2 months.
donnely last decade
take the strontii hydralinium remedy during 2 months.
donnely last decade
According to my reference books, Melasma is another description of Addisons's disease. Do not be alarmed as this is only the doctor that named the condition.

It comes in several descriptions according to allopathic views.

Homeopathically, I found 4 possibles, but not enough information to give good suggestions except the names of the remedies.

Bacillinum and Teberculinum are similar remedies. Adrenalin is the third and Sulphur is the fourth I could find.

I am not versed enough to discuss or suggest more than this information from Homeopathic reference books.

Maybe Passkey has some direction here??

Remember, when you take allopathic meds, they suppress.

I also suggest ignoring this donnely that is suggesting unknown remedies he/she calls homeopathy. Do not become sucked into anything one knows nothing about. I am suspicious.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
I have just finished reading all the postings asking for help to cure melasma and my heart goes out to you because I have suffered with it since 1998. However, I have found a combination of vitamins and sulphur that is curing mine rapidly. (And by rapidly, I mean over months, but I'm just glad to finally get rid of it...for good.) First I would suggest a book that started me on the right path...I don't know if I can list it because of the forum rules or not, but you can email me for the title. It was written by a lady that experienced a cure for her melasma. It can be purchased online through a major book supplier for a few dollars. This will give you the basis behind the MSM supplement theory.

For myself, I found that MSM worked quite by accident, before finding the book that supported what I already knew. I was taking MSM for a sprained knee...simultaneously, I noticed that I began to develop a 'breakup' of my brown spots with good skin that never reverted back with sun exposure. Since then, I have learned a lot about how to cure, not 'treat' it. My personal experience has been that large doses of Vit C (asorbic acid) 3-5000mg/day combined with pure MSM (4000-6000mg per day, along with 2 tsp of pure Cod Liver oil/day has rapidly improved my skin over the last few months and know it will be gone for good...I just don't know what the time frame will be. I dont care...as long as there IS a cure, right? I'm tired of hiding and not wanting to go swimming, etc.

Also, I had one of the worst cases...almost 95% of my face...so I know if it works for me, it will work with others. Now keep in mind...I am completely healthy...I do not take birth control pills, medications of any kind, do not smoke or drink or even take an asprin unless a headache is killing me. I do take all kinds of vitamins and herbs and supplements to increase and maintain my health...and I believe all this makes a difference.
Feel free to email me if you have any questions about my personal experience.

Hope this will help all of you out there like it is doing for me.
healthnut last decade
I have melasma on my upper lip, cheeks and forehead. It has been worse since I began nursing my son 19 months ago. I only saw traces of it after the birth of my second child, and when I stopped nursing it went away. I am trying to stop nursing but it is very difficult...I just wonder if there are any other women experiencing or who have experienced a situation like this one. Has the melasma decreased or gone away after someone does indeed stop breastfeeding? Please help..
Renee Ferland last decade

I found a website where women were raving about Concha Nacar No. 3. Concha Nacar is mother of pearl. Someone at this site (ABChomeopathy.com) mentioned that in his country women use creams containing mother of pearl to keep thier skin beautiful.

Might want to do a search engine for Malesma and see if you can find the website where women are raving about Concha Nacar Nol 3. It is cheap too. Less than $5.00 available online or at hispanic stores.

I also met a couple of sisters who swear by Total Block Tinted SPF 60. It also comes in clear. The tinted gives you the option of customizing it to your skin color/tone.

Melasma is believed to be associated with female hormones and is aggrevated by the sun.

Might also try rice bran oil to protect your skin from the sun. Rice bran oil is more natural.
Pat2006 last decade
Might also try homeopathic remedies sulpher and silicea as they are suppose to be good for this sort of thing
Pat2006 last decade
I am using 100% natural Elicina Cream (or Celltone,depends on where you buy it which name you get.._ and 100 % organic rose hip oil.
You must be very patient because results come very slow. But, they are permanent!! I have also been reading about MSM sulphur on the web and have ordered it to take orally. But you can search a lot of websites on the uses of Elicina cream and rose hip oil and how they work. I am satisfied, have been using these products for 5 months now..I have given this 'project' a year to complete and succeed..
ninaaa last decade
i have a really bad case of melasma and have for ages! its been a constant source of embarrassment. ive tried everything from creams to vitamins to changing my eating habits and nothing worked. 15 pills 3 times a day is no fun at all and the over the counter products with hydroquinone have a nasty side effect; if you use them too long it will permanently redden the affected area.

i read heathnuts reply and began taking MSM 1500mg 1 capsule 3 times a day combined with Vitamin C 500mg 2 capsules 3 times a day and began putting Arnica Montana Bruise Cream on all affected areas.

that was 3 days ago and my melasma is lightened 75%! its a miracle! not only has it lightened the melasma but its completely taken away the rosacea from the hydroquinone as well! i am absolutely amazed and will continue to use these and let you know how it goes in a few weeks.

thank you healthnut!! :D
codex last decade
To Codex where can get Arnica Montana Bruise Cream? Do they have it in drugstores like CVS or Walgreens, or herbal just in stores?
anth2ny last decade
I can totally relate to you ladies!My Melasma is inherited from my Dad believe it or not!I have mine on my forehead cheeks and worse of all upper lip!Which is a constant source of embarassment but my Dad has it under his eyes which just looks like he needs to sleep!Have read the book and have been taking upwards of 9mgs daily MSM and I THINK can see breaking up of patches after 2 weeks but am constantly examining in mirror and didn't do a before pic but will keep you posted!GOOD LUCK GIRLS xx
Sara Stacey last decade
Dear Codex, I'm new to the forum and wanted to see if our melasma is still gone.

Buckley last decade
Hi everyone!
i just discovered this forum &
had no idea so many others were suffering like i have been for 9 years. My melasma
was brought on my birth control & started as one tiny spot... now i look like a pale leopard print face...
i have tried EVERYTHING!
sun block , staying out of sunlight all together,
costly Fraxel treatments, fade cream perscriptions. the fade creams worked ok at first but my skin gets sooo dry it is another problem to battel all together..
i went on a cruse for 6 days & in that time i stopped using my fade cream because i knew i would not see the light of day, we did not even have a windo in our cabin ( per request) when i got home... the melasma was darker! aaaaaaaaaaaag!
i finally gave up too!
i read this last night.. a rey of hope & i figure i need the vities anyway! so went & got the MSM , Vit C & Cod liver oil caps. Oh & on another site i read about a lady who used the same combo but also used a bruise cream & she said it is working!
i will be back to let you know how it all works for me.
if anyone comes up with any ideas.... i am all ears!
thank god for forums!
leopardlady last decade
I developed melasma (the upper lip stache!) back in March due to birth control pills! I went from having tanned even skin that didn't even require makeup (funny how you never appreciate that until its gone!). I have been on Obagi now for a couple months and the 'stache' is basically gone, the only downside (which pathetically causes me TOTAL depression) is that i am basically as pale as a ghost (well for me anyways). I just returned from Mexico...adn while the stache has definitely darkened it is nowhere near what it originally was and can be easily evened out witha little foundation. i HIGHLY recommend Obagi NuDerm...pricey, but 100% worth it. My next try here is a naturalpath to see if there is anything internally i can do to balance out my hormones. I don't want to deal with this for the rest of my life! Although, from what im told, that's just that way it's going to be! Sun worshipper to hermit :(
shortstuff last decade
I have been recently suffering from melasma from the last 2 years. It's been going an ongoing battle. I starting using hydroquinone along with retin-a...but it doesn't look like it gotten any better.

Please help on any remedies or where I can buy any of these products. :-(
justine578 last decade

Is there a place you recommend to buy the MSM from? As well as what type, powder form or tablets? As far as the vitamin C....was it the regular one or ester-C?

justine578 last decade
hi all,
am new to this forum,i had a miscarriage a year ago....might be aroud that time i developed a burining sensation in my cheeks,whenever i wash my face my cheeks turn red n burn,even pollution irritates them....am suffering with this condition so yesterday i went to see a dermitologist n he said am having melasma in starting stages...am just 24..so i was scared...he prescribed me fucibet cream and celestone tabs...which r pure steroids....which i hate to use...so plz ladies hlp me if u know the cure n i cant avoid sun...so its getting worse...need hlp
madhu2226 last decade
Hi Madhu2226,

Melasma doesn't burn. You may want to get a second opinion. If you are using Retin-A or Tretinonin, stay out of the sun. These products will cause your skin to burn.

I've had melasma since I was a teenager. It started as a black mustache. It did it's course and went away by age 22. At age 34, it started taking over the rest of the face.

Through the years, I've tried it all. Including fraxil and have spent thousands. Over the past year, I've keep it to an extremely light phase and now can go out without wearing make-up and feel comfortable. I'm able to keep it very with the following daily routine...
Vitamin C & E (combined gel cap)
Biotin (makes your hair grow too)
Drink a TBS of Organic Vinegar every morning.
When eating veggies, try to eat organic if possible.
And most importantly, moisturize.
Organic Hydrating Cream with B5 (SPF 15). Keeping your skin highly moisturized. Dry skin makes melasma appear very, very dark.
Sunblock a must. SPF 15 works just as well.

Hydroquinone... STOP using it. It can do serious internal damage. Other countries have pulled it the market in more than 5 years ago because of side effects. I was prescribed 8% (2% is the norm) when I learned of the devastating effects.

Hope this helps...

If you want to know where I get the Hydrating cream, let me know. I'll send you the link.
Adventurer67 9 years ago
Melasma,chlosmata -curable disease.Most cases are easily yielded by homoeopathic internal medicines.
Melasma is not another description of addisons disease.In addison's disease pigmentation may occur.
Homoeopathic reedies are choose according to the patient
Sepia,Cauloph,Nit acid,Nux vom,Psoralia cor etc cured many cases
PANNAKKAL last decade
I am definitely understanding and sympathetic to your struggle with your skin, because I am going through my own battle. Melasma can make you want to isolate yourself from the world. It can also put a dent in your bank account from all of the numerous ointments, creams, and prescriptions that you buy, trying to make it go away. A couple of days ago, that was me, spending money on everything and anything that would remove the horror on my face. But the more I tried to purchase products, claiming to make melasma go away, the more disappointed I became, because nothing worked. So a couple of days ago, I opened up my Bible, and read about Namaan, in 2 Kings, Chapter 5. Naaman was a commander in a army and he had a skin disease. He went to a prophet of God, named Elisha. Elisha told his servant, to tell Naaman, to dip himself in the Jordan River, seven times, and then he would be healed. Naaman of course got upset, basically feeling that Elisha was going to do something more drastic and dynamic, than just telling him to dip himself in the Jordan River, it didn't make sense to Naaman. However, he did what Elisha told him to do and he was healed. Now, I am CERTAINLY NOT a prophet. I am NOT suggesting for you to go and dip yourself in anyone's river to heal you of your melasma. However, I know that when I finally decided to truly pray and give my melasma to God and ask him to heal it a couple of days ago, I began to see a change in my skin. Now God does have the power to heal you in one day, but I'm not hear to say that He will. But I want for you to trust that he can, and everyday, you pray over your face and ask God to deliver you and I promise that he will. Now, in conjunction with faith (believing that God will heal your Melasma) I want to let you know what I am currently using on my face. I am not relying on these products to heal me, I have decided that this problem can only be healed by the supernatural power of God. In any event, God is able to perform His miracle through faith, prayer, and other things as well, such as a combination of products.

So here is what I have been recently doing, in addition to PRAYER, these are the steps:


Step 1: PRAY!! PRAY!! PRAY!! Even if you have never prayed before, God doesn’t care about that. He is just happy that you have decided to come to Him with your problem, so He can bless you and heal you with His solution
(Read about Naaman in 2 Kings Chapter 5).

Step 2: Cleanse your face with “La Roche-Posay Biomedic LHA Cleansing Gel”

Step 3: I use “MDSkincare Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel - 30 applications”
(This is the most expensive product of my skin regime, but it does the job, Google Skinwest, they have it on sale for $53.99 (mother’s day sale). If it is too strong, use every other day, until your face can become acclimated to it).

Step 4: “Avalon organics Vitamin C Moisture plus lotion with Spf 15”. You can buy this on Avalon;s website or Google it to find a price that suits your budget. Now if you have oily skin, you can purchase “Avalon’s oil-free moisturizer” (does NOT have SUNCREEN, which is a VERY IMPORTANT DEFENSE against melasma), however, if you purchase the oil-free moisturizer, I recommend using “Neostrata oil-free lotion Spf 15”, to rub on your face after using “Avalon’s vitamin c oil-free moisturizer”.


Repeat Step 2 (with Biomedic Cleansing Gel). After step 2, I rub Atralin on my face, which is a prescription acne medication. From my research on the internet, since it contains 0.05 tretinoin, it helps with hyper pigmentation. However, if you cannot get a prescription for Atralin, do not worry about it.

Just cleanse your skin with the Biomedic cleansing gel, and follow with Avalon’s vitamin C moisturizer with Spf 15 or their Oil-free moisturizer, which ever you choose.

This is optional:
Then, just because I like the scent and the feel of this lotion, I pump just a little of “Cantu Shea Butter Body Lotion” (I purchased this from Walmart, but you can Google it and order it from somewhere else, if your neighborhood Walmart does not carry it), in my hands, and dab it on my face. Google the benefits of shea butter. You will see that it is an amazing antioxidant. However, a lot of manufactures make their shea butter lotions either too oily for the face, or not enough that hydrates the face. I found this one to be the perfect medium, for the face and the body.



5000 mg of Vitamin C, 5000 I.U. Vitamin A, 400 I.U. Vitamin D, 1200 I.U. Vitamin E. In addition, I take 2000 mg of Calcium to maintain my weight, anything over 2000 mg of Calcium does not help the body/its useless. DRINK PLENTY OF WATER!!!!! EAT A TREMENDOUS AMOUNT OF FRUITS AND VEGETABLES!!! EAT A LOT OF FOODS WITH PROTEIN: CHICKEN BREAST, TURKEY MEAT, ETC. THE BODY CANNOT HEAL ON THE OUTSIDE IF THE INSIDE IS MESSED UP!!!!
Naamanstestimony last decade
Hi everyone,
I have been taking MSM and Ester-C for 1 week, I had what I would say a pretty severe case of melasma, to the point even makeup wouldnt cover up without looking like i had dirt on my face. I can honestly say, that it has lightened considerably in 1 week, i stopped my birth control after being on for over 10yrs, today picked up the avalon organics vitamin c vitality facial serum that contains antioxidants, i will keep everyone posted on the progress, if i can help if only 1 person heal, i would be happy to share my story and help!!! good luck beautiful people!!!! keep posting!!!
mandy99 last decade

i have been on different infertility drugs for almost 2yrs now and w/in the last 6months i have noticed these brown patches above my top lip. they are driving me crazy and have made me very self conscience, that i dont even want to look in the mirror. can melasma be connected to infertility drugs- since they mess with your hormones? i have brought it up to the clinic and they didnt have much to say on the topic and when i asked my obgyn, they suggested anti-depresants. can anyone help me with this?
sunkissed last decade

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