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I have been struggling with melasma on my upper lip for a little over a year now. Today a coworker asked me why I had dirt on my lip due to my sad, failed attempts to cover it with makeup. Awkward...My melasma has begun to consume my thoughts (probably because I'm getting married in two months and imagine my kids asking why mommy has a mustache when they look back at our wedding pictures.) I haven't found what works for me yet, but I know I will. Until then, coming into this forum and reading that I am not alone has been more helpful than anything I've tried so far. Thanks for sharing.
kristenk last decade
Hi Kristenk
I am unable to tell which region or country you come form. I can only write from my experience. I had melasma on my cheeks and suffered embarassment due to that. Then I visited India and saw a plastic surgeon who redcommended that I use melalite with retinol cream combination. It has worked for me. Retinol or vit A has to be high strength see your docotor you will probably need a prescription for it. I am indian with wheatish complexion. My skin looks great now. Good luck.
Raveena last decade
Hello Everyone,

I haven't posted on this site for quite some time. It is summer now and my melasma is back full force so I started doing more research on the internet and came across some other women sharing stories and cures for melasma. The website is called earth clinic, go there and type in melasma and you will find loads of information.
I wanted everyone here to see what these other women are reporting because the results are seriously positive!
so- everyone has been talking about the msm, vitamin c solution both on this site and on earth clinic - BUT, on earth clinic many, many women are also using GRAPEFRUIT SEED EXTRACT (LIQUID FORM), this is not to be mistaken for grape seed extract please remember that! Many women are reporting there melasma fading by 70% or more and in some cases it has disappeared all together! Another thing these women are doing is using apple cider vinegar as a toner morning and night, dab a cotton ball or pad in the ACV and rub on face like a toner, let dry and then use sunscreen and or makeup.
it seems the combination of msm, vitamin c and GRAPEFRUIT SEED EXTRACT is the key!!!! The grapefruit seed extract is a natural antifungal and basically kills any fungas living inside your system. Some women have reported fading and break up of there melasma spots within 1-2 weeks with others it has taken a few months to see major results - i think it depends on how long you have had melasma, the longer you have had it the longer it takes to disappear - but it does disappear! just stick to it and take the vitamins and GSE everyday!!! also sunscreen of course.
Reading about these seriously postive results has me so hopeful and I just started a regime yesterday this is what I am taking:

msm - 1000 mg 3 times a day
vitamin c - 1000 mg 3 times a day
zinc - 200 mg once a day
selenium - 200 mg once a day
Grapefruit seed extract - 20 drops (in juice, this stuff tastes bad), 3 times a day
probiotics - 3 times a day


-using apple cider vinegar as a toner morning and night.
- wearing uva/uvb sunscreen everyday
- applying oil of oregano to melasma before bed. this stuff burns a little bit but you get used to it. make sure you get some that is already mixed with a bit of olive oil or some other oil. or if you get it pure mix it yourself with a bit of olive oil. full strength might be to harsh on your skin.

anyways, there you have it. i plan on following this regime strictly for several months. So many women have gotten rid of there melasma doing this. just be disciplined and patient. On the earth clinic site many women are following this plan and also a diet for candida. Look it up, foods that feed internal fungus are foods high in sugar and simple carbohydrates. Bad foods: fruit aged cheese, alcohol, caffeine, glutinous foods (wheat, pasta), nuts, mushrooms, vinegar and many condiments.
There is overwhelming evidence that melasma is related to an internal fungus overgrowth. I believe it, i have also been battling a foot fungus for several years that just won't go away, not even doctor prescribed creams have worked! Not everyone who has melasma will have yeast infections or other signs of a fungal infection, melasma may be your only symptom.
Alright - i just wanted to share the news and hope with you ladies. Go check out earth clinic and type in melasma into the search on their site. read what the ladies there are reporting and give it a try. i want us all to be melasma free!
I will report back in a few weeks and update everyone on how i am doing.
xoxo good luck to you all
lavida last decade
Hi Ladies,
If you ever wanted to try Tri-Luma or Lustra, please DON'T TRY. They will make you 300% worse, darker, deeper and will develop more on your normal skin. I tried Tri-Luma for 6weeks and one week for Lustra. It was a HUGE mistake I have ever made in my entire life!!! DON'T TRY THEY, Ladies!!!
I only had minor dark spots on my upper cheeks and I had never felt embarrassing going out, but now I DO.

I found out EarthClinic website over the fourth of July weekend. I read a lot of stories about MSM, Vit C, Apple Cider Vinegar, Zinc and Grapefruit Seed Extra, so I have started to give it a try since July 3. I noticed the difference on the fourth day, which was July 7. It is the third week now. I noticed the dark spots on my left face starting to break up a little and right side to shrink a little. They both are a little lighter than after I stopped using the Tri-Luna and Lustra. I hope it will go away soon and I will keep trying till they complete are gone.

I can feel your pain, ladies, so I will keep you posted on how the progress will go.

Good Luck to everyone who has the same pain. Just to remember, NEVER, NEVER TRY TRI-LUMA and LUSTRA!!!
fighting melasma last decade
just want to share an experience also. my mom had been having melasma for almost 10 years (i'm not really sure for how long but i think it's about 10 years). she was looking for products to lighten or even out the discolored areas. i am using a skin lightening cream for my dark spots and freckles. she tried it on her melasma for one week until she began noticing the improvement. her melasma now is lighter than before. you might want to try this cream.
carrie08 last decade
I just wanted to say a big Thank You to the person who suggested The Water Cure a few pages back. This has been the most successful treatment so far that I have tried, within 2 months my melasma is barely noticeable and has stayed that way for quite a while. After trying MANY things and doing LOTS of research I have come to the conclusion that melasma is due to Fatigued Adrenal Glands and/or Leaky Gut Syndrome (which causes candidiasis). The Candida diet was fairly successful but the melasma came back afterwards, because my intestinal mucosa needed to be healed (used Glucosamine 2-5g a day and Pre/probiotics for this - excellent!). Also, by doing the water cure, the salt helped my adrenals retain all the water I was drinking which was just passing through me due to my Adrenals not functioning normally (even though the tests were all normal!) - Aldosterone controls the sodium/potassium balance which keeps you hydrated. In short, do the Candida diet and take GSE to kill them off, then do the Water Cure plus take the Glucosamine and pre/probiotics for a few months, as well as taking an Adrenal Support Complex to help your body retain it's balance. Eat plenty of fruit and veg, cut down on wheat, dairy, caffeine and alcohol and drink plenty of water (with some sea salt), exercise regularly and you will see and feel the difference. Creams do not make a difference because the problem is within. Good luck to all!
fading last decade
I have been on infertility drugs since last 2.5 years and have undergone 3 ivf cycles. I developed pigmentation on my face and neck which grew darker after every cycle. My obgyn has not been very helpful. Does anyone know if pigmentation is related to infertility drugs. And has overcome this. Please help.
Wishtoheal last decade
Hi everyone, I too have the dreaded Melasma I think i’ve had it for 2 1/2 years. I'm convinced I got mine from Fraxel laser. It all started about 3 years ago I had problems in my marriage and lost all my confidence and on top of that i was going to be turning 30. I decided to treat myself and have Fraxel laser for a few pigmentation marks I’d got from picking spots. I have 2 children and had really good skin on both pregnancies as well as being on the pill since I was 17 although I have always been a bit of a sun worshiper and have olive skin which is more proned to have it. Looking back now i should of loved my skin before but you never appreciate what you have till it’s gone. Anyway I went ahead because my mums friend had it done and she had amazing skin so that was a major incentive. I should of had 3 to 4 treatments costing £400 a time but after the first one I was so badly swollen i was unrecognisable. When I went back to the doctor he said I had a bad reaction but there was no way i was going to have another, so as time went on about 10 weeks or maybe more i noticed marks on my cheeks but didn’t pay much attention. By the summer it had got worse but i thought it was from being in the sun with my glasses on ( i have it on my cheeks) so tried to sunbath without them but obviously got worse it developed on my forehead too. I went to a derm and he told me it was melasma and it was probably from the Fraxel.

I tried obaji nu derm and it did work on me but as soon as I stopped using it it would bome back. Hopefully this is a sign that my Melasma is epidermal because apparently it doesn’t seem to work on dermal(not sure if that’s true). I am in the process of saving more money to see another consultant derm to find out, as well as seek help for my adult acne.

Anyway I too have been on earth clinic and am currently trying grapefruit seed extract 15 drops in water 3 times a day on an empty stomach. It’s only been a week so will let you know what happens. I did buy apple cider vinegar too but my husband was complaining of the smell but may start again anyway.

I have found this and earth clinic an absolute pick me up because this problem gets me so down especially in the summer months. I always loved a tan and the thought of never being able to sunbathe and feel the sun’s rays on my face makes me want to cry. I have 2 holidays booked as i didn’t want one last year so I am so desperate to get it under control by then

Good luck everyone, i really do believe there is something that will work for each of us, we just need to find out which remedy.
Sorry for the life story but it does feel better telling people who have been through it
maunder last decade
hi i have malasma on my upper lips and nose and freckles on cheeks...a have a problem of excessive hair growth also on my face ...should i go for MSM as it promots hair growth? and if yes what should be dose?
pigment last decade
Hello All! I just found this forum this weekend and like everyone else was happy to know I am not alone. I too feel embarrassed to show my face to the world, especially anytime that being fully made up is inappropriate. I have had melasma for 6 years now and it started on my upper lip, which I find to be the worst place for it. After about 3-4 years of it on my lip (precipitated by switching from oral contraceptives to birth control patch) I started to develop a large patch on my forehead. That has now spread across my forehead and is starting to form under my eyes on on my cheek. I have been 100% free of birth control for 3-4 years now and it seems to have gotten worst since then, instead of better. After reading all of the postings here, I am thinking of visiting my GYN to see if maybe I have a hormonal imbalance or something else that can be treated and stop the spread if not help to reverse the existing discolorations. Has anyone had success with something similar? Or has anyone else experienced a similar spreading?

My derm recommended a similar supplement cocktail as I was only half heartily following until reading the comments here. Now I will really be sure to diligently follow this.

I have used lots of creams over my long struggle and although nothing has made the melasma go away, I found that prescriptions have not worked (TriLuma, etc.)

I did think that Clinque's Dark Spot Corrector and Meladerm helped to lighten the marks a bit and I am sticking with the Meladerm in addition to the suppliments and drinking LOTS OF WATER (per water cure notes here too). Does anyone else have any feedback on these creams? Feedback or praise for any others? I am curious about Obaji, RX for Brown Skin, Murad, etc.

Last note, I have read a lot of negative feedback about laser treatments, I have had a good reaction on my lip from BBL treatments. It didn't erase the discoloration entirely, but has really helped lighten it up. Especially combined with avoiding the sun and some of the creams I mentioned above. I also found the Organic apple cider vinegar and a vitamin c toner helpful. Besides the BBL I also had a profractal laser treatment on my forehead only, which I don't think was successful and maybe has made it worst, but I don't know.

I am happy I found everyone's posts super helpful and everyone's special insight and advice worth reading and with so few answers something worth trying. Please keep sharing. If I figure anything out I'll share for sure!
stcPLUSbk last decade
PS - It has been 1 week since I diligently have followed the following plan and I feel that I have seen a SIGNIFICANT reduction in the discoloration above me upper lip and on my cheek/around my eye. Forehead still is pretty dark, but that has been a large area and I am hoping that with more time it will get better.

DRINK LOTS OF WATER - a la TWC, I don't have specific amount, but drink enough so urine is very light yellow to clear. I didn't drink enough water before for sure.

STOP DRINKING ALCOHOL - I was a heavy drinker, at least 1 drink a night and often several bottles of wine a week plus cocktails and beers too. I had about 5 drinks on the weekend (light compared to before), but kept hydrating and on the following supplements, didn't see any negative repercussions.

3K MG PURE MSM 3x day
1K Vit C 3x Day
1K MG (Super) Cod Liver Oil 2x Day
20ish Drops (liquid) Grapefruit Seed Extract 2x Day
50 MG Pycnogenol 2x Day
1 Woman's Multivitamin 1x Day

I ALWAYS (even before this new regiment) wear sunscreen with Zinc, at least 5%, but when sunny use as high as possible (Shesiedo has 16% and Phillip Thomas Roth has a powder you can use through out the day over make up that is 13%).

Anyway, I found soooo much helpful info here, inspiration and hope that I wanted to share this info. If it helps one woman who feels like I do it's worth it.

stcPLUSbk last decade
PPS - I have also been using the following applied topically:

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar - On a cotton ball as a toner rubbed on affected areas in morning and at night, everyday!

Vitamin C Toner - Less frequently, but when I can.

Meladerm - After ACV and before moisturizer containing ZINC sunscreen. This is a very rich cream and I have skin prone to breakouts so I use it only on affected areas and try to slip in at least one coat of an anti-acne cream on my acne prone areas once a day to balance it out. And slip in a toner to avoid breakouts.

It sounds like a lot, but I feel so much better about my skin I can't believe it.

I have been doing many of these thing sporadically or maybe not all at the same time, so I am sure there are things in my regime that are doing nothing and others that are doing most of the heavy lifting. But since it seems to helping all together I am fearful of cutting any one thing out.

Again, I hope this helps.
stcPLUSbk last decade
Hi amazing goddesses from all around the planet! I found this page 2 weeks ago when I was becoming severely depressed about the Melasma (dermal and epi) on my forehead and my grotesque little moustuche that formed about a year ago! Reading all your stories Im sorry to say made me feel better (even though I feel your pain I really do!) as I realised how common this problem actually is worldwide and SO many things you all write rang home 100% like trying EVERYTHING and becoming a self conscious hermit not wanting to leave the house! Then I saw an intriguing post which I came back to look at today and can longer find :( but its from an Auyervedic Practioner who said that is was a blockage of Energy in the Liver, Spleen and Kidney meridians. For those who dont know a meridian is an 'energy pathway' like a vein in our body and is fundamental to chinese medicine. I have personally found a GOOD Chinese doctor/Acupuncturist to be FAR more effective with HEALING the problem whatever it is than western doctors..although I also believe western medicine has its place too. I am 35 and became a mum at 28.. I suffered stage 4 systemic Candida when I was 28- 31 and was told by (western) doctors I would die as my internal systems were slowly dying off like what happens when you have aids. Anyway resorting to Kinesiology and a fantastic Acupuncturist I regained my health 100% and havent had Candida since but thats another story ! The relevance here is when I was I reading all the stories on this thread my intuition strongly agreed with the women who said they believe Melasma ultimately to be a hormone imbalance and in order to correct it we must work from the inside outwards! Then I found the Auyervedic Practioners post (Vedic medicine is a complete healthcare system from India over 45,000 years old-it pre dates Chinese Medicine even apparently) and since I have studied it in the past and I was literally about to start studying Kinesiology last week which also works with Meridans I decided to try to find this post so I could practice the Meridian clearing techniques I learnt on the weekend at Kinesiology.. but the post wasnt there so I have been researching (google!) chinese medicine for melasma and meridans and melasma I found this just now and wanted to share: dysfunctional organs, meridians block, lack of blood, may be reflected in the face, melasma generation and human organs, blood, red on any imbalance is a reflection of systemic disease, but also the liver, spleen, kidney
the three most closely related to dirty dysfunction.
Liver, spleen, kidney three dirty dysfunction, can lead to chloasma, such as emotional depression, leading to liver qi stagnation, blood does not and will face, air stagnation and blood stasis, caused by melasma. To be honest Im not sure the translation is the best but it still makes some kind of sense to me.. (I have studied a few different complimentary therapies since 1999 btw) Anyway I dont have photos but I plan t take some before and afters but I am waiting until April to see the best Acupuncturist in our City and I am going to commit to REGULAR sessions for 3 months as stated in another article I read - i could post it here maybe or email me if you like but I am convinced this is our best hope! Clearly something is out of balance and I know from past experience tradtional acupuncture and the high quality herbal tonics a Chinese doctor/Acupuncturist make for you WILL fix any imbalance and you will feel a million times healthier than if you just focus on a topical cream or IPL etc! btw Ive had IPL and it def made it worse :( ( just make sure you have a good referal from someone you trust to see the best Chinese Doc avail!) Also I really liked the post from the girl saying to pray! I did that and then I started to make these links! Instead of hiding from the mirror as usual I say Thank you Universe for my beautiful even toned skin- I LOVE it and Im so lucky, Blessed and GRATEFUL ;) SO much LOVE to ALL of you beautiful women out there- I KNOW we can truly help each other through providing feedback on results and connecting the way you already have been here for years now! Thank you - I am so sorry each of you are suffering the way I am (I wouldnt wish this on ANYone!) but you are a source of strength for me, so stay strong x
beautifulface:) last decade
I have suffered from malasma on my upper lip for over five years now. Started around 2 trimester of first son. I really haven't had a break from my body either being pregnant or nursing since 2007 . I had a dermatologist prescribe hydroquonine made at a compounding facility. All it seems to do is make the area red and the skin becomes dry. Have not seen any improvement from it.

I use La Roche-Posay Anthelios 60 for sunscreen. Does not help! Works everywhere else on face but on the upper lip where my malasma is.

I can't afford expensive creams or laser treatments. I am going to try the MSM supplements with the Vitamin C as well as Cod liver oil and see ifthat helps.
My question is I still nurse so does anyone know ifthese supplements should still help even though my body is still producing a lot of estrogen?
Malasmasufferer last decade
hi beautifulface:),
i read ur post and i agree w/ you a 100%. i want to try the traditional chinese and acupunture route too, but to be honest i don't know where to start looking for one?? if u don't mind me asking, which country/city do you live in? i'm hoping that if there is any chance we live in the same area (i live in san jose, california) you can have some recommendations for me. if not, maybe u can give us some advice/tips on how to find a good chinese herbalist and accupunctionist? thanks!!!
jtn_hopeful last decade
Hi Hopeful,

I Live near Melbourne Australia sorry.. A good way to find a good acupuncturist is to google and call and find someone with a decent waiting list - a sign they are good (although it's a pain to wait I know). Ive just waited 6 months to see the 'best' person where I live but as I know I will be seeing them for regular sessions it was worth the wait. If you know anyone who gets acupuncture whose opinion you trust 100% is generally the best way or you could try asking at a wholefood store or maybe even in your local Chinatown? I have just had private blood testing (pheiffer testing) and still waiting for the results however my doctor is positive I have a major zinc deficiency which causes the body to produce a major excess of copper. She said copper excess can definately relate to pigmentation like this. We are Working from a nutritional point of view which is very rare to find in western medicine. The private blood testing I highly recommend even though its not cheap here but if you value your health and body #1 then do it! You get a comprehensive look at whats really happening with all your vitamin levels not just your main ones iron, etc. This combined with clearing the meridians regularly and energy balancing with Acupuncture and Kinesiology I really believe will fix the more underlying/root cause of melasma plus also put you into a state of overall wellness and balance. Obviously something is out of balance in our body system for it to be causing this pigmentation. Stay in touch and let me know how you go and I will do the same. Also I think chinese medicine is amazing however I have decided not to use the herbs for now and to just focus on the high dose pharmacutical nutritional supplements my phieffer doctor has prescribed me and to combine it with the acupuncture and kinesiology.
beautifulface:) last decade
I just found what sounds like a great place for you ;) check out:
Lokahi Acupuncture
259 Meridian Ave, Suite 14
San Jose, CA 95126
Ph: (408) 279 9001

I think you should try seeing Angie as she specialises in Nutritional Medicine.
You need to commit to regular visits for best results. Good Luck!!!
beautifulface:) last decade
wow, thank you so much beautiful face! i can't believe u were able to help me half a world away! :) u r awesome!!!

now that you got me started, i will do some more research and will def try to see angie or some other nutritional specialist soon. again, i agree w/ you. i believe melasma is our body's way of telling us something is really off balance in our system. i have suffered from melasma for the past 1.5 years, it started w/ a little spot on my upper right cheek then kept on spreading. now i have it on both sides, and it spreads out like butterfly wings on my cheeks. :( i probably had it even longer than that if i wasn't masking the problem w/ lightening creams and the such. i used to blame the fraxel i had done as the main cause, but after doing much research and thinking things over, i believe that tho the fraxel did not help and may have made it more apparant, my melasma was def already there and would have progressively developed no matter what. in my case, i don't think it was extreme sun exposure, my 3 pregnancies (as i had beautiful skin thru/out and after each pregnancy), or even hormone imbalance as i am only 38. rather, i think it's the lack of vitamins and supplements in my body as i am not very good about eating healthy. i do eat salads every so often, but very limited on other kinds of veggies and fruits. i love coffee and sweets and load myself w/ caffine and sugar daily. this has finally cuaght up to me. i also realize i use a lot of laxatives to help my body digest and process the food. very bad!

so for the past 6 months, i have stopped using any sort of chemcial lightening cream. i wanted to see how bad my melasma truly was...and tho i believe it's not as bad as compared to some out there (mine is more epidermal and is about 2 shades darker than my normal skin color), it was enough to make me severely depressed. for a while there, i was totally obsessing w/ my face and can't help consciously and subconsciouly think about it 24/7!!!! the more helpless i felt, the more obsessed and depressed i became. so after reading anything i could about melasma and going to forums such as this one for support and ideas, i started to pay more attention to my body and stopped doing anything to my face. one thing i know for sure WON'T help are the lightening creams and the treatments that the derms try to sell us. they'll mask the problem for a while, but as soon as u stop using their products, it'll come back and may even be worse. second, i know now that there is no miracle cream or solution out there for melasma. as it took years to develop, it will take years to cure. i am now more patient w/ my face and my body. w/ this, i have become more relaxed, less depressed, and less obsessed.

for the past month and half, i have been using ACV and taking supplements (daily multivitamins, zinc, fish cod liver oil, probiotic, MSM, and GSE). regretfully, i can't say that my melasma went away, but i definitely CAN say it hasn't gotten any worse and does seem to be a bit better...which is already a small win in my opinion. i def feel a lot better (mentally & physically) since taking the supplements, i'm not as tired and have more energy. there was a span of 2 weeks when i was extremely busy w/ work and personal things at home and did not take them regularly, i noticed that i started feeling tired again. after taking the supplements again daily, i can tell that there is a difference in my energy level immediately. supplements do help your overall well-being!

i read on another forum that someone was able to cure their melasma by drinking kefir. i did some research on kefir and am sold on the health benefits of this drink. i've ordered the grains and can't wait to start drinking it and enjoying the benefits! i am not placing a lot of hope that it will cure my melasma, but i am expecting it will help my overall well being and health, as well as those of my family as i am planning to have us all drink it. i will now also look into seeing a nurtitionist as well. i've very interested in the pheiffer testing that you took just to have an idea of the vitamin levels in my body. the results should be interesting and helpful.

my journey w/ melasma has been a frustrating one, but i'm the type who believes things can always be worst. detestful as melasma is, i'm still thankful that my body chose this very blatant and obvious route to tell me. it sure did put a big damper on my vanity and self esteem, but in my opinion its the lesser of the evils considering all the illnesses out there!

yes, lets def keep in touch and update each other (as well as the other members) on our progress!

good luck to everyone, and god bless!
jtn_hopeful last decade
Hello everyone,

I've been suffering from melasma for the past two years and have tried hydroquinone and IPL, both of which have not worked. My dark patches are on my cheeks and on the outer corner of my eyes.

Like everyone else, I am so thankful I found this site and will start the vitamin approach ASAP.

I've been on my birth control pills for 15 years and tried stopping them late last year to see if my melasma would improve. I only stopped them for 3 or 4 months but my acne became really bad so I went back on the pill. I'm wondering if anyone has any advice for me about taking or stopping the pill. Should I continue taking the pill and add the vitamin routine, or stop the pill again and do the vitamins? Was stopping the pill for 3-4 months enough time to see a difference had there been one?

Also, does anyone know if the vitamins are harsh on your stomach? I have a very sensitive stomach.

Thank you all so much for the support! I greatly appreciate all of your input and advice!
needhelpnow23 last decade
Hi needhelpnow23,

I've never taken the pill, so I'm not sure what the best advice is to give you. But let me ask you, what is the main reason you are taking the pill right now? Is it more for pregnancy prevention, or to treat acne? If it's for pregnancy prevention and you think the pill is the best form of birth control for you, then you should continue it. But if you are taking it just to control your acne, then maybe you should stop and find other methods to treat the root cause. I don't know anything about the pill, but taking something for such a long time is probably not be good for you. Sooner or later, you will have to stop taking it, correct? (I am assuming you can't take it your whole life) So sooner or later you are going to have to deal w/ the acne issue. Since the pill was helping you surpress the acne, when you stopped using it, it makes sense that there is going to be a flair up.

I tried to put myself in your position...what would I do? After pondering it over, I think I would stop taking the birth control pill (esp if the main puprose is to treat acne). If I have to deal w/ the acne sooner or later, I rather do it now esp if melasma could be a side affect of taking the pill. I'm not sure how dark your melasma is, but having it on both cheeks does not sound too bad. Some of us have it all over our face (upper lip, forehead, chin, nose, etc.) If the pill is indeed causing your melasma, its better to stop it now before it spreads or gets darker.

Be prepared tho, the acne and melasma are problably going to get worse before it gets better. Do a lot of research to see what methods is best for you. There are a lot of DIY masks, solutions, and treatments out there. You'll have to go thru lots of trials and errors before you find something that will work for you.

Okay, that's my 2cents. :) Not sure if it helps, but I just wanted to respond to you. Whatever you decide, I wish you the best of luck!
jtn_hopeful last decade
jtn hopeful,

Thank you so much for your response. I have actually stopped taking the pills and began a daily routine of MSM, Vitamin C, Pine Bark Extract, Cod Liver Oil, and Grapefruit Seed Extract! It's only been a week and I haven't seen any results but I will stick to it for a month and see if anything changes.

Thank you again for your feedback. I will let you know if I see any results with my combination of supplements.
needhelpnow23 last decade
hey everyone,

I have not written in a long time because up until now i have not had any major progress. but i do now!
so i did try the msm, fit c, grapefruit seed extract method for about 2 weeks - but i had to stop immediately as I had severe pain in my gut. my mother is a nurse and she said that basically I had burnt the lining of my stomach with acid from the grapefruit seed extract and combination of all the stuff i was taking. i was very disappointed but had no chic but to stop.
I just got a new doctor and she suggested i try a triple cream on my entire face to help lighten the melanoma. i was hesitant because i was worried about using hydroquinone. Triple-combination (TC) cream is a stable combination of fluocinolone acetonide 0.01%, hydroquinone 4%, and tretinoin 0.05%. I can not believe the results i have had in just 1 week! I think the darkness of my melanoma has been reduced by at least 20% already! It truly is amazing. now when i put foundation on my melasma is still visible but it is so much lighter. I use the cream every night and wear spf 60 everyday.
If you have never tried this - give it a go. i'll update in a month with my progress.
lavida last decade
hi lavida, i'm glad the cream is working for you! i hope it continues to fade away the melasma!

you are right abou the GSE, i took it for about a month and a half, and noticed that there was a little cramping whenever I took it on an empty stomach. i didn't take it directly in my drink, but put the drops on a capsule and took the capsule. that eliminated the bad taste that everyone was complaining about. i stopped recently and switched to GRAPE SEED EXTRACT (powder in capsule form) bc i was getting a bit worried that the GSE was killing the good flora along w/ the bad, and also may be reducing the effect of the other supplements i took along w/ the GSE. in addition, when i did research it seems like there was some mention of grape seed extract as being good for the skin, but no meniton of GSE for the skin? tho i think it has to do more w/ helping the intenstines.... anyhow, i gave grape seed a try and so far, no cramping w/ the grape seed capsules. not sure if it helps, but i will continue it for now.

haven't seen too much changes w/ my melasma so far...but again, it's doesn't seem as bad and looks to be lighter. been on the supplements for about 2 months, i just added vit c, grape seed, and higher does of msm along w/ the zinc, magnesium, cod fish oil, and probiotics. i've been drinking kefir for about 3 weeks. i use to shudder and pinch my nose when i first started drinking kefir (the thought of cultured milk scared me!), but now have form a strange liking to it! i feel weird if i don't drink it everyday now... i started last night to use it for a mask as well. it has a tightening affect and makes the skin feel really nice. don't think it will help lighten the melasma, but doesn't hurt to try! if i can get smaller pores from it, then why not. :)

well, that's it on my end. nothing major to report, but at least i feel like i have my melasma under control. it has not spread!! i use to love summer, but now i'm a bit scared of the hot weather and potential sun exposure to come...SIGH

keep at it ladies, and good luck! pls update w/ your progress if you have time, i will do the same.
jtn_hopeful last decade
WOW! I have felt so alone here for 11 years thinking this is it this is me. I am so embarassed have spent so much money on make-up to hide the Melasma. I have it on my forehead, cheeks, upperlip and now noticing it on my chin. I cannot go a day without wearing make-up and feel to embarassed in starting a relationship with anyone because Im afraid if they see it they will leave. I have tried everything from my fridge to the store over the counter products to walking backwards outside the first dew in May (hey had to try something LOL. I was perscribed a compound with 3 ingredients Hydroquinone the first year it seemed to help, the second year I got a chemical burn from it. UH! nothing seems to work. I went to speak about lazer treatment and the woman said *oh you poor thing* like thank you for pointing my imperfections out :/...she told me lazer treatment is not 100% it could come back worse. So forget that I was also told to detox completely due to toxins in the body. Im going to read all of your posts and I truly hope something works. People tell me they cant see it that much but I can its more noticable after sun exposure and not enough sleep. Again thank god I came across this forum. I just wanna be able to walk outside without makeup on for once. :(
FacesOfEve last decade
hang in there faces of eve. we are all in the same boat even though its easy to feel like you are the only one.
my melasma is not gone but i am managing it and the triple cream is helping. before i started the triple cream i used vitamin a from the doctor and used for about 1.5 weeks-i almost feel like this is what caused the greatest lightening to begin with. as soon as i started the triple cream my doc said to stop using the vitamin a cream. i am thinking about going back to the vitamin a cream though at least for a week or two to see if the results are better.
i have an appointment booked with a dermatologist on a few weeks time and i am going for 2 things: melasma and a foot issue, i have been battling it for about the same time as the melasma. my doctor has thought it was a fungus but no anti fungal creams have worked. i am only mentioning this because a lot of people believe melasma is related to a fungus overgrowth in the body. i will write back with results again soon. everyone keep in touch - lets share our stories and results and get to the bottom of this!
lavida last decade
I have also been suffering with melesma for 4 years now on my upper lip, cheeks and forehead...

Recently I started taking the following:

MSM 750mg 1 x day
Ester C 500mg 2 x day
GSE 5 drops in water 2-3 times per day
Turmeric 1-2 times a day

I have noticed that it appears lighter and it does not seem to be getting any darker even in the sun. I have only been using these supplements for 2-3 weeks I will post again in a month or so with my results.

I was using sunblock like crazy on my upper lip an cheeks whenever I went out into the sun and no matter what it always seemed to get worse. The last few weeks I have went to the beach for a few hours and decided to not use any on my face and it did not get any darker....? Not sure if this is from the supplements that I have been taking or if I had been having a reaction the the sunblock... or both?
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