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Hi Hatethis07...I am interested in finding out the specific laser treatment that you had. I have read every post on this forum and am so sorry for all of us who suffer with melasma. However, I am relieved to know that I am not alone. My melasma (located on my upper lip) became evident 2 months ago after a vacation in Florida. I swear my face was clear one minute and melasma ridden the next. It has been the most horrifying ordeal and I pray that I can get control of it quickly. I have never experienced such anxiety than I have with an extremely poor self-image. I can not stand to look at myself in the mirror~it's all I can see and I feel like it's destroying my spirit. I have an appointment with a derm in 3 weeks, getting an appointment as soon as possible has been a battle. After reading all the posts I am anxious to start on the supplements. I have been using Meladerm lotion on the spots for almost 2 weeks along with a 60 spf sunscreen and have seen little if any improvement. I am so scared to try anything that could potentially make my condition worse. I am open to any suggestion that you all have and, am so grateful to have found a supportive/understanding group of people!
Amanda30 last decade
dear hatethis07 -

i am definitely interested in finding out what laser treatment worked for you. i am actually going to make an appointment at a laser center and just see what they say at the consultation. I am willing to try anything, i don't care what it costs.
thank you everyone for all your support.
lavida last decade
lavida - PLEASE be careful with the lasers - DO NOT rush into that decision. If your melasma is dermal (versus epidermal), the laser WILL make it worse and you will get 10x more. make sure they use the woods lamp test on you to see if it it is dermal or epidermal. you also need to ask what kind of laser they have, the experience of the technician, etc. do your homework. don't just let someone laser you becasue you are desperate for results. laser centers are there to make money - and if there is a bad result, you are the one who is living with it - not them! think twice, please. I am someone who knows!
chicago last decade
Hi Amanda30 & Lavida

This is the name of the laser treatment that I used:
LightSheer Diode laser. I probably had about 4 or 5 treatments at $50each. Like I said it not only got rid of my hair on my upper lip but lightened it. I also used tri-luma cream as well. After you have the treatment it will turn dark then within a few days it scabs over and peels.

I to have tried so many things but this did work for my upper lip.

Amanda: I can relate so much to your anxiety and self image. Looking at yourself in the mirror and that is all you notice...i think that is b/c we are so focused on it.

I have been using Vichy Reti-C (its pure retinol and vitamin C) I put it only on the spots that are dark in the morning and in the evening I am using Neostrata's Exuviance Intense Lightening Complex at night on the areas for about two weeks now. I can honestly say that I have noticed a difference.

I have been through alot with Melasma and have tried almost everything. I am going to get to the bottom of this.

Btw the Meladerm lotion, i too have tried, and did not notice a difference.

Hope this helps!
hatethis07 last decade
I am so grateful for all the feedback!
Chicago: I have been doing a lot of research and, I can honestly say that the laser will be my absolute last resort. I am fascinated by the herbal supplements that seem to be working for so many people! I am beginning to believe in the copper-toxicity/candida theory behind melasma. I feel that the Meladerm and constant use of sunscreen has lightened the spots on my upper lip by about 25-30%. It gives me hope that this disorder will not destroy me!!! From what I've read, I probably have a combo of dermal and epidermal melasma. Still have a couple weeks till my derm appointment.
Does anybody have any suggestions on a whole body cleanse or supplement regimen that is best to start with? Any tips or recommendations for this would be appreciated!
Thanks so much!!!
Amanda30 last decade
I have used the candida cleanse called Three-Lac. It's in powder form and I get it over the internet. I have also used the whole body cleanse through Dr. Natura, alos via internet. Both recommended by my herbalogist(?).
finally! last decade
wow - i had never heard of the copper toxicity theory before.
just reading about it and some of it makes sense for me.
I read that too much copper causes oily skin (which i have), pigmentation problems (i have), when you are pregnant your body produces higher levels of estrogen and copper ( my melasma was at its worst when i was pregnant). Copper cause brittle thin nails ( i have), old copper pipes can cause copper toxicity - ( i live in a building with old copper pipes!).
White wine is high in copper - I love white wine!!!
crazy - i am going to read more about this. i know you can't believe everything you read - especially on the internet but some of this info really hits home for me.
oh - one more thing. i read that too much copper cause yeast build up in your system which causes fungus - and that melasma is a yeast fungas. Crazy thing about this is i just saw my doctor because the bottom of my feet became pitted and he told me to use an anti-fungal cream on them morning and night!
my sister who also had a mild case of melasma - also got this foot fungus!!!
Weird. anyone else had other symptoms of yeast imbalance, fungus etc?
lavida last decade
MOST definitely! I have been struggling with yeast for years. And I never realized it. It was an everyday occurance for me, so I never thought twice. I was constantly getting cold sores and bad breath, plus a very hard time losing weight (which I am still having that issue). In fact, I cannot eat anything with sugar because I get extremely bad breath way too easily! I do a candida cleanse at twice a year, every 6 mo. And do Dr. natura once a year. I don't want to shock my body too much at one time.
finally! last decade
Yes. I have had chronic yeast infections for past 5 years. Much better since not having sex (!) :(. But still get them. Saw specialists about it, tried all the western cures. Diflucan pill 1x week for 6 weeks didn't get rid of it (that's a pretty extreme amount of meds to use for yeast infection.) I've also read alot about possible yeast/copper/melasma conntections. NOt sure if I buy the copper connection. And I have such a sugar addiction, I haven't tried an anti-yeast diet for any length of time. However, I have certainly noticed like others) that the melasma often darkens before my period, after I have had alcohol (like the next morning), and when I'm stressed.
I am trying (again) to clean up my diet, and we'll see how doing so affects the melasma, if at all. So,yes, definitely have yeast issues, and melasma. And further, have hormone issues, as well.
melasmasux last decade
Hello Finally,
I have researched Dr. Natura's cleanse and I will look into the candida cleanse.

Definately do some research before jumping into anything cosmetic or permanent at the dermatologist. I was so ready t o for the laser when my melasma first popped up but, no I am going to try the diet changes and herbal supplements first.

I have noticed that the morning after I drink alcohol it is darker. In addition, just today I woke up with it appearing darker and I am thinking it was from the two cups of coffee I drank last night??? It seems that everything I love causes the melasma to intensify. It is a cruel and agonizing disorder.
Amanda30 last decade
Does anyone suffer from heavy periods??? I am convinced that it is hormonally related.
hatethis07 last decade
You betcha. It's pretty well accepted that melasma is primarily hormone-related. It's most often related to pregnancy or taking birth control pills. For me, it began showing up shortly after I turned 30 and around same time I began having adult acne. While I definitely have sun damage (9 years in high desert, no sunscreen, outdoors an average of 3 hours a day), I think the hormone issue is the primary problem. I had no period from 20-27 (due to anorexia), and it seems that I irreprably disrupted my hormones as a result. My periods had been heavy before I stopped having them, but when they came back, they were frightening. I also think my thyroid is not working correctly, (thyroid probs/cancer run in my family), which totally affects hormone production. If you read about issues related to thyroid, and compare them to health issues mentioned by people w/melasma, there's often great overlap. Of course, many of the symptoms could be attributed to a billiion other reasons. Most of them seem related to hormones, though. I plan on getting my thyroid checked next month. However, it's quite possible for tests to show one is w/in normal range, but still suffer from abnormal thyroid.
Just to mention, too, I'm not overweight, so not someone that blames my weight on a faulty thyroid. I DO have many of the other issues related to thyroid, and a mother, grandmother and two cousins with serious thryoid disorders. And an aunt on my dad's side with hormone issues AND pigmentation problems. I def. have a genetic predispostion to this crap!
my 200 cents!
melasmasux last decade
I am a major coffee lover! I drink 2 cups in the morning and maybe twice a week have an afternoon coffee. i have never noticed that coffee has affected my melasma but i drink it so regularly it would be hard to tell if it made a difference!
i will try and take a break from coffee, it won't be easy.
also, never thought about wine making my melasma worse but i have a few glasses a week max - cause i am breast-feeding.
i am going to try the anti-fungal cream i got on my melasma patches on my face - i'll see what happens, could be a long shot but worth a try. i'll let you know what happens.
lavida last decade
I bought some anti-fungal shampoo (Nizoral) to try on my melasma *just in case* as there IS a skin fungus that can resemble melasma- Tinea Versicolor- (easy to find images via google.) No difference. It was a long shot, but thought I'd try it. I have read a few posts over the past couple years from people that DID find anti-fungal shampoo rid them of the discoloration. However, that is NOT melasma. If there is a link between yeast and melasma, most likely it is related to hormones and the immune system. It would make some sense when stress, alcohol and caffeine seem to worsen/darken spots. All are hard on immune system. What sucks (IMO) is that the sun STILL affects this so much, regardless of anythin else. Damn!!
melasmasux last decade
I noticed my melasma when I was 26, I am now 31. I have been to several, major derm drs in my area and I can remember when they thought I had a fungus. I knew I kept getting diagnosed wrong. I use a product by la roche-posay called biomedic pigment control. its $75 and i put it on in the am and pm and out of ALL the many products its the only thing that has remotely lightened my melasma. Mine was almost black like. And I wouldn't reccomend lasers. I have not had luck with them and I felt as if it made it turn darker. Chem peels and the pigment control is the only thing that has worked. I have tried the MSM and probably need to get back on it. It did make my skin look really good. I was taking 6000 mgs and it gave me horrible upset stomach and really bad headaches at first.
hayday last decade
Dear Hayday,

I think i will try the cream you recommended: la roche-posay biomedic pigment control.

I am just wondering how long were you using it day and night before you saw a noticeable difference in the lightening of your melasma patches?

lavida last decade
Lavida: it was probably a month maybe? any product i use though, i use religously. i also use 2 types of sunscreen before i ever put on my make up. i use neutrogena 85+ and shiseido 55. i live in arkansas, its so hot here so i like to be really protected. the chem peels and the pig control have been the only thing i have found that has made somewhat of a difference. you get the pig control from a plastic surgeon's office. i don't think you can get it from a derm dr. if you try it, keep me updated on how you like it. hope it helps! hopefully soon, we will all have this under control!!!
hayday last decade
thanks hayday,

so the la roche-posay biomedic pigment control you get from a derm? i thought i could get it at london drugs, i'll look it might be different in canada.

what kind of chemical peels are you doing? at home or at a derm office?

i use sunscreen every day, 60 spf broad spectrum and wear a hat. i live in vancouver bc so the sun is only an issue from now until sept/oct - thank god. but i love the sun and have to avoid it as much as possible right now.

thanks for the info. i am going to see if i can get the cream at london drugs. i'll let you know.
lavida last decade
i live in little rock, arkansas the pig control is only sold in plastic surgeons office here. i am not familiar with london drugs. the chem peels i do through the plastic surg office too. the chem peels i have done are the jessner peel but am now doing the la roche-posay peels now. good luck!
hayday last decade
I just discovered this site and am new to the forum. I have melasma on my upper lip. My case does not seem as extreme as some that have read about but it is definitly the first thing i notice when I look in the mirror. I am 32 years old and I feel that this is making me look older. I am greatful to have found some natural remedies. I am a huge fan of cod liver oil as it is..this is just another reason to take it daily. I will be starting the vit C, cod liver oil and msm regimin asap...thank you for the advice I will post my results.
jflor last decade
Hi all...I went to see an herbal/nutritionais and she has indicated that my endocrine system is completely out of whack. This has affected my hormones, liver and created a yeast build-up in my system so, i am starting a systemic detox. Not really using anything topical on my upper lip except for daily sunscreen. Going to see if I can get rid if my melasma from the inside out. I have heard too many horror stories about making it darker and more noticeable by taking the quick-fix route. So, for now, I will live with it, hate it and pray that the internal cleanse will wash it away. I will keep you posted!
Amanda30 last decade
Amanda30- Please let us know what systemic detox you decide to use. :) Thanks!

Lavida- By any chance can you click on my profile and shoot me an email? That would be great! Thanks! I have to agree with Amanda30- please seriously research before you do any invasive procedures. I've found nothing but horror stories about procedures like IPL, Fraxel, etc. It may work for those who have epidermal melasma. But, if you have both epidermal and dermal, the chances of 'lightening' the melasma is slim. I truly believe we have to make dietary and lifestyle changes to keep our melasma under control. To respond to your post about visiting your doctor. I know it sucks when a doctor tells your melasma will likely worsen with your next pregnancy. It's not the news we want to hear. Sigh. I'm nervous now...I keep referring to your comment about what's more important? A child or melasma. :) Thanks.
tbwjordan last decade
Finally!- Which cleansing product do you recommend? The Dr.Natura or the Threelac? Which one is easier/tastes better? And, how long is the treatment? I read on the websites it varies. Curious how long you used the treatment for. Thanks!
tbwjordan last decade
Hi tbwjordan and everyone,
At this time, my holistic doctor has started me on a daily regime of topical ointments applied to my back/spine and liver, some probiotic capsules and supplements in droplet form that I add to Fiji water. She says I have to cool down my liver and regulate my hormones before I can initiate a full detox. I see her again on tuesday, the 25th. At that time I will be started on a diet cleanse.
I researched Dr. Natura's cleanse before I went to see this doctor and that is the one I would've done on my own. But, I will keep you posted with updates on treatments, diet and supplements that I am prescribed.
I hate having to walk around with this melasma on my upper lip, it causes me extreme anxiety and depression, espescially because I haven't figured out how to cover it up with makeup without making it look darker. However, I can not take the chance of making it worse or doing permanent damage to my face with lasers or peels. I am hesitant to use any creams that the derm recommends, as well. I don't trust that they have a full understanding of this psychologically altering disorder. I truly believe that melasma is the result of an imbalance inside the body, whether it be hormones or yeast, that has to be treated before you will see a cosmetic improvement. Best of luck to all of you with whatever treatment you choose!!! Go with your gut and remember that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is...and it's probably expensive :)
Amanda30 last decade
I know I've already written a novel but, I need to mention that about 2 weeks ago I posted that I had seen 25% improvement in the darkness of my melasma while using Meladerm. This was true until a couple of days before my period. the pigment became dark again overnight, just as it had been before I started using the Meladerm. Now that my period is ending, it has started to mildly lighten but, still obviously the first thing I see when I look in the mirror. So, I am a firm believer that Melasma is controlled by an internal imbalance of hormones. Just thought I'd follow-up with that...
Amanda30 last decade
Threelac is for yeast build up. The Dr. Natura is for the colon/body cleanse. I would do the threelac first. It will take about a mo. Then do the Dr. N. The threelac doesn't taste bad. Its a powder, throw it in your mouth and drink down with water. Good luck!
finally! last decade

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